Waipukurau and District’s Scottish Society 1951-2010

A short history of the

Waipukurau and District’s Scottish Society

1951 – 2010

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Council meeting held on 8th November 1951
Arrangements were made to hold the Societies’ first Ingleside on December 8th as an opening to the local Society. A bank account was to be opened at the Bank of New South Wales. The entry fee to the Ingleside was set at 3/- for men and 2/6 for ladies. Provision was to be made after supper for the enrolment of new members.

Council meeting held 30th November 1951
The procedure for selection of members for the Society was discussed fully and all were in agreement that names could be taken at the Ingleside and would duly be selected by the committee and those accepted notified.

Council meeting held 14th December 1951
The following accounts incurred at the opening Social were passed for payment:

Waipukurau Press Co (advertising)   30/-
C A Bliss (supper)   2-0-0
Hire of Hall (Masonic Hall)   2-10-0
MacKenzie 4 Square Store   1-17-2
Total   Pounds 7-17-2

Door takings were 31-14-6 pounds on the night of the Ingleside.

Council meeting held 1st April 1952
It was decided by the committee that the end of the financial year be the 31st March of each year.

Resignation: The President Mr K MacKenzie stated that as he cannot agree to the Societies’ Ingleside’s being confined to members and friends he felt that he could not continue as President of the Society.

Special Council meeting held 8th April 1952:
The resignation of Mr K MacKenzie was accepted with regret. It was resolved that the Vice President, Mr D MacKenzie chair the future meetings. Mr MacKenzie then outlined the ideas of the Scottish Society with special regard to future Inglesides and dances and hoped that in future the committee would be able to work harmoniously to achieve their objectives.

At the conclusion of the meeting Mr A Jones spoke of the friendly atmosphere at the meeting and expressed the hope that all future meetings would be carried on in the same spirit.

Council meeting held 6th May 1952
It was moved and seconded that future Inglesides be held monthly supposing the availability of the hall.

Council meeting held 8th January 1953
It was moved and seconded that the Society hold a Burns Night function on 24th January 1953. A dance and supper with The Address to Robert Burns given by Mr W MacKenzie. The

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Haggis to be carried by Mr D MacKenzie. The Sword Bearer Mr A Jones. Music Mr and Mrs C Ellison.

The First Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on 9th April 1953

The following Officers and Committee were elected for the ensuing year:

Patron:   Dr A G Bell   Chief:   D MacKenzie
Chieftains:   A S Annand & R G Grant
Secretary/Treasurer:   V W Graham
Committee:   G Russell   Mrs W Annand
W MacFarlane   Mrs R G Grant
W Annand   Mrs M Clarke
W Mackenzie   Mrs Z Welsh
Wilson Wright   Mrs J Hamlin
Miss I MacKenzie
Piper:   W MacKenzie

On the 24th July 1956 the Society held a Highland Ball in the Memorial Hall.

On the 16th July 1957 the Society held its second Highland Ball in the Memorial Hall. Admittance charge 12/6 single, 25/- double.

On the 9th July 1958 the Society held its third Highland Ball, once again in the Memorial Hall. 274 people attended.

Minute Book records are lost from September 1958 to January 1974.

CHB Gathering o’ the Clans:

Records show that the ‘Gathering o’ the Clans’ was held annually from 1960 to 1969 catering for up to 400 people and then at longer intervals in the following years.

On the 12th April 1960 a meeting was arranged between the Waipawa and Waipukurau Scottish Societies to discuss the pros and cons of holding a ‘Gathering o’ the Clans’ in Central Hawke’s Bay.

Those present were Mr R MacCullough (Temp Chairman), Mr D G Russell (Temp Secretary), Mr T Watters, Mrs MacIvor, Mr A S Annand, Mr D MacKenzie, Mrs MacLeay, Mrs Logan, Mrs Hislop, Mrs Lee and Mr Ian Angus.

After considerable discussion it was decided the name should be “The CHB ‘Gathering o’ the Clans’”. Sponsored by the Waipawa and Waipukurau Scottish Societies.

