Testimonials and Letters 1881

Testimonials and Letters.





I hereby certify that Mr. Frank Logan is the third son of Mr. James Logan, the respected Manager of the important Branch of the North British and Mercantile Insurance Company in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and District, and that Mr. Frank Logan served his five years’ articles of clerkship with me to my entire satisfaction. He was most attentive, quick, and clever, of strict integrity in every respect, and was of such use to me at the latter end of his articles that I offered him the post of managing clerk for my chancery and common law practice after he had passed his final examination. He also devoted a large portion of the term of his articles to conveyancing, of which my practice chiefly consists, and was well up in this branch of the profession. He remained with me after passing his final examination, and had the entire management of my Chancery and common law and bankruptcy practice, subject to my supervision for about three years, and I always found him most active and reliable, and an able and accurate lawyer, and a good advocate in court practice. By his ability and gentlemanly demeanour he gained the good opinion of all with whom he was brought in contact, including my client’s, barristers, and professional brethren.
It is with extreme regret that I am obliged to part with Mr. Logan, owing to a serious illness, and his medical advisers having ordered him a sea voyage. I most sincerely trust the change to New Zealand may restore him to vigorous health, and enable him once more to renew his active habits and professional career.
Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of Judicature, England, and a Commissioner for Affidavits, and a Perpetual Commissioner.

NEWCASTLE COUNTY COURT, 17th August, 1881.
DEAR MR. LOGAN, – I hear that you are going to New Zealand for the benefit of the sea voyage, and that it is possible you may remain there and try your fortune if the climate suits you.
I cannot allow you to leave Newcastle without expressing a very sincere hope that you may find health and prosperity on the other side of the globe.
If you take to the practice of the law in those distant lands I cannot but predict that those who employ you will have good reason to be satisfied, for you have some of the best qualities of a lawyer – ability, patience, and aptitude, with a high sense of honour, without which no gifts or personal qualities, however brilliant, will permanently prevail.
I speak from my own opinion, formed on what I have seen of you personally in court, when I say that I instinctively trusted you from the first day you appeared before me, and I could give you no better character if I tried.
I wish you all health and success in your colonial venture.
Yours faithfully,
County Court Judge at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, North Shields, Morpeth, Alnwick, and other towns in Northumberland.

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NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, August 23rd, 1881
My Dear Sir, – I am very sorry to learn that the state of your health renders it necessary that you should leave your native land and take up your abode in the more genial climes of the other side of the globe.
This is a great disappointment to all your friends who have looked forward to a useful and honourable career, which they confidently believed was before you.
I suppose you will (if opportunity offers) continue in your own profession, but whether in it or any other path to which Providence may direct you, I feel persuaded your superior abilities patient and persevering habits, will make you thoroughly appreciated, and insure success wherever your lot may be cast.
Allow me most sincerely to express the hope that your health may soon be thoroughly established, and that your course may be as prosperous in the land of your adoption as it promised to be here.
Believe me, Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
FRANK LOGAN, Esq.,Newcastle.

2, HARCOURT BUILDINGS, TEMPLE, E.C., August 10th, 1881
MY DEAR SIR, – I am sorry to hear that owing to the state of your health, you are about to leave England for New Zealand.
In case any recommendation of mine may be of service to you, let me say that I know you to be a most honourable gentleman, an able lawyer well versed in the practice of your profession, and possessed of habits of industry and energy to enable you to make the best use of your requirements.
When at the late General Election I was a candidate for the representation of Gateshead, I found the services you rendered to me were of the greatest value.  I do not doubt that you will find scope for your abilities in the new country to which you are going.  I am sure you will be found worthy of any trust that may be reposed in you, and that, when you have become known in your new home, you will be as highly esteemed there as you are now esteemed by all who know you in the North of England.
With every good wish for your future welfare,
I remain yours sincerely,
Barrister at Law, Attorney General for the County Palatine of Durham, Recorder for the Town of Bradford.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, 12th August, 1881.
I have known Mr. Frank Logan for many years, and I regard him as a young man of considerable ability and attainments in his profession and of the strictest integrity.
THOMAS RIDLEY, Barrister-at-Law.

