Haumoana Netball Club 50th Jubilee





Formation of the Haumoana Basketball Club.

Although there is no original records for 1945, a team was formed and played Basketball socially.

The Club has gone from strength to strength and we are now celebrating 50 years later.

I wonder if those original players ever envisaged just what they had started.

Hundreds of girls over the years have had a chance to play for Haumoana.

Back Row: L. Scott, L. Lindsay, J. Krebs, M. Kirk, D. Castles
Front Row: R. Twort, I. Boaler, P. O’Brien, J. McKeesick.

Club shop day at the Haumoana Public Hall.
L. Lindsay, R. Massey, J. Silman, M. McLeod, J. McKeesick
M. Unahi, M. Haycock, M. Burden

Back Row: V. Hatherall, W. Kean, B. Preston S. Haycock.
Front row: L. Townsend, G. McDonald, M. Hatherall, R. Earle.


Mrs. Krebs, Mrs. Holden, Mrs. McNiven, Mrs. Quarrie, Mrs. Ruby Twort, Miss Edna Steele, Lylie Scott, Lorraine Lindsay, Ida Boaler, Mrs. Nitchke [Nitschke].



A meeting was held in the Haumoana Hall on Tuesday May 7th 1946 to form a basketball club.

There was good attendance.

As the teams were too late to enter into club matches, it was decided to ask various teams around the district for friendly matches.

It was also decided to write to the Secretary of the Haumoana Beach Improvement Society for the use of the picnic ground at the Black Bridge.

The Secretary was asked to write to the Secretary of the Haumoana Football Club for the Basketball Funds which were at present in the Haumoana Football Club account.

It was also passed that the girls bring threepence along to each Club night to pay for the lights in the Hall.

The following Officers were elected:

President: Mrs. Krebs.
Vice Presidents: Mrs. Holden, Mrs. McNiven, Mrs. Nitchke, Mrs. Quarrie
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Ruby Twort.
Coach: Miss Edna Steele.
Committee: Edna Steele, Lylie Scott, Lorraine Lindsay, Ida Boaler, Ruby Twort.

Comments: It is interesting to note that from this meeting, Lorraine Lindsay, later to become Lorraine Emmerson went on to become The Haumoana Basketball Coach through until the name change to Netball Club. Lorraine then coached the teams until 1969. Lorraine with the support of her husband Brian was the main stalwart in  holding this club together through the years. Lorraine later had a daughter named Joanne who grew up to be a fine Member of the Club also.


Financial Members.
Mrs. Steele, Jean McKeesick, Mrs. Twort, Lylie Scott, Mrs. Krebs, Mrs. Quarrie, Mrs. Holden, Mrs. MacNiven, Mrs. Nitchke, Mrs. Van Asch, Joyce McCarthy, Ida Boaler, Nan Unahi, Jo Silman, Judith Castles.


The Annual General Meeting of the Haumoana Basketball Club, was held in the Haumoana Hall on Monday 24th, March 1947.

There was a poor attendance of members.

It was decided to enter into the Hastings Club Competitions this year as Intermediate Grade.

It was also passed that each player bring threepence each Club night and that the Subs, be two shillings and sixpence.

It was proposed by Edna Steele and seconded by Jean McKeesick, that Mrs. Twort and Lylie Scott be Trustees for the coming year.

The following Officers were elected:

President: Mrs. Krebs.
Vice Presidents: Mrs. Quarrie, Mrs. Holden, Mrs. MacNiven, Miss Nitchke, Mrs. Van Asch, Joyce McCarthy.
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Twort.
Coach: Edna Steele.
Committee: Edna Steele, Lylie Scott, Ida Boaler, Nan Unahi, R. Twort.
Captain: Jo Silman, Vice Captain: Judith Castles.

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Minutes signed by:
J. Castles.


Financial Members;
Mrs. Twort, Patty O’Brien, Lorraine Lindsay, Judith Castles, Mrs. Van Asch, Bella Wepa, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Erickson, Janet Brown, Joyce McCarthy, Nan Unahi, Gladys Baker.

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 15th; March, in Mrs. Twort’s home.

There was a good attendance of members. Some new members were welcomed.

It was passed that each member bring fourpence along on practice nights to help pay for the Hall.

The subs were to be raised to three shillings and sixpence a year.

It was proposed by Lorraine Lindsay and seconded by Patty O’Brien that Mrs. Twort and Judith Castles be trustees for the coming year.

The following Officers were elected:

President: Mrs. Van Asch.
Vice Presidents: Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Gladys Baker.
Coach. Mr. Olsen.
Committee: Judith Castles, Lorraine Lindsay, Pat O’Brien, Bella Wepa, Nan Unahi, Janet Brown.
Delegate to Hastings: Mrs. Franklin. (Hastings).
Secretary/Treasurer: Ruby Twort.
Captain: Judith Castles, Vice Captain, Lorraine Lindsay.

It was proposed to start practicing on Saturday 20th in Mr. Eric Haggertys paddock, and practice nights were to commence on 5th April. Mrs Castles has so kindly offered to hold a card evening to help to raise funds, and has also donated a cake.

The Club has brought a doll which Mrs. Castles has offered to dress and raffle to raise funds.

A vote of thanks was passed to Mrs. Castles.

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chair.

Minutes signed by,
K. L. Erickson.


CREDIT   £25.7.2
EXPENDITURE   £25.15.7


Mrs. Twort, Noeline McCartney, Mrs. Erickson, Jean McKeesick, Maureen Reeves, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Van Asch, Gladys Baker, Mrs. Quarrie, Mrs. Holden, Janet Brown


Wednesday, 2nd; March, 1949.

The Annual General Meeting was held on the above date at the home of Mrs. Twort.

There was a fair attendance and one new member, Miss Noeline McCartney was welcomed.

The resignation of Mrs. Twort who had been Secretary/Treasurer for the past three years was accepted with regret.

