St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Annual Report 1953

Sixty-Fourth Annual Report of
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hastings
Annual Congregational Meeting
ON WEDNESDAY, September 2, 1953, at 7.30 p.m.


Office-Bearers of the Parish

Minister – REVD. H.A. MITCHELL, B.A   ’Phone 2062
Deaconess – SISTER CATHERINE WEIR, B.A   ’Phone 9/H375
Acting Session Clerk – MR. T.M. CRAWFORD   ’Phone 7431
Clerk of Managers’ Court – MR. W.G. HILL   ’Phone 3963
Treasurer – MR. D.C. KIRKPATRICK   ’Phone 2324
Organist and Choirmaster – MR. P. LINYARD.



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Dear Friends,

We are all suffering just now an overwhelming sense of loss through the sudden passing away of Mr Charles Griffiths, our Session Clerk. I have referred to his life at the funeral service and the Memorial service: at both of which the Church was crowded. This report was compiled by him. He had just completed the task when death took him. He was a spiritually-minded man, who stood for what the Church existed to do. We shall miss his friendship, counsel and the many services in the community which commended the Church.

The significant things happening in the parish bounds during the past year have been the advance made at both Parkvale and Frimley. At the former regular services, with the Church full each time, are now held monthly. At the latter a Sunday School has been functioning in the public school, a ladies’ club started, and one service (in the open air) has been held. At both places there are over 100 scholars in the Sunday School. These facts make us realise how important the New Life Appeal is for us in Hastings. I wish more people in the Congregation had responded to it. But perhaps that is still to come.

My sincere thanks to all who have assisted me in the exacting duties of the Ministry, and to you all for your friendship and prayers. Especially would I mention Sister Catherine, whose consecrated work, given without thought of self, has been of immense help to me and to the congregation. Miss Margaret Ross, assistant treasurer, has lightened my task considerably by her secretarial work.

May God bless you all, and may He inspire us to plan great things for Him, for in these days in Hastings great planning and great vision is needed.

Your sincere friend,

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Mr. Griffiths should have been presenting this report to the Annual Meeting. He compiled it. But as we are printing the report we learn of his sudden death. As Sunday School teacher and Superintendent for nearly 40 years; senior Elder (he was inducted in 1916) and Session Clerk; P.S.S.A. Committeeman; representative of the Church at the General Assembly for more than a quarter of a century, and in a hundred different ways small and great, he had been a central figure in the life and work of St. Andrew’s since coming here in 1914. In addition he had given outstanding community service on the Hospital Board, Licensing Committee, Chamber of Commerce,  Retailers’ Association, Patriotic Committees and the like.

It is probably true that no man in Hastings had more personal friends, or was more widely respected, than Mr Griffiths. This fine Christian gentleman, with the loving heart and the helping hand, has made a lasting place for himself in the memory of Hastings.

In all his work he had been upheld by Mrs Griffiths, both in his business and in the Church. To her, and to son Rhys, go our love and sympathy. We thank God for the faith that’s in them to sustain them in this hour, and we thank God too for the wonderful memories they will have of such a husband and father.

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Hastings Presbyterian Reports


This Coronation year has revealed to us a world struggling for freedom. In a recent issue of “The Outlook” we read President Eisenhower’s statement, “It is not enough to talk about Freedom; we must talk about Freedom under God.”

Our gracious Queen has declared to the world that she desires to rule by the Will of God, and has asked her subjects everywhere to pray that she be granted God’s grace and wisdom. There is evidence of a more conciliatory spirit prevailing amongst the nations of the world to-day.

Apart from the Armistice in Korea, there is evidence that the nations are learning that it is not by Power or by Might, but only by the Spirit and Word of God that true happiness can be gained.

On a recent Sunday our minister used as illustration an imaginary conversation between our Lord and the Angel Gabriel about the witnesses whom He had left on earth. “They will not forget,” said our Lord. We, the members of the Church are his declared witnesses. When we peruse this report we can decide whether our witness has been as faithful as it could have been.


The Communion Roll stands at 764. Members admitted during the year: By confession of faith 35, by certificate 51.

Attendance at Communion: September, 433. December 411, March 439. June 512 (a record).

Baptisms 89. Cradle Roll 252. Weddings 68. Funerals 63.


The Rev. R. B. Waugh passed away in March of this year. He was ordained in 1906, and he had served the larger part of his ministry in Havelock North. He can be acknowledged as one of the pioneer Ministers of the Presbyterian Church in this district. Of a kindly, understanding disposition, he was a faithful witness to his Lord and Master. After his retirement he linked his membership with St. Andrew’s, and, while his health permitted, he was a faithful attender at the services and occasionally occupied our pulpit. He had served his Church in many capacities. For many years he was Presbytery Clerk and those who were privileged to serve with him acknowledged his wise counsel in all matters pertaining to the welfare and dignity of the Church.

