St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Newsletter April 1985

Presbyterian Church of New Zealand



APRIL 1985

Ministers: REV. BRUCE HANSEN, 1022 Southland Road. Phone 87 169.
Session Clerk: MR. JIM TWEEDIE, 1016 Frederick Street, Phone 89 622.
Clerk of the Board of Managers: MR KEVIN WILSON, 1106A Karamu Road N. Phone 83 596
Cook Island Secretary: MR. PARAU TUPANGAIA, 607 Huia Street Phone 69 221
Treasurer: MR. BRIAN MACKAY, P.O. Box 494, Hastings.
Envelope Secretary: MISS MARGARET ROSS, 208 Wolseley Street. Phone 89 260
Office Secretary: MRS. MARGARET ELLIOTT. Phone 88 247 (Mon., Wed. & Fri. mornings)


As I write it is just four weeks since the unexpected and untimely death of Frank Grimshaw. Frank’s passing has left its mark on us all. We were stunned and grieved. However, our sorrow was not for Frank, but for ourselves. Things had been going so well. We had felt so positive and hopeful in our relationship with Frank and his family. We were looking forward to a period of shared ministry that held so much that was good and bright, and we were settling in to enjoy that time, and to take up new opportunities. Because our feelings were so positive, our loss was even more stunning.

As I prepare for this Easter season I find myself identifying in part with the experience of those first disciples. The shock, for them, of the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus must have been devastating. And not only for them but for the whole community. As those two disciples said to their companion on the road to Emmaus “Are you the only person in Jerusalem who has not heard about this terrible event?” The death of our Lord was a shattering blow to those who knew and loved him.

This month we share a further loss as Alison and Christopher move to Christchurch, and as the Hart family prepare to move to Auckland. We will miss these friends deeply.

And yet I am reminded that Easter affirms for us that out of our loss God brings greater hope. Not only for Frank, or for Alison and the Harts as they face new beginnings, but for us all. Our grief and loss remind us that we hold on to life as a privilege, and not as a right. That we must use wisely the relatively short and uncertain time that is given to us. That we are pilgrims on a journey whose future and goal is with God. We therefore journey, as all God’s people have journeyed throughout the generations, looking not to things that are temporal, but to those things that are eternal.

In this newsletter you will find information on our services through the Easter period. I hope that you will be able to join us for these. They offer us the opportunity to journey with and to learn from, those

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first disciples. To find that great hope and conviction, that out of sorrow and distress God can bring new life.

May we know that new life for ourselves and may God continue to bless and guide us as we journey with Him. May He be very close to Alison and others for whom this time will bring great changes.


Holy Week. We will again be observing this special week prior to Easter with services of meditation on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7.15 p.m. to 7.45 p.m. in the Church.
Maunday Thursday we will be joining with St. Matthew’s parish for a service at 7.30 p.m. to observe this occasion of the Last Supper.
Good Friday our service will be at 9.30 a.m.
Easter Day. We will retain our 9 a.m. service with a special programme for the Sunday School children in the Hall.
The 10.30 a.m. service will include the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
There will be no 12 noon service as our Cook Island people will be in Tokoroa.


Our regular services at 10 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month continues at Sherenden, along with a combined service at 2.30 p.m. each fifth Sunday.

The first Sunday in April is Easter Day and there will be no service at Sherenden. Parishioners are encouraged to attend the Anglican service at Crownthorpe at 11 a.m. that day, or to join in the 10.30 a.m. service at St. Andrew’s.


Most of our parishioners will know by now and appreciate that Alison and Christopher Grimshaw will be leaving Hastings shortly to move to Christchurch With Alison’s sister in Christchurch, her brother in Timaru, and Michael in Dunedin, this seems a logical step.

We will be sorry to see them go. But they go with our thanks, our prayers, and our good wishes. Sunday 21 April will be their last Sunday with us. On that day we are planning one combined service at 10.30 a.m. Following that service there will be a lunch in the Hall. Parishioners are invited to bring a contribution for the lunch. This should be food that can be eaten with the fingers or a fork.

