St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Newsletter September 1972





Ministers: REV. S. W. CAMPBELL, M.A., B.D., 208 Market Street South.

REV. L. E. BROWN, B.A.(Hons.), 105 Flaxmere Ave.

REV. T. BENTON, 1022 Southland Road.

Session Clerk: MR. R. A. WILLIAMSON, 209 Nottingly Road, Hastings.

Clerk of the Board of Managers: MR. J. TWEEDIE, 1016 Frederick St, Hastings.

Treasurer: MR. B. J. MACKAY, P.O. Box 494, Hastings.

Newsletter Editor: MR. J. IZATT, 615N Park Road, Hastings.

Church Secretary at St. Andrew’s Office: MRS. A. J. ALLEN, Phone 88 247 (Mon., Wed. & Fri. mornings)


The past few weeks have brought some experiences which have touched our hearts very deeply. We extend our warm sympathy to those who have been bereaved and we find as we do so that we are inspired and encouraged by their faith. Faith does not immediately provide us with explanations but it trusts in the goodness at the heart of things and draws on the divine resources. “Even gold passes through the assayer’s fire”, writes Peter, “and more precious than perishable gold is faith which has stood the test”.

During July and August, St. Matthew’s and St. Andrew’s have combined for evening services. This has been a very pleasant experience and we have appreciated getting to know our friends from St. Matthew’s better. During August, too, we have had the opportunity to vote on church union. It now remains for the General Assembly to make its decision when it meets in Palmerston North at the end of October. Whichever way the decision goes the task of the church remains the same and included in that task is the fulfilment of the great commission as set out at the end of Matthew 28.

The courses which some ministers and office-bearers attended recently in Auckland under the auspices of the Lay Institute for Evangelism from Australia renewed one’s vision of the importance and practicability of this task. The practical teaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the “how to” of sharing our faith were most helpful and we look forward to talking these things over with session and the congregation in these coming weeks.

There are therefore two main items for discussion at the annual meeting of the congregations of the parish on Tuesday, September 12th. First there is the challenge of Operation Enterprise, mentioned in our last newsletter and secondly there is this whole matter of the Spirit-filled life and witnessing. These are days of great opportunity which we now face and it is a case of rising up to meet the challenge or of being left on the shelf.

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Finally here is a word for those who are busy with their School Certificate geometry. Three Red Indian men built wig-wams – one of reindeer hide, one of buffalo hide and one of hippopotamus hide. When they married the wives of the first two had one child each but, the wife of the third had twins. This proves that the squaw of the hide of the hippopotamus is equal to the squaws of the other two hides.
S. W. CAMPBELL, (for the team).


Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brown have now moved to Havelock North. We thank them for their work in St. Andrew’s – Mr. Brown as a member of the Board of Managers and Mrs. Brown as a Youth Fellowship leader. This means that we are short of leaders. We hope that the vacancies can be filled before the third term commences and we draw attention to the importance of this kind of service.

Vacancies will occur at the end of this year in the Sunday School staff and we desire to recruit new teachers during this third term so that they will be able to become familiar with the Sunday School programme before taking over in the new year.

St. Andrew’s Scouts and Clubs [Cubs] had a successful sale in St. Stephen’s Hall on Friday, August 25th. We congratulate them on the effort made and we thank those who have supported them. The sum of $76 was raised for Scout funds.


6 Christina Hoana Jones, Sherenden.
13 Philip Roger Hawthorne, 26 Whitby Crescent.
27 Lindsay Alexander Robertson, “Waiwhare”.
Brenda Kirsty Thomas, Longlands Road East, RD. 2.
Peter John Thorpe, 1021 Campbell Street.
Aaron John Brittin, 119 Garnett Street.
Rachel Doreen Noble, 803A Dufferin Street.
Maria Odele Rodgers, 500 Wellwood Street.

4 Douglas McCorkindale, 510 Victoria Street.
7 Maggie Mutch Fraser, 406 Lascelles Street.
19 Thomas Roland Burden, Lawn Road.
19 Alfred Wilson Butt, Sherenden.
21 Annie Dysart, 506 King Street North.
21 Susan Lillian Grieve, Kaiapo Road.
24 Thomas Arthur Glenny, Flat 3, 207 Southampton Street West.

5 Gavin John Thompson and Penelope Ann Williams.
David Leslie White and Gail Beverly Hollis.
11 Ian Cameron Stuart and Sandra Judith Crowley.
19 David Bruce Compton and Carol Ann Henderson.
26 Charles Henry Fitzpatrick and Gwendoline Morgan.


Services will be conducted during the month of September as follows:-
St. Andrew’s, Market Street: Every Sunday at 9.45 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 pm. (Cook Island language) and 7 pm. (but see Communion Sunday).

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Flaxmere Combined Church Centre: Every Sunday at 9.30 a.m.

St. Stephen’s Hall, Raureka: Last Sunday (September 24th) at 9.30 a.m.
Family Service.