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Our sympathy is extended to his much beloved daughter, Mrs. Appelby.

Miss Helen Ford passed away on May 8 after a long life of service to God, the Church, and the community. It is readily admitted that no single person has ever been missed from our Church services as this lady has been missed. She has given over 40 years of faithful service in St. Andrew’s, not as an associate but as a worker in the true sense of the word. Many of the Mothers of to-day will ever remember her as their devoted Bible Class leader. She was a member of the Choir to the end of her days. She was the Church organist for many years, and she took a leading part in almost every organisation in the Church. Her community interests were numerous. She had many talents which she used to the Glory of God, earning from her Lord and Master His “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

Sympathy has been extended to her two sisters and two brothers.


We were sorry to part with our youngest member of Session, Cyril Whitaker, who has taken up further training in the Air Force, leaving for the South Island at the end of last year. His services as a Bible Class Leader were outstanding and, during his short period as member of our Session, he won the admiration and esteem of his fellow members for his keenness and business-like approach to the problems under discussion. We wish him well in all his future plans.


This hall was consecrated and opened by the Rev. J. Freeman, Moderator of the Hawke’s Bay Presbytery, assisted by the Rev. F. H. Robertson, Rector of Lindisfarne College, on Saturday, Sept. 6. The social afterwards was chaired by the Rev. H. A. Mitchell. The Sunday School has been carried on under the supervision of Miss D. H. Davidson and her enthusiastic staff of teachers. Church services have been held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 9.30 a.m. by our Minister, Mr. Mitchell. The attendances at these services have been excellent, and give great promise of the future of the Presbyterian Church in this district.


Members will learn from the reports contained herein of the progress of this most important part of our Church activities, and of the self-sacrificing labours of a consecrated staff of leaders and teachers building to the Glory of God and the future Church.

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Sunday School superintendents: – St. Andrew’s Main School, Mr. J. Drummond. Frimley, Mr. M. Cameron. Parkvale, Mrs D. H. Davidson, Twyford, Miss D. Wall.

Bible Class Leaders: – Girls Classes: Miss Rae Lascelles, Miss Lorna Crooks, Miss Grace Evans, Sister Catherine, and Miss Annette McLaren.

Boys’ Class Leaders – Mr John Crooks, Ian Omundsen, Kevin Neill, Charles Trask and John Gardiner.


A careful reading of the whole report of the congregation makes it very evident how greatly we depend on Sister Catherine, and what a varied and immense amount of work she does so readily for us. To the lonely forgotten people and to those who have fallen by the way, she brings the message of the Church. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me. We thank God for her and the work she has accomplished. She needs our prayers for striving to fulfill what sometimes are very difficult tasks.


Again we thank our God for the man He has called to lead us in our worship. He has been supported by his good lady, who has proved herself to have the same ideals as her husband as together they have followed their high calling in Jesus Christ.

As we sow, so shall we reap. The evidence shows that only the good grain has been sown, so much so that we, the office bearers and Church members fail to cope with the garnering of the harvest. There is a constant call for further extension of the Church activities, which can only be answered by evidence of New Life on the part of everyone who claims Christ as Lord. To our Minister we would say thank you. Notwithstanding the handicaps suffered this year from a health point of view, and in spite of the numerous calls upon his time, his investments of time and strength in a wonderful service have paid high dividends to the Glory of God.
C. GRIFFITHS, Session Clerk.


From year to year the general pattern of work remains much the same, falling under the headings of General Visiting, Hospital Visiting, Youth Work, Committees, Meetings, Probation Work, Talks and Services.

Under visiting I would say that this year there has been a greater proportion of what I must very loosely term “social service” work than previously. Early in the year a plan for the

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systematic visiting of various sections of people was presented to Session but a day-to-day attention to the most immediate claims is all that has been possible. A variety of pressures has prevented me from visiting the solitary and aged people sufficiently often. Under Youth Work comes the leadership of an Intermediate Y.W.B.C. and of the Parkvale Busy Bees in 1953; also my general association with B.C. and Sunday School affairs and attendance at functions connected with both. Bible Lessons have been taken in three State Schools, two mornings in the week.

Throughout the past year, I have attended meetings of the following committees: – S. S. Teachers, B.C. Leaders, Cabinet of Women’s Fellowship; P.S.S.A. (Hillsbrook, Eversley and General), National Council of Churches (Women’s and General); Women’s Work Committee; National Council of Women: secretarial duties on the Women’s Work and National Council of Churches Committees.

Since the beginning of the year I have taken my place in the roster of five who conduct weekly services at Eversley Home.

Monthly devotional openings have been prepared for Mothers’ Club and a number of addresses for outside organisations. Links have been maintained with Parkvale and Frimley Women’s Clubs. The hospitals have been regularly visited.  Probation work has been carried on. Finding temporary homes for children, employment for women under legal supervision and assistance for families in trouble have been part of the year’s responsibilities.

