Clayshapes Exhibition 1987

Kamaka Pottery – Anagama

Post Script:

Since 1983 we have worked soley [solely] with Anagama, extending our range from Tea Ceremony Wares to Ikebana and Floral Art containers and other special pieces.

Every year the pots from this kiln attain their own personality and special effects from the fire. From each firing we are building on our knowledge and understanding. The simplicity of form and subtlety of colour is enhanced by the sensitive use of flowers, leaves, branches in these pots. In pots other than the flower containers, enjoyment is best achieved by practical use.

We are hoping that by exhibiting our pots with Clayshapes to develope a sympathetic understanding of the beauty of fire on clay: a perception that cracks, distortions and fire-flashings can add to the naturalness of Anagama fired vessels. We feel that the effects from Anagama are similar in colour and feeling to rocks under a mountain stream, moss covered stones and the warm colours of volcanic material. A dialogue [of nature].

We hope that you will enjoy these pots and that you will perceive our sincere endeavour.

Collections of Kamaka Anagama:
Private: Japan, Australia, U.S.A., New Zealand.
Rotorua District Council.
H.B. Art Gallery & Museum.
Auckland Museum.

Albany Village Pottery.
Gisborne Art Gallery.
Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan. (Jointly with Mr. Sanyo Fujii)
Richmond Gallery, Canada (with N.Z. Society of Potters.)
Fletcher Brownbuilt 1986. Merit Award – Bruce.
Fletcher Challenge 1987. Merit Award – Bruce.

Clayshapes Exhibition August 23rd to Sept. 4th.

Estelle Martin:
1   Single flower vases (5)   30.00 each.
2   Ring Wall Bottle Bowl   75.00
3   Bowl   120.00
4   Teapot   75.00
5   Lidded Pot (Mizusashi)   180.00
6   Wall Vase (Kakahana )   60.00
7   Plate  75.00
8   Luster Pot for Hydrangers [Hydrangeas]   250.00
9   Shallow Bowl for Camelia float   75.00
10   Bizen Style Cylinder   150.00
11   Container for White Blossom   450.00
12   Pink Blossom Pot   350.00
13   Cylinder   300.00
14   Flower Container (Hanaire)   300.00
15   Flower Container (Chabana)   375.00

Bruce Martin:
1   Large Pot (Tsubo)   750.00
2   Bucket for Flowers   120.00
3   Slab-built Bottle   150.00
4   Modern Flower Container   150.00
5   Cylinder   300.00
6   Boat   300.00
7   Two Square Pots   80.00 pair
8   Platter   200.00
9   Lidded Jar   600.00
10   Small Lidder Jar   300.00
11   Teapot   100.00
12   Hexagonal Bowls (2)   40.00 each
13   Slab Cylinder   120.00
14   Cube for Flower Arrangement   150.00
15   Dish (Wave Pattern)   175.00

Not for Sale:
1   Bottle   Estelle
1   Boat   Bruce

Would you mind showing these pots? These are much more challenging and we would be interested to hear how the public react.

The above prices are retail – no G.S.T. is applicable.

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