That day will also afford us an opportunity to say farewell to Barrie and Aileen Hart, and Vanessa and Geoffrey, who will shortly be moving to Auckland. Barrie has been convener of our Works Committee, and Aileen has been a teacher and Superintendent in our Sunday School for a number of years. Our loss will be great but we wish them well in their new environment.

Small gifts will be made to the Harts and Grimshaws at that time. If anyone missed the earlier opportunity to express their thoughts and make a gift to Alison, and would like to do so now, please contact Mr. Jim Tweedie. Any contributions for the Harts should be made to Mrs June Crook (phone 67-541).


1 Monday 7.15 p.m. Holy Week Meditation.
8.00 p.m. “Sharing our Faith”. Leaders and Hosts meeting.
2 Tuesday 7.15 p.m. Holy Week Meditation.
8 p.m. Session.
3 Wednesday 7.15 p.m. Holy Week Meditation.
7.30 p.m. Indoor Bowls in Hall (weekly).
4 Thursday 7.30 p.m. Maunday Thursday Service. St Matthew’s Church.
5 GOOD FRIDAY 9.30 a.m. Combined Service.
7 EASTER DAY 9 a.m. Family Church and Sunday School.
10.30 a.m. Easter Service, Holy Communion.
7.00 p.m. Evening Worship.
9 Tuesday 2.00 p.m. Mission Group.
11 Thursday 7.00 p.m. Badminton in Hall (weekly).
13 Saturday 7.00 p.m. Boys’ Brigade Officers Meeting.

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14 Sunday. Services of Worship.
9.00 a.m. Family Church and Sunday School.
10.30 a.m. Morning Worship.
12.00 noon. Cook Island language and Sunday School.
7.00 p.m. Evening Worship and Youth Group.
15 Monday 7.30 p.m. St. Andrew’s Women’s Club.
16 Tuesday 7.30 p.m. Board of Managers.
7.30 p.m. Delores Winders. Healing service at St. John’s Church.
19 Friday 10.00 a.m. Coffee Morning for Young Mothers.
21 Sunday Services of Worship
9.30 a.m. Maraekakaho.
10.30 a.m. Combined Service for all Parish.
12.00 noon Lunch in Hall.
7.00 p.m. Evening Worship and Youth Group.
28 Sunday Services of Worship.
9.00 a.m. Family Church and Sunday School.
10.30 a.m. Morning Worship.
12.00 noon Cook Island language and Sunday School.
7.00 p.m. Evening Worship and Youth Group.
30 Tuesday 2.00 p.m. St. Stephen’s Ladies Club


The Mini Fair held in the Hall on the morning of Saturday 16 March was a great success. Over $1650 was raised and we thank all who contributed to this result. The Fair represented a lot of work beforehand, as well as on the day, but also gave the opportunity for a lot of enjoyment. A similar Fair is being planned for Saturday 15 June. Please keep this in mind and consider any ways that you can help towards this effort.


24 Stuart Andrew and Claire Delphine Taoro, of Flaxmere.

9 Mervyn John Morgan and Agnes Logan Fleming.
23 Clyde Thomas Ward and Helen Bouttell.

22 Olive Spencer, formerly of Townshend Street, Hastings.
26 William McCann McKillop, of Park Road South.


William (Bill) McKillop spent nearly all his life in Greenoch [Greenock] in Scotland. He was born and grew up there and spent all his working life in that area. On his retirement nine and a-half years ago Mr. McKillop and his wife came to Hastings to be nearer to their son and his family. Mr. McKillop was a quiet, retiring person by nature, who kept very much to himself. He had, however, had a lifelong and close association with the Church in Scotland, and he continued that here in Hastings. He was, with his wife, a regular attender and a committed member of St. Andrew’s. Just over two years ago Mr. McKillop had surgery which revealed an inoperable malignancy. He accepted his condition, and has born his weakness and pain with courage. Now that time of suffering and weakness is over, and we commit him into God’s care and mercy. We remember, too, Mrs. McKillop, Ian and Opal, and their family, in this time of loss.