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MY DEAR SIR, – It is with great regret I have learnt the cause of your approaching departure from England ; but I trust that a more genial climate will fully restore and permanently establish your health. Should you return to your native land reinvigorated, I am sure, from what I have seen and know of you, that success must attend you in the practice of your profession ; while, if you elect to remain in the Colonies, I am equally confident that your extensive knowledge of the principles of Law, and of commercial matters, together with your capacity for grasping details and applying those principles, will make your services of the highest value to clients or to whomsoever may entrust to your care concerns requiring the exercise of sound discretion and business activity.
I shall at all times be glad to hear of your welfare, and wishing you a pleasant and prosperous journey,
I remain, yours faithfully,
JOHN STRACHAN, Barrister-at-Law.
F. LOGAN, Esq., S.S.C., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

DEAR SIR, – Mr. Logan, who has been with you for so many years, is, I am informed, about to go to New Zealand to carry on there the profession he has been brought up to here. I have met him generally of course as a Solicitor instructing me or more frequently my opponent. I have always found him a straightforward adversary, well up in his case, careful in developing it with tact and patience – in fact I may say I think him a young man of promise, whether it be as a Solicitor or an advocate in any sphere where there is scope for his ability and energy.
I am, yours truly,
D. F. STEAVENSON, Barrister-at-Law.
J. A. PHILIPSON, Esq., Solicitor, &c., Newcastle-on-Tyne.
N.B. – If you or Mr. Logan think this is of any use to him I am sure he is most welcome to use it.

DEAR MR PHILIPSON, – I regret to hear that the present state of Mr. Frank Logan’s health may oblige him to leave Newcastle. As you are aware I have known him professionally for some years. I have much pleasure in stating that in the professional business in which I have had an opportunity of judging of his capabilities I have always found him displaying care, ability, and zeal ; and I may further mention that I have formed a high opinion of his merits. Please convey to Mr. Logan my best wishes for his professional success.
Yours truly,
JOHN EDGE, Barrister-at-Law.

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I am gratified to be able to state that I have known Mr. Frank Logan, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, for some years whilst he served his articles, as well as since his admission as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature; and I gladly testify to his high moral conduct, as well as his ability shown in the discharge of the duties of his profession. I regret to learn that his health compels his departure for New Zealand, and am sure that his character and talents ought to secure for him in that country considerable advancement in his profession.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, 8th August, 1881.
I have great pleasure in testifying my high opinion of the merits of my young friend, Mr. Frank Logan, of this town, a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature in England.
I learn that he contemplates practising in New Zealand.
Considering his ability and industry, and the attention which he has always given to his professional work, I cannot doubt but that he will deserve and obtain the confidence and regard of those who may entrust their business to his care.
R. R. DEES, Solicitor.

DEAR MR LOGAN, – I have much pleasure in endorsing the favourable opinion so many of my professional brethren in Newcastle have expressed of your ability and integrity, and though regretting the state of your health prevents you continuing your practice in England, I have little doubt the care and attention you have devoted to your professional work here, will win the confidence and esteem of your clients and professional brethren wherever you may settle.
I sincerely wish you health and strength to follow your profession. It will always be gratifying to me to hear of your success.
I am, faithfully yours,
President of the Incorporated Law Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Acting Steward of the Manors of the Sea of Durham.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, 18th August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I am very sorry to learn that your state of health obliges you to leave Newcastle for a more genial locality in New Zealand.
I have watched your career as a Solicitor during the past few years with much pleasure and interest, and I can truly certify to your ability and general fitness to undertake and carry out any legal duties with which you may be entrusted in your new domicile.
I sincerely wish you a speedy return of health and a successful career in the colony.
Yours faithfully,
Registrar (of the County Court of Northumberland at Newcastle.
F. LOGAN, Esq.