It was decided on ‘The Gathering’ to be held on 9th July 1960. It was moved and carried that a trophy be presented to the winning Band in A, B and C grades for Street March and Music. Bands to be ready to move off from the ‘Starting Point’ at 7pm. Pipe bands to be invited to attend and compete from as many places as possible.

Hawke’s Bay Farmers and Williams and Kettle donated trophies for the Street Parade.

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Dance to follow at Memorial Hall. Peter Holder to be approached regarding playing and the price of a five piece orchestra. Mr Ellison offered to play for the ‘Extras’ at the dance.

Election of Permanent Officers:   Mr Duncan MacKenzie   President
Mr D G Russell   Secretary
Mrs Lee   Treasurer

Council meeting CHB Gathering of the Clans 21st June 1960
Mr MacKenzie reported that the Dannevirke District Pipe Band could not come to the Gathering. Bands attending were:

City of Hastings   City of Napier Ladies   Feilding and Districts
HB Scottish   Port Ahuriri   Ruahine Pipe Band
Waipawa Pipe Band   Waimarama Pipe Band

Route: Bands to foregather at Winloves Yard in Herbert Street. Start in Herbert Street, wheel into Ruataniwha Street and finish at Leviathon parking area. Four senior marching girls from Waipawa and Waipukurau to carry Banners.

Annual General Meeting held 11th August 1961
It was reported by Mr MacKenzie that the ‘Gathering’ was a great success. Suggested the next Gathering be held on 14th October 1961.

Council meeting held 12th September 1961
Mr Annand reported that de Pelichet, MacLeod and Co had donated a cup for ‘Fall in and Inspection’ to be a challenge trophy. It was moved and seconded that Mr MacCullough be appointed Deputy Chairman of The Gathering o’ the Clans Committee.

The Waipukurau and Districts Scottish Society has an anonymous well-wisher whose gift to the group will become a permanent feature of any ingleside it holds.
The larger banner, being held by Joanne Knight (left) and Michelle Cadman, younger members of the society, was left on the front door step of the society president, Mr E. W. Norriss.
Rolled up in brown paper, the banner had with it a note which read “from a well-wisher:, Mr Norriss said.
The banner is made of painted canvas and bears the name of the artist, Maureen Curran, of Tauranga.
Mr Norris said the society did not want to upset the well-wisher by searching for their identity but the society wanted to express its thanks.
The banner has already been put to use and was displayed at the society’s last ingleside at which senior citizens were special guests.

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The main street of Waipukurau was thronged early on Saturday night when the seven pipe bands marched through the town prior to taking part in the second annual gathering of clans held by a joint committee representing the Waipawa and Waipukurau Scottish Societies. It provided a bright spectacle and frequently the crowd surged on to the street to applaud the pipers.
A competition was held in conjunction with the display, trophies being donated by district mercantile firms.  It resulted as follows: –  Street march and music: A grade, Dannevirke; B grade H.B. Scottish, C grade, Napier ladies. Fall in and inspection: H.B. Scottish.
Other bands which took part were City of Hastings, Feilding, Foxton and Waipawa.
The trophies were presented at the Memorial Hall at the conclusion of the display by the mayor of Waipawa, Mr H. S. Rathbone. He said that he was sure that the annual gathering helped to bring the two towns in the Central Hawke’s Bay closer together. There was no doubt that the function had come to the stay.
At the hall, the chiefs of the visiting societies were piped in by. An official welcome was extended by the Waipukuarau chief, Mr D. MacKenzie. He expressed pleasure at seeing the opportunity of thanking all those who had helped with the gathering, mentioning especially the secretary, Mr D.G. Russell.
The Waipawa chief, Mr W. J. Lawrence, said that it was an exciting sight to see the street march and those taking part were to be congratulated. He also conveyed appreciation to the marching girls who had led the band.
Mr W. G. MacKenzie, Palmerston North, and formerly of Waipukurau, spoke on behalf of the visitors.  Acknowledging the arm welcome. The mayor and mayoress of Waipukurau, Mr and Mrs H. M. Winlove, attended during the evening.
A varied programme of dances was enjoyed, music being provided by members of the Waipukurau Orchestral Society and pipe bands. Junior members of the Thistle Club, Hastings, gave highland dances. The masters of ceremonies were Messrs N. Coughlan, M. Lansdown and J. Warlow.