Camberley School: Last Sunday at 11 a.m.

Sherenden Hall: First Sunday at 2.30 p.m.

Crownthorpe Church: Fourth Sunday at 2.30 p.m.

Sunday, September 10th at St. Andrew’s Church:
Holy Communion at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 4.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. (Sunday School at 9 a.m.)
Service of Preparation on Saturday, September 9 at 7 .30 p.m.

Sunday, September 17th at St. Andrew’s Church: 9.45 a.m. Spring Flower Service. Lindisfarne boys present.
11 a.m. Spring Flower Service. Sacrament of Baptism.

Sunday, September 24th at St. Andrew’s Church: 11 a.m. Sacrament of Baptism.


(a) The Leper Trust Board has again given $10,000 towards medical work in the New Hebrides, and this is greatly appreciated. The board has also given $6000 to the British Administrator in the New Hebrides to assist with the rebuilding of the Silimauri Health Centre which was damaged so badly in the recent hurricanes.

(b) Opportunities for service: For New Hebrides and Papua nurses are needed.
For Onesua High School, New Hebrides, Home Science, Mathematics and Agriculture teachers are needed.
For Indonesia a doctor is needed.
For the United Church Papua-New Guinea a Secretary-Treasurer is needed.

(c) The Leprosy Mission (N.Z.) requires urgently three nurses, one physiotherapist, and one male nurse for a new field in New Guinea and for pioneer work based at Biak in West Irian.


Mrs. Kath Walker, a poetess of international repute from Queensland and a dedicated worker for the advancement of the Aboriginal people, will be in Hastings on Wednesday, September 13th and will be speaking at the Wesley Church Hall at 8 p.m. Entrance Charge of 50 cents.


The 70th anniversary of the formation of this parish will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15.


Greetings to Lynne Goldstone and Geoffrey Walker on the occasion of their engagement… Congratulations to Miss Jenny Grieve on her selection for the New Zealand Squash Team to visit Australia and to Peter Camp and Peter Henderson on their selection for the Hawke’s Bay-Gisborne junior squash squads…Congratulations, too, to Neil Rosenberg on his inclusion in the under 16 Hawke’s Bay Rugby trials…Mr. and Mrs. J. Arrell are looking forward to welcoming the Rev. and Mrs. F.W. Bealing who have been appointed recently to work in the Cook islands…Welcome home to Sub-Lieutenant R.T. Jackson, R.N.Z.N., who has been appointed to H.M.N.Z.S. Canterbury…Congratulations to Robert Rodgers who has been playing the part of “Oliver” so well…Welcome home to Miss Edith Swanson who, on return from Scotland has now gone to work in Wellington.

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We extend our warmest greetings to Mrs L. Porter as she prepares to celebrate her hundredth birthday on Saturday, September 2nd. What a great deal has happened in the world in the past hundred years. Mrs. Porter has maintained a lively interest in the world in which she lives and in the lives of her family and friends and arrives at this milestone with a simple faith in the God whose goodness and mercy have followed her all her days. We greet her with affection and joy having in special remembrance with her, Mrs. Francis and all the members of the family.


Someone has written in asking for the repeat of a sermon given at 11 am. fairly recently. As there was no signature on the letter we take this method of acknowledgement. It would be too long a sermon for Communion Sunday but it will be repeated soon as part of a series of five. Thank-you our anonymous friend for your letter.


Thomas Arthur Glenny was born in Onga Onga and served in the First World War bringing back to New Zealand after the war his bride from Scotland. He farmed at Wakarara, Tikokino and Mourere before retiring to Hastings in 1949. A vigorous and hard-working man in his younger days he was a gentle and kind person. He was ordained and inducted as an elder in 1953 and served with diligence until failing health caused him to relinquish his duties.

Douglas McCorkindale was born in Oamaru coming to Hawke’s Bay as a school boy. He served in the First World War at Gallipoli and in France. He was an accountant at Dalgety’s in Napier until his retirement twenty-five years ago when he continued his own practice. His work and his home, Taupo and fishing and the collecting and study of ferns were his great interests and his life was one of genuine friendliness.

Thomas Roland Burden was born in Devonshire and his trade in his early days in New Zealand was that of painter and paperhanger. He worked on the present St. Andrew’s Church building while it was being erected. He had a great love of the land and of animals and soon acquired a property in Lawn Road, Mangateretere. He was a genial and friendly person.

Maggie Mutch Fraser was born in Peterhead in the north-east of Scotland and came to Hastings fifty-six years ago. A very kind person her home and garden and family were very important to her and at the heart of everything was a quiet and serene faith and a faithful heart.

Alfred Wilson Butt of Sherenden farmed in this area for many years. His faith was expressed in his home and family life, in his work and in the community and in his faithfulness to the church.

Annie Dysart after some years of increasing weakness has passed to her rest. She loved her family and took a great interest in their pursuits and in all the varied activities of her late husband. She was a very loyal member of St. Andrew’s Church and her friendliness and sense of humour were expressions of a buoyant faith.