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NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, 9th August, 1881.
My Dear Sir, – I regret that your health necessitates your going to New Zealand, and l trust that you may soon be restored to perfect health.
Having known you for the past seven years, and more intimately as a Solicitor for about three years, I have the greatest possible pleasure in certifying as to your ability, uprightness, and aptitude to fill any position where legal knowledge and skill is required.
Yours faithfully,
One of the Registrars of the County Court of Northumberland at Newcastle.
F. LOGAN, Esq.

MY DEAR SIR, – Your letter has been forwarded to me here where I am staying with my family. I am extremely sorry that your health is such as to require you to leave the North of England and go to New Zealand. I hope the change will permanently re-establish your health. The climate of New Zealand is most highly spoken of.
I have much pleasure in adding my testimony to your abilities and to your excellent character. I am quite sure that you would ably discharge the duties of any appointment which might be conferred upon you in New Zealand.
With my best wishes for your welfare, and with kind regards,
Believe me, yours faithfully,
Town Clerk of Tynemouth and Registrar of North Shields County Court.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., 89, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

I beg to certify that I know Mr. Frank Logan, Solicitor, who served his articles with Mr. J. A. Philipson of this town.
I have formed a high opinion of Mr. Logan’s character and ability and am confident that he has before him a successful career in the profession, for which his experience in the large and varied practice of Mr. Philipson’s office has so eminently fitted him.
Town Clerk of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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TOWN HALL, GATESHEAD, 24th August, 1881.
DEAR MR LOGAN, – In common with your many friends I greatly regret that you are about to leave England, as I am confident that, if your health had permitted; you would have had a brilliant prospect of success in the old country.
I feel sure, however, that in your new quarters you will meet with equal success, and you have my hearty and earnest good wishes that this may be so.
Very truly yours,
Town Clerk of Gateshead.

MORPETH, 15th August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – It is with feelings of regret that we hear that you are compelled to leave England on account of ill-health.
We have had the pleasure of knowing you for several years, and few men have entered the profession for whom we have a greater admiration than we have for yourself. You must allow us to express our opinion, as we are sure we do that of many of our professional brethren, that failing health alone could have prevented you from taking a high place amongst the leading men of the profession in your native town.
Yours faithfully, G. & F. BRUMELL.
Mr. G. BRUMELL, Town Clerk of Morpeth.
Mr. F. BRUMELL, Registrar of the County Court.
F. LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle.

SOUTH SHIELDS, August 20th, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I regret exceedingly that your health has necessitated the consideration to go to a more congenial climate. I can only say that you leave this part of the world with the very best wishes of your fellow-solicitors, and that you may be speedily restored to health, and in your new sphere you may meet with that success which your professional ability and strict integrity merits.
Allow me further to state that it will afford me much pleasure to hear that the wishes of your friends have been realized, for I am sure no one could leave their native country bearing with him the esteem and regard of his fellows in a greater degree.
I am, yours sincerely,
Clerk to the Borough Justices of South Shields.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle.

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8th August, 1881.
We hereby certify that we have known Mr. Frank Logan for the last ten years, both in private life and in a business capacity. We can bear testimony to his ability, integrity, and good address. Mr. Logan’s late principal has a large and most respectable practice, and we know that Mr. Logan’s services were highly appreciated by him, and that Mr. Logan always took a responsible part in the business of seeing clients, conducting common law trials, and also in conveyancing business.
Local Government Board Auditor for the Durham Audit District.
F. J. RADFORD, Solicitor, his Partner.

DEAR SIR, – I have much pleasure in stating that I always held Mr. Frank Logan in the highest respect, and as a Lawyer I considered him, and still do consider him, to be of that class who have always the true interests of a client at heart, and possessing the full ability to conduct any legal business in an able and gentlemanly way. I remain, yours truly,
Clerk to the Justices’ Summary Court of Jurisdiction, Borough of Tynemouth.
J. A. PHILIPSON, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle.

