Your Leisure Hours


A Review of Some of the Interesting and Worthwhile Sports and Hobbies Available to Young People in Hastings

Produced and distributed free by the Hastings Rotary Club in association with District Organisations.

To All Our Young People…

This booklet has been designed for all those just leaving school. It is meant to provide “stepping stones” for young citizens on their entry into the adult world.

Study the contents – every entry represents an adult organisation that extends a welcoming hand to the young citizen.

When you have made your choice look up the secretary’s name and address on the enclosed loose sheet.

Contact the Secretary, go along, if you like it, join up.

If you have an interest that is not mentioned, just contact the Public Relations Officer (listed herein) and he will be pleased to help you.

The citizens of Hastings look with pride on their young citizens just entering the adult life of the community. The future and the future of your own children will soon be in your hands.

We wish you a very happy future.

Mayor’s Parlour
June, 1971

Youth today are a splendid band of young people, despite many wagging tongues to the contrary. Rotary realises this and deserves our thanks for the publication of this booklet.

There is no doubt that in this age we have more leisure hours and in this book youth may, if they wish, learn where to spend these hours, so that their bodies may become physically fit and their minds keen and alert. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a most desirable achievement.

I take much. pleasure in recommending this book to all who are young enough in mind and body to enjoy life and all the activities, whether cultural, educational, religious or physical, covered by the Clubs and Organisations in this book.

I wish this venture all the success it deserves.


The Vicarage
June, 1971

Man has so devised his day that eight hours is devoted to work, eight hours to take his rest and eight hours for leisure time.

This booklet, which is the result of many hours of agonising research by members of a Committee of the Rotary Club of Hastings, headed by Frank Darroch, comes at a time when our communities are puzzling over the “so-called inadequacies of appropriate occupation” for our youth.

Here then, is something which will open up new vistas and wide horizons.

It is my pleasure and privilege to commend it.

Rotary Club of Hastings


Opened in 1969. Developed to the design of Commander Harris of world renown on golf course architecture. Situated approximately six miles West of Hastings in typical Hawke’s Bay country surroundings. A complete irrigation system has been installed to provide golf all the year round.- Greens have been sown with specially imported American grasses. The Club offers the very best in golfing facilities. Members are mostly young and have shown great enthusiasm in developing the course. New members are welcomed.

Pictured: Graham Marsh, the 1970 Watties Champion, putts on one of the new greens watched by the Club President J. S. Thompson and Vice-Presidents J. H. Holderness and P. A. Rogers.


H.B. BRANCH H.B. Youth For Christ is an interdenominational organisation which forms part of the network of Youth For Christ Rallies throughout New Zealand.

Here is an organisation comprising of young peole [people], who, while still being involved in their respective churches, combine together to present for young and old, gospel music of our time.

Musical Rallies are held every month and Youth Teas every Monday night.

For further information phone the Chairman.


The Hastings Skating Club, situated in Windsor Park, is known throughout New Zealand as one of the finest outdoor rinks in the country. Coaching is available for all grades of free skating and speed.

Public sessions are held on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons during the winter and on Thursday and Saturday evenings during the summer. Roller hockey is played on Monday evenings.


A folk singing and coffee evening is held on the first Sunday of every month at the Top Hat Ballroom, Napier.

Membership is $1.00 a year and in addition to local club benefits, entitles members to reductions at other New Zealand folk clubs, concerts by overseas folk artists in Napier and Hastings, and concession tickets and accommodation at major Folk Conventions held during the year.

Local folk singers are especially welcome and enquiries should be addressed to the Secretary.


Radio. A scientific hobby, a means of gaining personal skill in the art of electronics.

From a humble beginning early in the century Amateur Radio is growing into a group of trained operators, from whose ranks will come the communication specialists of tomorrow – just as many of today’s radio leaders first gained their experience by an early interest in Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio is well established in New Zealand with a National Body “The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters”, having its headquarters in Auckland and 65 branches throughout the country. These branches hold regular meetings to discuss and further the hobby. Several branches (including Hastings) have their own short wave stations to assist in the training of younger members.

Amateur Radio has an ever increasing demand for keen and enthusiastic youths for communications dealing with Search and Rescue work.


