Oral history, family history book "Recollections of an Era"; East Coast Women's Bowling Club book compiled from minutes 1944-2000

Alex Wilton

Alex Wilton as a young man and Flaxmere Golf Champion

Alex Wilton and Family

Alex, Ethel (mother) and Bertha (sister) Wilton

Army Corps

Area 7 Corp of Signals

Basketball Team

State Advances basketball team


Photo caption – “Our first Westshore Brownie Pack already for their first concert”


Neroli and Margaret Wilton in Brownies uniform


Mail trucks used by Alex Wilton for his rural delivery mail and freight run

1 –

Signs on truck –


2 –

Mail truck used for carting gear and camping


Photo caption – “Our Model A with the dicky seat. Dad, my Godmother Ada Ford, Mum & I.”

John Speakman, Ada Ford, Mildred Speakman; Margaret Speakman in front

Earthquake Scene 1931

Photo caption – “Canvas town where we lived for a little ‘till we went to Wellington. Nan & I sitting in the middle”

Margaret Wilton with her grandmother, Joan Fail, in McLean Park, Napier, where they camped overnight.

Earthquake Scene 1931

Earthquake scene in 1931

East Coast Women's Bowling Club


AGM – Annual General Meeting
Asscn – Association
BC – Bowling Club
ECWBC – East Coast Women’s Bowling Centre
HB – Hawke’s Bay
HBWBA – Hawke’s Bay Women’s Bowling Association
IWBB – International Women’s Bowling Board
NZ – New Zealand
NZBA – New Zealand Bowling Association
NZWBA – New Zealand Women’s Bowling Association
NZWBUA – New Zealand Women’s Bowling Umpires’ Association
R/U –

Ethel and Bertie Wilton

Ethel and Bertie Wilton, parents-in-law of Margaret Wilton

Humber Car

Margaret Speakman (baby) held by Joan Fail, mother of Mildred Speakman at right; Humber car 40-965

John and Mildred Speakman 1955

Photo caption – “The last photos of my Dad taken with Mum, Neroli & John 1955”

Taken Labour Weekend 1955 at Howick, Auckland – John Speakman was killed in an accident late 1955 when the post and telegraph pole he was working on snapped and fell to the ground.

John Speakman

John Speakman, father of Margaret Wilton, about 1915

Kingsford-Smith Visit to Napier 1928

“Southern Cross”, the plane of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith who came to Napier Airport after celebrating the first Trans-tasman flight to New Zealand, 1928

Margaret and Alex Wilton

Margaret and Alex Wilton at the wedding of Alex’s sister, Stella

Margaret and Alex Wilton 1990

Margaret and Alex Wilton 1990

Margaret Joan Wilton Interview

Margaret Wilton

1 – Girl Guide Presentation after 40 years of service

2 – Rearing to go, 1980