TOWN HALL, GATESHEAD, 23rd August, 1881.
Mr. Frank Logan, Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne, having informed me that it is his intention to emigrate to the Colonies, and to commence practice there, I have very much pleasure in testifying to his ability in his profession.
Mr. Logan is very respectably connected and highly esteemed in this locality, and will leave here with every one’s best wishes for his success in his future. I have very much pleasure in giving him this testimonial.
Clerk to the Justices and Clerk to the Poor Law Union of Gateshead-on-Tyne.

HEXHAM, 24th August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – Having heard from my friend, Mr. Philipson, that you have some intention of following your profession in New Zealand, I have much pleasure in adding my testimony to your merits as a practising Solicitor of the High Court of Judicature in England, and I hope you will benefit by the change as regards your health, and that, if you should remain there, you will succeed in business.
Yours faithfully,
Under-Sheriff for the County of Northumberland.
F. LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

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NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, 5th August, 1881.
We have great pleasure in certifying that we have for several years past known Mr. FRANK LOGAN, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor, and that we have the highest opinion of his personal integrity and professional ability.
CLAYTON & GIBSON Solicitors.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, August 26th, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – We much regret to hear that your health compels you to leave our town and to reside in New Zealand, but we trust that you will there soon recover your health and strength.
We have great pleasure in testifying our appreciation of your qualities and ability as a lawyer, and beg to certify that we consider you a very capable man of business. We feel sure that whoever may entrust you with their business will have no cause to regret the way in which you will have conducted it for them.
If you find it necessary to settle in New Zealand we wish you all the success you deserve; but we should be glad to see and have you again amongst us here.
We are, dear Sir, yours very truly,
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

DEAR MR LOGAN, – We greatly regret that the state of your health renders it imperative for you to leave this country for New Zealand.
In case you may consider our opinion of any value, we have much pleasure in writing to say that during the whole time that we have known you – now about nine or ten years – we have held your social and business qualities in the very highest estimation, and we consider you to be a thoroughly able, painstaking, and conscientious lawyer.
We hope it may not be necessary for you to remain permanently abroad, but if such should be the case we have little doubt that your professional abilities will enable you to make for yourself a good position in your new home.
Yours sincerely,
Solicitors and Stewards of His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, Manor of Tynemouth.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, 23rd August, 1881.
Although not intimately acquainted with Mr. Logan, I know him to be an able man, a clever lawyer, and a person in whom the utmost confidence may be safely reposed. In seeking health at the antipodes I feel sure that he will be a benefit to the land of his adoption.

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NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, 23rd August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – We are very sorry to hear that you are leaving Mr. Philipson, and that you have been advised to take a voyage to New Zealand on account of ill-health. We trust that the voyage will restore your health, and have pleasure in certifying our high opinion of your ability as a lawyer; and as Mr. Philipson has acted as the Solicitor of the Elswick Building Society in connection with Sir William Armstrong & Co’s Works at Elswick for many years, we have had numerous opportunities of judging of your activity, energy, and ability, and can conscientiously recommend you for any appointment you may seek, believing you are fully competent, and will ably discharge any duties entrusted to your charge.
W. DITCHBURN, Directors
THOS. A. RYCROFT, Secretary.
Elswick Building Society.
F. LOGAN, Esq., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

I have much pleasure in giving testimony of my opinion of Mr. Frank Logan, Solicitor, whom I have known for many years, he having served his articles with my brother, Mr. Joseph A. Philipson, Solicitor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and subsequently having acted as his managing clerk. Mr. Logan is endowed with great natural ability, is most persevering, and very zealous in his profession, and is very kind and obliging in disposition. His honourable and gentlemanly conduct has been such that he has gained the esteem and respect of those with whom he has been associated.
Mr. Logan having suffered from pulmonary weakness consequent upon the changeable character of the climate here, by my advice, in conjunction with Dr. R. H. Wilson, of Gateshead- on-Tyne, has come to the determination to settle in New Zealand. and there to prosecute his profession. I have every anticipation, by such residence, that his health will be fully re-established.
GEORGE HARE PHILIPSON, M.A., M.D., Cantab et Dunelm.
Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of London, Senior Physician to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Infirmary, Professor of Medicine in the University of Durham, J.P. for the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, &c.