Nominated Mrs. Erickson, seconded by Lorraine Lindsay that Jean McKeesick stand as Secretary.
Treasurer: Nominated Jean McKeesick, seconded Noeline McCartney, That Lorraine Lindsay be the Treasurer.
Trustees: Nominated Mrs. Erickson, seconded Mrs. Twort that Jean McKeesick and Lorraine Lindsay be Trustees.
Coach; Mr. W. Olsen.
President: Nominated Maureen Reeves, seconded Lorraine Lindsay, That Mrs. Twort be President.

Vice Presidents: Nominated Maureen Reeves, seconded Mrs. Twort that five Vice Presidents be elected. Carried.
The following were the five elected:
Mrs. Crawford. Nominated by J. McKeesick, Seconded L. Lindsay.
Mrs Van Asch. Nominated Mrs. Erickson, Seconded M. Reeves.
Gladys Baker. Nominated by Mrs. Twort, seconded N. McCartney.
Mrs. Quarrie, Nominated by M Reeves, seconded J. McKeesick.
Mrs. Holden, Nominated by L. Lindsay, seconded Mrs. Erickson.

Election of Clubs member for the Queen Carnival. Nominated by Mrs. Twort and seconded by Jean McKeesick, that Maureen Reeves be the Basketball’s choice for the Sports Queen.

Proposed by Lorraine Lindsay and seconded my Maureen Reeves that the first practice would begin on Saturday 26th March.

UNIFORMS: Proposed Lorraine Lindsay and seconded by Mrs. Twort that regulation uniforms were to be worn. Carried.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Proposed by Mrs. Erickson, and seconded by Maureen Reeves that the subs be raised from three shillings and sixpence to five shillings annually.

Minutes signed by,
K.L. Erickson.


SATURDAY, 2nd. April, 1949.

A meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Erickson in order to discuss the existing difficulties in forming a basketball team for the year.

Proposed by Mrs. Erickson,
Seconded by Janet Brown,
“That the Basketball Club go into recess for the year of 1949”

The meeting then Terminated.

Minutes signed by,
K. L. Erickson.

Comment: In the 45 year history of the Haumoana Club, this is the only year that we have failed to have a team.


Mrs. Erickson, Maureen Burden, Margaret Haycock, Valerie Taylor, Lorraine Lindsay, Shirley Chubb, Jean McKeesick, Gladys Baker, Mrs. Van Asch, Mrs. Twort, J. Massie, Mrs. H. McKeesick, Mrs. D. Taylor, Beth Townsend Betty Holden, W. Quarrie.

President: Mrs. Erickson.
Secretary: Jean McKeesick.
Treasurer: Lorraine Lindsay.

Uniforms: Proposed by Jean McKeesick and seconded by Shirley Chubb that this year we wear navy gyms, red blouses trimmed with white cord and red sashes.

Subscriptions: That the subs be five shillings per annum with an additional fourpence every practice night and a fine of sixpence if failing to come to practice.

Practice shall be on a Thursday night starting 20th. April. 1950.

Financial Statement at the End of the Year:
Credit   £93.3.7
Expenditure   £77.2.3.
Balance   £16.1.4.

Folio   May 1st 1950
Ms   Haumoana Basketball Team
Dr to   Hastings Basketball Team
Terms   1 month
To.   Annual Fee   1 team   10 –
Match Fee   1 team   5 –
H.B & N.Z. Assn.   1 team   10 –
Rep Fund   12 players   3 –
Ground Fee   12 players   1 4 -Referees Assn   2 6
£2 14 6


Financial Members:
Miss J. McKeesick, D. Castle, Shirley Chubb, Mrs. Glenny, Mrs. Ritchie, Peggy Parker, Mrs. Quarrie, Josephine Silman, Beth Townsend, Mary Unahi, Mrs. Erickson, Lorraine Emmerson, F. Pope, Mrs. Holden, Anne Williams, Mrs. G. Baker, Roberta Silman, Pearl Smith, Mrs. Unahi, Beryl Calnan, Mrs. Calnan, Mrs. Morris, Maureen Burden, Mrs. Van Asc [Asch], Joyce McCarthy, Mrs. Silman, Mrs. H. McKeesick, Elaine Calnan, Betty Morris, Lynettee [Lynette] Burden, Mrs. Castles. Rosemary Massie.

Patroness: Betty Holden.
President.   Mrs. C. Baker.
Secretary.   Maureen Burden.
Treasurer.   Lorraine Emmerson.
Coach.   Lorraine Emmerson.

These Club Officers were elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the home of Mrs. Lorraine Emmerson on Monday, April 17th. 1951.

The Haumoana Basketball Club fees for this year are five shillings.

Each player is to bring sixpence to each practice to help pay for the hal[l] lights.

Any player who fails to attend practice will not have a game on the Saturday.

The Club will donate £1/1 to the Haumoana School baths building fund.

Fees to the Hastings Basketball Assn. will be £2.17.0.

The hireage of the hall for practice is £2.0.0.

The bus to Palmerston North for the trip will cost £34. 10.0

President.  Mrs. Kitt,
Jervois Street,

Secretary, Miss. M. Boult,
P.O. Box 45,

Dear Mrs Burden,

An Executive meeting of the above Association will be held at Tong and McIvors, Nelson Street on Monday, 11th. June, 1951 at 7.30pm.

Entries for King’S Birthday Tournament (All Grades) close on Saturday next, 26th, May. Entries can be given to Miss Lois Carr at the courts on Saturday.

Yours faithfully,
M. Boult,


At the close of the year we have £7.15.3 in hand.

Raffle: Lorraine Emmerson will buy a doll and dress it and this will be raffled.


Mrs. J. Bowman, Mrs. Gerrard, Mrs. W. Earle, Mrs. Morris, Gladys Baker, Mrs. Townrow, J. Taylor, Beth Townsend, Mrs. Holden, Lorraine Emmerson, Elaine Calnan, Beryl Calnan, Barbara Purvis, Shirley Chubb, Nancy Pope, Betty Bradshaw, Anne Williams, Betty Morris, Jo Silman, Joyce McCarthy, Lynette Burden, Maureen Burden, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Bambry, Jean McKeesick, Peggy Parker,

From the files of 1952:

Subs shall be five shillings.

Club berets will be only used for special occasions [occasions]

Permission granted from the Football Club for badges similar to their. One dozen ordered.

