Programme 1931 – 34th Annual Entertainment

Napier Frivolity Minstrels

34th Annual


Drill Hall, Napier
on Thursday and Friday,
26th & 27th November, 1931

In Aid of

In recognition of the splendid work done by these two organisations during the strenuous times following the great earthquake.

ORCHESTRA.- Miss Winifred Payne, A.T.C.L. (Musical Directress).   Violins: N. Etheridge, L. Willis.   Flute: A. Clarke.   Clarinets: F. Lloyd, R. P. McKenzie.   ‘Cello: R. L. Carruthers.   Bass: L. Spiro.   Cornet: A. Boston.  Trombone: W. Hulme.   Saxophone: C. White.   Drums: D. Willis, Bryan Craig.

Price 3d.


INTERLOCUTOR:   Bert Ziegler.

BONES:   Percy Spiller, Jim Casson.

TAMBOS:   Bill Quarrie, Owen Jones.

CIRCLE:   R. Girling, W. Keen, W. Ireland, L. Spiller, J. Hamilton, G. Bailey, L. Dadson, V. McCutcheon, H. Peterkin, G. Bullivant, G. Bull, J. Hawke, J. McCarthy, L. Hawke, C. Neal, F. Emmett, G. Walker, A. Johnston, B. Gibbons, M. Crabbe, A. McKechnie, D. MacNab.

1.   Overture. – “Martial Moments”   Friv. Orchestra
2.   Opening Chorus. – “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”   Company
3.   Hawaiian Melody. – “Hear the Ukuleles”   Jack McCarthy
4.   March Song, – “It’s a Sad Heart That Never Rejoices”   Andrew McKechnie
5.   Ballad. – “Songs That I Heard at Mother’s Knee”   Will Keen
6.   Scotch Comic. – ”All Scotch”   Adam Johnston
7.   Ballad. – “Meet Me in My Dreams”   Owen Jones
8.   Military. – “Soldiers in the Park”   Bert Ziegler
9.   Sextette. – “Over the Garden Wall”   The Happiness Boys
10.   Ballad. – “That’s What Puts the Sweet in Home, Sweet Home”   Roy Girling
11.   Comic Song – “The Alpine Milkman”   Wally Ireland
12.   Radio Success. – “There’s a Good Time Coming”   Bill Quarrie
13.   Finale.   Company


14.   The Friv. Orchestra plays the March “The Black Prince.”
15.   Andrew McKechnie, Roy Girling and the Company in a seaside scene entitled “On the Lido.”
16.  Don MacNab, cartoonist, in a series of Novelty Sketches.
17.   – Will Keen sings the Maori melody, “May I Not Love.”
18.   The Finalists in the International Beauty Contest now appear.
19.   Frank Emmett presents a comedy number, “Mother.”
20.   Wally Ireland and Bill Quarrie in a double turn, entitled “A Music Hall Tryout.”
21.   Roy Girling sings everybody’s favourite, “When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver.”
22.   The Harmony Boys will play Melodious Melodies.
23.   Adam Johnston appears in a Scotch number, entitled “Hail, Caledonia!”
24.   Jim Hamilton and Jack Hawke present a Novelty Dance Duo.
25.   Bert Ziegler puts over “Up From Somerset.”
26.   – The Friv. Orchestra plays the Entr’acte ”On the Square.”

To conclude with the Sketch

“What’s the Next Case?”

The stage lighting for the Frivs.’ 1931 Performance is carried out by the ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY, who are specialists in Lighting Effects and Displays for Stages, Dances, Garden Parties, Shop Windows, etc. An effective Lighting Display attracts attention, so phone 1068 for suggestions for your Xmas Lighting Effects.

Electric Appliance Company
(R. D. DOIG)   Phone 1068



THANKS. – The Management is indebted to A.Stanley Warwick, Esq., for use of curtain and accessories, and to the many willing helpers, both stage and front staff, who have given their services free.

Telegraph Print, Napier.

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Business / Organisation

Napier Frivolity Minstrels

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Date published

26-27 November 1931


  • G Bailey
  • A Boston
  • G Bull
  • G Bullivant
  • R L Carruthers
  • A Clarke
  • M Crabbe
  • Bryan Craig
  • L Dadson
  • Frank Emmett
  • N Etheridge
  • B Gibbons
  • Roy Girling
  • Jim Hamilton
  • Jack Hawke
  • L Hawke
  • H Hulme
  • Wally Ireland
  • Adam Johnston
  • Owen Jones
  • Will Keen
  • F Lloyd
  • Don MacNab
  • Jack McCarthy
  • V McCutcheon
  • Andrew McKechnie
  • R P McKenzie
  • C Neal
  • Miss Winifred Payne
  • H Peterkin
  • Bill Quarrie
  • L Spiller
  • Percy Spiller
  • L Spiro
  • G Walker
  • A Stanley Warwick
  • C White
  • D Willis
  • L Willis
  • Bert Ziegler

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