Congratulations go to Joan Beatson and Pat Nelson on being elected life members of the Iona College Old Girls’ Association … also to Heather Bennett, whose engagement to Paul Greenwood was announced recently … Win and Don Rapley have been delighted with the arrival of a new granddaughter, this time in Hawke’s Bay .. We share too, with Joy Skews and Ernest Powdrell as they prepare for their marriage .. Our sympathy goes to all who have suffered bereavements in recent weeks and to Marjorie Shand, whose brother-in-law died recently in Gore … Our thoughts are with Mrs. McIvor, of Charles Street, who has been unwell … and with Charles and Chris. Jackson … Barbara Richardson has had a few days in the Cranford Hospice and we remember her and her family in our prayers. Our thoughts are with Veronica Robertson, who is at home after a spell in hospital.

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The Southland Road manse is in need of painting and the Board of Managers has decided to have this work done professionally. The cost will be in the region of $3000. We draw this to your attention as the Board feels that some parishioners may be willing to contribute to this cost.

Any contributions may be placed in a clearly marked envelope and put in the offering plate or posted to P.O. Box 494, Hastings. For any enquiries please contact Mr. Colin Haines.


Is there anyone in the congregation who would take a turn at doing the flowers? Some Hastings churches are keen to organise a workshop towards the end of April and invite members from St. Andrew’s who may be interested. We all have to learn so don’t think you are not good enough – practice makes perfect.

If anyone is interested please contact Mavis Tweedie, Phone 89622, or Jean Lean, phone 86546.


A recent newsletter from Ruth showed pictures of their little house in Lamakaun and some of the 67 people in the village. She and Joan have been incorporated into the kinship system of the village, so that the 26 children are looked upon as “their” children too.

Ruth has returned to Lamakaun from Vila with a new puppy and a kitchen sink which she intends to instal!. She loves a challenge.

To date, 3 10-kilo parcels of used clothing have been posted to her and one of dried fruit, beans and packet food, etc. For all prayers and continued support Ruth sends her thanks.

Please pray for Ruth and Joan as they concentrate on language learning, working on all the sounds and words to sort out an alphabet.


A friendly coffee morning for mothers and pre-schoolers is to be held in the church lounge on Friday, 19th April, at 10.00 a.m. Come along and meet and chat with other mothers.


The Mission Group held its first meeting of the year in the Church Lounge on Tuesday 12th March at 2 p.m. with an attendance of 34 members. The guest speaker was Miss Dot Toms, one of a party of City Councillors visiting Guilin, Hastings’ sister city in China, last year. Miss Toms gave a most enjoyable talk and displayed photos and souvenirs of the tour.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th April when we will have the pleasure of a travel talk by Brenda Waring.

Our thanks go to all who supported the Mission Group stall at the Mini Fair.


St. Andrew’s Women’s Club held its monthly meeting in the Church Lounge on Monday 11th March
at 7.30 p.m. 35 Members attended.

We were very grateful to Mrs. G. McKee for her address, as our speaker was unable to attend.

The next meeting will be one week later, on 15th April on account of Easter.

Competition. Gifts for Eversley.


The St. Andrew’s Indoor Bowling Club meets each Wednesday in the Hall at 7.30 p.m. New members will be most welcome to join us. Just come along, or phone Mrs Grace Ridding (66855).

The Raureka Bowling Club (formerly St. Stephen’s) commenced bowling on Wednesday 27 March at 7.30 p.m. New members will be most welcome at the Raureka Hall, Florence Street.

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The Badminton Club will commence activities on Thursday 11 April at 7.00 p.m. We have a number of young people interested to begin this season. If others would like to join us please feel free to come along week by week.


This programme of 4 weekly studies will commence on the week of April 15. This is an ecumenical programme with people from all the churches in Hastings meeting in over 100 homes to share their faith. Many of our people will be acting as leaders or will have groups meeting in their homes. A list of these homes will be published in the newspaper. We encourage you to look for this and to join a group near you. The programme will conclude with a rally in the Municipal Theatre on Sunday, May 12.