The Basketball Club will help the Football Club run their Annual Dance.

This years trip will be to Takapau. The bus will cost £16.12.0


Owing to Clubs not patronizing the last Association Dance held at the Assembly Hall last Saturday night, it has been decided to cancel the Association Dance which was to have been held this Saturday night, 2nd August, 1952.

M. Boult


TROPHIES WILL BE PRESENTED by the Hawkes Bay President, Mrs. Craven after the games at Ebbett Park on Saturday morning, 13th. September, 1952.


Mrs. Dyett, Mrs. Orsborn, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Calnan, Beth Townsend, Jean McKeesick, Mrs. W. Earle, M. Wepa, J. Taylor, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Gerrard, Mrs. B. Holden, Mrs. R. Birch, Mrs. G. Baker, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Ritchie, Maureen Duff, Bella Wepa, Lorraine Emmerson, Beryl Calnan, Elaine Calnan, Anne Calnan, Barbara Purvis, Dianne Purvis, Anne Williams, Betty Morris, Nancy Pope, Harriet Wepa, Mavis Boult, Joyce McCarthy, Maureen Burden, Shirley Chubb, Betty Bradshaw, May McEllwee [McElwee], Doreen McKeesick, Karina McWilliams, Jocelyn LeQuesne [Le Quesne].

From the files of 1953.

Cost of a new basketball   £3.2.9.

Fees to the Hastings Association.   £6.12.0

Subscriptions for the Club will be six shillings.

Players will bring sixpence each training night.

Club guarantees labour to the value of £100 to the Beach Improvement Society so that they can use it to complete the Park.

Annual Combined Dance will be held 12th. September.

The B Team will have a one day trip to Takapau.

The A Team trip to Gisborne will cost £45.12.6.

We will purchase 24 red/white ties for the uniform.

Hastings Basket Ball Association
30th May 1953.

The Secretary
Haumoana Basket Ball Club

On the 30th May 1953. High School D. J. played a third grade player against your team. You can challenge them within 3 days to have this match replayed so as to give you a chance to get 2 championship points.

R. Wakefield.



Mrs. E. Marshall.
27 Chambers Road,
Havelock North.

Miss. J. Snell.
Box 386,

24th September,

Miss J. McCarthy,
C/- Simpson & Bate,

Dear Secretary,

A special meeting of this Association will be held at TONG & McIVORS on MONDAY, 12TH October, 1953. Time 7.30pm.


To elect Officials for the 1954 New Zealand Tournament to be held at Hastings.

Accomadation [Accommodation] Secretary.
Grounds Controller
Flags and Linesman Stewards
Parade Controller.

Any person at all interested in helping to run this Tournament is invited to attend this meeting.

J. Snell,


Please admit Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott to the Combined Basketball and Football Clubs Dance to be held in the Haumoana Hall on Saturday 12th September, 1953.

Combined Clubs Dance


Important Year for Hastings Basketball

No other outdoor basketball season has been so eagerly awaited in Hastings as the new season ahead. Officials and players alike view with keen anticipation the honour of being hosts to the New Zealand \outdoor tournament next August. Already many ex-players have come forward with offers of support and assistance and a warm welcome awaits any others who desire to co-operate in what promises to be the sporting highlight of the year for Hawke’s Bay.

Hastings basketball is in a very sound position at present, with a high standard of major players and a progressive band of officials. Miss J. Small has been re-elected secretary and Miss B. Cullen is treasurer.

President is Miss Gladys Symes, who, having already contributed immensely to the welfare of basketball, has undertaken the task of controlling the New |Zealand Tournament Committee. One and all wish her a successful season and will no doubt co-operate to make her term of office a happy one.

The usual grading day will be played tomorrow. This season 35 teams have been registered with the association, this being a record for Hastings. There are seven teams nominated for first grade, nine for the second grade, 11 third-graders and eight in the school’s grade.

A round-up of the clubs indicates that the players themselves are as “keen as mustard” and looking forward with great enthusiasm to the New Zealand tournament. Some minor changes are likely in some of the club sides, but generally the policy of building-up from previous years is being pursued.

CONVENT OLD GIRLS will start the season with good membership, thus enabling them to enter a team in each of the three grades. The senior team will have several vacancies, giving them an opportunity to promote some of their more promising second grade players, and so give them the reward they deserve. Allison Hogan, last year’s College representative at Wanganui, will be an asset in the forward third of the team. Many new faces will appear in the third and second grades and the development of these teams will be eagerly watched. The club is again fortunate in having the services of Rona McCarthy for coaching.

STARR CLUB, now in its fourth season, will have the services of Leta Poole as coach this year, taking over from Mrs. M. Durand. Only two teams will be entered in the club competitions, but both are expected to be fielded with confidence. This year will see Colleen Bartlett, an ex-representative, back with L. Poole, a North Island representative, and M. Isaacson in the defence third of the A team. Centre third players are unchanged and should again combine well. A second grade player, Anne Mayberry also joins this team by reason of her improved play. The second team has lost several of the more experienced players but is confident that promotions from the third-graders will fill the vacancies and lead to a good combination being developed. The club plans another trip to Rotorua at the end of the season.

WATTIES’ CLUB was formed three years ago as an off-shoot of the canneries Social Club, and with thoughtfull encouragement has now established itself. While in the main the club will be fielding much the same team as last year, some newcomers are expected. One of the most important fixtures for the club, from a “domestic” viewpoint, is the annual competition between the Hastings and Gisborne branches of the canneries for the challenge shield presented by Mr. J. McEwan.

HSOG CLUB will be fielding at least four teams again and with 18 new members enrolled already the club is looking forward to another enjoyable season. Missed this year will be Betty Hellyer, who is now married and living in Auckland. Margaret Stuart, the Hawke’s Bay champion athlete, succeeds her as club captain with Jean Peebles as vice-captain. Among the better known players who will be missing too are Minola Apatu of Huiasm [Huias] and Pauline List of Tuis. Joan Southcott, of Robins, is concentrating on refereeing this season. She gained New Zealand theory pass last year. Also absent for the start, at any rate, will be Elaine Long, who is in hospital. Fay Roil (nee Driver) is back playing again and with six of last year’s Hawke’s Bay representatives playing for Huias they should be assured of further success this season. Stella Lassen will be coaching for the club this year.