Council meeting held 19th March 1962
Mr MacCullough spoke of the many good qualities and outstanding service of the late Mr Duncan MacKenzie who passed away on 13th March 1962. Mr MacKenzie was Chairman of the Gathering o’ the Clans and Chief of the Waipukurau Scottish Society.

Council meeting Gathering o’ the Clans held 9th July 1962
An election of officers was held:
Chairman:  A S Annand
Vice Chairman:  R MacCullough
Secretary:  D G Russell
Treasurer:  Mrs J Lee

Date set for next Gathering: 27th October 1962.

Council meeting held 21st May 1963
It was moved and seconded that Mr E L Ellison be Treasurer of the Gathering o’ the Clans committee. A letter of thanks be sent to Mrs J Lee for the excellent service to the committee as Treasurer.

Council meeting held 31st May 1966
A new Secretary was appointed following the retirement of Mr G Russell. Mr L Cameron was elected.

Council meeting held 23rd May 1967
A new Deputy Chairman was appointed following the retirement of Mr R MacCullough. The new Deputy Chairman was Mr E E Gardiner.

The last record of a Council meeting of the Gathering o’ the Clans was held on 10th June 1969.

Later there is a record stating the next Gathering o’ the Clans is to be held on 16th October (no year given) in Waipawa at the Theatre. Depending on circumstances and other considerations, it was hoped that future Gatherings could be held on alternate years in the two towns, Waipukurau and Waipawa.

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A record of the minutes of the Society resume on 29th January 1974 with Mr E W Norriss as Chief and Mrs E M Howlett as Secretary.

AGM held 30th April 1974
Election of Officers:
Patron:   Mr RS Annand   Chief:  Mr E W Norriss
Chieftains:  Messrs R Coughlan and E E Ellison
Secretary:  Mr E M Howlett   Treasurer:  Mr C F Penman

In the Chief’s report for the year ended 31st March 1974 it is recorded that he (Mr Norriss) was installed as Chief of the Waipukurau Society in May 1973 by Chief John Trotter of the Hastings Scottish Society. Membership totalled 144. Mr M Lansdown was elected as a Life Member of the Society in recognition of his outstanding services on Council and as MC.

AGM held on 28th April 1975

Election of Officers remain the same. Chief Norriss mentioned in his report that the Gathering o’ the Clans was held in November 1974. Membership 135.

Council meeting held 23rd March 1976

Tribute was paid to the late Mr A S Annand, the Society’s Patron and past Chief who passed away on 2nd March 1976.

AGM held 27th April 1976
Mr D C Hyde was elected as Patron of the Society. Chief Norriss reported a very successful Burns Dinner in February and Gathering o’ the Clans which was held in Waipawa. Membership 121.

AGM held 27th April 1977
Election of Officers:  A third Chieftain is required.
Chieftan:  Mr K Tait is elected as new Chieftain.

Chief Norriss reported membership remains at 121. A disappointing Gathering o’ the Clans held in Waipukurau. Only two bands took part.  Very successful Burns Dinner.

At an AGM held on 26th April 1978
Chief Norriss reported membership of 125. Another disappointing Gathering o’ the Clans held in Waipawa in October. Very successful annual Burns Dinner.

Council meeting held 8th August 1978
Chief Norriss reported that the Waipawa Scottish Society would be going into recess on 31st August 1978 due to lack of community interest.

Council meeting held 7th November 1978
It was reported that the Gathering o’ the Clans held in Waipukurau on 4th November drew a smaller attendance than usual with only two bands attending from Waipawa and Dannevirke.

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The Society held its 21st annual Burns Dinner on 3rd February 1979

AGM held 8th May 1979
Secretary Mrs E Howlett declined nomination – no nominations were forthcoming.

Council meeting held 9th July 1979
The office of Secretary Mrs G Cadman was moved and seconded.

