Catalogue Sileni Estates 2001


30th April 2001

Estelle & Bruce Martin
Kamaka Pottery
64 Valentine Road
RD5 Hastings

Dear Estelle & Bruce,

Thank you for confirming your intent to exhibit at the Sileni ‘Food, Wine & Art’ exhibition for three weeks from Friday 15th June to Sunday 8th July. We are very grateful for your support.

We have to date, received positive interest from 15 artists covering a variety of mediums, which is particularly encouraging.

I have attached a Participation Form for your review and completion. This memo explains how we intend to operate the exhibition, and what we require from you to assist in the pre opening set up.

May I re emphasise that all individual art pieces are to depict food and wine and its enjoyment, which could also include vineyards & winery buildings or other themes related to food and wine. We have already begun promoting the exhibition through various media, under the heading of:
Sileni ‘Food, Wine & Art’ Exhibition
(in conjunction with Hawke’s Bay Winter Arts Festival)

We provide the following guidelines as to how we intend to manage the exhibition, but any suggestions you have are most welcome.

a/ Each piece is to be named/titled: dimensions provided: with price you require if it is for sale. If not intended for sale please advise Not For Sale clearly next to the details of that particular piece on the attached form.
(Dimensions are important to allow us to develop a floor plan on placement of each piece, prior to set up)

b/ We will operate as a gallery regards commission on sold pieces. Our commission will be lower than the average gallery percentage, and will be added to the nett price you provide.

c/ Based on the sale price per piece we can then provide an estimated value for the total exhibition for insurance purposes.

TELEPHONE +64 6 879 8768 FACSIMILE +64 6 879 7187

d/ All pieces in the exhibition will be fully insured and all pieces protected with dust covers (as appropriate) outside of exhibition hours.

e/ Sale of art works during the exhibition will be made at a sales desk. We would ask the purchaser to allow the work to remain in the exhibition until the end of the festival. Local purchasers can return to collect after the exhibition closes. If the piece is to be sent out of the region, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange freight at their cost to the ultimate buyer. We suggest a freight charge be added to the purchase price.

f/ Art pieces not delivered personally to Sileni, can be freighted as under:
Penny Brisco, Sileni Estates, 2016 Maraekakaho Road, RD1 HASTINGS Telephone (06) 879 8768

The exhibitor is responsible for the safe packing and freight charges of pieces submitted for the exhibition.

Sileni will bear the cost of return freight of any pieces unsold or not for sale, submitted from those exhibitors not resident in Hawke’s Bay.

Pieces delivered personally need to be received by Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th June between 10am and 5pm. (We would prefer not to have to store pieces too far in advance).

g/ We would welcome your personal attendance if feasible. Please complete the attached form.

h/ Your help with provision of some names and addresses of your good contacts would be appreciated. We contemplate a launch cocktail function and wish to compile an invitation to this, as well of course, to the exhibition itself. (This list will be received in the confidence it is given, and not used or disclosed to other parties).

We would appreciate receiving your confirmation response by Friday 11th May as catalogue formatting, appearance schedules and media releases all have planning deadlines of mid May.

Thank you for your interest in this inaugural exhibition by invitation. Through your decision to participate, we are confident of its success. That support is truly appreciated. We want to make the exhibition a regular major event on the art calendar.


P Brisco
Penny Brisco
Business Administration Manager


Welcome to the Sileni ‘Food, Wine & Art’ Exhibition
(in conjunction with the Winter Arts Festival 2001)

Papier Mâché Artist
Self taught, Joce’s work combines sculpture, design and painting all in one piece, using cheerful colours and themes. Permanently exhibits in Auckland and Queenstown Galleries. Has exhibited in Hawke’s Bay. Auckland based artist.
1   WINE LOVERS   (72cm x 54cm)   $390.00
2   FILL EVERY GLASS FOR WINE   (60cm x 60cm)   $390.00
3   WINE MAKETH GLAD THE HEART   (80cm x 52cm)   $585.00
4   CHAMPAGNE IS THE ONLY WINE   (80cm x 58cm)   $585.00
5   BACCHUS PLAQUE   (53cm x 45cm)   $325.00
6   VINTAGE CELEBRATION PLAQUE   (61cm x 42cm)   $325.00

Watercolours and Pastels
Exhibits regularly in Electra Gallery, Waipukurau. Has entered past Norsewear Art Awards, and now exhibits in conjunction with other artists. Has painted for 11 years.
7   THE TASTE OF WINE   (50cm x 62cm)   $325.00
8   ENJOYING THE ATMOSPHERE   (70cm x 48cm)   $615.00