UNITED CLUB have registered with their first team a promising team of schoolgirls in the fourth grade. United, whose combination is one of their strong points, will once again prove a strong side in the first grad. Past Hawke’s Bay representative’s Sheila Coombes and Yvonne McLean’s (nee Franklin) should help the young side, which gained valuable experience last season.

HAVELOCK NORTH fields their first grade team with more confidence, having this season a coach to give the finish to their play. Many previous players are still with the club and Hawke’s Bay representatives. Rene Fulford and Lois Kitt, will again add strength to the team. Patsy O’Carroll from Waikato and Marlene Whyte are the two new members to the strong team.

JLP having gained many new players, will field two teams. Last season’s team, which accounted well for itself in third grade, have moved up a grade, needing only two replacements[?]. This team should be well to the fore in the higher grade. Another list of new names has been forwarded with the fourth grade team.

OLYMPIC CLUB, now in its third season, will only field one team. With many promising players it is time for some good results to be heard from this club. The team comprises a combination of last year’s red and grey teams, with two new members.

HIGH SCHOOL will be fielding eight teams, two of which are the Schools grades and comprising of third formers only. The school A team has six of its players back again this year and hopes to have a more successful year. This year the teams are being coached by Mrs. Pickernell, Miss Green, Miss Dean and Miss Sim. Sue Cox and Judith Powell are two promising young forwards and Pat Scott a steady defence. In the last few years the High School has been well represented in the third and fourth grade representatives and hopes to keep this up. In this and last years third formers there are many promising young players to keep up the standard of basketball. As well as the association matches the school teams play matches against other Hawke’s Bay schools, notably Napier High, Iona College, Woodford House, Hukarere, and Dannevirke High School with more sustained success than against the association teams.

HAUMOANA again fields two teams. Three fourth grade players showed much improvement last season and will be included in the third grade making a strong team. The travelling distance is a disadvantage to this club but it does not mar the keen club spirit that prevails each week.

MARATHON CLUB is the name chosen for the new club which joined the association this season and it will be coached by Mrs. N. Macklow. Club colours will be junior navy and gold. Two teams have been registered, one second grade and one third grade. Some experienced players and two new faces to this district, J. Poulter, and L. Lister, are combining well. The third grade team shows promise and gives a complete new group of players to the association.


Mrs. Orsborn, Mrs. Gerrard, Mrs. Earle, Dorreen McKeesick, Mrs. Bowman, Karina McWilliams, Mrs. Mitchell, Neta Manning, Maureen Burden, Mrs. Morris, Beth Townsend, Juan Taylor, Betty Bradshaw, Shirley Chubb, Betty Holden, Beryl Calnan, Elaine Calnan, Mrs. Bartle, C. McFlyne, Lorraine Emmerson, Mrs. D. Taylor, Betty Morris, Ruby Birch, Barbara Purvis, Diane Purvis, Mrs. Anstis, Maryanne Wepa, Mrs. Unahi, Jean Dyett, Anne Williams, Joyce McCarthy, Bella Wepa, May McEllwee.

This years fee to the Hastings Association will be £8.11.6

Hireage of the Haumoana Hall for practice will be £5.

This year the subs for the season will be six shillings.

Our senior trip this year will be to Rotorua and the bus will cost £54.10.0.

The B. Team trip will be to Palmerston North.

This year the club will have blazers with attached monograms added to the uniform.




Ebbett Park, Hastings, was a grand sight on Saturday afternoon when 35 women’s basketball teams assembled in front of the pavilion for the official opening of the 1954 season by the patroness of the Hastings Basketball Association, Mrs. W. E. Bate, mayoress.

All teams took part in the opening day grading matches and the report of the grading committee is awaited. It is known that several changes are to be recommended to the executive, and judging by the results of this committee’s recommendations last season, if accepted, these recommendations will undoubtedly prove wise decisions.

Results of games played are as follows:-

Series A. – COG A 9 v. Havelock North 6, Robins 22 v United A 9, Huias 11 v Staff A 6, HSA 18 v COG A 6.

Series B. – HS B1 19 v Marathon A 7, HS B2 22 v Wrens 9, JLP 9 v Tuis 1, JLP 12 v COG B 11, Olympic 17 v HS Jr. A 6, Conv. High Gold 11 v Starr B 7.

Series C – Conv. High Blue 12 v HS C1 5, HS C2 21 v Marathon B 2, Nurses 10 COG C 2, JLP B 7 v Conv. High Yellow 4, Conv. High Red 10 v Watties 16, Conv. High Green 3 v Haumoana A 9, Conv. High Blue 13 v Marathon B 1, Nurses 8 v HS Jr. B 0 (15 mins. only).

Series D. – Conv. High Green 7 v Haumoana B 7, HS D1 13 v Conv. High White 3, Haumoana B 4 v United B 4, HS Jr. B 15 v Conv. High Yellow 3.

Five changes were recommended by the Grading Committee comprising Mesdames S. Lassen and M. Durand and Miss Symes. Three teams are to be graded higher than their entry sought and two teams were graded to a lower division.

It is claimed, with considerable merit on past experience, that teams benefit by this system of grading as better basketball is provided from more keenly contested games. There is little to gain from a one-sided match. Seven teams have been placed in the first grade, 10 in the second, 10 in the third and eight in the fourth. In the First Grade section teams many changes of personnel are noted, making it difficult to predict at this stage respective successes. HSOG Huias, last season’s champions, again field an imposing side.

In the First Grade all players should have the New Zealand tournament in view and be working hard for representative selection. Individual fitness is a vital factor in representative form, and something that is entirely the responsibility of the individual.

It would seem that this season the Second Grade will be a more evenly contested section. The winners last season were HSOG. Tuis, this season are fielding many new players.

Club spirit and teamwork are features of many of the clubs, and appreciating this the association is arranging a number of competitions in connection with the effort to raise funds for the national tournament. Teams will benefit at the same time from active participation in these. A Series of combined clubs’ monthly dances will be held, and then there will be a shop day. A competition has been arranged for the best articles produced for the shop, and these will be judged on May 22 and June 5.