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DEAR SIR, – I am very sorry to hear from my nephew, Mr. Philipson, with whom you have been so many years a student and assistant in his legal profession at Newcastle-on-Tyne, that owing to ill health you have been advised to go to New Zealand.  I have always heard him speak so highly of you as to your professional ability, perseverance, and good judgment, that I am sure he will feel your loss very seriously. I, however, sincerely hope that the perfect change you contemplate will have the effect of completely restoring your health, and that you will without delay distinguish yourself there as a trustworthy lawyer, as much as you have done in Newcastle-upon- Tyne.
I am, dear Sir, yours faithfully,
Commissioner to His Grace the Duke of Northumberland, and Agent to the Earl of Eldon

DEAR SIR, – Having heard that you are about to leave England for New Zealand, we have pleasure in saying that we have had business connections with you for some years past, and have known Mr. J. A. Philipson, to whom you were articled, for very many years, and he has formed the same opinion of your abilities as we have done; and we trust that your general knowledge of business will enable you to get into a good practice in New Zealand, and we feel quite certain that anybody who entrusts business to your care will not have cause to regret it.
We wish you every success in your new career, and shall at all times be happy to do anything we can to further your objects.
Yours truly, WILLIAMSON, HILL, & Co., Solicitors.

DEAR SIR, – Understanding that you think of going to New Zealand, it affords us much pleasure to state that we have known you during the whole time you have been in the profession, and that we can testify to your industry, integrity, and great ability, and we are quite sure that you will give every satisfaction to those who may entrust you with business.
With best wishes for your success,
We are, yours truly,
F. LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle.

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We hereby certify that we have known the bearer, Mr. Frank Logan, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor, for some time past, and have much pleasure in testifying to his high character and professional capacities.

I have known the bearer, Mr. Frank Logan, for about eight years, in fact ever since he became articled to Mr. Joseph Philipson, of this place, Solicitor, and have great pleasure in giving my testimony to his steadiness and ability, which fit him for any office open to the profession of a Solicitor.
ALFRED LEGGE, Solicitor.

MY DEAR SIR, – As I understand you may settle in New Zealand or some other of the British Colonies, it may be of service to you to have the opinion of some of your professional brethren here as to your ability and uprightness of character. I therefore have much pleasure in having an opportunity to say, that in the many business transactions I have had with you, both as an articled clerk and as assistant with Mr. J. A. Philipson, I always found you well acquainted with the principles and practices of the law, and a gentleman of the strictest integrity.
Trusting you may have a good and safe voyage, and should you settle in New Zealand or any other place, I am sure, from your business habits, ability, and integrity, you will succeed and give satisfaction to your clients.
I shall at all times be glad to hear how you are getting on.
Believe me, yours faithfully,
Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

I have known Mr. Logan during the whole period of his service under articles with Mr. Joseph A. Philipson, Solicitor, of this town. Since he was admitted he has acted as Managing Clerk to Mr Philipson, and during that time I have frequently had business transactions with Mr. Logan, and in my opinion he is an able Solicitor, he is clear-headed, ready, and firm, yet gentlemanly in his manners, and courteous to all.
Yours, &c.,

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NORTH SHIELDS, August 22nd, 1881.
I have known Mr. Frank Logan for several years, and have had frequent opportunities of seeing him during the five years whilst serving his articles with Mr. Philipson, of Newcastle, and since he has been admitted a Solicitor, and acted as Managing Clerk in Mr. Philipson’s Oflice, and I have much pleasure in testifying as to his ability, attention to business, and general good conduct.