Though always aware of the discrepancy between what is done and what remains undone, I thank God for His call to serve in the growing work of St. Andrew’s Parish.


Roll Number 315. Teachers – 30 female, 5 male.
Superintendent: Mr. J. Drummond.
Secretary-Librarian: Miss Furness.

Teachers: Beginners’ Dept. – Mrs. J. Drummond, Mrs W. G. Hill, Mrs. J. Petersen, Mrs I. Smith, Mrs Atkins, Miss E. Petersen.
Primary Dept. – Miss C. Harvey, Miss M. Sim, Mrs Short, Miss J. McKenzie, Messrs. S. and M. Black, Miss Kelt, Mrs. G. Roil.
Junior Dept. – Miss J. Chappel, Mrs E Chappel, Mrs I. Clow, Miss I. Ibbotson, Mrs Mawby, Miss J. Sheffield, Miss A. Macdonald, Miss Dunne, Mrs Brown, Miss McCue, Miss M. Parkhill, Miss E. McKenzie, Mr Bruce Drummond, Mr Alf Dixon.

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Intermediate Dept. – Mrs. R. McArthur, Mrs C. Jackson, Miss Brenda Coates, Miss E. Robinson, Mrs Hugh Thompson, Mr E. Khull, Mr C, Sheffield.

This year’s roll has decreased slightly on last year, but this is to be expected with the opening of St. David’s and Frimley Sunday Schools. It is pleasing to report that our numbers continue to increase each Sunday, especially in the Junior and Intermediate Departments.

During the first six months of the year the staffing situation of the Sunday School was really desperate, but we are now pleased to say that the Sunday School is fully staffed. During the year we were happy to welcome as new teachers, Mrs C. Jackson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Atkins, Mrs Mawby, Miss Dunn, Miss McCue, and Mr. Bruce Drummond.

It was with great pleasure that we have to report that when the teaching situation was so desperate the Senior Young Women’s Bible Class came to our rescue, and now hold their Bible Class on Sunday evenings. The following offered their services to the Sunday School, Misses E. Robinson, B. Coates, J. Sheffield, A. Macdonald, E. McKennie, E. Petersen and M. Parkhill.

It is regretted that owing to ill health Mrs M. Owen has had temporarily to give up teaching, but we look forward to having her back with us next year.

The Sunday examinations were again set by members of the staff and the results were most gratifying, several scholars gaining over 90 per cent. We thank Miss E. Pryde for undertaking the marking of the papers.

Mrs. Francis continues to visit us each month to give a Missionary talk, and we all appreciate her most interesting stories.

We wish to place on record our sincere thanks to all good friends in the Church who give us financial assistance when required. Especially do we appreciate the action of the Women’s Guild, who supply all the prizes for the end of year prize giving – thank you all for your interest in the Sunday School.

To our Minister, Rev. H. A. Mitchell, and Deaconess, Sister C. Weir, many thanks for your continued interest and encouragement at all times.


Roll Number 107. Superintendent: Mrs. D. Davidson.
Teachers: Mrs. Macdonald, Mrs Coombe, Miss Shanks, Mrs Hayward, Mr. Thomas.
Secretaries: – Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Stenson.

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The roll shows a marked increase and faithful work has been done by the teachers. Mrs Macdonald has had to leave owing to ill health, but worked up till the time of entering hospital. The business side of the school is most efficiently managed by the secretaries. Mrs. Taylor and Miss Summerfield help with the handwork in the infant department. The urgent need for a man to teach the older children was met by Mr Thomas, whose energy and interest have had a tonic effect on the school and has freed the superintendent to help with the other classes occasionally.

We are proud and grateful for the work Mr Rickard does keeping the hall spotless and getting all material ready.

We are making experiments in relating stories through dramatization, finding that the children enjoy it greatly, and that more of them give full answers to questions.


Roll numbers – Beginners 36, Primary 22, Junior 33,  Intermediates 15. Total 106.

Teachers: – Mesdames J. Flack and Glover. (Mrs. Robertson absent on a visit to England). (Mrs. Rhodes is relieving teacher when required). Mrs. l. Robertson (girls), Mr. Peter McConnachie (boys). Mrs. Hughes, Misses M. McCartney, and L. Macfarlane, Mr Tom Robertson. Mr. Malcolm Cameron.

The New Life survey of Hastings made evident the need for a Sunday School at Frimley, which was commenced by permission of the Commissioners, in the Public School on June 22, 1952, with 45 scholars and 8 teachers.

Mrs. F. H. Robertson, of Lindesfarne [Lindisfarne], was in charge of Beginners and Primaries, and Sister Catherine gave valuable help in the Junior and Intermediate section until the teachers were able to take over their classes.