AGM held 27th April 1981
Election of a new Chieftain following the death of Chieftain Ray Coughlan August 1980. Mr T McLeod was elected.

AGM held 3rd May 1982
Election of a new Chieftain following the resignation of Mr T McLeod. Mrs M Cameron was elected. Treasurer: Mrs G Tait. Life Members elected were Mr and Mrs C Penman.

AGM held 11th April 1983
There were no nominations for Chief. Previous Chief Norriss elected as a Chieftain replacing Mr J Davies. Mr C Penman was appointed Chairman until such time as a Chief is appointed. Secretary elected: Mrs M Urquhart following Mrs Cadman’s resignation.

AGM held in 1984 (no date recorded)
Election of Officers:   Mr E Norriss returned as Chief.
Chieftain:  Mr C Penman   Secretary:  Mr R Farquhar
Mr M Lansdown resigned as official MC.

No further records until 1986; AGM:   New Chieftain Mr D Rumbal

Chief’s report for the year ending March 1987
Chief Norriss commented on the downturn of support at the Inglesides. He made special mention of the sad passing of the Society’s Master of Ceremonies, Mr M Lansdown, on 31st March 1987. He had officiated at the Burns Dinner for 28 years and was actually involved with the Society from the early years.

AGM held 4th May 1987
Election of Officers:    Unchanged apart from new Chieftain Mr C Laird
Life Member elected:    Mrs C Lansdown
It was confirmed that Mr and Mrs Penman and Mr and Mrs A Logan were Life Members.

Council meeting held 22nd February 1988
Following the resignation of Mr R Farquhar as Secretary Mrs T Cronin took over the Secretary’s duties.

AGM held 26th April 1988
Election of Officers:
Patron:   Mrs J Ellison   Chief:  Mr C Laird
Chieftains:  Mr E Norriss, K Tait, Mrs M Cameron
Secretary:  Mrs L Gray   Treasurer:  Mrs G Tait

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Life Member:  Mr C Forbes   Official Piper:   Malcolm Matheson

Mr Norriss was thanked for his service as Chief for 15 years. Members of the Council raised funds for the Society by catering for Waipawa Pipe Band AGM and dinner for the second year.

AGM held 17th April 1989
Election of Officers:   Only change was Secretary:  Mrs J Laird
Record of Life Members:   Mr and Mrs C Penman, Mr and Mrs A Logan, Mrs C Lansdown, Mr C Forbes

AGM held 28th April 1990
Changes in Election of Officers:   Chieftains:  Mr N Dawson, Mr T Stead
Treasurer:   Mrs E Dawson

AGM held 24th April 1991
Record of Life Members:
Mr and Mrs C Penman, Mr and Mrs A Logan, Mrs C Lansdown, Mr C Forbes, Mr and Mrs E Norriss.
Chieftains:  N Dawson, J Davies
Chieftain Mary Cameron passed away January 1991.
Assistant Piper elected:  Andrew Laird

Photo captions –

Charlie Laird receiving the Medallion May 1988

Council Members – Standing Tess Cronin, Keith Tait, May Cameron, Lorraine Grey, Phyllis Penman, Doreen Jones, Don Jones. Seated: Ernie & Alice Norriss, Jenny Ellison, Charlie and Jean Laird

33rd Annual Burns Dinner February 1991: Chief John Mortimer, Manawatu Society, Haggis Bearer Chief Phil Mitchell, Hunterville Society

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AGM held 29th April 1992
New Life Member:
Mrs J Ellison
Treasurer: Mr G Anderson

The Society’s 40th anniversary was celebrated at the August Ingleside 1992
Mrs T Hammon made and decorated the cake which was cut by the Society’s Patron and Life Member Mrs J Ellison. 150 folk attended.

AGM held 15th April 1993
New Chieftain:  Mrs D Bourhill to replace Mr N Dawson

AGM held 21st April 1994
Election of Officers:  Change of Honorary Piper – Andrew Laird

Council meeting held 14th July 1994
Brought to the notice of the Council that the CHB Council will put down a time capsule at the site of the old Waipukurau Post Office. The Scottish Society along with the Waipawa Pipe Band enclosed a brief history of both organisations and photos. The capsule will be brought to the surface in 50 years’ time, 2044, with the contents of our container to go to Andrew Laird.