St. Matthew’s Parish will be pleased to help you join one of their well run clubs. The Ark Club, a group of young people, get together on alternate Wednesdays and its Coffee Bar is open on Friday and Sunday evenings after the evening service. The Drama Club meets on Tuesdays and Indoor Bowls on Mondays and Wednesdays and the Badminton Club on Thursdays. You might even like to have a try at the Choir on Thursdays. There are Scouts and Brownie’s Groups that might interest you. You are most welcome to ring the Secretary who will be pleased to help you.


The Leopard Indoor Basketball Club was formed in 1969 for the purpose of building a club spirit amongst junior and senior players, both men and women, as well as to foster the sport of basketball in Hastings.

The Club’s sportsmanship is renowned wherever its teams have appeared and this sportsmanship is a sound basis on which any young person can commence his or her working life.

“It matters not whether we won or lost but how we played the game.”


C-R-A-S-H! Another car wraps itself around a pole. There, within minutes the St. John Ambulance man!

C-R-U-N-C-H! Bones snap as the scrum -collapses. First on the field the St. John Ambulance man! Where the action is – that’s where you’ll find St. John men and women. If you’re seventeen and want to be where the action is – join the St. John Ambulance.Brigade. Pictured: St. John men free trapped workman.


Are you keen on the great outdoor life, a short time away from city life to get to know nature? This is what our Club can offer you in the mountains and also the beautiful native flora and trees, clean streams and native bush.

Young or old, fit or unfit, there are trips to cater for both young and old. From leisurely tramping you can move on if you wish to more serious and strenuous trips, such as snow and ice climbing and also mountain-face climbing or rock climbing. If you do become a member of this Club you will assist in the vital work of the “Search and Rescue Organisation”. If you would like to give it a go contact our Secretary.


Model Railways is more than just playing trains. Building the layout involves constructing the baseboards – laying the track the electrical wiring of the trackwork the making of buildings, etc., from raw materials or kits the laying out of the buildings into towns and general artwork in the construction of the scenery.

Operating the layout can be most interesting if prototype practice is followed by the use of timetables for train running.

The Club will arrange layout visits for Modellers from out of town.

If you are interested in modelling railways and wish to become a member then contact the Secretary who will be glad to assist you.


The Hawke’s Bay Rowing Club welcomes this opportunity of inviting young men to take part in this fine body building sport. It is an exhilarating recreation sport and the enjoyment of speeding a rowing skiff along the water is a fine experience. Besides rowing on the Ngaruroro River, crews are selected each year to train together and race at Regattas throughout the North Island. The sport requires hard work and enthusiasm, the rewards, mental and physical fitness and comradeship of a very high order.

If you would like to join us, or have a try out, contact our Secretary and he will furnish you with any information you might like to know.


Scouting – the largest and most progressive youth organisation in the world – offers outdoor activities, companionship and adventure for the older boy as well as his younger brothers.

Venturer Scouting – age 15 to 18 and Rover Scouting – age 18 to 23, offer a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities which in turn produce better citizens for the future.

Outdoors – Camping Tramping, Climbing, Canoeing, Bushcraft.

Public Service – Civil Defence, First Aid, Community Activities.

Adult Scout Leaders are largely made up from ex-Scouts and Rovers, but any man or woman interested should make enquiries. All enquiries are welcome. We have room for you all.



Do you ever ask yourself why you should become a member of the E-SU? If I’m not a Member – why should I join?

We hazard a guess that most people fully realise the purpose and intent of the E-SU. Maybe they have personal experience of its work a son or a daughter may have benefited from travel or exchange scholarships. Students themselves join to help others achieve the same benefits they have enjoyed. But few people are altruistic these days. There is a “what’s in it for me?” attitude to life. Well, what can the E-SU give you?

It gives you your own personal and individual chance to help the understanding between nations. As a side benefit there are stimulating companions, interesting conversation, the chance to learn what lies under the surface of world events.

The more members there are, the more the E-SU can fulfil its function to bring the English-speaking peoples of the world together in understanding by travel and education.

Other societies have similar aims, but the E-SU is unique because it does not confine itself to the United States or the Commonwealth, but embraces all English-speaking peoples, enabling the different nationalities to mix in comprehending friendship.

Of course it costs money to achieve these aims and many give generously and selflessly. What the E-SU does need is many more members to add their weight to national efforts. Will you tell your friends? Bring them in, let them share in the effort to create understanding and prevent intolerance.

When the only hope for world peace is world understanding the man in the street is inclined to shrug his shoulders and say, “What can I do about it?”

