Twyford History

Lifting the Outskirts

Twyford Revealed

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Where is Twyford?

1981 edition

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Sir Andrew Russell

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Sir Andrew Russell is regarded by the residents of Twyford as a benefactor, a generous supporter and a man who had an eye to the future.

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A Need for a School …

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The room facing was the original classroom – demolished in 2009

The original building 1930

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A Fine Band of Men …

Mr. T. TAIT (Chairman)


Mr. S. JARVIS (Secretary)



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The Originals…

1 7-10-12 Innes Isabella Chalmers 14-7-1899

2 7-10-12 List Gladys May 13-6-1900

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The Roll Grows…


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The roll continues to grow…


Back Row: Norman Cooper, Brian Horrocks, Campbell MacKay, Graham Burns, Graeme Hasell, Eric Hemingway, Wayne Evans, Neal Burns, Alistair Shaw

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…and to grow…


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The roll continued to grow…

Present Day Students & Staff

26th September 2012

Photographer Glenn Taylor

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The Inspectors Visit

This school was opened on October 7th of the present year.

Teacher in charge, Mr Thomas Stagpoole

The roll numbers 37, of whom 29 were present at the time of my visit.

Of the total roll, twenty-one of the pupils had attended either Hastings D H Sch, Hastings Catholic, Paki-Paki or Omahu. The non-attending are quite young.

The excerpt from the very first Inspector’s Report – 5 December 1912 – Henry Hill

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II – Report of work done in subjects not specified in the individual class lists, including the general arrangements therefor and the choice made where an option is permitted:-

[extract from report]

The excerpt from the very first Inspector’s Report – 5 December 1912 – Henry Hill

The visits continue…

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Excerpts from the 1913 Inspector’s Report

He also assessed the learning and teaching as per the report.

[excerpts from reports]

He concluded that the …”Tone and Discipline – Excellent. I was pleased with the appearance of the children. The out-offices are very neat.”

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They also served …

Mr Fred Cook –
Headmaster 1913 – 1916

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They also served…

Miss Ida Bain
Infant Mistress
1914 – 1918

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They also served…

Miss Joyce Kater
A young teacher
1928 – 1932

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They also served …

Mr Cyril Arthur
Headmaster – 1929 – 1934

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They also served …

Miss H M Hayes Assistant
Teacher – 1937 – 1940

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The Kauri

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They also served …

Mr C George Warren
1953 – 1958

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The Schoolhouse…

The School house circa 1930

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Letter of support from John Russell to the Education Board.


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An old-timer recalls …

This handwritten note was found in the archives at the back of some shelves. Unfortunately it is not dated, not able to be attributed to anybody but it deserves to be published. It comes from the memories of the early 1920’s due to its reference to Mr Nicoll, the head teacher appointed in 1919.

I suspect that it was developed from personal memories of past pupils for the 1962 Twyford School Reunion.

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Handwriting styles

Handwriting styles…

Handwriting styles have developed over the years – some say you can judge character from them. Here is a sample of varying examples of our principals as taken from the Attendance Register.

[excerpts from attendance register]

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Janet and John

Fantail, Fantail

Tip and Mitten


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Teacher displays…

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Sporting Uniforms…

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Statements taken from the Log Book

Major Events

1914 … 4 August … War declared … school closed for 1/2 day to allow all to attend “Declaration” ceremony in Hastings. Flagpole erected and ‘saluting the flag’ commenced.

1916 … Dominion Day – school assembled 9 o’clock and after address on “New Zealand and it[s]’ importance during present war” saluted the flag and sang “God Save the King”. School then resumed work as usual.

1925 … Owing to Infantile Paralysis the school did not open for 1925 until April 20. During a part of their Term Assignment of work was set by the Education Board and the work was well responded to by the pupils.

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Major Events

1931 … 3 February … HB Earthquake … no injuries with all pupils outside. Considerable damage to the buildings and equipment. 5 schools had to be demolished and 106 schools sustained some damage.

School recommenced under the trees.

1938 … Anzac Day flood.

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Major Events

1945 … The capitulation of the German armies in Italy and West Austria has taken place and the Minister of Education has granted a school holiday on Friday 4 March.

Definite news of the cessation of hostilities was received late this morning and in accordance with instructions, the school was closed and will reopen on Friday August 17. The children were advised that a parade of children will be held in Hastings at 9am tomorrow.

Heavy rain interfered with Peace Celebrations set down for the morning and these will be held tomorrow.

