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Hastings Family Gives Home to Young Seal

July is apparently the visiting month in Hawke’s Bay for seals. It is just a year ago since Sammy the injured seal was found on the beach at Clifton Domain. Yesterday another young seal called in at Napier.

Again Mrs. P.M. Roberts, Duke Street, Hastings, has come to the rescue and is caring for the youngster.

The baby seal was found on the Napier foreshore, near the paddling pool, yesterday by a boy who immediately informed the police. The newcomer was without visible means of support but the men in blue decided that he was not the sort of “rogue and vagabond” they were required to deal with.

So out went an appeal to Mr. F.B. Logan, of the S.P.C.A. Remembering how successfully Mrs. Roberts had tended Sammy last year, Mr. Logan communicated with her, and the seal was taken home by Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

The young seal has not been injured, but is thin and in an exhausted condition. Though younger and smaller than Sammy, he is stronger and snaps viciously.

The present problem is to get him to eat. Mr. P. Cross, Clive, has offered to supply enough fish trimmings to feed the seal.

The newcomer is being housed in a kennel. Though Mrs. Roberts still has the concrete pond provided for Sammy, the present seal won’t go near it. He seems to have a small boy’s aversion to water out of its natural habitat.

Why do young seals come ashore in July?  It may be that the youngsters become separated from their mothers during winter storms and get lost.

When the seal recovers his strength Mrs. Roberts will return him to the sea. But meanwhile, remembering the flood of visitors last year to view Sammy, Mrs. Roberts is banning visitors.

Photo caption – Sammy II nonchalantly drapes a flipper from a rock beside the ornamental pond of his temporary new home. With him is Mrs. P.M. Roberts, Duke Street, Hastings, who cared for the first Sammy until he was sent to Auckland Zoo. Sammy II came ashore at Napier yesterday and will eventually be returned to the sea.

Napier Beach Attracts Seal

NAPIER, July 7 (“The Dominion” Reporter). – A small boy who burst excitedly into the Napier police station this morning announced that there was an unusual visitor down on the beach. He was, in fact, a visitor from King Neptune’s regions, a small brown seal suffering from slight injuries.

With large, limpid eyes the seal languidly surveyed all who came near, and showed no inclination to return to the sea. An officer of the R.S.P.C.A. was sent for, and arrangements were made for Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Roberts, of Hastings, to care for the seal meantime.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts looked after a seal which was injured at Te Awanga last year. Named Sammy, he was sent to the Auckland Zoo.

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