* English Speaking Union



In recent years no sport has made greater strides in the realm of popularity than the game of golf. Already selected as the venue for the 1967 New Zealand Amateur Tournament, the Hastings Golf Club’s course at Bridge Pa, five miles from the centre of Hastings, ranks as one of the finest in the country. Artificially-watered fairways provide members with all the year round playing facilties [facilities], so it is little wonder that the Club’s membership is bursting at the seams. Despite this, youth is welcomed and encouraged.


It’s not stuffy! ! The Junior Nationals are a party of 19-26 year olds seeking opportunities to share knowledge and see action in social and political endeavours. Meeting regularly, the group enjoys speakers, debates, films, dining, dancing, day and weekend trips to places of interest.



Whether you wish to just “keep fit” or become an accomplished gymnast, the Hastings Gymnastic Club can do the job for you. It is fully equipped and all apparatus is built to Olympic standard which is second to none: horizontal bar, two pair of parallel bars, rings, beam, vaulting horse, etc. There are three classes, Junior, Intermediate and Senior, and fees are the lowest in Hawke’s Bay. Remember that whatever job you do, you will do it better if you are fit. Gymnastics is, of course, one of the most competitive sports and is the biggest individual draw card at the Games. Apart from all this it’s a lot of fun come along and have a club night free of charge. Club nights are held at the Hastings Boys’ High School Gymnasium every Tuesday evening. All enquiries to the Secretary.


The aim of the “Group Theatre” is to give the young people a love for theatre with basic stage training. You do not need to be a first class speaker or actor to join the Group Theatre. The “Theatre” is not something new, it dates back as far as the 11th Century and still has a great future. So why not give it a try and come along to our quite modern new theatre at 407W Queen Street, Hastings, on Monday evenings.


The Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society is a nation-wide organisation of New Zealand people who are invited to advocate and obtain efficient protection for our New Zealand native birds and forests.

More than two-thirds of the original New Zealand forests have been destroyed. In many places the protection forest should never have been touched as they prevented erosion, loss of soil and disastrous floodings.

Imported animals have also caused widespread damage to our forests and grasslands: thus producing further erosion. Besides all this we should remember that three-quarters of all our New Zealand flowering plants and trees occur nowhere else in the world. Without our native birds the forests would not survive as the birds destroy the harmful insects and also help to propagate the trees by feeding on the seeds and berries.

As well as taking an active interest in the facets of the organisation as outlined, the Society conducts field days in the form of visiting bush reserves, planting trees, and also holds evening meetings where well known speakers give of their knowledge.

There is strength in numbers and the Society welcomes new members to help strengthen its voice in upholding the principals it stands for. The annual subscription is: Adult, $1.50; Family, $3.50; Junior (under 17), 75 cents.


The aims and objects of this Club are, first and foremost, to give interest and pleasure to it’s Members, and improve the behaviour of their dogs. Dog owners and dog lovers the world over have a common bond, and it is natural that they should be interested in an organisation where they can meet each other and have their dogs trained to be more obedient and interesting companions, and the growth and popularity of Dog Obedience Clubs in New Zealand over the past few years is proof of this.

Dogs of any breed six months old and over are recommended as suitable for training and the Members’ ages range from 10 years upward. The young Members are particularly welcome and they appear to derive a great deal of satisfaction from their Membership. The dogs receive training in general behaviour and may, if their owners so desire, go on to serious competitive work, which requires time and patience, but can be most rewarding.

You are invited to visit the Training Classes, where you may obtain any information required, or contact the Secretary.

Classes are held on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. at St. Leonards Park, Joll Road, Hastings, and at Whitmore Park, Nuffield Avenue, Napier.


MUSICA VIVA (H.B.) invites you to enrich your leisure hours with good music. We bring world class performers to give our subscription concerts in Hastings, and we encourage local groups to make and enjoy singing and instrumental music and listening to gramophone records.

Get details of our activities, concerts, and the Junior Subscription Rate for those 18 years or younger, from our Secretary, listed in this book.


Do you like to travel? Have limited funds held you back? Y.H.A. administer over 50 hostels in New Zealand, in which members can stay at a charge of 60c per night. These hostels are provided with facilities for cooking your own meals. Membership is international and members may use the hostels in 40 countries throughout the world.