Numbers grew rapidly – extra rooms were required – and the roll now exceeds 100. Several projects have been undertaken. Beginners and Primaries took gifts and sang hymns at Eversley and also visited the children’s ward at Memorial Hospital with flowers, and scrap books they had made. Juniors and Intermediates took 7 dozen eggs, and flowers to Eversley, and flowers to Women’s Ward, Memorial Hospital, as part of their expression work. The whole Sunday School, in trucks and cars, conveyed the Harvest Thanksgiving gifts to Hillsbrook where, in a service of harvest songs and prayers the staff received their gifts.

A large attendance of parents viewed a Christmas tableau and heard carols presented by the Beginners and Primaries.

Substantial Sunday offerings are made, and help has been given to Fairhaven, Homeless of Hong Kong, and British Flood Relief.

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Visits by Rev. H. A. Mitchell, Messrs. C. Griffiths (twice) and A Dysart were much appreciated during our first year.

The first Family Service was held at Frimley (outdoors) on 19th April, 1953. The adult attendance at this service and at the Christmas Service evidences the interest parents are taking in this new Sunday School and this with the increasing numbers of children, indicates the urgent need for a Hall.


Superintendent: Miss Dawn C. Wall. Junior teacher: Miss Audrey McNab. Roll No. 34.

Twyford Sunday School meets each fortnight at the school at 10.30 am. There have been very good attendances this year, averaging 20 children.

Miss Fiona Griffiths, an ex-pupil of our Sunday School, comes along each time to play the piano for us. For this assistance we are most grateful.

Our break-up last year was held on Saturday 20th December. The children sang carols to their mothers and friends after which the annual prize giving took place.

Last year we farewelled Miss Tweedie (Mrs. Elliott). It is hoped that we may continue the high standard of work in the Sunday School, set by her. We would like to thank her for the long and valuable assistance she has given to the Sunday School.


Our classes have this year shown a slight increase, bringing the roll number to 144. This figure comprises 90 young women, and 54 young men. Although this number may appear satisfactory, concern is felt at the loss of senior members during the year.

The Annual Conference this year was held at Dannevirke and our classes were as usual well represented. Those who were fortunate enough to be present, came away much refreshed and ready for the new year’s work.

District Easter Camps were held, Young women at Waipukurau, and the Young Men made history by camping on our Permanent Camp Site on the Tuki Tuki River. This site is now paid for, and plans are well in hand for the early erection of the first building, a meeting and dining hall.

Among our B.C. activities this year, the Coronation Pageant will probably be remembered as a highlight by many of the congregation. It was indeed a very worthwhile service. On the B.C. Day of Prayer, a Dawn Service was held at Te Mata Peak, when

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we had an attendance of over 150. This very inspiring service was conducted by Rev. I. Milner, from Taradale.

Several socials were held during the year, including a barn dance held in Mr. J. Mills’ woolshed at “Oinga” Station.

During the year we have lost the services of three fine B.C. leaders, Miss Noeline McLaren, Mr. A. C. Robinson and Mr Cyril Whitaker. We would like to place on record the really splendid service that these people have rendered over the years. Although we feel the loss through their departure, we are proud indeed that one of our leaders should go from us, as has Mr  Robinson, into full time work, and also with Kim Bathgate, one of our Senior Y.M., who left us to take up his studies for the ministry.

We thank those who have come forward to fill these vacancies; Miss Annette McLaren, who has returned from her Deaconess studies; Mr Charles Trask, Mr Kevin Neill and Mr. Ian Omundsen.

Our sincere thanks are extended to our many friends for their help during the year, especially to Mr. Mitchell and Sister Catherine. We would also thank Miss Russell and Mrs. Mitchell for the use of their rooms for our Sunday Bible Class. To those who have helped us so willingly with transport during the year, we thank you very much; this is a real service and we are truly thankful.

At the end of another year we would give thanks to God in whose name we strive, and pray that we may receive his guidance and rich blessing in the year’s work that lies ahead.

Our leaders are listed earlier in this report.


Superintendent: Mrs. M. E. Owen.

Lady Visitors: Mrs. H. A. Mitchell, Mrs. Hannon, Mrs. Petersen, Mrs. Clow, Mrs. Lennon, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Sheffield, Mrs Cooper, Mrs. Fraser and Miss Parke.

There are now 252 names on the roll, 4 on the supplementary roll, 65 new names were added this year and 75 were transferred to our Sunday Schools.

There are 10 cradle roll districts, one new district (Pakowhai) having been formed during the year. Our sincere thanks are due to all lady visitors.

We should like to pay tribute to Mrs A. J. Hannon, Superintendent of the Cradle Roll for many years, who has had to retire for health reasons. She gave outstanding service, saw the Cradle Roll grow enormously, and was instrumental, with the guidance of Sister Catherine, in having instituted the present system of Cradle Roll districts and visitation.