Colourful Scene When Basketballers Open New Season

Opening day of the outdoor basketball season at Ebbett Park, Hastings, last Saturday presented a colourful sight, with teams from 13 clubs arranged in their different uniforms. Mayoress and patroness Mrs. E. E. Bate was prompted to comment upon the attractive display the 35 teams made when assembled before her during the opening ceremony.

Indeed as the opening day appeared to be about the only occasion when all the basketball girls can be gathered together, the executive of the Hastings Basketball Sub-Association is giving serious consideration to a suggestion that a March Past of teams would be a fitting item. This might well be introduced next season.

In view of the keen interest being taken in the preparations for holding the New Zealand tournament at Ebbett Park in August, it is only natural that reference should be made by the various speakers at the opening ceremony to this forthcoming occasion. Ample evidence was provided that there was no lack of enthusiasm over the tournament, and that Hastings basketballers were determined to be first-class hosts.

After wishing all a successful and enjoyable season, which she duly declared open, Mrs. Bate endorsed the comment made by the Association president, Miss G. Symes, that “it was not the winning or losing, it is the way we win or lose that counts and the spirit of the game.”

Photo caption – MRS. BATE


Mrs. Wall, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. Smith, J. McKeesick, Karina McWilliams, Lorraine Emmerson, Mrs. Bowman, Beth Townsend, Elisabeth Ellis, Mrs. Taylor, Gladys Baker, Betty Morris, Anne Cochrane, Grace Haycock, Barbara Purvis, Diane Purvis, Lorna Hawkins, Juan Taylor, Jocelyn LeQuesne, Rosalynne [Roslyne] Earle, Jennifer Williams, Lannie Smith, Caroline Wepa, May Thompson, Margaret Morris, Mrs. Gerrard, May McElwee.

The fees for this year shall be six shillings. Each girl will bring sixpence to every practice night.

The resignation of Mrs. Emmerson who has been our Coach for a number of years was accepted with regret.

We will run a Combined Dance with the Football Club.

This year our club trip will be to Wanganui. The cost for hiring the bus will be £45.0.0.

The Hall hire has increased to £7.10 this year a rise of £2.10.0.

The Club monograms will cost each person 8/11d each.

Financial Statement:

Year ending 1955.

Credit   £95.12.11
Expenditure   £69.0.4
Balance   £26.12.7

Players from the 1950’s at the 1990 re-union.


Officers of the club elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the Haumoana Church Hall on Tuesday, March 27th; are as follows:

Patroness: Mrs. B. Holden
President: Mrs: V. Morris.
Secretary: Miss R. Earl
Treasurer: Mrs. E. Ellis.

Coach: Lorraine Emmerson.

Vice Presidents:
Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Manning, Mrs. Townsend, J. Taylor, E. Ellis
Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Chilton, and B. Morris.

Club members:
B. ownsend, R. Earl, B. Morris, K. McWilliams, E. Ellis, V. Morris, J. Taylor, S. Anstis, L. Emmerson, B. Purvis, D. Purvis, M. Morris, B. Orsborn, Mrs. C. Baker, S. Haycock, Mrs. Chilton.

The fee for joining the club will be 10/- for this season.

The usual sixpence per practice night to pay for the hall lights shall be abolished.

Our annual trip this year will be to Rotorua on the 28th; September and the bus shall cost 50.

Each girl will pay 1.10/- for the hotel board.

The club will hold a shop day in the village on August 25th.

This year we have one team in the Hastings competition.

New Zealand Basketball Assn. have bought out a ruling, ” No gyms shall be shorter than 8 inches above the knee.


The Annual General Meeting of the Haumoana Netball Club, was held in the Haumoana Hall on Wednesday 27th, March, 1957.

Officers elected were:
Patroness: Mrs. C. Baker.
President: Mrs. V. Morris.
Secretary: Rosalyn [Roslyne] Earle.
Treasurer: Elizabeth Ellis.
Coach: Lorraine Emmerson.

Financial members of the club:
K. McWilliams, Mrs. McDonald, E. Ellis, J. Taylor, N Manning, R. Earle, Mrs. C. Baker, L. Emmerson, Mrs. Morris, D. Purvis, B. Purvis, S. Haycock, S. Anstis, M. Morris, Jennifer Williams, Vera Williams, G. McDonald, D. Orsborn, Mrs. Dillion.

This year the club only had one team in the Hastings Competition.

The Captain is Dianne Purvis and the vice-capatain [vice-captain] is Rosalyne [Roslyne] Earle.

This year the grading committee has put the team up from third grade to second reserve. This is the highest grade that we have been in up til present.

This year our Annual Trip is to Waimarama.

This year the club will up-date the blouses. We will have new long sleeve red blouses.

The hirage of the Haumoana Hall has risen from 5 to £7.10/-.


9th September, 1957.

Mr. Speight
Motor Camp Store,

Please find enclosed, the amount of three pounds, (£3) being a deposit for four four berth cabins on the weekend of the 20th of September.

Yours faithfully,


(Authorised by Permit under Section 4 of Gaming Act. 1908)
1/-   RAFFLE   1/-
Value £79
CLOSES 20th JULY, 1957.   DRAWN 3rd AUGUST, 1957.
Licensee: A. LINES
Maraekakaho Rd, Hastings
Results in “Herald -Tribune,” and “Daily Telegraph”
6th August, 1957.
No. 6364


Officers elected at the Annual Genral [General] Meeting are as follows:

PATRONESS: Mrs. C. Baker.
PRESIDENT: Mrs. V. Morris.
SECRETARY: Rosalynne Earle.
TREASURER: Juan Taylor.

Mrs. B. McDonald, Mrs. W. Earle, Mrs. E. Ellis, Mrs. B. Townsend, Mrs. D. Taylor, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. N. Manning, Mrs. N. Steevens, Miss B. Purvis.

Lorraine Emmerson.

CAPTAIN: Shirley Anstis.
VICE-CAPTAIN: Rosalynne Earle.