MORPETH, August 20th, 1881.
Dear Sir, – You have asked me to state what I know of you, and I have very great pleasure in stating that I have had the pleasure of knowing you now for some time past in connection with the law. I have also been brought personally in contact with you in the conduct of legal business, and I have been struck with the skill and good tact you have displayed in chamber practice and as an advocate. In my opinion you are well up in your profession; and I am satisfied that you may, with perfect confidence, be entrusted with the conduct of business of the most important character, and that you will manage the same to the satisfaction of your client and with much credit to yourself.
Wishing you every success,
Believe me, yours truly.
WILLIAM WEBB, Solicitor.

I have known Mr. Frank Logan during his articles of Clerkship with Mr. J. A. Philipson, and since, and having frequently met him in matters of business, I have great pleasure in testifying to his uniform courtesy, tact, and energy in all transactions.
Alderman and Solicitor, Newcastle.

31, WESTGATE ROAD, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, August 30th, 1881.
I have much pleasure in testifying to the upright character and clever business capabilities of Mr. Frank Logan, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. He was regarded with great esteem, not only by his late employer, whose large and varied business he managed, but by his personal friends and brother-professionals generally. In a position of trust he would be invaluable.
LOUIS C. RIDLEY, Solicitor.

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DEAR SIR, – We are indeed sorry to learn that your ill-health necessitates your leaving this country. We must express our regret that our profession is about to lose a much respected and honourable member, and trust that change of climate and rest will bring about the anticipates beneficial results.
We have pleasure in testifying to your ability and general business capacity in all matters in which we have been professionally connected with you, and shall be pleased at any time to put this personal expression of our appreciation into a formal Testimonial should you at any time require it.
Yours faithfully,
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Pilgrim Street.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, August 22nd, 1881.
I have much pleasure in certifying that I have known Mr. F. Logan, of this town, Solicitor, for some time, and have frequently met him in matter of business, and that he is a gentleman possessing a thorough knowledge of his profession.
W. H. WARLOW, Solicitor.

NORTH SHIELDS, 19th August, 1991.
We have known Mr. Frank Logan, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor, for some years.
We can speak highly of his abilities and trustworthiness, and consider him well up in the practice of his profession.
R. & R. F. KIDD, Solicitors.

DEAR SIR, – We have known you personally during the time that you have been with Mr. Joseph A. Philipson as Articled Clerk, and for about three years as a Solicitor, and have much pleasure in stating that we consider you well qualified in your profession, and competent to perform the duties of any appointment which you may obtain.
We trust that your health will improve, and that you will be successful in your profession wherever you may decide to settle.
Yours truly,
W. & W. A. HARLE, Solicitors.
F LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor.

101, HOWARD STREET, NORTH SHIELDS, 18th August, 1881
I certify that I have known Mr. Frank Logan for several years in his business capactiy and as a friend. In all respects I have the highest opinion of him, and regret exceedingly that his delicate health requires his remove from this neighbourhood. I have no doubt, however, that with restored health, his ability, energy, and integrity will make their way to any part of the world.

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DURHAM, August 17th, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – You having asked me for a certificate as to character and professional ability, I beg to say that having known you for several years, I have the greatest confidence in your ability and the highest opinion of your personal integrity.
Yours truly,
C. E. BARNES, Solicitor,
Conservative Agent for the City and Northern Division of the County of Durham.
F. LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle.