1968 … Most severe storm in ‘living memory’. Lifted the new bike shed off its foundations and throwing it against the boundary fence. Forced to cancel field trip to South Island. In order to overcome children’s disappointment at the cancellation I may organise an alternative trip.

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Statements taken from the Log Book

Concern for Children

1913 … Whooping Cough prevalent in surrounding district – attendance suffering considerably.

1919 … School closed by order of Chairman on account of severe weather – no attendance.

1933 … This winter the children were provided with cocoa as usual but as the entertainments organised by the Committee to raise funds for “Cocoa” were not well supported the children were asked to pay 3d per head per week. The cocoa was very popular with all concerned, only 1 or 2 pupils not taking it.

1948 … Held annual school picnic in Windsor Park. Swimming and running events for which money prizes were given. Senior boy 1st won 5/6, 2nd nothing; Junior boy 1st 3/6, 2nd 1d; Primer 1st 1/-, 2nd nothing.

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Concern for Children

1966 … Doctor commented on condition of hair on one of the children. Nurse is to call to leave the washing solution.

Approval to send … to Health Camp has been given providing the necessary clothing could be found. I contacted several parents with regards to this requesting any clothing of suitable size that their children had outgrown.

Received excellent response from the parents for clothing.

Apparently nothing can be done by us about housing conditions.

1969 … Slot car reported missing by David Osborne.

Investigations brought no information.

Public Health Nurse on request investigated the children infected with ringworm.

1978 … Discussion by local people on dangers in the environment – sprays, machinery, firearms and explosives.

1998 … Fans installed in Rooms 5 & 6 and soon to be installed in Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 7

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Statements taken from the Log Book

Trouble at Mill …

1943 … As a result of the long dry spell of weather it has been impossible to fill the school baths this month. The water will rise to about 18 inches above the bottom and as a result the swimming instruction has suffered.

1967 … The state of water lying around the classroom entrances is making it virtually impossible to keep the floors clean.

1969 … The lack of cleanliness in the school was so appalling and he was making no effort to bring it back up to standard that the Chairman of the School Committee visited to inspect the cleaning standard – the cleaner tendered his resignation.

The children used to assist in a thorough cleanup before new appointment.

$1 reported missing from Room 1. All teachers instructed that money is not to be left in classrooms but left for safety in the Office.

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Trouble at Mill …

1970 … Plumbers called to clear blocked stormwater drain – could not find outlet. Job unfinished.

Plumbers discovered that the stormwater drain from the playground and the Junior Block ran under the ‘gate’ end of the woodshed and ended in solid earth – no wonder it was blocked.

1971 … School Cleaner, Mr R Smith, handed in his resignation for health reasons. (1st June)

Eight applicants for the position of cleaner were interviewed.

Little choice on grounds of suitability.

Mr R Smith died today in hospital (6th June). A wreath was sent by the Committee. The new cleaner will finish his duties at the end of the week. He is unable to cope with the job satisfactorily.

(30th June). The cleaner has not done his work – no contact from him at all. The staff have done the cleaning.

The previous cleaner died this morning. He collapsed at the wheel of his car. (4th July).

Intercepted an unsuitable article being handed between the children. Action taken over the ‘yellow’ article.

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Trouble at Mill …

1979 … Very wet and blustery day. Rain water running down inside walls – Building Supervisor checked and nailed down roofing iron.

New septic tank and sewage system installed during May school holidays.

Checked sewage system and found it blocked at inspection point.

New sewage system back flooding because of much rain and high groundwater level.

1995 … Major burglary within the school.

After remedial action was taken the following costs were involved – $6582 on the installation of an infra-red security system; $480 on the daily monitoring of the system; $1090 on the maintenance of the system; $764 on the installation of new door locks; $613 on the installation of window locks; $420 on the upgrading of security lights. A budget of $100 was allowed for. We overspent by 2184%.

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Statements taken from the Log Book

Humour …

1976 … Swimming Sports held at Aquatic Centre. A child from R2 got into slight difficulties and Mrs Cresswell had to enter the water.

Mrs Cresswell ceased teaching duties to take maternity leave.

1989 … Received 7 new staffroom chairs – colour doesn’t match but they are soft – hope to get the staff off them and back to their classes.

2001 … “Wacky Wet Sports Day” held – a wide range of saturated activities but watch out for the clown – he is dangerous.

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And off into the future with the past behind them…

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