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We thank also Mrs Owen for undertaking this work in Mrs Hannon’s place, and for the enthusiasm and efficiency with which she does it.


In presenting the Annual Report of St. Andrew’s Women’s Fellowship, we would give thanks to God our Father for His guidance throughout the past year.

We feel that there is a greater understanding of fellowship among the women of the congregation, and greater sympathy with its objects and activities. As Fellowship is concerned with co-ordinating the activities of all Women’s Groups and promoting greater understanding among them a record of its work is found in the activities of Women’s Groups.

Fellowship has been actively concerned in the gift of the washing machine from the women of St Andrew’s to Eversley.

It has organised and conducted a second successful and much appreciated Sunday afternoon function for elderly members of the Church. It has promoted a successful Sale of Work in aid of Mission Funds and Church Furnishings.

Meetings. – Two General Meetings have been held. These have been well attended by women from all parts of the parish. Cabinet meetings held at intervals are felt to be of considerable value in helping the work of groups.

Triennial Fellowship Conference was attended by three delegates from St. Andrew’s.


The choir has completed a happy and successful year. Membership is about thirty, and attendances at practise and services are good, but could be better. It is with deep regret that we record the death of two of our most valued members, Miss H. Ford and Mr. Tom Bell. Both were active members and their places will be hard to fill.

Many regard the anthem as the important part of choir work, but the atmosphere of a service depends more on the hymns and the choir gives the lead in this part of the worship. In the past year sixty different anthems have been sung, and we are building up as extensive a repertoire as possible. A happy Christmas banquet, at which Miss Ford cut a cake made by Miss McQuire, was held after the final practise.

Twice the choir has visited Eversley after evening service and once on a week night, when favourite hymns were sung and on the latter occasion films shown by John Crook and a varied programme delighted the old people, who are most grateful for the visits.

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In conclusion we hope that our work will improve. Our thanks and appreciation are gladly paid to our genial organist and choirmaster, Mr. Linyard.


Leader: Mrs. Haswell (Acting Leader: Sister Catherine).
Helpers: – Mrs. J. Mawson, Mrs. C. Curtis, Mrs. F. Bromley.
Roll Number: 26 (1953).

A steady attendance has been maintained at programmes of handwork and missionary instruction on Wednesday afternoons.

The Annual Concert and Sale last October resulted in a donation of £23/5/- to Mission funds.

When Mrs Haswell had to enter hospital for an indefinite period, Sister Catherine shouldered this demanding task and has given fine leadership.


The past year has been a very successful one for the St. Andrew’s Cubs and Scouts. The boys have been enthusiastic about their Scouting and Cubbing and the standard in the Troop and the Pack compares favourably with that of any other Scout group in Hastings. They have taken part in all of the district events and competitions, and have at all times been a credit to their Group and themselves. The uniformed officers of the Group are – Cubmasters: Miss J. Ritchie (C.M.), Miss J. Sutherland, Miss S. Hanna and Miss S. Crawford. Scoutmasters: A. I. Dixon (S.M.), D. Trask (A.S.M.)

The Group Committee is as follows: – Chairman: Mr. V. Mummery. Secretary, Mrs R. M. Bark. Treasurer: Mr. C. H. Sheffield. Committee: Mesdames V. C. Petersen, T. J. Milne, E. J. Crawley, D. Grieve, R. W. Thomason, D. R. Graham, E. Bridge, Messrs. G. H. Bell, V. C. Petersen, A. F. McKenzie, I. Snadden, I. Robertson, D. Sutherland, J. Catherall.


The Men’s Club can report continued progress during the year, the 1952 season ending with the usual well attended Ladies’ Night.

In September we had the second bi-annual visit from representatives of the Men’s Club in Hamilton as our guests, and who gave the programme at a combined meeting on the Saturday evening. On the Sunday morning we held a combined Men’s Church Parade, conducted by our Patron, after which we entertained the visitors to light lunch before they left on their return trip.

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Our 1953 season started on a high note with a special ladies’ evening to celebrate the 21st birthday of the club before a record attendance. Since then we have continued with most successful fortnightly meetings and every prospect of another very successful season.

The members’ interest in the Club continues and with their support we can assure all men of our Church that a warm and hearty welcome awaits them on alternate Thursday evenings in the Campbell Room.


President: Mrs. H. A. Mitchell.
Secretary: Miss C. Harvey.

We give thanks to God that we have been privileged to help the Missionary work of our Church. The ten meetings held have had an average attendance of 32 from a membership of 53.  Addresses have been given by the Rev. H. A. Mitchell, who presided at the annual meeting and spoke of Maori Missions; Mrs. Bartle on life in a Home Mission charge; Sister Catherine on the work of a Probation Officer, and on World Council of Churches Conferences, Miss Kinross, M.B.E., on Modern Trends in Maori life, Miss Short and Mrs Mitchell reported on Conference, while a study on the New Hebrides Field and a brains trust were given by several members.