Hawke’s Bay has two hostles [hostels], Clive and Tutira. Meetings are held at Clive Hostel, Farndon Domain, Clive. Trips are organised whenever possible, both local and weekend trips to other hostels. Membership is open to all over the age of five years.


Model aircraft making is an interesting hobby. Our Club caters for all ages and also for the beginner. Although Radio Control is the main outlet we have members experienced in all other branches. The flying takes place at Chatham Road (formerly Irongate Road) beyond the polo grounds. It is a worthwhile hobby and you can later learn how the modern jet airliner works and the other things about aviation.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact our Secretary and he will be glad to help you.


The Club, with a membership of 93, is one of the most vigorous and progressive clubs in New Zealand, and is classed in the top 12 of New Zealand. It provides an excellent opportunity for young people to learn everything there is to learn about Photography – cameras films, exposure meters, flash units, slide copying, printing, developing, enlarging and many more subjects are taught and discussed, demonstrated and lectured upon.

Photography is an art, and young people are taught so that their photography leaves the snap shot stage and develops into artistic achievements.

The Club has club competitions, inter-club and New Zealand and also international competitions which even you can qualify for. You will make friends with whom you can share their knowledge. Contact the local Secretary of the Club who will warmly welcome you.


Membership – Is open to all, men and women, boys and girls. Many of the Clubs and classes are co-ed. Members may specialise in one activity or participate in several.

Headquarters – Situated in Railway Road, Hastings, the Y.M.C.A. offers one of the finest stadiums in the country for Indoor Recreational Activity.

Activities – Indoor Basketball; Indoor Tennis; Weight Training; Camping; Keep Fit Classes, Men and Women; Clubs, Boys and Girls; Y’s Men’s Service Club and Social Activity; Gymnastics; Badminton; Judo/Karate; Leadership Training.


The Havelock North Leo Club welcomes the opportunity to invite young men and women, aged 15 to 21 years, to join them in their social activities to Leadership, Experience and Opportunity in serving the community.

For further information contact the Secretary.


Hockey is an exciting team sport in which small size is no bar in reaching the top. A team game offers you sport and also the opportunity to develop friendship that will bring pleasure in later years. The Hastings sub-association controls both men’s and women’s hockey in this district. We have nine clubs including school teams, making up 26 teams. The season starts April through to September, and games are played at Windsor Park, our home ground. Hockey is a fast sport and growing in popularity. So if you would like to give it a go, contact our Secretary who will make you most welcome.


You don’t have to be a soloist or even an advanced player to enjoy performing music! With even a very moderate skill on an orchestral instrument you can gain immense fun through playing with others.

The Hastings District Junior Orchestral Society is composed mainly of young adults, the majority in their teens. On Saturday mornings they meet in the comfortable club room of the Girls’ Friendly Society under the baton of Mrs. Stewart Dunn, their conductor-tutor.


The Hastings Harrier Club is open to young and old from 11 years upwards. We have many interesting cross-country courses over which we run on Saturday afternoons during the winter months.

Running is a healthy outdoor sport which promotes good fellowship and new friends. We have Club Rooms on Windsor Park (Grove Road) where you will be welcome anytime. All you require is a black singlet, black shorts and a pair of sandshoes. For further information contact the Secretary, P.O. Box 673, Hastings, or call at our Club Rooms any Saturday.


Headquarters: Waimarama Beach.

Aims: (1) To train young men in the skills of Surf Life-saving and thus be able to provide Waimarama Beach with a Life-saving Patrol. (2) To compete in Surf Carnivals at both local and national levels. (3) To provide a healthy activity for the young men of the community.

General: The Club has a large clubhouse at Waimarama Beach with both sleeping and cooking facilities. The subscriptions for the year are very low and the Club survives mainly on donations and raffles. Training is done at the beach on weekends and at the St. Joseph’s Baths in the centre of Hastings. It is important to note that a boy only has to be an average swimmer to belong to the club successfully. Further information is obtainable from the Secretary.


Indoor basketball is run in Hastings, in the Y.M.C.A., for all ages. School children have their competition on Friday nights while the Senior competition is held on two nights each week with teams being graded according to ability and playing on a championship basis with trophies being awarded at the end of each season.

Training times are provided on suitable nights and coaching is available on request.

The winter season runs from March until October with a summer competition from November until March so that basketball is available throughout the year.