Susan Lillian Grieve was the beloved youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Grieve who in her sixteen years had lived a life which has won our affection and admiration. Her sudden death in a car accident has brought home to us all the risks we are exposed to simply because we are human beings. Coming from a family whose life is intertwined with that of St. Andrew’s, Susan belonged to our youth departments before going to Iona College. Her gifts of character and leadership and her academic ability were such that she became head prefect in 1972. Last year she was con-

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firmed in St. Columba’s Church, Havelock North. Her devotion was clear-eyed and genuine and though her death causes great sadness she is safe in the everlasting arms of God and we think of her with pride and thanksgiving.


Each Sunday, 9.30 a.m. Church Service. Creche for pre-Sunday School children.

Sunday School for children aged 4 to Standard 2.

Sunday, September 17, 9.30 a.m.: Holy Communion.

Each Tuesday, 5 p.m.: Bible Class for Forms III, IV and V in the Manse.

Each Wednesday: 5 p.m. Bible Class for Forms I and II in the Church Centre. Christian Education for Standards 3 and 4 in the Church Centre.

Each Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.: Adult Bible Study and Discussion Group. Please phone, 67 930 to ascertain where group is meeting.

Thursday, September 21, 8p.m. Women’s Community Fellowship in Church Centre.

Sunday, October 1, 8.15 p.m.: Joint local committee meeting in Church Centre.

Flower Roster: September 10: Mrs. Morley; 17: Mrs. Tobin; 24: Mrs. Bowman. October 1: Mrs. Manley.


3 Sunday: 2.30 pm. Sherenden: Holy Communion.
24 Sunday, 2.30 p.m.: Crownthorpe.

1 Sunday, 2.30 p.m.: Sherenden.


We started the month with a coffee morning at the home of Judy Speers to raise funds to buy material and wool for our annual coffee morning in October.

At our monthly meeting we had Dr. D. Davidson speaking to us. He answered questions from members and this was found most interesting. Our president was very pleased to welcome forty-eight members and friends. This included two new members which has now brought our membership up to fifty young wives.


At our August meeting we entertained sister clubs to our annual get-together. Over one hundred visitors attended.

After devotions by our president, our guest artists were introduced. They were the Taradale R.S.A. Concert Party, which gave us a varied programme, with much humour, nostalgic war songs, group items and songs in a more serious vein. Everyone voted it one of the best entertainments seen for a long time.

The next meeting is on the 11th September. The competition is an iced cake which will be sold later and five spring blooms.

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Programme: A make-up demonstration will be given for a young and mature person by Christine Adams.

Our group made a donation last meeting to our adopted student but many members feel they would like to give further help; for the members who wish to contribute, the programme conveners for September will receive your donation in an envelope as you arrive at the door next meeting. All donations, no matter how small, will be very acceptable.


During August our members made and delivered 30 soiled linen bags to Ward 6 Memorial Hospital and gifts have been sent to our divinity student, Mr. Lemuela.

Another jumble sale is planned for September 15th at our hall in Florence Street and we will be pleased to receive donations of good used clothing and “white elephants”.

If you can help please phone 88376 or 86 844.

Flowers for September Family Service: Mrs. R. Trumper.


On Wednesday, September 20th at 10 a.m. the Mission Group is holding a Coffee Morning in St. Andrew’s Hall, admission 25 cents.

The Mission Group is a small group whose aim is to increase interest in mission by prayer and information and to help practically by money raising. Last year $500 was given to the budget, mostly by direct giving.

We welcome all women to our meetings and to our coffee morning. This is a money-raising effort and we need your help. There will be a bring and buy stall and a warm welcome – as well as hot coffee and tea.

There are several projects besides the budget which need our help. St. Andrew’s has “adopted” a Samoan student at the Theological College. He has a young wife and a baby is due this month. Dunedin is cold in September. The Mission Group wishes to join other St. Andrew’s and St. Stephen’s groups in helping these young folk.

Then there is Turakina Maori Girls’ College which is tremendously valuable in helping to provide education for Maori girls in a Christian atmosphere. For the first time this year eight Turakina girls are attending Rangitikei College in the sixth form, and one, Mary Ruharuhi, achieved a first ever and most popular victory in winning the sixth and seventh form prize in a public speaking contest. Her choice of subject was “What Freedom means to a Teenager” and her effort, boldly delivered, and full of penetrating wisdom, received a standing ovation.

Turakina has a building project this year – a new block to provide more dormitory and common room accommodation. The Friends of Turakina Association has undertaken to provide $20,000 towards this.

We invite you to come to our coffee morning and help us to increase our funds to help in the mission projects of our church.


September 3: Mrs. J. H. Cooper; 10: Communion. Mrs. V. Bone; 17: Spring Flower Sunday, Mrs. D. Agnew; 24: Mrs. B. Caves. October 1; Mrs. A. Willis.


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