Waiwhare School 1952 Log Book and History




To all those who have given photos and supplied information so enabling this history to be compiled from the start of the school in 1952, the committee’s grateful thanks.

December 1967

The committee wished to record a vote of thanks to Mrs B Dampney for her work on the school history, on behalf of the district.

March 1968



The finance for the school building was raised by the settlers of the Waihau district and was then built by a builder in 1930.

The site chosen for the building was in a Reserve on the farm owned by M. W H. Hartree, “Ngaroto”, Waihau.

The school building was moved from this site in 1952 and transported by truck to Waiwhare.

The original site chosen for the Waiwhare School was on Mr T F.  Fountaine’s property, then the present site was decided upon being half-way between “Waiwhenua”, “Omahaki” and “Waikonini”.

The school land was generously lent by Mr B. C. Ward.  A bus was purchased in 1951 by Messrs C Tolley, D Arthur, P Sheild and J Sheild to take the children to Otamauri School until Waiwhare School opened.


Ann Sheild
Christopher Sheild
Tim Sheild
Jane Sheild
Paul Sheild
Peter Arthur
Margie Arthur
Dennis Goulding
Daryl Marshall
Peter Kyle
Tony Drummond

Ann Sheild
Peter Arthur

Relieving Teacher until the end of the year from Otamauri was Mr W. George Lowe

F. Fountaine
O. Marshall


SEPTEMBER   15th: Official opening by Chairman Hawke’s Bay Education Board, Mr Sivewright and Secretary Manager, Mr Page


First principal, George Lowe, in an interview with Edmund Hillary after Everest expedition

1      5th Sept 1952.

Waiwhare School was opened with eleven pupils on the roll.  Ann Sheild, Chris Sheild, Tim Sheild, Jane Sheild, Paul Sheild, Peter Arthur, Margie Arthur, Dennis Goulding transferred from Otamauri School.

Daryl Marshall from Raureka, Tony Drummond from Correspondence and Peter Kyle a new entrant.

Relieving teacher appointed until the end of 1952 is Mr W. G. Lowe on leave from Otamauri School.

School stands on Waiwhare property owned by Mr Bernie Ward.  The name of the school comes from the property.  The building was transferred from a site across the Tutaekuri River and used to be called Ngaroto School.

Two school commissioners were appointed by the H. B. Education Board until the next election of school committee.  The commissioners are Mr Owen Marshall and Mrs Frank Fountaine.

All children are transported in a school bus owned partly by seven owners (John Sheild, Peter Sheild, Geoff Derbidge, John Tough, Owen Marshall, Jack Kyle, Bill Drummond) and driven by the teacher.  A daily mileage of some 42 miles.

2      15th Sept. 1952.
Official opening of the school by Chairman of the H. B. Education Board (Mr Sievewright) with Secretary & Manager (Mr Page) and Cook Supervisor (Mr Falconer).
A full gathering of parents filled the room to overflowing.  After a short ceremony afternoon tea was served followed by discussions for fencing, paths, shingle, concreting of a small quadrangle and the build of a shelter shed.

22nd Sept 1952.
Several children infected with influenza and teacher closed the school for 2½ days (18th 19th 20th) when he fell ill.

17th Oct. 1952.
Outbreak of mumps seven of the eleven children caught the disease.

20th Oct. 1952.
Mr Lewis (Chief Inspector) visited the school only four pupils present he intends to return.

3      31st Oct. 1952.
School Ball was held in conjunction with Pukehamoamoa, Sherenden and Otamauri Schools. Held in Sherenden Hall.  Folk dancing by children followed by ballroom dancing for parents.

31st Oct. 1952.
Cupboards (in porch) and library shelves were installed.  Fencing material delivered.  Boxing for the shingle path was placed by a Board workman.

3rd Nov. 1952.
Mr Ingram (Physical Education Instructor) visited the school and demonstrated ball handling progressions and balance form exercises.

20th Nov. 1952.
Shopping day and school closed.

24th Nov. 1952.
School painted by contractors.

4th Dec. 1952.
Inspection visit (Mr Gardner) 9 am. until 11.15 am.

4      6th Dec. 1952.
Inventory of garden tools – supplied by Board.

2 steel spades
1 large garden fork
1 rake
1 push hoe
1 chop hoe
2 trowels
3 small hand forks
1 steel wheelbarrow

1 axe, 1 saw, 1 broom, 1 coir mat, 1 mop, purchased with £5 setting up grant.

Physical Education equipment
12 rubber tennis balls
7 skipping ropes
1 Swedish balance bench
1 tumbling mat
1 thermometer, 1 barometer supplied by Board – delivered 18th Oct. 1952.

5      18th Dec. 1952.
School break up ceremony attended by parents of the children and other interested people.  Mrs Tolley presented the school prizes.

19th Dec. 1952.
School closes for summer vacation.
Mr. W. K. Foster has been appointed permanently to this position and begins duties Feb. 1953.
The relieving teacher’s duties end to-day.

W. G. Lowe

1952 log book entries by George Lowe

Some of the Otamauri School pupils who came to Waiwhare:

L to R:  Ann Sheild, George (Chris) Sheild, Margie Arthur, Des McDonald, Terry McDonald, Graeme Tolley, Jeanette Sargisson, Sharron Bray, Paul Sheild, Jane Sheild.

Early school buildings

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