Working as a freelance photographer in the early 80’s mainly as a sports photographer in Auckland, Grants ongoing interest in photography is now recreational. Now a winemaker by profession, Grant chooses to live in the Hawke’s Bay wine region.
9   AIX en PROVENCE, RHONE VALLEY, FRANCE   (40cm x 28cm)   $250.00
10   BARRELS UNION DES PRODUCTEURS – ST EMILION   (40cm x 28cm)   $250.00
11   HOSPICE de BEAUNE, FRANCE   (35cm x 25cm)   $250.00


Acrylic on Canvas
Commissioned artist at Sileni. Jane’s work is within private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, U.K. and Europe. Her main source of ideas come from life in Hawke’s Bay.
12   AUTUMN HARVEST I   (770mm x 600mm)   $1700.00
13   AUTUMN HARVEST II   (770mm x 600cm)   Not for Sale
14   AFTER CHAMPAGNE   (2m x 1200mm)   $6500.00
15   SPECIAL OCCASION   (Commissioned by Sileni)   Not for sale. Prints available

Acrylic on Paper or Canvas
An established Hawke’s Bay artist, Brenda has used a variety of mediums but currently works with watercolour or acrylic. Influenced by Hawkes Bay’s landscape and its strong seasonal colours. Co-founder, administrator and exhibitor of the Norsewear Art Awards, for 15 years.
16   FRUITS OF WINTER I   (60cm x 95cm)   $910.00
17   FRUITS OF WINTER II   (60cm x 95cm)   $910.00
18   RED LETTER DAY   (76cm x 45cm)   $780.00

Acrylic on Canvas
In changing from watercolour to current medium, Sarah enjoys the larger scale works possible with acrylic. Subjects are predominantly landscapes and still life. Has had both solo and joint exhibitions throughout New Zealand. Painting fulltime, Sarah has work in private collections in both New Zealand and overseas.
19   WAITING   (83cm x 83cm)   $1950.00
20   CULINARY DELIGHTS   (83cm x 90cm)   $2080.00


Acrylic on Canvas
Originally working with surface design on silk, Jude began painting with acrylics to prepare for a 10 day Dick Frizzell painting school in Tuscany, in June 2000. Has exhibited locally. In 1997 she gained a Norsewear Art “Merit Award” for silk painting.
21   BELUGA CAVIAR   (28.5cm x 59cm)   $390.00
22   SEVRUGA CAVIAR   (28.5cm x 59cm)   $390.00
23   OSETR CAVIAR   (28.5cm x 59cm)   $390.00
24   GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT   (40cm x 50cm)   $455.00
25   VIDE TON VERRE PLEIN   (35.5cm x 46cm)   $360.00

Kevin became seriously involved in wine photography in the late 1980s. Since then he has had his work in publications throughout New Zealand as well as internationally His photographs are represented in the UK by the Cephas Picture Library. Having studied winemaking at Roseworthy Agricultural College in Australia, he now chooses to live amongst the vineyards of Marlborough.
26   DAWN FROST, BRANCOTT VALLEY 3/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00
27   PINOT LEAVES, VALHALLA VINEYARD 2/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00
28   GIMBLETT GRAVELS FROM ROYS HILL 1/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00
29   PINOT SECOND SET 3/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00
30   CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00
31   RIESLING 3/20   (750mm x 750mm print, limited edition)   $1350.00


Acrylic on canvas
Self taught, Victoria is passionate about all aspects of art, painting & sculpturing. Holds a Diploma in Performing Arts, and likes to incorporate people in her art with an element of risqué humour or exaggerated tragedy, using bold colours. Her works are held in private collections.
32   RESTAURANT THEATRE I   (1m x 700cm)   $520.00
33   RESTAURANT THEATRE II   (1m x 700cm)   $520.00
34   RESTAURANT THEATRE III   (1m x 700cm)   $520.00
35   RESTAURANT THEATRE IV   (1m x 700cm)   $520.00

Acrylic on Canvas
Currently has art at Replete in Taupo. Has exhibited locally. Studied full time Graphic Design in Auckland, and in 1991 entered the regional Telecom Art Awards.
36   A FINE LAMINGTON   (100cm x 100cm)   $780.00
37   A FINE CUSTARD SQUARE   (100cm x 100cm)   $780.00
38   PURPLE   (100cm x 100cm)   $780.00

Acrylic on Canvas
Kate uses bold colours and texture. She enjoys creating lively images with a sense of fun. Most of Kate’s work is Hawkes Bay wine country influenced. A fulltime artist, Kate’s work sells in Hawkes Bay, Martinborough and Wellington.
39   SERIOUSLY TASTING II   (160 cm x 120cm)   Not for Sale
40   CELLAR TASTING   (62cm x 64cm)   $880.00


41   WINERY LUNCH   (62cm x 64cm)   $880.00
42   LIFE’S A BEACH   (135cm x 80cm)   $1430.00
43   IT’S WHAT WE DO ON SUNDAYS   (60cm x 80cm)   $895.00
44   A WINE ROMANCE   (160cm x 60cm)   $1300.00

Anagama Stoneware Pottery
As individual artists, both have potted professionally since 1965. In 1983 they undertook tuition from one of Japan’s master potters a specialist in Tea Ceremony wares. A joint exhibition followed at Mitsukoshi Gallery of Fine Arts in Osaka. Have exhibited in New Zealand Ceramic Awards. Both have pieces in New Zealand and International Galleries as well as private collections.

