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An open letter to the men, women and children of Hawke’s Bay

Good news rarely hits the headlines. Certainly our newspapers make depressing reading these days.

But there is another world picture which is positive and thrilling to men and women of goodwill – children rescued from destitution, fed, warmed, and set on the road to responsible citizenship.

Here is our Sister Elsie Leipst from Hawke’s Bay, who is working now with the Save the Children Fund’s team in Korea. For thousands of young Koreans the world will be a better place because of her skilled and dedicated care.

The Save the Children Fund’s workers live as simply as the people they have come to help. So help becomes self-help, and not only are the children taught and fed, but a true community spirit is born. You can see it in Hong Kong, in Korea, in Jordan – to name just a few of the countries where the Fund’s teams are at work.

And this is our doing – yours and mine. Our small gifts have made this wonderful work possible; for the S.C.F. accepts no Government grants. It relies entirely on the voluntary goodwill offerings of people like you and me – the spontaneous generosity of the people of the British Commonwealth to the children of the world.

So in this World Children’s week, will you once again imagine as a guest in your home, a hungry, homeless child? You can choose him / or her from anywhere in the world – there are millions who need your help. Give him / or her a name and a place at your table. All the family, especially the little ones, will help to make this child welcome.

Our goal is a world brotherhood of children. With God’s help, and yours, we will achieve it.

Edith M. Hutchins,
President, Hastings District Branch.

On Friday, September 30th, collectors will be on the main streets in Hastings and Havelock North to take your “Rice Bowl” contribution or you may leave it with –

The Herald-Tribune,   Hastings

or post it to – Rice Bowl Appeal   Havelock North

Havelock North will hold a Rice Bowl Day (Contributions of cakes and produce very welcome.)

5/- Will buy rice for one week for an Asian child. If you wish to become a member of the Fund and give an annual donation, fill in this coupon and post it with your gift.

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