70, RYE HILL, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, 12th August, 1881.
MY DEAR FRANK, – Having been in the same office with you for three years I have had every opportunity to observe, and can fully testify to your thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of the law in all its branches. I have seldom seen anyone who worked harder or more thoroughly threw himself into his work than you did, and I am quite sure that you will discharge any duties committed to you, not only with ability but with energy and dispatch.
At first I was afraid that anything I might say would not be of much use to you, but I venture to hope that my long acquaintance with you as a friend and in business may invest what I have written with a weight which otherwise it would not have possessed, with every wish for your success.
Believe me, your friend,

Dear Sir, – In answer to your enquiry it gives us pleasure to inform you that we have known you ever since you were articled to Mr. Philipson, and that we have always had great pleasure in transacting business with you. We may add that we are confident, that when, on your arrival in New Zealand, business is entrusted to you, it will be carried out with credit to yourself and satisfaction to your client.
We are, yours very truly,

DEAR SIR, – I am very glad to have an opportunity of fully endorsing what Mr. Dees and Messrs. Clayton and Gibson have said in their letters of the 8th inst, and I wish you all the success I know you deserve.
If I can add anything further to be of service to you I hope you will let me know.
I remain, yours sincerely,
JOHN GEORGE BROWN, Solicitor for 35 years.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

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14, WEST STREET, GATESHEAD, 12th August, 1881.
I have been acquainted with Mr. Frank Logan, Solicitor, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for more than 15 years.
I have a very high opinion of his personal character and of his professional attainments.
He has had first rate opportunities of acquiring a thorough knowledge of his profession, having been for a long time in a solicitor’s office in Newcastle of high standing, and where the practice is of a very varied character.
J. A. DIXON, M.A., Solicitor.

68, KING STREET, SOUTH SHIELDS, 18th August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I am very sorry that you should have occasion to go abroad for your health, but sincerely trust the change may do you good, and that you may be successful in establishing a lucrative practice, which I doubt not you will do. I am sure both Mr. Philipson and the profession will miss you much. Yours very truly,
J. TINLEY DALE, Solicitor.
F. LOGAN, Esq., 89, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle.

August, 1881.
I have known Mr. Frank Logan for over twelve years – first at school, and later as my most intimate friend – and I can scarcely speak too highly of his character.
He was distinguished by the leading part he took in all matters mental when at school. He took two scholarships and innumerable prizes, and besides was Captain of the School “Eleven” and “Fifteen.”
His career since leaving school has been a continuation of successes. He has now been a qualified Solicitor for three years, and has thus had ample opportunities of gaining a thorough knowledge of his profession.
I can only conclude by saying that any appointment he may be elected to, or any under-taking he might be placed in charge of, he would give his whole heart and attention to, and by the brilliancy of his mental powers and his energy would do justice to anything he might take in hand.
JOHN PHILIPS, B.A., M.B. (Cantab),
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, House Surgeon (late) and Resident Physician Accoucheur (late) to King’s College Hospital.

I have much pleasure in stating that I believe Mr. Frank Logan, who is in the office of Mr. Joseph Philipson, Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne, to be a highly respectable and conscientious young man, and that wherever his lot is cast, at home or abroad, he will be anxious to do his duty and be found thoroughly trustworthy.
THOMAS BRUTTON, M.A., Vicar of Tynemouth.

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16 GATESHEAD, 25th August, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I regret much to hear you are going to leave Mr. Philipson on account of your health, and that you have been recommended a voyage to New Zealand.
I have very much pleasure in certifying my high opinion of your character and ability as a lawyer, and few can have had better opportunity of expressing such an opinion than myself owing to the following facts: –
In 1877 I instructed Mr. Philipson to bring an action for me against a Limited Liability Company for several years’ work as an architect, amounting to several hundred pounds, and you assisted greatly in the preparation of the brief. The case lasted three days at the Newcastle Summer Assizes, in 1878, before Lord Justice Bagally. My Counsel were Mr. Cave, Q.C., who has since been made a Judge of the Superior Courts, and Mr. John Edge, Barrister, and you assisted Mr. Philipson on that occasion, and the verdict was in my favour, the amount of claim being referred to John Lamb, the receiver appointed by the Court of Chancery for the Grainger Estate. When the reference was to be held Mr. Philipson was ill, and he gave me the choice of your acting or instructing Counsel, and I preferred your acting on my behalf, although you were not then qualified as a Solicitor. The reference lasted about eight days, and I had many opportunities of seeing with what ability you advocated and succeeded in obtaining an award in my favour. The Defendant’s Counsel appealed to London on a point of law, and Mr. Philipson, with my approval, allowed you to conduct the management of the case by Counsel, and I finally won the trial.
These facts are the best recommendation I can give you, and I can only add that I would with confidence entrust any case to your care requiring activity and sound legal knowledge.
I sincerely wish you every success, and trust your health may be permanently restored by the change you contemplate.
Yours truly,
E. JAMESON, Architect.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, August 24th, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I learn with much regret from Mr. Philipson, with whom you have been so long, that ill-health compels you to take a long sea voyage, with an ultimate prospect of settling elsewhere. I have little fear that with health you will succeed in your profession wherever you may decide to practice, if ability and perseverance will command it, and they generally do so.
I was intimately brought into contact with you on a Reference heard before me, extending over eight or ten days, and I formed a high estimate of your tact and judgment in the matter.
Again wishing you health and prosperity,
I remain, dear Sir,
JOHN LAMB, Architect and Agent for the Grainger Estate.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Solicitor, Pilgrim Street.

