Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand 1988

Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 1988


Officers and Councillors

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Sir Roy McKenzie KBE

Sir Roy McKenzie KBE

Julie E Jones

Tony A Rhind, Paul J Chaplin

Past-President Brian J Dodd

Honorary Vice-Presidents
T G Hull
J B Harrison
J W Coney
H P D van Asch

Secretary Des J Lyons

Councillors D Allan, J G Armstrong, M Baker, L Baldwin, AJ Black, G Bolton, J N Briscoe, I H Burrows, M Carey, B Christison, A B Coombs,
P M Corner, C P Currie, L J East, R Ewert, R F Faber, C E Faville, D W Fulton, M Gilbert, R Graham, R H Granger, W Groves, R Harry, D E Hurley, P R Kyle, J Lassen, K McColl, D L McDowell, T W Mann, R I Moller, J D Patterson, L F Petersen, F Rennie, S Rogerson, K R Ross, S A Russell, A Scarfe, R E H Sims, R Stark, B R Stevenson, L F Taylor, H S Thomas, D L Tompkins, L Tye, A White, R E Williams, R W Worth, M D Wright.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Trust will be held at the Parkwood Country Lodge, Havelock North, on Saturday 6 May 1989 at 10.30 am.

Confirmation of Minutes (7 May 1988)
Adoption of Annual Report
Adoption of Financial Statements with Auditors’ Report
Confirmation of Auditors’ Reappointment
Special Business:
Election of Councillors, Article 28
Resolutions as notified below

DJ Lyons, Secretary, April 1989

Notice is hereby given that at the Annual General Meeting the following Special Resolutions shall be proposed:

1. That Article 4 of the Articles of Association be amended by the insertion of an additional clause to read:
”4C Any person shall become a Sustaining Member of the Trust who shall subscribe the yearly sum of not less than $500 or such other mimimum [minimum] yearly subscription as the Council shall from time to time fix, either generally or with reference to particular cases.”
Explanatory Note -The effect of this resolution is to create an additional category of membership.

2. That the second sentence of Article 27 of the Articles of Association be amended by deleting the words “President and two Vice-Presidents” and inserting in their place the words “President, two Vice-Presidents and the Immediate Past-President”.
Explanatory Note – The effect of this resolution is to provide a specific and extra provision on, Council for the Immediate Past-President.

3. That, under Article 26A(a) of the Articles of Association, Group Captain Thomas Alexander McLeod Morgan QSO, AFC be elected Honorary Vice-President of The Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand.

Executive Director:   Des J Lyons
Marketing Director:   Shona Brown
School Director:   Jon S D’Almeida
Deputy School Director:   Craig J Elliot
Honorary Physician:   Dr Alan M Thomson MBChB, DCH, DTM & H
Honorary Auditors:   Coopers & Lybrandfamiliar
Historian:   Don Grady

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President’s Report

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Julie Jones

In November 1984 Ron Faber quoted a North American Indian prayer. “Oh Great Spirit, grant me the wisdom to walk in another’s moccasins before I criticise or make judgement.” When accepting the role of President I felt very humble at the thought of slipping even one small toe into a moccasin of any one of the Past – Presidents. The weight of the responsibility to these people was indeed great.

I did not need to search far to discover the common priority with each of them over the last 25 years. This was, most emphatically, to be constant to the main aim of the Trust to ensure that as many young people from all races and backgrounds as can be accommodated attend an Outward Bound Standard Course. This aim was to be carried out according to the philosophy of Kurt Hahn, with self- discovery through experience, respect, compassion, and service as priorities.

Challenge Through Change

1988 presented the Trust with excellent opportunities for challenge through change. The completion of the watchhouse building programme allowed a shift of emphasis. With newly appointed staff members in all major positions of responsibility, innovative ideas and systems were frequently presented for consideration. As President I have been impressed with the effectiveness of these people and the changes made as they accepted the challenges of each role.