13th November 1994
Chief Charlie Laird passed away. Chieftain J Davies officiated until the AGM in 1995.

Photo captions –

Council members and pipers: Standing: Dennis Radonich, Don Jones, Clarice Anderson, Chieftain Noel Dawson, Gordon Anderson, Chieftain John Davies, Ernie Norriss, Piper Malcolm Matheson, Karen Birch, Phyllis Penman, Piper Andrew Laird Seated: Chief Charlie Laird, Jean Laird, Alice Norriss

The Dark Island Band: Roy Green (drums), Angus Davidson (accordion)

Patron Jenny Ellison cutting cake with Chief Charlie Laird

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AGM held 19th April 1995
Election of Officers:   Chief:   Mrs J Laird
Secretary:  Miss R Bourhill   Treasurer:  G Anderson   MC: Mr D Jones

The installation of the new Chief, Mrs Jean Laird, was held at the May Ingleside.

Homelanders Concert:   26th May 1995, 29th May 1996, 6th April 1998
Triple Scotch Concert:   18th June 1997
Crooked Jack Concert:   24th February 1999

These Scottish concerts were hosted by the Waipukurau District Scottish Society and the Waipawa Pipe Band and were a wonderful success in Central Hawke’s Bay.

July 1995 Chief Jean Laird re-married and became Chief Paget.

AGM held April 1996
Record of Life Members:  Mrs J Ellison QSM, Mrs C Lansdown, Mr C Forbes, Mr and Mrs A Logan, Mrs P Penman, Mr and Mrs E
Piper: Mr G Bailey

Photo captions –

Induction of Chief Jean Laird officiated by Chief Ian McDonald of the Southern Hawke’s Bay Society

Council – Standing: Phyllis Penman, Dennis Radonich, Gordon Burkin, Treasurer Gordon Anderson, Chieftain John Davies, MC Don Jones, Ernie Norriss, Official Piper Andrew Laird Seated: Clarice Anderson, Alice Norriss, Secretary Raewyn Bourhill, Chief Jean Laird, Chieftain Dorothy Bourhill, Judith Phillips

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AGM held April 1997
Secretary:  Mrs C Lansdown
Record of Life Members: Mrs M Logan passed away. Mrs J Ellison QSM, Mrs C Lansdown, Mr C Forbes, Mr A Logan, Mrs P Penman, Mr and Mrs E Norriss.

AGM held April 1998
Life Members: Mrs J Ellison, Mrs P Penman, Mr C Forbes, Mr and Mrs Norriss,
Mrs C Lansdown, Mr A Logan
Patron:  Mrs J Ellison QSM   Chief:  Mrs J Paget
Chieftains:  Mr J Davies, Mrs C Anderson   Secretary:  Mrs C Lansdown
Treasurer:  Mr D Paget
Piper:   Mr Glen Bailey   MC:  Mr D Jones

AGM held April 1999
Council remains the same. New Chieftain: A Bourhill. Change of Piper: Brayden Fryer

AGM held April 2000
Life Members: Mrs J Ellison QSM, Mr and Mrs E Norriss, Mrs P Penman, Mr C Forbes,
Mr A Logan, Mrs C Lansdown
Council remained the same as 1999.

AGM held April 2001
Life Members remain the same.
Council remains the same. Change of piper: Mrs R Bailey.

AGM held April 2002
The Society’s Patron passed away early 2002 aged 98. Mrs J Ellison, QSM, was Patron for 13 years.
Life Members: Mr and Mrs E Norriss, Mrs P Penman, Mr C Forbes, Mr A Logan, Mrs C Lansdown.
Council remains the same. Change of Patron: Mr E Norriss

The CHB Pipe Band have resigned owing to lack of forthcoming playing members. The existing members are now part of the Drones and Sticks Pipe Band based in Taradale who will support our Inglesides and the needs of CHB.