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OLDEN, NORDFJORD, August 25th, 1881.
DEAR SIR, – I well remember Mr. Logan, whom you mention to me, and can safely testify that during the time whilst I was associated with him I found him to be a person of energetic habit of mind, yet business-like, and possessed of a large share of common sense. I am sorry to hear that he is likely to leave the country, but am sure that should his health permit of it he is certain to do thoroughly and well any work which it may be his duty to do.
Yours truly,
EDWARD RIDLEY, Barrister-at-Law.
JOSEPH A. PHILIPSON, Esq., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

DEAR MR. LOGAN, – We cannot say that we have much pleasure in giving you the letter of recommendation you ask for, because the pleasure it gives us to say something that may be of service to you is lessened by the fact that it is on the occasion of your leaving Newcastle, and that, moreover, for a reason which we sincerely regret.
We have known you since the beginning of your clerkship, and have formed a high opinion of your knowledge and ability.
We shall be glad to hear that under the influence of the climate of New Zealand you are able to do the work which will in due time come to you.
We are, dear Mr. Logan,
Yours faithfully,
Solicitors to the Supreme Court of Judicature in England.

BRIDGE ST, MORPETH, 2nd September, 1881.
Dear Sir, – I regret exceedingly to hear that you are compelled through an illness to seek recovery by leaving England for the milder climate of New Zealand. This regret does not arise from any fear that if you settle in that colony you will not be able to practise your profession successfully, but from my knowledge of the pain it gives you to leave so many kind friends in your native country.
I feel great pleasure in stating that the zeal you have shown in your profession, your knowledge of the law in all its branches, and your uprightness in all transactions will justify any one in entrusting you with the management of business in which the assistance of a lawyer is required.
Sincerely wishing you renewed health and every success,
I am, yours very truly,
Solicitor and Notary Public.

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7, NEW SQUARE, LINCOLN’S INN, W.C., Sept. 3rd, 1881.
MY DEAR SIR, – I have heard from my friend, Mr Joseph A. Philipson, that in consequence of the state of your health you have been ordered on a voyage to New Zealand, and that, possibly, you may remain there for some time. In considering from the papers which were from time to time laid before me as Counsel for the Defendant in the important and difficult case of Foreman v. Patterson, of which you as Clerk to Mr. Philipson had for a time the management on behalf of the Defendant, I was struck with the clearness of head and the practical sagacity which the instructions prepared by you showed you to possess. From what I saw of your work in that case I have certainly formed a very favourable idea of your legal capacity; and should your health be re-established, which I hope will soon be the case, you will, I am sure, have a successful professional career, whether you settle in England or New Zealand.
With best wishes for your welfare,
Believe me to be, sincerely yours,
ROBERT SWAN, LL.M Cambridge, Barrister-at-Law.
FRANK LOGAN, Esq., Newcastle-on-Tyne.
F. Logan

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