This year we have one team and they are graded in second reserve.

The team is:
Gay McDonald, Betty Morris, Shirley Haycock, Dale Orsborn, Sue Orsborn, Lannie Smith, Dianne Purvis, Juan Taylor, Karina Williams.

The fees for the Hastings Basketball Assn. for the year will be £3.12.6d.

The club fees for this season will be 10/-.

This year our annual trip will be to Gisborne.


At the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 10th. March at the Haumoana Hall, the following Officers were elected:

Patroness:   V. Morris.
President:   B. Purvis.
Secretary:   R. Earle
Treasurer:   S. Haycock.
Coach:   L. Emmerson.
Captain:   S. Anstis.
Vice:   R. Earle

Financial Members:
S. Anstis, Mrs. Anstis, B. Purvis, G. Wallis, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Earle, V. Hatherall., S. Haycock, G. Haycock, J. Stanley, N. Steevens, B. Townsend, E. Ellis, K. Baylis, H. McLeod, N. Manning, M. Bambry, D. Caldwell, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Budd, Mrs. D. Taylor, L. Barge, M. Morris.

We will continue training in the Haumoana Hall.

This is the first full season of seven-a-side basketball.

This year the team is in Second reserve grade

The Club will write to the County Council voicing concern at the delay in finishing the new courts at the Haumoana Park.

Each Saturday, we are travelling by bus to Hastings, then having to walk to Ebbett Park for the Game.


At the A. G. M. held at the Haumoana Hall Annexe, the following Officers were elected:

Patroness:   R. Birch.
President:   B. Jensen
Secretary:   H. McLeod
Treasurer:   R. Earle.
Coach:   L. Emmerson
Captain:   S. Haycock.
Vice.:   R. Earle

M. Hatherall, G. Wallis, Mrs. Thorburn, N. Manning, B. Preston, S. Martin, B. Townsend, L. Townsend, R. Earle, G. Haycock, E. Ellis, Mrs. Werrey, N. Steevens,, G. McDonald, W. Kean, B. Jensen, Mrs. Wheatley, S. Orsborn, S. Anstis.

This year we will travel to Stratford and stay at the County Hotel. The bus will cost 67 pounds and Roy Birch will be the driver.

This year we are in second reserve grade.

Our wind-up this year will be in the Fire Brigade Hall.


Patroness:   R. Birch
President:   B. Jensen
Secretary:   G. McDonald
Treasurer:   R. Earle
Coach:   L. Emmerson

Members:B. Jensen, B. Townsend, L. Emmerson, M. Haycock, S. Haycock, E. Ellis, D. Butcher, C. Allington, M. Hatherall, Mrs. Allington, G. Oliver, E. Douglas, R. Clarke, L. Townsend, J. Manning, M. Holden, L. Barge, M. Anderson, D. Orsborn, Mrs. LeValiant [Le Vaillaint], J. Grogan, J. Butcher, N. Manning, Mrs. Sweet, E. Hatherall, A. Blummont, Mrs. T. Anstis, Mrs. Werrey, Mrs. Hantler, N. Steevens, P. Malone.

This year we will have a Stall at the Hastings Highland Games.

Club fees will be ten shillings.

We are finally usung [using] our new courts. Permission has been given to have one of these courts flood-lit.

Mr. T. Townsend and Mr. B. Emmerson will erect the light.

This year we have decided to purchase club badges. They will have Haumoana Basketball Club engraved on them and a picture of a gannet. Permission has been given from the Haumoana Rugby Club to have the similar design to theirs.

The opening day for the new courts will be April 15th; at 2pm. Mr. Tucker will be invited to officially open the courts.

Our first ever Field Day will be Saturday 23rd; September.

Back Row: Lorraine Emmerson (Coach) Delwyn Butcher, Esmae Douglas, Claire Allington, Mabel Hatherall.
Front Row: Gillian Oliver, Robyn Clarke, Georgina Randall.


Patroness:   Mrs. Birch.
President:   Beth Townsend.
Secretary:   G. Oliver.
Treasurer:   R. Earle.
Coach:   L. Emmerson.

Financial members:
G. Randle, J. Randle, A. Blummont, S. Haycock, L. Emmerson, B. Townsend, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. La Valliant, N. Manning, J. Manning, E. Douglas, R. Earle, R. Kani, G. Oliver, E. Ellis, Mrs. Haycock, M. Anderson, B. Jensen, G. McDonald, L. Painter, Mrs. Werrey, J. Butcher, D. Butcher, Mrs. Allington, R. Walker, C. Allington, L. Townsend, PO. Lambert, L. Manaena, K. Kireka, J. Morrison, P. Thomas, R. Birch, H. Clarke, R. Clark, J. Sneddon, S. Wheatley.

This year Mrs. Blummont will run card evenings at the Pavillion [Pavilion] to raise funds for the club.

The wreath for the Anzac Parade at the Memorial Park will be laid by Gay McDonald, Delwyn Butcher and Judith Manning.

The annual club trip this year will be to Stratford and we will stay at the County Hotel. The B Team will go to Dannevirke.

This year we will have a stall at the Highland Games and we will raffle a Radiogram.

This year we have two teams in the Hastings Competition.

Our second annual field day will be on 29th September. We will have three grades: A Grade, B Grade and a school grade.

The Haumoana B Team were first equal in the Hastings competition this season and they also won the third grade Queens Birthday Tournament.


I remember that I had my sixteenth birthday on this trip. I was presented with a birthday cake and on it it had a miniature basketball which my mother still has. I also recall that the grey pleated skirts of our walking out uniform seemed to come down to our ankles. On the Friday night all the girls and ladies brought fruit and we had a feast in one of the rooms. I particularly remember the pineapple. When we got on the bus after every stop we used to number off but we never ever used number thirteen. On the Saturday of the game we were warming up to play when this men’s team came along dressed in hula skirts and such.

We always had long red and white ribbons hanging from the badge on our blazers and we were very proud of our walking-out uniform and people used to comment on how nice the club liked.

Delwyn Moat-Cameron (nee Butcher)



Grading of Hastings team

Arising from last Saturday’s grading day games the Hastings Basketball Association has announced the clubs grading as follows:

First grade. – Hulas, Rebels, COG, HSA, HSB, Robins, United.