45   FESTIVAL FOOD CONTAINER   (18cm x 16cm)   $455   $350
46   BOWL FOR FOOD   (29.5cm x 11cm)   $455.00   $350
47   SET FIVE SERVING DISHES ([5]x12cm x 9cm)   $260.00 (set)   $200
48   PLATTER FOR SERVING FOOD (“FLAME’S PATH”)   (56cm x 25cm x 4cm)   $650.00   $500
49   LARGE PLATTER FOR SERVING FOOD (with stand) (49cm x 27cm x 4.5cm)   $845.00   $650


50   BOAT FOR SERVING FOOD   (37cm x 16cm x 11.5cm)   $585.00   $450
51   FOOD SERVING DISH   (30cm x 22cm x 6cm)   $455.00   $350
52   FLAME MARKED PLATTER (30cm x 30cm x 5cm)   $585.00   $450
53   SEVEN-SIDED PLATTER (40cm x 40cm x 6.5cm)   $650.00   $500
54   ROUND PLATTER ON TRIVET FOR SERVING FOOD (47cm x 12cm)   $975.00   $750


A nationally acclaimed photographer living in Napier, Adrienne has works in major museum collections including Te Papa. Recently an Artist-in-Residence at Waikato Museum of Art and History. Her photographic project at the time was “LAKE” (based on the surface of water at Lake Taupo) is to be exhibited in Hamilton in October.
55   Sauce 2001   $260.00
Set of 4 – 10 x Limited Editions of Black and White Photographs

Glass Art
Has worked with glass for 30 years originally in the form of leadlight windows. In 1992 he completed a Certificate in Craft Design and in 1993 a Diploma in Visual Arts. Exhibiting in various North Island Galleries. John also opens his glass studio to visitors on the Hawkes Bay Arts Trail.
56   OLIVE PLATE, SAND CARVED   (41cm diameter)   $275.00
57   GRAPE BOWL WITH STAND   (46cm x 24cm)   $380.00

Oil and Watercolour
A recognised New Zealand artist of international success, Mike has exhibited widely throughout 25 years of professional painting. Visitors to Ponder Estate Winery in Marlborough can visit the “Shed Gallery” to view his current range of art pieces. Mike is a founding member of a group of artists who assist new artists through tutoring.
58   GOOD ON YA – MATE   (750mm x 900mm)   Not for sale
Note: This original features on the 2001 Ponder Estate Olive Oil & Wine labels. One framed limited edition available at $465.00, plus 5 unframed prints available at $240.00 each. Purchase in Cellar Store.
59   OF THE COUNTRY   (750mm x 900mm)   $13500.00
60   FORGOTTEN VINTAGE   (400mm x 500mm)   $2700.00
61   YEARLING SALE   (750mm x 900mm)   $465.00


Keith held his first exhibition at 16, selling the majority of exhibition pieces. Attained a Diploma of Fine Arts in 1968, and was sponsored for a painting trip to Europe and USA. Regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading watercolourists his work sells internationally. is a website owned by Keith, giving public access to a variety of online works. His studio can be visited at Spring Creek, Marlborough.
62   LUNCH AT THE CAFE DE FLORE, PARIS   (55cm x 76cm)   $1820.00
63   GOING FOR LUNCH IN ARROWTOWN   (79cm x 97cm)   $2340.00
64   CAFE DEUX MAGOTS   (55cm x 76cm)   $1755.00

Acrylic on Canvas/Acrylic on Tapa Cloth
Born and educated in Hawkes Bay, Nic has recently returned to the position of H.O.D Art at Napier Boys’ High School. Nic’s art has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Wellington, Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay since 1991. Her sculptural and figurative work is regularly at Walrus Gallery, Wellington.
65   SAMPLE   (141cm x 82.5cm)   $1170.00
66   CABERNET SAUVIGNON   (102cm x 25.2cm)   $625.00
67   RIESLING   (145cm x 85cm)   $1430.00

Self taught, Gail began selling sketches 17 years ago. Now predominantly works with bright paint on acrylic. Gail has exhibited in group exhibitions, with a recent solo exhibition in Hastings.
68   TIPSY   (90cm x 65cm)   $390.00
69   SERENE   (59.5cm x 75cm)   $325.00
70   SHATTERED   (104cm x 75cm)   $470.00

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