This American Presbyterian couple have become widely known for their healing and teaching ministry. On Tuesday April 16 they will be at St. John’s Church, Mahora, where they will share in teaching at 10.30 a.m. and in ministry at 7.30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.


At Wesley Lounge from 7.30 p.m. to 9.45 p.m. April 12, “The Black Stallion”, a family film about a boy and a wild Arab stallion.
April 26 “Out There” For youth and adults.

STOP PRESS (from A.P.W. Newsletter).

A.P.W. Conference Offerings this year will go to Vanuatu.

A decision had been made for conference offerings to go to the Maori Synod for the David Hogg Memorial Hostel in Tauranga. However, in view of the devastation in Vanuatu, and in consultation with the Maori Synod it has been decided to withdraw that decision and divert the funds to Vanuatu instead. We thank the Maori Synod for their gracious co-operation in this matter, and commend the conference offerings as a means of practical expression of support to all those who attend conference or who wish to make a donation via this means.

St. Andrew’s will be represented at conference by Win Rapley and anyone wishing to contribute to the Thank Offering for Vanuatu may send their donation with her. Conference commences in Lower Hutt on 15th April, so don’t delay – ring Win today.


When in trouble or sorrow, read John 14; Psalm 46.
When you worry, read Matthew 6:19-34.
When you have the blues, read Psalm 91.
When God seems far away, read Psalm 139.
When you want rest and peace, read Matthew 11:25-30.
When in sickness, read James 5; Psalm 41.
When in danger, read Luke 8:22-25; Psalm 91.
When men fail you, read I Peter 5:7; Psalm 23.
When lonely or fearful, read Matthew 6:25-34; 11:28-38.
When discouraged or tempted, read I Corinthians 10:13; Isaiah 4.
When you have sinned, read I John 1:8-9; Hebrews 7:25.
When you forget your blessings, read Psalm 103.
When your faith seems failing, read Hebrews 11.
When you want courage, read 2 Corinthians 12:9.
When looking for happiness, read Colossians 3:1-17.
When leaving home for travel, read Psalm 121.
When you grow bitter or critical, read I Corinthians 13.
If not a Christian, read John 3:16; Matthew 10:32-33; 22:35-40, 25:31-46; Romans 10:9-13; Ephesians 2:8-9.


Ka akara ana ito te Metua aroa ia tatou, ko tatou i topaia mai e Tamariki na te Atua; i rauka’i teia tika anga no tatou kia aravel na roto i to tatou nuti pepa o teia marama. No reira, kia orana rava ete iti-

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tangata ite aroa ua oto tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesia. Te rauka nei iaku kia oronga atu ite reo Aroa oto tatou Matua Orometua; Papa Bruce Hansen e pera katoa ite reo aroa o to tatou Metua Vaine koia a Mama Alison Grimshaw, Michael e Christopha note au angaanga ta tatou i rave no ratou ite tuatau oto ratou tumatetenga ite takake anga oto tatou Metua Tane. Kare oki ratou i aravel ana i tetai tu mei ta tatou i rave no ratou koia oki ko tatou te ititangata Kuki-Airani. No reira, ariki mai ito ratou ratou reo aroa ete aka meitaki ia tatou katoatoa. Te rauka katoa nei iaku kia oronga atu ite reo aroa ete reo aka meitaki o to kotou au Metua Tiakono no te au angaanga ta tatou i rave ite au ra i topa ake nei.