The new Executive Director, Des Lyons, studied all aspects of our administration early in his appointment, and during 1988 he very objectively built on strengths and devised sound new systems where the need was apparent. The result was that by the end of the year the Officers were confident that management was acting at the high level of professionalism necessary in any successful business operation.

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The 1987 Deputy School Director, Jon D’Almeida, took up his appointment as School Director in December 1987. During the 1988 year he exhibited an intense dedication to the role of conducting high quality courses that directly reflected the Hahn philosophy. He constantly sought new ideas for modification and enhancement, and has shown considerable skill in administration and staff management.

Marketing Director Shona Brown joined us in May 1988 and immediately impressed with her energy and enthusiasm for the job. She has grasped every available opportunity to promote public awareness of Outward Bound courses and to increase the confidence of current and potential sponsors.

Craig Elliot completed his first year as Deputy School Director during December, giving strong support to the Director in all areas of School management and specifically in instructor training, equipment, and safety.

In May 1988 Bruce Hills accepted the newly designated role of Chief Instructor. This position was established to monitor staff development and to assist with staff training.

Bill Hathorne, who has given such strength to the maintenance team for 26 years, completed a year as Maintenance Director in April 1988. Bill’s loyalty to the School is legendary and his service during the year continued to be invaluable.

The management of the Trust and the School is in very capable hands. The team is both dedicated and professional.


The Trust Accountant, Carolyn Henwood, must be congratulated on her meticulous handling of the budget, set on a 95% course fill factor. Administration strategies are now in place which have reduced the drop out rate. The booking fee was raised to $100 and this has brought greater stability to the system. However, it cannot be stressed too strongly that members also play a vital part in assisting to keep the School full.

On the advice of the Trust Auditor, it has been agreed that movements in endowment and sponsorship funds and the related investment income will be disclosed more clearly.

I offer my sincere thanks to all those organisations, individuals, and members who have contributed so generously to the Endowment Scheme and by donations for course fees or to the Estate. Their confidence in the worthwhile nature of OUTWARD BOUND courses is an inspiration to us and to potential donors.

Frank Pearson, a well-known and experienced financial consultant, has agreed to act as investment advisor for the Trust. His expertise has already been gratefully received.

It is pleasing to report that six sections have been sold in the Morrison subdivision. A strip of land between the subdivision and the School will be planted in native trees. The two remaining sections are currently on the market.

The uncertainty brought about by the Government in the area of Trust taxation has made forward planning difficult. While we do not call on Government for direct financial assistance, we have continued to advocate the importance of retaining our tax-exempt status.


Alan Scarfe has presented very comprehensive reports on the state of vehicles and on the Estate, with recommendations for the Operating Committee to consider. These have provided a sound basis for forward planning.

Building of a new duplex home unit was completed during the year to extend staff accommodation, and the unit is now occupied.

During 1988 twelve standard courses comprising 85 watches were operated, giving a total of 1169 students, with female representation reaching 46%. This percentage has shown a steady increase since 1981, with two intakes exceeding 50%. Associations should note that while the increase is pleasing there is still much room for improvement.

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Membership figures indicate little change and I extend a challenge to Associations to include this as a major project in their planning for next year.

Short courses for special groups and those over 27 years of age continue to be in demand, with a steady flow of registrations. Nineteen were conducted in 1988. Planning is under way to upgrade and make greater use of Te Kaianga for short courses and to increase the number offered.

Marketing and awareness have both shown an increase under the new Marketing Director, and the Operating Committee approved the planning of the first National Awareness Week for OUTWARD BOUND, scheduled for April 1989.

OUTWARD BOUND Associations

It is evident that the effectiveness of any Association is dependent upon one or two key leaders with a strong commitment to OUTWARD BOUND. In 1988 the influence of the Marketing Director became evident as the areas she visited became more active.

The OUTWARD BOUND calendar, produced by the Hawke’s Bay Association, was reaffirmed as an excellent project for promoting public awareness as well as for raising substantial funding to assist with course fees. The Auckland Race Meeting has become another successful annual event producing similar results.

