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Tabard Restaurant Theatre


It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Tabard Restaurant Theatre, to sit back and soak up the story of Dusty Springfield, to embrace her music and to relive the highs and lows of her life.

Napier Operatic is privileged to have Wendy Revell direct this poignant Musical. She has lived and breathed the life of Dusty for the past 9 months and her boundless energy and many talents are reflected in the show you see tonight.

I’m also thrilled to introduce musician Anton Wuts as MD. Anton has played in many orchestras and bands for NOS but for Dusty he has stepped into the podium as Rehearsal pianist, band leader and MD.

Choral director Donna Briggs, a third generation NOS member, has made sure all the comprehensive harmonies are tuneful and rounding out the artistic team is choreographer Leanne Murphy, who has introduced the cast to moves such as the pony, twist, lighthouse and mash potato.

I’d like to thank all our sponsors, supporters and hard-working volunteers who turn out time and time again.  Without you we would struggle to achieve the high standard we set for ourselves in bringing great theatre to Hawke’s Bay audiences.
Sharron Pardoe

Sharron Pardoe


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Front of House   Lesley Reid
Restaurant Manager   Kay Collins
Bar Manager   Karen Green
Catering Manager   William Waitoa
Hospitality staff, Friends of the Napier Operatic Society


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Book By
John-Michael Howson, David Mitchell, Melvyn Morrow

By arrangement with


Musical Director

Choral Director


25 August – 10 September 2011

Napier Operatic Society

DIRECTOR   Wendy Revell
Wendy is grateful to the Napier Operatic Society for the opportunity to present this story, she says “over the past nine months I have tried to understand a little of this complicated, talented, self denigrating, humorous, unique and extremely perfecting singer of ‘white soul, Dusty Springfield.

The play focuses on the life of Dusty in such a way that the musical score alone reflects the growth and development of her distinct style of delivery and complex nature”.

Wendy would like to give special thanks to Donna, Anton, Leanne and the artistic team for their help interpreting the many stages of Dusty’s life and also to Marc for the innovative set design.

Anton has been involved with NOS shows as a musician for a number of years but this is his first time in the Musical Director’s chair. He has thoroughly enjoyed being involved from day one, the ‘birth’ of “Dusty” and bringing all those great songs to life.

Anton would like to thank the “Dusty” band for their support and flexibility throughout the rehearsal period and the show season and also the very talented cast for their patience and good humour.

Donna’s family have been involved in theatre for four generations. As a child she performed on stage in “Hans Christian Andersen” and as an adult in “Nunsense” and “Cabaret”. She was most comfortable playing flute and piccolo in the orchestra pit in Shows including “Mack & Mabel”, “Annie”, “West Side Story” and several “Music Hall” shows.

She returned from a 14 year OE with a young family and has totally immersed herself back into the theatre as Musical Director for Theatre School shows “Mulan” and “High School Musical”, and also “Music Hall” 2010.

Donna was thrilled to be asked to do choral work for “Dusty” as she was keen to work alongside both Wendy and Anton. Donna would like to thank her family for all their support and understanding.



In the 1950’s a star-struck, plain and dumpy London schoolgirl imagines she could become a glamorous movie idol. Her parents tell her that her fantasies will never come true and not to dream the impossible dream. But nothing deters her. Blessed with an amazing voice and talent, she sets out to become a singer and a star. Soon, plain Mary O’Brien has transformed herself into the blonde pop icon, Dusty Springfield. But while Dusty, the gorgeous blonde star, is the image the world sees, it is an illusion behind which little Mary O’Brien still lives; the alter ego from which Dusty can never escape and who remains with her throughout her life.

In the 1960’s Dusty Springfield takes the entertainment world by storm with a score of hits, a top TV show and a legion of fans. But the success she wanted is hollow and real happiness eludes her. Driven by her sense of perfection, Dusty takes on the world even as she discovers a desperate need to be loved in a way that could cause her career to crash. At the pinnacle of international success, with triumph in Britain and America, Dusty finds the pressure unbearable. Unable to be what other people expect, and finding the spotlight’s heat can burn, she retreats from the world into a dark place.

Finding strength in adversity, Dusty returns to soar to the top. With the world applauding again, she has one more battle to fight.

Leanne Murphy
Having recently finished performing in the NOS production of “42nd Street”, Leanne is excited to be involved in another stage show. Leanne teaches dance at Karamu High School and at her new dance studio, although she has a very busy schedule she is thrilled to be on the production team for “Dusty”.

“The music and style of dance is so upbeat and catchy”. Leanne says the cast and her have had heaps of fun getting our sixties groove on”.