Te aka maara katoa atu nei tatou i to tatou au Metua tei tomo na roto it Tumatetenga i teia au ra i topa ake nei te Anau e te kopu tangata katoatoa, kia vai mai te vaerua aka pumaana oto tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesi ki Runga’o ia kotou katoatoa.


l. UAPOU FELLOWSHIP. Te aere atu nei to tatou iti-tangata ki Tokoroa i teia Easter week end note aka koroanga ote Uapou Fellowship, e rua o tatou Bus te ka apai atu ia tatou. No reira te aka maara iatu nei kia tatou e, e $30.00. ite tutaki ite Bus ete pati iatu nei kite au Taeake te ka aere atu kia apai atu i tetai au Kakau ma-anaana e tetai au Roi ma-anaana no kotou, kua kite ua oki tatou ite reva o Tokoroa,I n e? Aere mai, kia mataora to tatou Tere:

2. GIRLS BRIGADE. Kua aka mata te Enroll ita tatau Anau Tamaine note aka tupuanga ite angaanga Girls Brigade ki roto i ta tatou Ekalesia St. Andrews no reira te pati iatu nei kite au Metua kia tuku mai i ta tatou Anau kia Tereni ia ratou kia riro mai ei au Vaeau e ei au Tumu Toa note akatupu anga ite Tamaki a to tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesia kia kore oki a Satani e Autu ki roto ite Oraanga o ta tatou au Tamariki. Kia riro katoa mai oki ratou ei au Toa ite aka tupu ite Evangelia ato tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesia. Ka raveia te au apiianga kite St. Andrew’s Hall ite au Po Ruirua (Tuesday night). Aka mata (Junior) 6.00 p.m. kite 7.30 (senior) 6.30 kite 8.30 p.m. No reira ete au Metua, me kua tae taau Tamaine kite Ono mataiti, kua tau aia note tomo ki roto ite Girls Brigade e tae uatu kite Taingauru-ma varu varu mataiti. E itu a tatou au tamariki Tamaine tei oronga i to ratou taime no te aka tupu i teia aka koroanga (7 young ladies offer themselves as a Leader) ete pati atu nei ratou me ka tika kite au Metua kia tauturu ite apai mai ita tatou au Tamariki ite au Po apii e pera katoa oki me aka motu te apii.

3. BOYS BRIGADE. Kua aka mata akaou rai oki te apii a ta tatou Anau tamariki Tamaroa ete pati iatu nei rai kite au metua kia tuku mai i ta tatou Anau kia aere mai kite Apii e kia apii ia ratou ite au mea te ka riro ei aka tupu te Evangelia ato tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesia. E po Monite oki te po Apii ote Tamariki Tamaroa, aka mata kite ora Ono (Junior) 6.00 – 7.30 p.m. (Senior) 6.30 – 8.30 p.m. Te aka maara katoa iatu nei kite au Metua no runga ite tuanga moni Feese ate tamariki no teia mataiti i topa ake hei 1984; Te noo kaiou nei oki ta tatou Anau no reira kare tetai au apinga o to ratou uniform e tuku ia mai note mea kare a tatou moni i oronga atu note oko mai i teia au apinga. Te manata nei oki te au aka aere ote au Tamariki no te mea, kare e au puka apii ate tamariki e tukuia mai. Te pati katoa iatu nei oki kite au Metua kia tauturu mai i te apai mai i ta tatou Anau kite au po Apii, te maata nei oki te au tamariki kare e tae mai ana ite au po apii note mea, kare te au Metua e aru mai ana ite apai mai ite au Tamariki.

4. PURE ANGA EASTER SUNDAY. E pure anga kapiti ta tatou ate Sapati (Easter Sunday) kite (10.30 a.m.) apa note Ora ngauru ite Popongi, no te mea ka aere atu te maata anga oto tatou iti-tangata ki Tokoroa e kare i reira a tatou Pure kite Tuaero. Koia oki, kare a tatou Pure Kuki Airani.

No reira ete iti tangata ko to tatou au tuatua teia no teia au ra, e ka aka kite kite iatu rai ia tatou te au mea e tupu nei ki roto ito tatou iti-tangata e pera katoa i roto ito tatou Oire. Kia vai mai te aroa ua oto tatou Atu ko Iesu Mesia ki runga’o ia tatou i teia nei e tuatau uatu; Amene.
M. Tetonga.


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