All interested players, past, present or future, are requested to call at the Y.M.C.A. (or telephone) for further information.



Jaycee is a young man’s civic organisation designed as a training ground for citizenship. It is open to all young men between the ages of 18 and 40 regardless of colour, creed, race or type of work.

A Jaycee Club is called a Chapter and each Chapter, besides holding regular meetings, conducts courses in Public Speaking, Chairmanship and Meeting Procedure. Debating and Oratory Competitions are held on a local and inter-Chapter basis. Members are also encouraged to participate in, and organise, projects to help the Chapter and the community.

Any young men between the above age group are most welcome to contact the Secretary for further information.


Deerstalking is a fast growing sport in New Zealand and is enjoyed by both young and old, the New Zealand Association has well over seven thousand members. The aims of the Deerstalking Clubs are the fostering and preservation of the sport in New Zealand as well as Bushcraft.

Junior members are accepted at minimum subscriptions from about 14 years of age and special attention is given to them on their education and participation in deerstalking and hunting. Club meetings are held in the Miniature Rifle Club Rooms in Hastings Street South. For further information contact the Secretary.


The fine sport of netball for schoolgirls and young women has now become one of New Zealand’s top-line sports. The Association has adopted international rules and thus have entered into international play. 1963 was the first time in New Zealand netball history, that the Association sent a team to the International Tournament held in Great Britain, where teams from all over the world were taking part.

Netball is a fine sport for girls of all ages and adds much to the recreational side of life. The games are played at Windsor Park, entrance Sylvan Road.


There’s a lot of enjoyment to be obtained from performing in a group and the Hastings Citizens Band offers a. unique opportunity to boys, particularly for this type of public service. The City’s Brass Band is. called upon ‘to’ perform many varied functions and in this way contributes in a very real sense to the entertainment of citizens. The band provides a free course of instruction by experts in this particular field and young people prepared to work at the business of learning a brass instrument will be amazed at the pleasure which can be obtained by so doing. It offers a chance to meet people, provides good companionship, and presents an opportunity for service. In addition the ability to play often leads to advantages over others which becomes more apparent as your efficiency improves. Instruments and uniforms are provided and you are invited to contact those named on the enclosed sheet for any further information. This is an opportunity which provides an interesting challenge to the young man of today.


Hunting of course is one of the oldest sports in the world and is still very well favoured among many of its followers. It is a sport which gives so much to its members: A combination of sportsmanship, skill and pleasure. There are so many pleasures in this sport: The anticipation; the thrill of riding to hounds and watching them work as a pack with astounding skill; the sound of their music and the hunting horn; jumping fences which requires courage and ability; and galloping over open country to keep with the hounds; the thrill of horsemanship between horse and rider; the friendship made between other fellow huntsmen; and when the day is over there is plenty to talk about of the day’s sport. This sport is one of which one may spend his/her leisure hours in the long winter months out in the clean country air. If you would like to know more contact the Hastings Secretary.


This is a personal invitation to every young adult to participate in a sport suited to today’s pace of living.

One of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand, Squash gives in the minimum time. Play when YOU want to, with whom YOU want to; 365 days a year.

Competition is available at the Club, District, National and even those who desire a wider range of outlets.

We have 52 Club Nights a year, every Tuesday from 7.30 p.m., so come along, bring a friend, we’d like to see you.



The Chamber of Commerce is an organisation whose membership is drawn from all sections of the business community and because of variety of members, can speak with a united voice in community affairs.

The Chamber of Commerce is regarded as the “watchdog” of the business community and it stoutly advocates and defends the principle of private enterprise. It is very much concerned with the fairness of such things as taxation, customs, legislation and so on.

Just as important, however, is the belief which the Chamber holds, that in order for business to prosper, it is necessary to have an attractive community for people to live. Therefore, the Chamber takes a very active interest in the affairs of its community and district, in order to help in erecting a desirable place in which to work and live.

Through its membership of Associated Chambers of Commerce, individual members of the local Chamber are provided with an avenue through which they can, in fact, help to influence major national decisions.

The Chamber is always alert to its responsibility for ensuring a forward looking policy designed to benefit those who follow in the future and to this extent is always receptive to the views of young citizens, from whom membership enquiries are always welcome.


