Waiwhare School 1989 Letters

Waiwhare School,
R.d. 9,
24th July 1989

Dear Constable Simmons [Simmonds],

I loved the trip on Friday. The part I liked best was the watch house. I liked it because it had so much technology to see. The Court house was neat too. Police are not as thought they would be. They don’t always carry guns. They help people mostly. I learnt more about police on our trip. I liked the ride in the police car. Thanks a whole lot for organising the day for us. The tug was good as well.

Yours sincerely
Callum McRae

Waiwhare School
24th July 1989

Dear Constable Campbell,

Thankyou for showing us the cells. On our trip to the court, I was sentenced to fourteen years of […]. So I wouldn’t like to go to jail. So I think I’ll stay good for ever. The verandah was a pretty rotten place to get some fresh air. The new police cars are flash. After we went to Pizza Hut, we went to the playground. Then we went to the tug boat. We saw the engine that went under water. The tug boat was also a fire boat. It had a big cannon on top of the tug. There was another tug that was twice as small as the tug that we were on. There was a super phosphate ship that was unloading super phosphate. There were cranes that unloaded the phosphate. The truck went under the bunkers that’s where the crane unloaded the phosphate. Then we went home.

Yours sincerely   Neil Fountaine

Waiwhare school,
R.D. 9
Hastings .
24th July 1989

Dear Mr. campbell,

Thankyou for showing us the things you use in emergencies and for giving us some of your equipment. I like the loud siren and the control room. I would like to be an ambilance [ambulance] person when I grow up. I like the microphone. Thank you for everthing.

Your sincerely.   Berett [Brett] Gunson.

Waiwhare School,
R.D. 9,
24th July 1989

Dear Constable Campbell

Thank you for showing us around the jail in the police station. The jail was uncomfortable there. It would be nice if we could go there again some time. We went to the Cor [Court] house with Constable Simmons [Simmonds]. Then we went to the police station where we went to the police jails. Then we went to pizza Hut for lunch. We went to the beach for a walk and I found a crab leg and then we went to the tug and there was a ship unloading super-phosphat [superphosphate]. Constable Simmons makes a good waiter in restaurants. Then we went to the cars and went home.

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Clarke.

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Letters written by Waiwhare School children after trip to Napier police station, courthouse and port

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Waiwhare School

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24 July 1989

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