Miss McLaren spoke delightfully on life at Deaconess College, and Mr Mitchell closed the year with a description of the formal announcement to the Maori section of the Church of the greater powers being vested in it by the General Assembly.

Members attended the Rev. R. A. Roxburgh’s meeting and saw the film of our Indian field and heard Miss Anne James speak in Napier.

The branch arranged the after-church social and showed a film of work in the New Hebrides.

Special Mission News followed by prayer is given monthly by Mrs Francis, and the conference study book is taken at a morning prayer and study group led by Mrs Mitchell. Harvest field circulation is 92, and eleven associate members receive the Missionary letter. The Sale of used stamps has realised £10/8/5.

Four sacks and a parcel of used clothing have been sent to Maori Mission Stations and £1 to Matahi.

A great loss was experienced in the death of Miss Ford, and to all others who have suffered loss we offer sympathy. Our thanks are due to all who have worked and attended our meetings.

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President: Mrs. Duncan Campbell.
Secretary: Mrs. Farquharson.

In presenting this Annual Report we acknowledge the guidance of our Heavenly Father and pray for His continued blessing.

Our membership is 60 but with a much better average attendance than last year. Ten meetings have been held at which friendliness and fellowship have been evident, and varied and interesting programmes have been presented. Miss Wilkins spoke of her work with the Red Cross among displaced persons in Germany – Mrs. Jones recalled the coronation of George VI while Sister Catherine’s address on the religious significance of the Coronation was of particular interest.

A debate, a play reading and Brains Trust were given by members and musical programmes completed the list. In May we entertained the Guilds of sister Churches and at our Christmas music and play gifts were brought for the children at Hillsbrook.

During the year we have been entertained by the Methodist Guild, Nelson St. Hall and the Salvation Army Home League.

Guild members joined with the P.W.M.U. in a sale of work for Missions and furnishing funds. New curtains and table covers were made and put in the Minister’s vestry and the choir room. Flowers have been arranged in the Church and for special occasions in the hall, and mending done at Hillsbrook. At both the opening of Eversley and at the garden party in the grounds guild members assisted.

The guild suffered a great loss in the death of Miss Ford, a vice president, and past secretary. She will be greatly missed and her long life of service, and her many gifts and qualities gratefully remembered. We extend our love and sympathy to all who have suffered loss.

To all conveners of committees, to all visiting speakers and artists, and in particular to Sister Catherine for her much appreciated devotional messages and indeed to all who have served we offer our grateful thanks.


President: Miss M. Ormiston.
Secretary: Miss M. E. Ross.

We have continued to meet fortnightly during the past year alternating Bible Study with social activities.

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Round a cosy fire we have listened with interest to the work of a Probation Officer, incidents in the life of our Queen, viewed travel slides and a film about mission work among the Indian children.

Contributions to the Mission Box bear witness that the Missionary needs of the Church are not forgotten by members.

We have taken our turn in arranging the flowers in the Church and have helped where we could at social gatherings.

To those who have entertained us and those who have shown us hospitality we tender our sincere thanks.

A warm welcome to our Club is extended to those ladies who find it impossible to attend afternoon meetings.


President: Mrs. P. Glover.
Secretary: Mrs. M. Cameron.

This group was recently formed to further the work of the Church in this area. It meets monthly at members’ homes and besides the good fellowship enjoyed, by means of Bring and Buy and the making of articles for a stall, money is being raised towards a hall fund.

A growing membership (now 25) comprises mainly mothers of Sunday School children but is open to all interested.


President: Mrs. R. J. Thomas.
Secretary: Mrs. D. J. McNair.

During this eighteenth year ten monthly meetings have been held.

Membership stands at 46 with an average attendance of 23. The meetings have been friendly and sociable and the opening devotions conducted by Sister Catherine have always been appropriate and most inspiring to all.

The hymn, “O, Happy Home” has been adopted as the club hymn.

Roll calls have provided opportunities for members to express their views, and recount experiences, and all readily take part. Competitions have been varied, and based on suggestion of members. Prizes were awarded in November. Brains Trusts by our own members, a talk by Miss Castles, of the Public Library, on children’s books, a play by the Central Kindergarten Mothers’ Club, a demonstration in sewing machine attachments, and a concert by members’ children have made up our programmes.

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Though many are busy mothers of young families, members have done mending at Hillsbrook, arranged the flowers in the Church, assisted at the sale of work and the jumble sale, and helped at both the opening ceremony of Eversley and the Garden Party. A donation of £4 for the purchase of Bibles to present to senior pupils was made to the Sunday School.