First grade reserve. – St Joseph’s A, Whitcombes, Nurses, Tuis, HSS 1, HSS 2, HS Int 1, COG White, COG Black.

Second grade. – Haumoana, Rebels, HBEPB, St Joseph’s B, COG, HSS 3, HSS 4, Akinas, Soma.

Second grade reserve. – Karamu 1, HS J1, United, St Joseph’s C, HS Int 2, HS Int 3, HS Int 4.

Third grade. – St Joseph’s D, Haumoana, Heretaunga A., Wrens, Rebels, HS Int 5.

Third grade reserve. – Karamu 2, Karamu 3, Karamu 4, United Juniors, Heretaunga B, St Joseph’s E, HS J2.

Junior. – United Midgets, Rebels Blue, Rebels Gold, […]


This year we will have two teams in the Hastings Competition.

The A team is in the second reserve grade and the B team is in third grade.

The B Team will travel to Takapau by railcar from Clive.

This year our annual trip will be to Masterton. We will stay at Victoria House. The board will be £60.

We will run a raffle for fund raising. Tickets will be sixpence each or a book of five fro two shillings.

A team Captain is L. Townsend. Vice-captain is D. Butcher.

B team captain is R. Kani.

6d.   RAFFLE   6d.
(By Licence issued under Section 42 of the Gaming Act, 1908)
Valued at £16-16-0.
2nd prize – “ZIP” ELECTRIC FRY PAN
Valued at £12-19-6
Valued at £7-17-6
Closes and Drawn 25th September 1963. Results published H.B. Herald-Tribune and Daily Telegraph on 27th September 1963.
Licensee: Mrs. L. Emmerson
C/o. Post Office

Financial members for 1963 are:
R. Kani, B. Jensen, D. Butcher, J. Manning, H. Clarke, E. Ellis, G. Pearce, Mrs. Sweet, E. Douglas, Mrs. La Valliant, B. Townsend, Mrs. Werrey, L. Bennett, L. Jobson, L. Townsend, R. Earle, G. Haycock, S. Harman, L. Emmerson, Mrs. Allington, C. Allington, J. Hantler, M. Anderson, N. Steevens, G. Oliver, G. McDonald, J. Sneddon, Mrs. McDonald, N. Manning, Mr. Foddy, R. Birch, J. Butcher, J. Marnock, R. Walker, M. Turi, K. Kireka, P. Lambert, Mrs. Blummont, T. Tihema, J. Morrison.

Haumoana A team win the Hastings Basketball Assn cup for completing the season undefeated in Second Reserve. They will be taken to Stortford Lodge for dinner as a reward.

With just four days notice, the Stratford Basketball write to say that they are bringing three teams to play Haumoana. Hectic preparations are made to arrange accommadation [accommodation] and billets for them.


At the Annual General Meeting held on the 6th. April, the following were elected:

Patroness:   Mrs. LeValiant.
President:   Mrs. Haycock.
Secretary:   Violet Hatherall.
Treasurer:   Rosalyne Earle.

Coach:   Lorraine Emmerson.

A Team Captain: Violet Hatherall.
B. Team Captain: Helen Pearce.

Club members:
B. Townsend, C. Townsend, V. Hatherall, Mrs. LeValiant, S. Harman, L. Emmerson, D. Moat, L. Lean, J. Manning, R. Earle, C. Robbie, N. Manning, H. Clarke, M. Baker, J. Baker, H. Pearce, C. Pearce, E. Hatherall, L. Hobson, R. Walker, E. Douglas, B. Kireka, J. Douglas, R. Birch, B. Jensen, G. Haycock, Mr. Foddy, M. Anderson, J. Davie, G. McDonald, J. Butcher, L. Weaver, J. Sneddon.

This year we will have a uniform change.

We will retain the red and white ties and add red and white belts with red and white epaulettes. We also will have plain long sleeve white blouses.

With only two working player [players] in the team this year are grading has been lowered to third and third reserve grade.

Our Field Day will be held at the courts on the 19th. September and we will have three grades.

Results: A. Team won the first Grade.

Haumoana School won the school grade.

Last Saturday the club went tomato picking for Mr. M. Hope. 152 cases were picked.

We will pledge our support to Roy Birch as a candidate in the King Carnival. We will have a toffee apple making night at the home of Lorraine Emmerson.

This year all the girls travelling to Basketball each Saturday by car will have to pay 1/6d to the car drivers to help cover the cost of petrol.

Our club trip this year will be to Fielding. Two teams will go and the bus will cost £40

This year our Treasurer became Blossom Festival Princess at the Annual Blossom Festival of Hastings. The club is very proud of Rosalyne Earle.

Both teams won their grade in the Hastings Basketball Competition and each player will receive an inscribed silver button.


At the Annual General Meeting on March 13th; the following Officers were elected:

Patroness:   Mrs. Richardson.
President:   Mrs. Townsend.
Secretary:   Miss. Heather Clarke.
Treasurer:   Miss Margaret Holden.
Coach:   Lorraine Emmerson.

A. Team: Heather Clarke
B. Team: Jane Hope
C. Team: Yvonne Grady.

For the first time ever we have three teams in the Hastings Competition.

Our grading is:   Second reserve.
Third reserve
Fifth grade

Having three teams causes transport problems, so we have hired a bus for Saturday games which will be driven by Mr. Roy Birch. We will be charging everyone 2/- for the return trip.

This years trip will be to Gisborne staying at the Albion Hotel.

The bus will cost $108.

At the conclusion of the competition the A. Team won the Second reserve grade and were taken to the Stortford Lodge Hotel for dinner.

On the return trip from Gisborne the bus broke down north of Wairoa.

Mrs. Birch was given a lift to Wairoa by passing motorists so that she could arrange for another bus to be sent from Hastings.

The proprietor of the Clyde Hotel let the club use his T.V. room so that the girls could wait in comfort for the other bus.

