Programme 1979 – Grab Me A Gondola



Grab Me A Gondola

Music by James Gilbert
Lyrics by James Gilbert and Julian More

by arrangement with J. C. Williamson Theatres Ltd.


April 28, 30, May 1, 2, 1979
at 8.00 p.m.


Virginia Jones, a film star   ROCKY McKERRAS
Tom Wilson, a Columnist   GREG MARPLE
Margaret Kyle, his fiancee   LAUREEN FELL
Prince Luigi, Bourbon Corieili   RICHARD HARRIS
Alex Bryan, Virginia’s Manager   MARTIN MATTHEWS
Lt Commander Fitzmorris, R.N.   STEVE WHITE
Tino, Proprietor of the Pensione Tino   NEIL KERR
Giuseppina, his wife   ROBYN O’HAGAN
Herring, a bo’sun   GLENN MAYO
Marcia Gray, a starlet   SANDRA KERSEY

Anita Aitken
Jane Allan
Raewyn Armitage
Tina Barham
Nicola Beattie
Ann Birch
Bronwyn Brown
Sandy Cook
Duncan Cowan
Ron Evans
Bronwyn Fell
Spencer Gay
Fiona Gunn
Rob Hickey
Paul Kale
Juliet Lee
Alexander Mair
Brent Mason
Mark Nathan
Denise Rawle
Kent Rogers
Wayne Roser
Sonia Shand
John Simpson
Catherine Thompson
Kathy Thomson
Andrew Trott
Michelle Uren
John van der Linden
Ian Walker
Kerry Watts
Anne Wheeler

The action of the play takes place in Venice during a Film Festival. The cast of the British entry, “The Waves Shall Have Us,” arrive and are the centre of attention for the reporters and Italians. Virginia Jones, star of the film, is made a great fuss of on her arrival to Venice and her manager, Alex Bryan, soon sees a chance of a romantic story with Virginia and Prince Luigi Bourbon Corielli.

Back on the road to Venice, reporter Tom Wilson’s old London taxi has broken down. He and his fiancee, Margaret Kyle, are brought to Venice by Tino, but not before they have had the usual tourist problem of communication with passing Italians.

The Pensione Tino becomes the lodging for Tom and Margaret and also improbably, for Virginia Jones and Alex Bryon.

HMS Broadside is in the Harbour and Lt. Commander Fitzmorris is persuaded by Alex Bryan to provide a cannon and later a boll as publicity gimmicks for “The Waves Shall Have Us.”

Predictably, Virginia Jones makes off with Tom. Margaret is ensnared by Luigi and becomes jealous of Tom and Virginia. To get her own back, she replaces the Showpage Article Tom has written with one of her own.

When the story is published, all sorts of trouble occurs, but at the “Cannon Ball,” all is explained and forgiven, and a happy ending is achieved.

Act One
Scene 1.   The Grand Canal
2.   An Autostrada
3.   The Pensione Tino
4.   Piazza St. Marco
5.   Jimmy’s Bar

Act Two
Scene 6.   The Via Vino
7.   Aunt Teresa’s Tower, the following day
8.   The Terrace at Pensione Tino
9.   The Lido, the following Sunday
10.   Piazza St. Marco
11.   HMS Broadside


VIOLINS:   Anna Wilson, Janet Williams, Susan Fleischl, Jan Thompson
CELLO:   Barbara Dine
FLUTE:   Linda St. George
CLARINET:   Susan Brown
SAXOPHONES:   Bill Mayo, John Emery
BRASS:   Graeme Harrington, Robert Reid, Peter Goss
PERCUSSION:   David Ford
PIANO:   Radne Ardern


PRODUCER:   Miss H. Grant
ASSISTANTS:   Mrs C. Barker, Miss M. Wild, Miss R. Moran
SET DESIGN AND PAINTING:   Mr G. K. Hebley, Angela Blaker, Denise Sapwell, Sue Brown, Sharon Robertson, Ian Sutherland, Bronwen Edwards, Paul Johnston.
WARDROBE:   Miss V. Currie, Mrs S. Davey, Mrs M. Mills, Mrs G. Shaab, Mrs G. Smith.
ASSISTANTS:   Jackie Carr, Judith Turner.
PROPERTIES:   Mr P. Berkett.
LIGHTING:   Mr M. Mountcastle, Mr C. Nock
MAKEUP:   Mrs A. Chen, Miss V. Currie, Mrs L. Parris, Miss R. Moran
ASSISTANTS:   Bronwyn Buckley, Jackie Cox, Rebecca Doole, Kathryn Etheridge, Marese Gunderson, Vanessa Green, Jill Spooner, Jane Wallace
STAGE MANAGERS:   Mr C. Jennings, Mr G. Petersen.
FRONT OF HOUSE:   Mr W. Fletcher, Mr J. Goodfellow.
PROGRAMME COVER:   Mark Greentree
PARKING:   Mr P. Birkett

Adult members of the Orchestra and Mrs Shand.
All those who have lent properties and costumes.
Mrs Page and the School Office Staff for assistance with bookings
All members of Staff who have assisted

McMillin   Craig Ltd., Napier

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Surnames in this programme –
Aitken, Allan, Ardern, Armitage, Barham, Barker, Beattie, Berkett, Birch, Birkett, Blaker, Brash, Brown, Buckley, Carr, Chen, Cook, Cowan, Cox, Currie, Davey, Dine, Doole, Edwards, Emery, Etheridge, Evans, Fell, Fleischl, Fletcher, Ford, Gay, Gilbert, Goodfellow, Goss, Grant, Green, Greentree, Gunderson, Gunn, Harrington, Harris, Hebley, Hickey, Jennings, Johnston, Kale, Kerr, Kersey, Lee, Mair, Marple, Mason, Matthews, Mayo, McKerras, Mills, Moran, More, Mountcastle, Nathan, Nock, O’Hagan, Page, Parris, Petersen, Rawle, Reid, Robertson, Rogers, Roser, Sapwell, Shaab, Shand, Simpson, Smith, Spooner, St George, Sutherland, Thompson, Thomson, Trott, Turner, Uren, van der Linden, Walker, Wallace, Watts, Wheeler, White, Wild, Williams, Wilson

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Colenso High School

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Date published

28 April to 2 May 1979

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