The H.A.A. & C.C. conducts sport meetings under floodlight every Tuesday evening between 1st November and 31st March. The venue is Nelson Park, Hastings, and starting time is 7 p.m. This same park is open for training purposes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 5.30 p.m. until 9 p.m. and the club has coaches available to assist athletes in any events at these sessions. The level of coaching ranges from instruction for beginners to individual attention for keen experienced athletes.

The Club registrations and fees are very modest and the Club’s equipment, both for training and competition, is up to date and in good condition.

Newcomers are warmly welcomed and if desired are allowed two week’s training and competition before being required to take up membership.


The objects of the Society are: To keep alive among Scots and their descendants a love for Scotland, her History and Traditions; to encourage Scottish dancing and music; to promote good fellowship; and co-operate with similar Societies elsewhere. Enquiries from young citizens are welcomed. A Monthly Dance is held at St. John’s Hall, on the last Saturday of each month, except January, when a Burns Supper, with Dance to follow, is held.


What a fascinating hobby Birds can be!

Are you interested in the breeding and exhibiting of Poultry, Pigeons or Cage Birds? If so kindly contact our Secretary.

Our Annual Show is held in June each year.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except January), at the Secretary’s residence.


The Hawke’s Bay Scottish Pipe Band was first formed in 1948, under Pipe Major Creighton, N. M. Baird, and J. R. Baird, the present Drum Major.

Since 1951 the Band has been competing at Dominion and Provincial Contests, thereby improving the standard of Music and Marching. This has been encouraging to young players, who are given free tuition under capable instructors.

The Band play for local Parades, Marching Teams, and other organisations. If you are interested in playing or assisting, your enquiry will be welcomed by the Secretary.


Marching is a wholly New Zealand founded sport and was first started in the 1930’s as an Inter-House sport with marching as only a part of the day’s activities. It is now a very fine sport for the girls’ figure and posture. In fact many girls who have marched for some time now have a beautiful posture.

Marching these days is divided into three grades. Midgets, 8 to 12 years old; Juniors, 12 to 15 years old; and Seniors, 15 years onwards. A team needs an instructor and chaperone. These people have to have a good knowledge of marching and uniforms.

Each Association holds competitions during the season and the Centre runs the Centre Championships. The New Zealand Marching Association holds a N.Z. Championship for each grade.

In addition to competition marching, teams are called on to assist local community service organisations and school committees by providing girls for street marches and field displays.


Soccer is the Game – from age 15 to 50 – it’s a game of skill rather than a game of strength – interested Then get in touch with the Secretary.

Soccer Referees Association are always interested in potential or experienced referees. Secretary will welcome your enquiry.


With fencing, Karate is probably the oldest martial art, that is to say, the oldest fighting technique. For Judo, the creation of Dr. Jigoro Kano, dates back 80 years (1882); Ju-Jitsu dates back 250 years (the Kodokan archives show the first signs of its existence in 1648); Karate goes back to the earliest written records on earth, the Chinese texts of some 3000 years ago. They tell of this “technique intended to maintain the body and spirit in condition solely through teaching the means of fighting with arms or without arms”. “Empty Hand” or “Chinese Boxing” are the translations of the names generally used in China or other countries of the East where this technique is term Karate, which means “empty hand”.

The Self Defence branch that we teach here at our dojo is a combination of both Judo and Karate.

For a safe, healthy, vigorous sport, try Judo/Karate.


This Council has been established for some 12 years for the organisation and control of Soccer for boys in Junior and Youth groups.

Teams are established at all schools and under four clubs – Wanderers (Havelock North), Leopard United, Hastings H.S.O.B. and Watties (Hastings).

Club teams train under lights at times which are convenient to most players.

The headquarters for Hastings Soccer are situated at St. Leonard’s Park, Joll Road, but Junior Soccer is established most strongly at St. Leonard’s, where most modern facilities are available. Grounds are also used at Frimley, Akina and Anderson Park (Havelock North).

Hastings is rapidly becoming the stronghold of provincial Soccer, with some 40 teams playing every Saturday.

Inter-town and inter-provincial matches are a regular feature of the local scene.

A progressive coaching scheme is in operation and the Council is always on the lookout for young people to assist with team management and refereeing as well as players.



Gliding offers a clean, healthy sport from which you can learn Great Self Reliance – soaring high above the earth you can soon become accustomed to making quick decisions. Gliding is forever challenging and every flight is different, you can cruise from thermal to thermal, reach great heights in wave lift or have the satisfaction of accomplishing a cross country flight.

