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7.30pm APR 02 2016


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Thanks for supporting the inaugural “LIFTING THE BLUES” concert, featuring Ben Waters from the UK and local artist, “Stretch”, in aid of the Brain Injury Association (Hawke’s Bay).

We hope, with your help, we can make “LIFTING THE BLUES” an annual fundraiser and good time evening which will become part of the local social calendar.

With 1147 charities in the area, fundraising is, and always will be, a challenge which is why we came up with the idea of promoting a concert as something different with the name being a play on the various uses of the term “Blues”

“Blues” as music, traverses a wide range of emotions and musical styles but, unfortunately, in the area of brain injury, the “blues” as depression, are often experienced as a result of the injury and the difficulties of dealing with the effects and problems.

Brain injuries are often not physically noticeable and people are therefore surprised by a persons’ strange behaviour, mood swings and demeanour. For whanau it can be very difficult to deal with the brain injured individual, who may well have no perception of their problem or behaviour.

The need for our services is increasing as more people survive catastrophic accidents due to advances in emergency techniques and medicine along with the realisation amongst many sports people that blows to the head on the pitch can lead to serious long term problems.

We can only continue to provide the much needed service to the brain injured people of Hawke’s Bay and their whanau with your help as we endeavour to raise funds each year to keep BIA running.

At the moment we are trying to fund the purchase of a new minibus as well as another car and seeking to find new premises to cope with the increasing number of client referrals we are receiving.

This concert tonight is the first of the initiatives we are trying to put in place to help us reach our fundraising goals and the next date for your diary will be on 10th September when we are organising another event, which we hope will become an annual occasion, with our “Flying Chefs” dinner at Black Barn restaurant featuring Logan Brown from Wellington.

Once again thanks for coming and supporting us, which is really appreciated by all of us at BIA and especially our clients.

Here’s to a great evening, see you all in September and remember to;

“Feel good about yourself and go gigging for Charity!”

Take care
Brett Morris


Ben Waters

Ben is making his first appearance on the North Island and is now able to add New Zealand to the long list of countries he has toured.

A long apprenticeship has seen him play with many musical greats, including the Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chuck Berry whilst when not performing with his own band he is to be found playing in the ADC&D of Boogie Woogie alongside Charlie Watts.

Jools Holland considers Ben to be one of the greatest pianists of all time and had him performing at his wedding, whilst another well known artist/actor, Hugh Laurie, asked Ben to play at a birthday party.

Ben will be performing with his 15 year old son, Tom, who has been stealing the show all over the world with his virtuoso sax playing. Tim Ries of the Rolling Stones was so impressed by his playing that he gave Tom his alto sax.

The album, “Boogie for Stu”, was recorded by Ben as a tribute to the late Ian Stewart, the unknown and founding member of the Rolling Stones, and the album features the Stones, Jools Holland and P-J Harvey amongst others.


Anthony Stretch has returned to Hawke’s Bay to establish a career as a solo artist having been an intrinsic part of the Kiwi music scene for years in various groups.

Now he is to be seen and heard hauling his acoustic guitar, harmonica and kick drum around to whip up a boot stomping sound while weaving his truly soulful voice through effortless melodies.

Stretch comes from a rural upbringing in a town that barely makes it onto the map with a childhood listening to 45’s on a jukebox at the country pub he was too young to be in, picking up guitar chords from his Irish grandmother and mastering the Maori strum from his Dad.


Over 90 New Zealanders suffer a brain injury every day and that injury affects not only the individual but their whole family/whanau, friends, colleagues and their community.

Brain injuries can range from mild to severe and can cause many kinds of physical, cognitive and emotional problems.

The aim of BIA is to enable people with brain injury to gain improved independence, to be valued members of the community and to have every opportunity for involvement in the community where they can access the resources and support necessary to live fulfilling and satisfying lives.

BIA started as the Head Injury Society (HB) in 1988 as a monthly support group and became the BIA in 1998.

In 2007 we purchased Headway House in Hastings as an administration centre and a base where clients come to socialise and participate in a range of services and activities.

The service is run by our Manager/Liaison Officer supported by a Liaison Officer, part time administrator and 2 Programme Assistants as well as numerous volunteers. At any one time we will be dealing with 80 plus clients, their whanau, rehab professionals, support organisations and funders in that individuals’ life. The numbers have increased dramatically over the last couple of years and continue to grow. This has created a need for more staff and a building more suited to needs of both our clients and BIA.

We offer a specialised service of education, advocacy, support and information to any person with a brain injury and their family/whanau and carers living in the Hawke’s Bay region.

Activity days are held at Headway House twice a week and swimming groups are organised in Clive on a weekly basis.

Seeking to prevent brain injuries in the first place is a major part of our work with staff going out to schools and into the workplace to help educate on how to avoid head injuries. We also provide education to various government organisations, and community groups wishing to learn more about brain injury.

One of our plans during the next year, is to put in place an educational programme dealing with concussion and its effects for rugby players both at school and club level.

For more information;
Phone: 06878 6875
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www
Facebook: https/www.facebook .com/Brain-Injury-Association-Hawkes-Bay
Givealittle: https //givealittle cause/biahbtransport


Brain Injury Association (Hawke’s Bay) would like to thank the following for their help in making tonight a success;

Ben Waters and Family
Anthony Stretch
Sarah Kerr and Bayswater European
Dianne Park and the MTG Century Theatre
Kevin Murphy and Napier City Council
Annie Dundas and Hawke’s Bay Tourism
Peter Callinicos
Don and ADL Printers
Ali Gilmour and Urban Canvas
Ian White and Heartland Bank
Roger Moroney and Hawke’s Bay To-Day
Rachel Wise, Brenda Vowden and the Hastings Leader
Mary McCarty and the Hastings/Napier Mail
Mike Norris
Henry Norton
Dan, Jay and the Magpies
Kevin Wagg and Breeze FM
Bruce Jackson
Jocelyn Pack
Ujazzi [Ujazi] Café
The Crown Hotel
The Masonic Hotel
David and Mackersey Construction
Gavin and Patton Engineering
My wife, Gerry, for her support, assistance and encouragement
To you all for buying tickets!

A special thanks to all our staff and volunteers for all their hard work and a very special thanks to Dave Jones in the UK who gave us the idea of a concert and has supported us tirelessly from afar!

PHONE – 06 650 0799

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  • Kevin Murphy
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