The 50th (Golden) anniversary of the Society was celebrated at the November Ingleside. Mrs C Lansdown made a cake for the occasion which was decorated by Mrs D Bourhill and cut by Life Member Mrs P Penman.

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AGM held April 2003
Life members and officers remain the same. Change of Secretary: Mrs R Bailey.

AGM held April 2004
Life members remain the same.

AGM held April 2005
Life members and officers remain the same.

Council Meeting in October 2005
It was decided not to hold a Burns Dinner as the workload was becoming too much for the small number of council members. A Burns Ingleside in February 2006 could take its place. It was also suggested Inglesides be held in April, August and November 2006.

In September Life Member Mrs Alice Norriss passed away and Chieftain Mr John Davies passed away in April 2006.

AGM held April 2006
Life Members:   Mr E Norriss, Mrs P Penman, Mr A Logan, Mrs C Lansdown
Patron:   Mr E Norriss   Chief:   Mrs J Paget
Chieftains:   Mrs C Anderson, Mrs D Bourhill, Mrs C Lansdown
Secretary:   Mrs R Bailey   Treasurer:   Mr D Paget
Piper:   Mrs R Bailey   MC:   Mr D Jones

Photo caption –

Council Members November 2002 at 50th anniversary

Standing: Treasurer Douglas Paget, MC Don Jones, Secretary Raewyn Bailey, Chieftain John Davies, June and Gordon Burkin. Seated: Oliver Pedersen, Patron Ernie Norriss, Chieftain Dorothy Bourhill, Chief Jean Paget, Chieftain Clarice Anderson, Claire Lansdown

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Council Meeting held August 2006
Ingleside dates for 2007 were confirmed as February, May, August and November.

AGM held April 2007
Life Members and officers remain the same as 2006.

August 2007 – Arranged for paid kitchen staff at Inglesides as the workload has become too much for our small council to handle.

AGM held April 2008
Life Members: Mr E Norriss, Mrs P Penman, Mrs C Lansdown.
Mr A Logan passed away.
Patron:   Mr E Norriss   Chief: Mrs J Paget
Chieftains:   Mrs C Anderson, Mrs C Lansdown. Mrs D Bourhill resigned.
Secretary:   Mrs R Bailey resigned. Vacancy left open at this stage.
Treasurer:   Mr D Paget   Piper: Mrs R Bailey   MC: Mr D Jones

Council Meeting held May 2008
It was decided to pay for secretarial duties for the Society. Mrs C Watson accepted the position of Secretary.

Mr Ernie Norriss, Patron, Life Member, Council member and past Chief of the Society passed away 20th December 2008.

AGM held April 2009
Life Members:   Mrs P Penman, Mrs C Lansdown
Patron:   It was decided to leave this position vacant.
Chief:   Mrs J Paget
Chieftains:   Mrs C Anderson, Mrs C Lansdown
Secretary:   Mrs C Watson   Treasurer:   Mr D Paget
Piper:   Mrs R Bailey   MC:    Mr D Jones

Council Meeting November 2009
Chief Jean Paget advised the Council after a very difficult decision, to retire as Chief of the Society at the next AGM after close to a total of 25 years’ service as a council member, eight of those as Secretary and fifteen as Chief.

Over the past two years the Society has operated with a small council and is now down to a total of six officers with no potential Council members offering themselves for duty. With very little interest from Central Hawke’s Bay people in the Inglesides the Society is totally dependent on the support of kindred Societies.

Page 14

AGM held May 2010
Life Member:   Mrs C Lansdown
Chief:      No nominations received. Mrs J Paget nominated as Acting Chief
Chieftains:   Mrs C Anderson, Mrs C Lansdown
Secretary:  Mrs C Watson   Treasurer:  Mr D Paget
Council:      Mr D Jones, Mr D Radonich
Piper:   Mrs R Bailey   MC:  Mr D Jones

After a lengthy discussion it was decided by those present at the Annual Meeting that the Society would close down rather than go into recess. Moved that the Society be dissolved. It was also moved that all Council members be elected as trustees and have full power to dispose of the Society’s funds as they see fit.