Gliding is not an expensive sport and any of the sexes may join, you will also enjoy the teamwork and fellowship within the Club. If you are interested, contact the Secretary.


It is not generally known that flying is a sport within the reach of every young man. It can be an absorbing hobby and is not as costly as most people imagine, you can learn to PILOT an aircraft for as little as thirty pounds. You can enjoy the thrills of being able to fly and gain tremendous satisfaction in your own skill and ability.

You are always welcome at our Club Headquarters at the Bridge Pa Aerodrome an initial flight may lead you to an exciting sport or even a career in aviation.


Working within this Centre are six Sub-Centres – Hastings, Havelock North, Maraekakaho, Elsthorpe, Waimarama and Poukawa. These Sub-Centres are responsible for the organisation of fund-raising and local welfare work, and all share in such services as Meals-on-Wheels and Hospital Library. They work also to provide clothing and other material for use by the New Zealand Welfare Team in Vietnam in their care of refugees. New members will be welcomed by all the Sub-Centres; the annual subscription is 50 cents. Any further information will be gladly supplied at Red Cross House.

JUNIOR RED CROSS, the youth section of the New Zealand Red Cross Society is active in schools in Hastings City Area and in Hastings Country Districts. This work is recognised by the Department of Education as a valuable adjunct to the school syllabus. The main objectives are to inspire youth with the ideals of Red Cross and to provide them with opportunities to give service to the handicapped, aged and sick in the community. Instruction is given in First Aid, Health and Hygiene, Care of the Sick and Accident Prevention. Funds are raised for relief in New Zealand and for Red Cross overseas projects. International friendship is fostered by exchange of friendship albums and stamp-cards and by sending gifts for children in less privileged countries.



The S.P.C.A. is a world-wide organisation formed solely to care for, and prevent cruelty to, all animals.

Monies for the upkeep of same are derived from subscriptions, donations and grants from local bodies. A small portion of this money is used to retain an Inspector, whose duty it is to see that the aims of the Society are faithfully maintained. Homes are found for as many animals as can be placed, and where funds allow, small Hospitals and Clinics are built; ambulances are used for the transport of sick and injured animals.

If you have a love for animals and would like to assist you will be most welcome.


Hastings Scottish Country Dance Club meets every Wednesday night from March to November in the Oddfellows Hall, Ellison Road, at 8 p.m. High School children, teenagers and adults combine for a good evening’s dancing. Tuition is given to beginners. Charge: Adults, 25 cents; school children, 15 cents; supper supplied.


The Girl Guide Association invites girls between the ages of 14 and 19 years to join one of the Hastings Ranger Guide Service Units. The Ranger Branch of the Girl Guide Movement has a great deal to offer you. At weekly meetings held in the Ranger Hut, Frimley Park, and at St. Matthews, a wide variety of activities takes place. Training is given in such subjects as First Aid, Maori Lore, Fire Prevention and Grooming and Beauty Care to name only a few. In addition Rangers take part in Community Service. For girls who enjoy outdoor life there are opportunities to join hikes and camping trips.

You do not need to have been a member of the Guide Movement previously.

The Hastings Ranger Guide Service Units welcome inquiries which should be made to the Secretary.


Our Society was formed twenty-one years ago and today is one of the most enterprising Companies in New Zealand, producing some of the finest musical shows written, including two New Zealand premieres, “Can Can” and “Hello Dolly”.

To produce, build and present a stage show, many talents are required and interesting and varied opportunities arise first we appoint the Producer, Musical Director, Choreographer and assistants; then the Production Team, Wardrobe, Scenic Designer, Builders, Painters, Property Manager, Mechanists, Sound Effects, Call Stewards, Make-up, Prompts, Dressers, etc. All these people have assistants and give training to those who wish to learn Stage Craft.

Every encouragement is given to those who wish to take part in a production. Principal Singers, Comedy roles, Dancing and Chorus work are offered here again training is given.

Our Company is well established with it’s own hall in Davis Street, Hastings. Our aim is to present the best in live theatre to the public of Hawke’s Bay . . . and we would welcome you as a member. Our Secretary will welcome any enquiries.


Founded in 1944 The Society is an organisation to facilitate the interchange of information and comment between all persons interested in the design, construction, operation, and development of New Zealand and other railways, their locomotives, and other equipment; to assist toward the preservation of material which will be of historic interest; and to foster an intelligent interest in railways generally.