Dusty Springfield   Janeene Toner
Janeene comes from a well known musical family and has been singing in bands since she was 18. She toured NZ during 2005-6 with the “War Birds” show, a tribute to the women of the 1940’s. Janeene plays guitar, writes music and sings/voices jingles for radio & TV. Janeene is currently singing with two local bands and is enjoying the challenge of musical theatre and being “Dusty”, one of the world’s most ‘famous’ band singers.

Pip Jones   Mary O’Brien
Pip has been a member of the Napier Operatic from an early age and has appeared in many productions, her favourites are the 1995 “Les Miserables”, “Blood Brothers” and Dirty Weekends”.

She has also choreographed several school shows and was also Assistant Director for “La Boheme” in Hastings and Wanganui. Pip is really looking forward to being on stage with sister, Sue and would like to dedicate her performances to parents Alan and Leigh.

Reno   Nicole Taylor
“Cats” was the last show Nicole performed on stage for the NOS as Demeter and is so pleased to be back and part of this great cast and stage show. Nicole has been involved with the Society on and off for 10 years in such shows as “The Full Monty”, “Annie”, “Blood Brothers” and “Les Miserables”. Nicole would like to thank everyone involved – ‘it’s nice to be home’

Simon Crook   Rodney
After a three year hiatus to gain a higher education, Simon has returned to the theatre company he know and loves. ‘Dusty’ is Simon’s eighth show with Napier Operatic and he is thrilled to be back. Enjoy the show!

Peg   Belinda Behague
Belinda always had a passion for music and theatre, and this is her first show since her debut in “Music Hall” in 1994-96. Married with three daughters and supported by her husband Rick she is very excited to be back on stage. Earlier this year Belinda was Assistant Props Manager for “High School Musical”.

Mother   Eleanore McLean
Eleanore is relatively new to musicals. Previously she has been in plays for Napier Repertory and was recently in “Mum’s Choir” for Theatre HB. Last year she enjoyed being a criminal in “Bad Girls” and is pleased to have the opportunity to be directed again by Wendy, in “Dusty”.

David Glenday   Father
David is pleased to back at N.O.S. among the bright young stars and talented directing team. He has several years experience at NOS, and Napier & Waipukurau Little Theatres. David well remembers the swinging 60’s and Dusty’s voice on the Radio!

Tom   James Heuser
James began his entertainment career as a high energy singer performing many ‘gigs’ in rock cover bands throughout NZ. His theatre debut was with NOS in “Miss Saigon” followed by “Music Hall” and earlier this year “42nd Street”. When not in a show he can be found singing solo with his guitar at venues around Hawke’s Bay.

Anne Aifai   Nevada
Anne made her stage debut at age 7 in “Music Hall” (1997). Since then she has had leading roles in “The Wedding Singer”, “Back to the 80’s” and “Aladdin”. Along with raising her 3 year old son Anne finds time to do Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop dance and choreography work. Anne recently won two Youth Encouragement Awards presented by Esam Cushing and Musical Theatre NZ.

Nevada   Alison Beal
No stranger to the stage Ali has been involved with various theatre companies and appeared in “Cats”, “Buddy Holly Story” and “Bad Girls” for NOS. Ali was excited to be selected for the role in “Dusty” she says, “it’s a lot of fun, great cast and crew” and “hope you enjoy the show”.

Peter Austin   Drag Queen
Peter would like to thank his family and the crew at Holderness Mansfield Solicitors for their support while he got in touch with his inner woman (or a couple of them anyway). He hopes you go away from the show saying “It was fantastic – but what a Drag!” On a serious note, he dedicates these performances to Frances Burch, his cousin and friend, who recently departed us to join her daughter Emily in the Great Music Hall in the sky.




I Only Want To Be With You   Dusty and Backing Singers

Yesterday When I Was Young   Dusty

When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam’   Mary & Tom

Dusty Springfield   Dusty & Mary

Little By Little   Mary, Lana Sisters /Tom/ Rodney/Peg & Dusty

Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat   Al Saxon & Lana Sisters

Island of Dreams   Dusty, Tom & Mike

Silver Threads and Golden Needles   Dusty, Tom & Mike

Stay Awhile   Dusty & Ensemble

Nothing Has Been Proved   Dusty & Ensemble

Dancing In The Street   Reno & The Nevadas/Ensemble

Wishin’ and Hopin’   Dusty & Reno

My Generation   Ensemble

The Look of Love   Dusty

Who Can I Turn To   Dusty & Mary

Flute   Anton Wuts
Trumpet   Christopher Redfern-Wilson
Keyboard   Freya Hodgson
Guitar/Bass   Justin Lindsay
Bass   Paul Du Fresne
Drums   Joe Atkin