The Society was financially very sound and there was a membership of 57 at its conclusion. Forty to ninety people regularly attended the very enjoyable Inglesides but outside Council members, Central Hawke’s Bay people numbered only 3 – 6 at these occasions.

Trustee Meeting January 2013

It was decided that the Society’s records and property would be distributed or disposed of by various members and some items had already found new homes following the suggested distribution list drawn up at the last Council meeting.

The Trustees nominated that the remaining funds be distributed as donations to the following organisations: St John Ambulance CHB, Waipukurau Fire Brigade, Lowe Corporation Hawke’s By Rescue Helicopter, Drones and Sticks Pipe Band, St Mary’s Anglican Parish of Waipukurau, HB Digital Archive Trust, CHB Foundation for the Blind, CHB RSPCA, Starship Foundation, Children at Heart Hawke’s Bay, PE Department of The Terrace primary school, Waipukurau, New Zealand Surf Lifesaving, Waipukurau Scouts, CHB Girl Guides and Takapau Scouts.

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1951 – 1952   Mr K MacKenzie
1952 – 1953   Mr D MacKenzie
1953 – 1962    Mr D MacKenzie (died 13.3.1962)
1962 – 1973    Mr A S Annand (died 2.3.1976)
1973 – 1982   Mr E W Norriss
1983 – 1984   Mr C Penman
1984 – 1988   Mr E W Norriss
1988 – 1994   Mr C Laird (died 13.11.1994)
1995 – 2010   Mrs J Laird (became Paget)

Chieftains and Pipers:
1953 – 1954    Chieftains: Mr A S Annand, Mr R G Grant
Piper: Mr W MacKenzie
1955 – 1956 – 1957    Chieftains: Mr A S Annand, Mr A Jones
Piper: Mr W MacKenzie
Chieftains:  Mr A S Annand, Mr A Logan
1957 – 1958    Piper: Mr P Wilson
Records of the Minutes are lost from September 1958 to January 1974
1974 – 1975 – 1976    Chieftains: Mr R Coughlan, Mr E C Ellison
Piper: Mr E Scarlett
1975   Piper: Mr G Bailey
1976 – 1982    Piper: Members of the Waipawa Pipe Band took turns
1977- 1978 – 1979    Chieftains: Mr R Coughlan, Mr E Ellison, Mr K Tait
1980   Chieftains: Mr R Coughlan, Mr K Tait, Mr J Davies
1981   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mr J Davies, Mr T McLeod
1982   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mr J Davies, Mrs M Cameron
1983   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mrs M Cameron, Mr E Norriss
1983 – 1984 – 1986 – 1987   Piper: Mr G Blank
1984   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mrs M Cameron, Mr C Penman
1985   No records
1986   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mrs M Cameron, Mr D Rumbal
1987   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mrs M Cameron, Mr C Laird
1988 – 1989   Chieftains: Mr K Tait, Mrs M Cameron, Mr E Norris
1988 – 1989 – 1990   Piper: Mr M Matheson
1990   Chieftains: Mr N Dawson, Mr T Stead

Page 16

1992 – 1993   Pipers: Mr M Matheson & Assistant Piper Mr A Laird
1991 – 1992    Chieftains: Mr N Dawson, Mr J Davies
1993 – 1994 – 1995 – 1996 – 1997   Chieftains: Mr J Davies, Mrs D Bourhill
1994 – 1995    Piper: Mr A Laird
1996 – 1997 – 1998   Piper: Mr G Bailey
1998   Chieftains: Mr J Davies, Mrs C Anderson
1999 – 2000    Chieftains: Mr J Davies, Mrs C Anderson, Mr A Bourhill
Piper: Mr B Fryer
2001 – 2002 – 2003 – 2004 – 2005    Chieftains: Mr J Davies, Mrs C Anderson, Mrs D Bourhill
Piper: Mrs R Bailey
2006 – 2007    Chieftains: Mrs C Anderson, Mrs D Bourhill
2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010   Piper: Mrs R Bailey
2008 – 2009 – 2010   Chieftains: Mrs C Anderson, Mrs C Lansdown

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