Programme 1971 – HFKA Combined Mothers’ Clubs Musical

H.F.K.A. [Heretaunga Free Kindergarten Association]





Municipal Theatre, Hastings.

Thursday 7th October, 1971

at 7.45 p.m.


“Mod. 71”

Cast:   Pat Hughes, Zelina Ryder, Audrey Hildred, Annette Ladbrook, Glenda Frew, Yvonne Cardy, Isobel Thompson, Lynette Kawan, Wendy Kawan, Diane Unwin, Lyn Jenkins, Heather Pritchard, Kay Robertson, June Tonks, Linda Sanko, Mary Robbins, Dale Whyte, Cheryl Tamanui.

Dancers:   Ethel Munson, Yvonne Webby, Diane Brandon, Wendy Nichol, Lyn Hill, Christine Morgan, Ruth Harris.

Producer:   Jewel Shaw

Pianist:   Judy Ballinger

2.   MAHORA.


Cast:   Rebecca Awa, Jennifer Brogden, Margaret Boag, Elsie Borsboom, Shirley Bateman, Ann Coleman, Nola Colman, Jean Chambers, Elizabeth Daymond, Peg Fox, Erena Griffiths, Mae Greening, Elva Love, Nancie MacKenzie, Dorothy Mui, Jean Sambrook, Raimai Southern.

Soloists:   Margaret Moore, Mihi Ngapare.

Producer:   Margaret Boag.

Pianist:   Norma Thornton.



Girls:   Belle Libby, Patricia Izatt, Mary Hunt, June Keogh, Doreen Hannah.

Chorus:   Joanna Singleton, Patricia Cockroft, Enid Gray, Nina Rolfe, Christine Hatley, Janet Totty, Patricia Newdick, Judy Golding, Jill Knight, Evelyn Jenkins.

Producer:   Judith Cater.

Pianist:   Ngaire Shand.


“Hospital Hilarity”

Dancers & Nurses.   Heather Black, Janice Donkin, Pat James, Christine Piltcher, Sandra Watson, Janice Williams, Margaret Rosvall. (Nurse.)

Patients:   Edith Atkins, Helen Hill, Coral Franklin, Carol Mayberry, Gail Pearson, Glenis Robertson, Lea Rodney, Rosalie Taylor, Sally Wilson.

Cleaning Lady:   Dorreen Stewart.

Painters:   Glenda Hawke, Dorothy Cheer, Lenore Kale, Janette Smyth.

Matron:   Sandra Watson.

Producer:   Peter Hill.

Pianist:   David Harris.

Choreographer: Pat James.



(A Womans Chorus at the turn of the Century)

Miss Matilda de Bon Bon:   Jackie Anderson.
Abraham M. Esienhowser Smiff:   Pam Black.
Flora:   Shirley Boyce.
Meg:   Jenny Herries.
Gertrude:   Shirley Waterhouse.
Fanny: Dianna Dwyer.
Comedians:   Dorothy Lee, Dawn Welch.

Chorus:   Singing Bye-Yum Pum Pum.
Ngaire Ramsay, Joan Eagle, Shirley Boyce, Dianna Dwyer, Shirley Waterhouse, Jenny Herries.

Chorus:   Lesley Foot, Grace Marsh, Glynn Burtenshaw, Barbara Harding, Clare Waters, Judy Greenwood, Nola Sampson, Dianne Holmes, Pam Hurst, Pam Harman, Rossie Ellery, Marilyn Taumoli, Denise Birch.

Arranger & Producer:   Bruce Murray

Pianist:   Mrs S. Pell.

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Surnames in this programme –
Anderson, Atkins, Awa, Ballinger, Bateman, Birch, Black, Boag, Borsboom, Boyce, Brandon, Brogden, Burtenshaw, Cardy, Cater, Chambers,Cheer, Cockroft, Coleman, Colman, Daymond, Donkin, Dwyer, Eagle, Ellery, Foot, Fox, Franklin, Frew, Glennis, Golding, Gray, Greening, Greenwood, Griffiths, Hannah, Harding, Harman, Harris, Hatley, Hawke, Herries, Hildred, Hill, Holmes, Hughes, Hunt, Hurst, Izatt, James, Jenkins, Kale, Kawan, Keogh, Knight, Ladbrook, Lee, Libby, Love, MacKenzie, Marsh, Mayberry, Moore, Morgan, Mui, Munson, Murray, Newdick, Ngapare, Nichol, Pearson, Pell, Piltcher, Pritchard, Ramsay, Robbins, Robertson, Rolfe, Rooney, Rosvall, Ryder, Sambrook, Sampson, Sanko, Shand, Shaw, Singleton, Smyth, Southern, Stewart, Tamanui, Taumoli, Taylor, Thompson, Thornton, Tonks, Totty, Unwin, Waterhouse, Waters, Watson, Webby, Welch, Whyte, Williams, Wilson

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Heretaunga Free Kindergarten Association Combined Mothers' Club

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7 October 1971

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