To these ends, the active support of all who are interested in the attainment of these objects is constantly sought. Applications for membership are invited from people in all walks of life. Young people attending school or college may apply for junior membership.

Other activities of the Society include the circulation of railway and locomotive photographs and magazines among interested members, and the arrangement by Branches of the Society in several centres of meetings for talks and discussions, film and slide evenings, and outings to places of railway interest.


A National Rural Youth Movement for young men from 14 to 30 years of age, offering Sponsored Overseas Trips, Agricultural Scholarships, Leadership Training, Stock and Pasture Judging, Shearing, Public Speaking, Debating, Sports and Social Activities.

Clubs are situated at – Eskview, Matapiro, Haumoana, Patoka, Waimarama, Maraekakaho, Napier and Hastings Boys’ High Schools and Lindisfarne College.

For particulars apply to the District Secretary.


Never let it be said that there is “Nothing to do in Hastings”.

Over the past years our Company has presented a variety of productions, including Gilbert & Sullivan, popular Operettas, and now an added attraction for Christmas, all the fun of a Pantomime.

If you like to sing, act, dance, or become a member of the “Chorus”, (particularly boys and men) we welcome you.

Perhaps working back stage would appeal more? Wardrobe, properties, scenery, make-up, etc.; these are all vital parts for any show that are needed for a successful production. Age is no barrier.

We stage our productions in the Municipal Theatres, both Hastings and Napier. Do remember that to be a participant is so rewarding and without you there wouldn’t be a show.

Shall we see you in our next production? We hope so.

Phone our Secretary who will be very pleased to supply you with any further information.


We are embarking on a campaign to increase membership – we cordially invite you to join us in this very interesting and colourful hobby.

Our Society has much to offer you in the way of Philatelic knowledge, interesting talks and displays by members and guest speakers, auctions, Baker Cup Competition, educational programmes and many other subjects of interest.

The Society hold regular meetings at the Old Folks’ Association, Heretaunga Street E.

Your membership entitles you to our Newsletter and frequent Circuit Books.

We meet in the Old Folks’ Rooms, Heretaunga Street E., on the third Wednesday of the month, at 7.45 p.m. Interested? The Secretary awaits your call.


1.   This booklet took 3 years to prepare the first printing. It took 12 months to prepare this second printing.
2.   Approximately 120 organisations qualify for entry in the booklet.
3.   Every endeavour has been made by telephone, letter, press and personal contact, to solicit the necessary information. The High Schools provided teams of volunteers to seek and obtain the facts. Special thanks to Mrs. L. M. J. Bickerstaff without whose time and patience this booklet would not have reached publication.
4.   In spite of all this effort, many organisations have not responded and we regret having to go to print without them.
5.   It is hoped to print the booklet every three years.
6.   The loose sheet listing Secretaries, will be brought up to date each year before the booklet is distributed.
7.   Will those listed please make a note to advise the Public Relations Officer each year.
8.   Those not listed should advise the Public Relations Officer each year of their Secretary’s name and address and they will at least appear on the loose sheet, pending full entry in the next print.

Box 730 Hastings
Phone 83-029 Hastings

Frank Darroch


Public Relations for a community is a job of service, and is becoming more and more necessary as commerce, industry and related jobs become more specialised.

To perform efficiently a community public relations office has to retain and have available for quick reference very complete and up to date information on the widest possible spectrum of the City’s activities, be they social, business or industrial, carried on within the City’s boundaries.

Also the people directly involved in operating public relations must have wide experience and the ability to very quickly sift the important factors from the unimportant, in so far as the essential facts necessary to retain from the mass of information that is compiled.

This service of Public Relations relies to a very large degree on the co-operation of many people and all organisations within a City.

In the work of a Community Public Relations Officer in Hastings I have been very fortunate in receiving the co-operation of many people, as private citizens and as members of various organisations, and my office does have the information and ability to advise many people on a very wide variety of subjects.

For you, the readers of this article, who will be the leaders of commerce and industry in our City tomorrow, this service is available at any time that you wish to talk over the many associated problems of social activity, employment, and future prosperity. We may not know the answers immediately but our records and our communications with all levels of business in this City are such that I can assure you we will find the answer in a very short time.

A very warm welcome is extended for you to call at my office and make use of this Public Relations Service at any time.



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