We extend our grateful thanks to those kind ladies who assist the smooth running of meetings by caring for the young children outside.


President: Mrs. H. S. Cooper.
Secretary: Mrs. C. K. Taylor.

Four years ago our club began with sixteen women – to-day we have a membership of 70 – a truly remarkable growth. A year ago we entered our new home, St. David’s Hall, and were delighted  to meet in a place of our own. With the addition of curtains, wall vases, carpet-runners, etc. the hall has assumed a very pleasing appearance. Attendance at meetings is very good, and a happy atmosphere of friendliness has contributed to the success of the club. During the year we have speakers,  demonstrations and various types of entertainment, St. Andrew’s Men’s Club giving us a very enjoyable night. Our shop day netted £61/10/-, and this year we are holding a fair in St. David’s in November. The first baby to be baptised in St. David’s Hall was Neil Polglase. To mark the occasion the ladies presented him with a Bible.

Some of the members went through to Knox Church, Port Ahuriri, and provided the programme for the Ladies’ Guild.

Adoption of two Eversley ladies gives members the opportunity to ask them into their homes and take them for drives. The models of club activities shown at the general Fellowship meeting were greatly admired and commented upon.

The newly-formed club at Frimley was entertained at a very happy evening.

Vespers are taken by Mrs. Davidson and Sister Catherine, whose visits are much appreciated.


The Board of Managers met regularly during the year and although attendances were maintained by our elder members, the total number attending each month leaves room for improvement.

During the year many good discussions took place and the Board can look back on a very busy and satisfactory twelve months considering what has been accomplished.

The maintenance of the various Church properties has been carefully controlled by the Works Committee and the Congregation should be thankful that it has such willing workers to ensure that the buildings and other property are kept in first class order.

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Donations for further extension have been received and the Board would like to again thank the Lascelles family for the handsome donation of £150 towards the Frimley Extension Fund, and Miss M. Russell, Market Street, for £250 which has also been placed to that Fund for the development of the West section of the Parish.

The hard working Ladies’ Guild has been busy again this year and the enhanced appearance of the Choir Room and Vestry are only two instances of the great work accomplished and as a congregation it should give us much pleasure that the furnishings and such matters are looked after so capably.

Provision of new furniture for the Church porch was made by the Thompson family in memory of their late mother, and will, we feel sure be a source of much gratification to them and members of the Parish for many years to come and with the new parquetry flooring arranged by our indefatigable chairman of the Works Committee, H. J. Grieve, Esq., through kind donations of some church members the Church Porch now is a fitting entrance to our place of worship.

Through the kind offer of Mrs M. E. Owen, the Parish now has an up-to-date movie projector which will be of great assistance, especially in the teaching of the young folk and with regular use will in the future allow many subjects to be much better covered than with the facilities available in the past. We are indeed grateful that this very necessary item of modern equipment has been obtained and our sincere thanks go out to Mrs Owen.

With the opening of the new hall (St. David’s) at Parkvale, the purchase of a section in the Lomas Settlement, the provision of the Frimley property last year and the increasing Parish of St. John’s in the North Western corner of the borough, the future expansion of the Church in Hastings has been well provided for and our members can rest assured that the Board will complete the two projects where no buildings are yet provided as quickly as finance can be provided.

Several new members were welcomed to the Board during the year and already have given much assistance with their ready help and the election of new members at intervals should be kept ever forward, as the infusion of new energy and ideas will do much to make an efficient and enthusiastic body.

The appointment of D. C. Kirkpatrick, Esq., as Treasurer, and Miss Margaret Ross as Assistant, with the opening of a part time Parish Office has done much to ensure that the financial affairs of the Parish will be attended to with promptitude and knowledgeable efficiency.

The installation recently of a new heating system for St. Andrew’s Hall has been most successful and our thanks are due to the Works Committee and especially to W. A. Hastings Esq., for this work which has been completed at a most reasonable figure.
W. G. HILL, Clerk to the Board.

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Members: – Messrs. M. Cameron, T. M. Crawford, W. G. Hill, W. J. Rogers, W. I. Robertson and J. Petersen (convener).

We submit herewith the Annual Report on the activities of our group for your consideration.

We have made steady progress with the appeal during the year, although with nothing like the result we would liked to have attained.

To date the sum raised amounts to £2221/6/1 with the total amount promised amounting to £5329/10/2. For a number of reasons it will not be possible to realise in full the amount under the latter heading. Some of the reasons are people leaving the district or dying, some not meeting their promises and again others because of changed circumstances revising their contributions.

So far we have 257 contributors, which you will agree with a congregation of approximately 800 communicant members, to say nothing of adherents, shows that there is very considerable scope for a great deal of expansion in this effort.

Your Committee is deeply concerned about this, and any helpful suggestions or offers of assistance in canvassing,  particularly the latter, would be greatly appreciated.