I congratulate these two Associations on their initiative and encourage others to support these projects and to follow their example. The priority in every area must, of course, continue to be exposing as many young people as possible to our Standard Course.

Outward Bounders

Under the very capable leadership of Julie Lassen, the Bounders provided outstanding support to the School and to the Trust during 1988. They presented a Hyperlon raft to the School for use with disabled students and raised further funds for other equipment.

International Conference

In September 1988 the Third International Conference was held in Cooperstown, New York. Information on the business sessions is included in the Executive Director’s report.

The theme for the full conference was “OUTWARD BOUND in Education” and the five days were totally stimulating, with many learning opportunities for the New Zealand delegation. The School Director and I both presented papers. Most of the keynote speakers and workshop presenters were professionals involved in education related roles.

It was emphasised that, while in all countries the main aim is to conduct courses with the Hahn philosophy as a base, the reality is that awareness of this philosophy is not great in terms of whole populations. There is an urgent need to expose not only teachers but also educational administrators to this form of experiential education.

It is a great credit to our School Directors over the last 25 years that the New Zealand Standard Course is still held in such high regard internationally.


Submissions were made to Government recommending measures to increase OUTWARD BOUND awareness in the educational field. lnroads were made through Teachers’ Colleges, secondary schools, and as a result of the two Teachers’ Practicum Courses held during the year. Although it was difficult during 1988 to gain any formal commitment to OUTWARD BOUND from the Education Department, mainly due to the upheavals of the Picot Report and the heavy burdens on the Minister of Education, a closer relationship has been established.

Camp Rotoiti

The two Executive Committees met for two full days in June with the objective of forward planning. In fact, with newly appointed administrative staff and several newly

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elected committee members, much time was spent in consolidation and clarification of roles. Clearly defined aims and objectives resulted and I am pleased that Council has endorsed such forward planning weekends as an annual event.

Mitchell Report

During 1988 the first stage of this report became available. The title of this research, conducted by John and Hilary Mitchell, is “A Study of Self-Concept Over a Two Year Period: Possible Effects of an Intervening Outward Bound Course”. The results are already producing information that will be of great value in forward planning, as well as providing professional support for the effectiveness of courses. The first stage has analysed our catchment and population. We look forward to the second stage, measuring our impact on young lives.


1988 ended on an extremely high note for The Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand. At the conclusion of the year our Patron, Roy McKenzie, was awarded the KBE. Our congratulations to Sir Roy are unanimous for this most appropriate and well-deserved honour.

The year was indeed filled with challenge and change and I am grateful to those who allowed me the privilege of serving as President. It has been a most rewarding experience enhanced by the opportunities to learn so much, not only about OUTWARD BOUND but also about the wonderful people who are involved as Council volunteers and as staff. Special thanks must go to Officers and members of the Executive Committees.

l have full confidence in the base that is now so firm in our organisation and in the people who will continue to be innovative as they accept further challenges and allow for change.

Julie E Jones

Endowment Sponsorships

Donations from the following were much appreciated by the many students who might otherwise not have been able to attend an OUTWARD BOUND Course.

Arden Trust
Auckland Savings Bank
Auckland City Council
Bartleet Trust Fund
Blogg Charitable Trust
Eric Hattaway Bridgman Trust
Sir John Logan Campbell Trust
Association of Canterbury Youth Groups
Colonial mutual
Drs McCullough, Stephens, and Russell
E H Ferguson MBE
Fletcher Challenge
Mr M Friedlander
Glenora Foundation
Goodman Black Haycock Bakeries
Hutchinson Transport
Lowe Walker NZ Ltd
McKee Trust
Sir Roy McKenzie KBE
Magnum Corporation
Mair Astley & Co
G W Malden Charitable Trust
Marlborough County Council
Marlborough Harbour Board
A N Matheson Estate

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