In The Middle of Nowhere   Dusty / Backing Singers Ensemble

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself   Reno / Dusty

The Windmills of Your Mind   Dusty

Son Of A Preacher Man   Dusty / Backing Singers

I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten   Dusty & Reno

That’s The Kind Of Love I’ve Got for You   Dusty / Drag Queen / Ensemble

Soft Core   Reno / Ensemble

My Colouring Book   Kay

I Think It’s Going To Rain Today   Dusty & Ensemble

Quiet Please There is a Lady on Stage   Dusty & Backing Singers

What Have I Done To Deserve This   Dusty / Neil / Backing Singers

Heart and Soul   Peg / Rodney / Dusty

All I See Is You   Dusty & Mary

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me   Dusty & Ensemble

Timeless Music


Lana Sister   Sarah Ericksen
Sarah has been involved in theatre in HB & Porirua for more than 25 years. Her recent performances were “Vagina Monologues” and in NOS “Bad Girls”. She is very excited to be involved in “Dusty” with the great cast and support crew and really enjoying working with Wendy, and the fantastic music and songs.

Melissa Giddens
“Dusty” is the first show for Melissa and she is loving every moment of it, especially the 60’s style of songs and music. Currently a student at Taradale High School she feels fortunate and excited to be working with so many talented people and is nervously looking forward to opening night.

Lana Sister   Sasha Layton
This is Sasha’s first show with NOS and she is very excited at working with such talented people. Currently attending Taradale High School Sasha love music and has been performing on stage since she was 8 years old, she also sings with Winston Pitt.

Craig McKinnon
From age 6 Craig has been performing in NOS productions as well as dance recitals as a tap dance recitals as a tap dancer. He loves music and is a keen guitarist/drummer and is currently learning the piano. Craig has also represented Napier Boys High School in cultural competitions.

“Quiet Please There is a lady on Stage”

Jean Rook   Sharron Pardoe
Sharron loves the music of Dusty Springfield and couldn’t resist auditioning for this engaging production. After 25 years of active involvement with Napier Operatic she is still proud to be part of this music family. She is sure you will love this show as much as she has enjoyed being a part of it.

Sally Pardoe
Sally has been a part of Napier Operatic Society since birth. She has been involved in numerous theatre and school shows but this is her first adult production. She is thoroughly enjoying being part of the energetic cast and is looking forward to an exciting season.

Al Saxon   Farani Penitito
This is Farani’s sixth show with NOS, his debut was in the junior theatre school in the role of “Aladdin”. He went on to help with stunt co-ordination in “Cats”, then followed up to play a Vietnamese solider in “Miss Saigon” and last year he was one of the leads in “The Wedding Singer”. Farani would like to thank his girl friend Anne and her family for their love and support.

Jeremy Randall   Mike
Jeremy has been doing shows with NOS for many years. His major productions include “42nd Street”, “Beauty & The Beast”, “Annie” and “My Fair Lady”, as well as many others. Jeremy would like to thank the cast and crew for letting him be a part of Dusty and hope you enjoy the show.
Understudy:   Rick Behague

Backing Vocalist   Davina Roper
Davina grew up in the dance scene in Napier, taught by Shirley Jarret and Anne Bradley, ballet, tap, modern and anything ‘groovy’. She did not start singing until she was in her late 20’s but took to it like a duck to water. Performed at her local church, but this is the first time on stage with NOS.

Sue Stilwell
Sue began dancing at the age of 4 and first performed for NOS in 1981 in “Hans Christian Anderson”. Her most recent show was “My Fair Lady” in 2005 before taking a break from the stage to be a Mum to four busy boys! She would like to thank Wendy and Donna for giving her the opportunity to come out of retirement and her supportive hubby and family.


Co-production Manager   Sonya Aifai
Co-production Manager   Derryn Toomey
Production Secretary   Mary Crook
Stage Director   Marc Collier
Stage Manager   Reiss Jenkinson
Wardrobe Manager   Pam Christensen
Props Manager   Chris Kenah
Sound Operator   Dave Crook
Lighting Designer   Paul Collier
Make up Managers   Jude Allen and Vi Bellamy
Hair & Wig Stylist   Raymond Gempton
Set Design   Mark Collier
Scenic Artist   Chris Green
Production Design   Darryl Mitchell
Sound design   Terry Molloy
Cast & Crew Suppers   Irene McKinnon

Stage & Construction   Steve Roberts, Harry Osborne, Marisa Mitchell, Tania Mramor, Brendan Hey, Michael Peterson, Eoin McKinnon, Bennett Aifai, Dave Chambers, Chris Atkinson, Mike McConnell.

Properties Team   Jacque Wilton, Gail Jones, Michelle Winer, Lynda Shirras, Irene McKinnon, Alice Pardoe, Jennifer Randall, Sara Vandermeer.