The Income and Expenditure Account shows this year a deficiency of income of £353/18/6 and this must give all of us some concern. Our gross income of £2956 is an increase of £217 over the previous year and this gives cause for some satisfaction. Our expenses, however, have increased by £302, and in order to meet this increasing expense bill we must look forward to increased revenue during the coming year.

The amounts set out in detail, the various items of income and expenditure and comparative figures for the previous year are shown for all items so that you may follow these Accounts more clearly. You will notice that the increase in expenditure is in salaries (an increase of £264) and contribution to Missions Budget (increase of £100). Also the Sunday School expenses amounting to £179/14/- have this year been charged in total to General Expenditure and the gross Sunday School Receipts credited direct to Mission Budget.

One major item of expenditure during the year was the replacement of the old heater system in the hall at a cost of £230.


The total direct contribution to Missions as set out in the Missions Budget Account was £801/14/- and in order to meet our full budget allocation of £980 it was necessary to transfer a further £178/6/- from the General Income and Expenditure Account. Our Budget allocation for the coming year is £1081 and

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in order that we may meet this obligation we must ask Parishioners to make the fullest possible use of contributing to the Missions Budget in the retiring collections on Communion Sundays and through the envelopes which are placed in the Church pews each month.


You will see in the Statement of balances and the balance of New Life moneys retained in St. Andrew’s Parish amounts to £1298. Of this £1108 has already been tagged to meet extension works in the Parish. Although the approval of the Managers’ Court has been given to the appropriation of this £1108, the entries will not be put into effect until this Parish has met its full obligations to the New Life Committee. Our allocation was £4760, of which we are to remit to the New Life Committee 2/5ths spread over a period of 5 years. May we take this opportunity of urging Parishioners to subscribe to this very worthy cause in order to establish funds from which extension work within the Parish can be met.


During the year a further section was purchased in the Mayfair area and the total cost of £637 has been paid. A balance of £300 still remains outstanding on our Frimley Section and has to be met in 1954. Already, thanks to the generosity of some of our members, the Frimley Establishment Account has a balance of £410 towards the establishment of a hall in that area.


This year the Church finances have been controlled from a Parish Office where Miss Margaret Ross has been in attendance on two nights per week. This has proved of considerable assistance to the Treasurer and we believe is of assistance to the various other organisations within the Parish.

This year three balances, which have been carried in our books for some time, have been written off, totalling £18/9/4.

We have received advice from the Secretary of the H.B.P.B. P.S.S.A. that during the year under review £423/5/- was contributed by our Parish for the establishment and upkeep of Hillsbrook and Eversley. The amount did not go through our books at all and, therefore, does not appear in the Accounts here presented.

In conclusion may we ask Parishioners to give these Accounts careful consideration in view of the results for this year. Our General Funds now stand at only £247/14/1, and in order that these should not fall further, may we ask for your fullest co-operation in any appeals which may be made in the coming year in order that the work of the Church in this Parish may continue unabated.
E. L. COMMIN, Convener, Finance Committee.
D. C. KIRKPATRICK, Treasurer.

[NB Financial reports, pages 20-27 not transcribed]


ST. ANDREW’S SERVICES – 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
ST. DAVID’S, PARKVALE, SERVICES: Second Sunday 9.30 a.m. except for months of March, June and September.
SACRAMENT OF THE LORD’S SUPPER – Second Sunday in March, June, and September, 1st Sunday in December.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM at Morning worship on the last Sunday of the month or by appointment with the Minister.
ST. ANDREW’S BIBLE CLASSES – 9.45 a.m. except Senior Women, which meets at 6 p.m. Sunday.
St. Andrew’s Hall, each Sunday at 9.45 a.m.
Frimley: School, each Sunday at 9.30 a.m.
Parkvale – St. David’s Hall: Each Sunday at 9.45 a.m.
Twyford – Fortnightly 10.30 a.m.

Young People’s Club in St. Andrew’s 7.30 (table tennis and badminton).

Board of Managers – First Tuesday 7.30 p.m.
Session – Third Tuesday, 7.30 p.m.
St. Andrew’s P.W.M.U. fourth Tuesday 2.45 p.m.
Young People’s Club (as on Monday each Tuesday also).
Women’s Club – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7.45 p.m.

St. Andrew’s Mothers’ Club – third Wednesday 2.30 p.m.
Mid-week Service – 7 p.m. to 7.45 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Choir Practice, 7.45 p.m.
Parkvale Women’s Club, St. David’s Hall, fourth Wednesday, 7.45 p.m.

St. Andrew’s Women’s Guild – First Thursday 2.30 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Men’s Club fortnightly 8 p.m.
Frimley Ladies’ Club, third Thursday, 7.45 p.m.

St. Andrew’s Scout Troop weekly 7 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Wolf Cubs weekly 2.30 p.m.

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