Programme 2010 – A Travelling Salesman

Napier Repertory Players

Present the

Premiere Production


A Travelling Salesman

A Comedy Written and Directed by David Moore

The Little Theatre, McGrath St.
October 7, 9, 14, 15 & 16.

David Moore, local playwright and director, has written several plays and short stories over the past 10 years. He enjoyed success in 2008 when he was joint winner of the national PlayRite08 competition. His winning entry (“Andreas Karras”, directed by Peter Elliot) was performed for a short season at the Auckland Basement Theatre. “The Acid Test” (an adaption of one of his short stories) was his first locally performed play, which he also directed. “A Travelling Salesman” was inspired by a family holiday in Weymouth, UK, many years ago and maximises use of colourful English dialogue.

A note from the President

Welcome to Napier Repertory Players’ Little Theatre and the World Premiere season of “A Travelling Salesman” written and directed by our own David Moore.

Last year David brought this play to a play reading night and we were thrilled to offer him a chance to put his hard work on the stage. So sit back and enjoy the play, after all, it’s not often you can say you’ve been to a World Premiere.

Adrienne Hurley

A Travelling Salesman

The lounge room of Joan Billings’ Guest House on the south coast of England.
The time is the 1970’s

Act 1
Scene 1   Late Friday afternoon
Scene 2   Later that evening
Scene 3   The next morning


Scene 1   The following Tuesday
Scene 2   Thursday Evening
Scene 3   The following morning
Scene 4   Friday, two weeks later


Joan Billings   Carol Boswell
Mandy Billings   Caroline Reddie
Leonard Craven   Ben Corney
Johnny Slade   Gordon Lee
Kate Singleton   Adrienne Hurley



I have enjoyed acting, performing in many productions while at school. I also helped out when my children were involved in plays, with anything from props to directing, enjoying the buzz and excitement of productions.

My only claim to fame was when I won first place in a solo competition, acting the part of Liza Doolittle from “My Fair Lady”, speaking in cockney accent. There was some irony to this as my mother had sent me to this teacher for elocution lessons.


I have been involved in theatre from a very young age and have always enjoyed the returns theatre brings, ie new friends and wonderful experiences.

Before moving to Hawke’s Bay from New Plymouth in 1987, I was fortunate enough to be in many productions under the directorship of the late Dorne Arthur, from whom I was able to gain a wealth of knowledge.

Due to commitments of a new job, it has been many years since I have “trod the boards” so I’m looking forward to this production with great anticipation. Thank you and enjoy your theatre.


I am no stranger to the stage, performing as a musician for many years now and appearing in the television show “One Night Only”.

This is my first time on the stage in a theatrical role as ‘Mandy Billings’, you would usually find me backstage or in the lighting and sound box.


No stranger to the stage in the Bay as a singer. Sheldon steps onto the stage for the second time after a taste of Thespianism in the ‘One Act Play Festival’. He is keen to further his new passion in this exciting show.


Gordon enjoys the theatre when he can manage to (sort of) get most, or at least some, of the words out roughly the correct order.

David is a task master though and consequently Gordon has lost many minutes of sleep worrying if he can bluff his way through the sixteen lines he’s got in this production. Sid Slade is a ‘Dirty Little Man’ according to Joan.

Gordon objects to ‘Little’ but agrees that Sid would be a good bloke to avoid if you were in a queue waiting for your fish ‘n’ chips.


After a busy year with “Wednesday to Come” in February and One Act Plays through the year, Adrienne is pleased to be back on Repertory’s stage as Kate. The only down side is waiting till nearly the end for her first entrance.


Stage Manager   Andy Sinclair
Set Design   Andy Sinclair
Set Construction   Andy Sinclair
Set Painting   David Moore, Caroline Reddie, Sheldon Reddie
Wardrobe   Jean Meaux-Hunter [Meux-Hunter]
Props   Annette Elkins
Lighting & Sound   Anne Corney
Prompt   Sharon Nelson-O’Leary
Rosters   Annette Elkins
Programme   Jeff Elkins

Special thanks to Jean Hunter and Andy Sinclair for the loan of stage props; also Nanette Wright for her assistance with auditions and experienced advice during rehearsals.

Napier Repertory Players would sincerely like to thank all those un-named workers who dedicate their time and energy to wait, usher and serve. Once again we thank you.

Napier Repertory Players Committee

President   Adrienne Hurley
Vice President   Sharon Nelson-O’Leary
Treasurer   Steve Driver
Secretary   Diana Ryan


Annette Elkins
Jean Meaux-Hunter
Andy Sinclair
Peter Hurley
Barbara Curtis
David Moore

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A Travelling Salesman

This play will be videoed by Digital icing Ltd. And copies can be purchased from the foyer for only $15.00


Napier Repertory’s
A.G.M. is to be held on the
24th November 2010

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7, 9,14-16 October 2010


  • Carole Boswell
  • Ian Claridge
  • Anne Corney
  • Ben Corney
  • Barbara Curtis
  • Steve Driver
  • Annette Elkins
  • Jeff Elkins
  • Jean Hunter
  • Adrienne Hurley
  • Peter Hurley
  • Sharon Kerr
  • Gordon Lee
  • Jean Meux-Hunter
  • David Moore
  • Sharon Nelson-O'Leary
  • Caroline Reedie
  • Sheldon Reedie
  • Diana Ryan
  • Andy Sinclair
  • Nanette Wright

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