Wardrobe Team & Dressers   Ngaire Boyce, Deidre Hitchcock, Bev Carroll, Karen Thompson, June Taylor, Margaret Mackerras, Lois Reefman, Chris Shields, Shirley Thompson, Maria Peta.

Microphones   Mary Crook, Rachael McKinnon, Darryl Mitchell.

Sound FX   Ant Gouder, Derryn Toomey, Stephanie Atkin, Sugarloaf Productions.

Make Up & Hair   Lauren Anderson, Kayla Smith, Julie Marr, Raewyn Holden, Janine McCutcheon, Vanessa Carton, Emma Ross-Smith, Adrienne Allan, Karlie Lett, Jo Jowett-Morrel Anne Corney, Sara Willan, Jakki Goody, Jaqui Gibson, Helen Smith.

Cast & Crew Suppers   NOS Social Club

Publicity Team   Sonya Aifai, Barbara Brown, Anita Davies, Ant Gouder, Dale Reid, Karen McLean, Derryn Toomey, Judy White, Sharron Pardoe, Donald Hurley.

Hair   Kyla Smith, Anna Boston

Booking Office   Dale Reid

Coming Soon at THE TABARD
Children’s Theatre School
Cinders In The 60’s
17 – 19 Nov 2011

A new musical ripped off from the motion picture
MONTY PYTHON and the Holy Grail
19 April – 5 May

Est. 1887

PATRON:   Peter Cox O.B.E.
PRESIDENT   Sharron Pardoe
SECRETARY:   Sonya Aifai
TREASURER   Kaye Wishart
CHAIRPERSON:   Peter Austin
COMMITTEE:   Chris Atkinson, Donna Briggs, Anita Davies Karen Green, Janine Hill, Allan Howes, Alan Jones, Irene McKinnon, Colin Pritchard, Derryn Toomey

CHAIRPERSON:   Raewyn Russell
SECRETARY:   Michelle Winter
TREASURER:   Gail Jones
COMMITTEE:   Patteson Aifai, Anne Aifai, Tracey Molloy, Eoin McKinnon

Dawn Unsworth, Alan Jones, Donald Hurley, Fred Twyford, Barrie Browne, Lyndsay Browne, Ros van de Ven, Les Robertson, Cliff Allen, Colin Pritchard, Brian Nathan, Ian Reid, Peter Shepherd, Gwyn Ace, John Briggs, Gillian Davies QSM, Lois Reefman, Peter Eade, John Matthews, James Morgan, Lesley Reid.


We apologise if, due to programme deadlines we have been unable to include all names in the programme. To everyone who has helped in this production, your contribution is very much appreciated.

Paul Taylor – Photographer, NOS Social Club, Carpet Court, Hawke’s Bay Today, Herb Maynard Optometrists, Hastings Operatic Society, Dunstalls Funeral Service, Anne Collier, Music Machine, Darryl Mitchell., Sue Collier, Gold Star Hair & Beauty, Napier Municipal Theatre, Kingdom Music





Signs & Graphics

To all of those who have participated and contributed in ways large and small, the Society and Company of DUSTY wish to extend their gratitude


I Only Want To Be With You   Ivor Raymonde/Mike Hawker
Yesterday When I Was Young   Aznavour/Kretzmer

When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam’   Irving Berlin
Dusty Springfield   Dearie/Council/Tanega
Mama’s Little Girl   Lambert/Potter
Little By Little   Kaye/Verdi

Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat   Lee Pockriss/Bob Hilliard

Island of Dreams   Tom Springfield
Silver Threads and Golden Needles   Dick Reynolds/Jack Rhodes
Stay Awhile   Ivor Raymonde/Mike Hawker
Nothing Has Been Proved   Tennant/Lowe
Dancing In The Street   Marvin Gaye/Ivy Hunter/ William Stevenson
Wishin’ and Hopin’   Bacharach/David
My Generation   P. Townsend
The Look of Love   Hall David/Burt Bacharach
Who Can I Turn To   Newley/Bricusse

In The Middle of Nowhere   Kaye/Verdi

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself   Bacharach/David
The Windmills of Your Mind   Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Michel Legrand
Son Of A Preacher Man   Hurley/Wilkins
I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten   Clive Westlake

That’s The Kind of Love I’ve Got For You   Don Fletcher/Dean Parks
Soft Core   Kevan Staples/Carole Pope
My Colouring Book   Fred Ebb/John Kander

I Think It’s Going To Rain Today   Randy Newman

Quiet Please There Is A Lady on Stage   Allen/Sager

What Have I Done To Deserve This   Willis/Tennant/Lowe

Heart and Soul   Skarbek/Blaskey
All I See Is You   Clive Westlake/Ben Weisman

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me   Donaggio/Pallavicini/Wickham/Napier-Bell


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