Club members for 1967 were:
J. Davie, M. Peterse, U. Lean, J. Butcher, S. Wallace, Joyce Butcher, J. Hope, C. Robbie, R. Mansfield, R. Walker, D. Budd, N. Holden, M. Tahau, C. McGuiness, R. Werrey, F. Walters, B. Townsend, A. Clarke, B. Jensen, F. McLaren, H. McLaren, Y. Brady, S. Birch, E. Mansfield, M. Tauroa, I. Pearce, S. Baker, M. Baker, J. Unahi, N. Manning, J. Manning, B. Ogden, N. Steevens, Mrs. LeValliant, C. Townsend, R. Clarke, J. Hantler, Mes. Sweet, Mr. Foddy, R. Birch, V. Robin, Z. Baker, L. Lean, G. Haycock, L. Emmerson, J. Morrison, J. Sneddon, Mrs. Werrey, G. Oliver, Mrs. Vaughn.


The girls of Haumoana play basketball,
they are a charming lot of girls,
some are short and some are tall,
some have short hair and some have curls.

In their smart uniforms they look real neat,
everyone says” Don’t they look sweet.

I’ll always remember the day,
I went to the courts to see them play,
I really expected to be bored to tears,
but I saw the best game that I had seen for years.

They marched on the courts looking bashful and shy,
but when the game started boy oh boy,
the team that they played was real strong,
but the Haumoana girls could do no wrong.

They waltzed up the court with the greatest of ease,
as graceful as girls on a flying trapeze.

when the goalie put the ball in the net,
we all sang out, Another one yet!

The whistle blew,
the game was won,
they trooped off the court to Mrs. Emmerson
she looked at her girls as proud as a queen,
and she loved them all that was plainly seen.
Of course had they lost we all would agree,
it would have been the fault of the referree [referee].

Happy as Larry,
off to the pavilion they trot,
for a cup of tea,
or a bottle of pop.

They are charming young people and nice to know,
friendlier girls you’d not meet anywhere you go.
Many of their parents and supporters I’ve met,
and their friendly acceptance I’ll never forget.

No wonder I look forward to each Saturday,
I meet nice folk and see the girls play.
So good luck to you girls who live by the sea,
as long as I live count on support from me.

This was written by Mr. John Foddy for the girls of the club. John Foddy was an elderly gentleman who would turn out in all weather every Saturday…

He was made a Life Member of the Club in 1968.




We apologise for this report being so late.

At our Annual General Meeting on the 20th March, 1968 our Officers and Committee were elected as follows:-

OFFICERS:   Patroness:   Mrs Richardson
President:   Mrs Townsend
Secretary:   Miss C. McGuinness
Treasurer:   Miss J. Hope
Coach:   Mrs L. Emmerson
Asst. Coach:   Mr. R. Boynton

COMMITTEE:   Mesdames: Clarke, Birch, McLaren, Werry [Werrey], Lean, Butcher, Davies, Emmerson, Townsend, Robin, Baker, Rawstrone, Jensen, Boynton.
Misses:   McGuinness, Hope, Baker, Clarke.

CAPTAINS:   “A” Team   C. Townsend
“B” Team   J. Unahi
“C” Team   S. Matarangi [Matairangi]
“D” Team   Y. Brady


We seem to move from strength to strength, for this year we have four teams, again, one up. All the teams were up graded this year and this accounts for the lack of success. The teams were graded as follows:

“A” Team   2nd Grade
“B” Team   3rd Grade
“C” Team   3rd Reserve Section One
“D” Team   4th Grade

The lateness of this report accounts for the reason why there is only three games left to be played and only the “B” Team is having any measure of success. The up grading will be the reason for this. The “A” Team have only three wins to their credit and therefore have no standing in their competition grade. The “B” Team having only two losses, are at the moment 2nd and can only win this if the leading team is betten [beaten] and this does not seem very likely to happen. Haumoana White (“C”) Team, although showing a marked improvement in the second round are still out classed in this grade and have not been successful in gaining a place. Haumoana Red (“D”) also shows a marked improvement and have only six points in their favour.

These teams were not registered in these grades but the grading committee saw fit to up grade all our teams and the [?] situation proves that we were right and they were wrong.

The bus we have been using each Saturday is still proving a big success in every way.

Two members of the “B” Team, J. Hope and D. Pohartu [Pohatu], were picked for the representatives trails, but were unsuccessful in gaining a position in the rep. team.


The organisation behind the Housie evening held each Wednesday donated their proceeds from the evening of the 29th May towards the Club funds. As many as possible of our members and players were asked to go and it proved to be a very profitable evening for us. They have also arranged for us to have another evening on Wednesday, 21st August and again the more members ther are their the more money we are likely to receive. Therefore we would like to see more of our Vice Presidents there. These evenings are not late and the first evening was great fun.


We are having another petrol raffle this year as there seems to be no problem in selling the tickets. Most of you will no doubt have tickets and it is to be drawn on the 2nd September. There are two prizes;

1st Prize   44 Gallons Valued at $17.16
2nd Prize […] Gallons Valued at $7.80


1 Clifton Rd.,

28th November, 1969

Mr B. Emmerson,
Grange Rd.,HAUMOANA.

Dear Brian,

On behalf of our Club, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your kind donation of twenty gallons of petrol for the second prize of our annual raffle.

Also I would like to thank you for allowing the senior members “man the pumps” for a whole weekend and receive the profits from all the petrol they sold. I can assure you this was much appreciated and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their new experience.

Thanking you once again,

Yours faithfully,

All senior girls that “manned” the petrol pumps were dressed in their playing uniform. It was an entirely new and novel way of fund-raising.

Sue Birch received the Hastings President Trophy.

This year the subs will rise to $1.50c.

Our trip this year will be to Materton [Masterton] staying at Victoria Travel Hotel.

Club members this year are: U. Lean, B. Townsend, J. Davie, P. McLaren, Mrs. Richardson, S. Birch, K. Anstis, G. Oliver, N. Waikari, M. O’Sullivan, P. Brady, R. Werrey, J. Unahi, Y. Brady, M. Baker, K. Townsend, I. Pearse, S. Pearse, H. McLaren, K. Lynch, M. Tauroa, N. Manning, J. Patchett, J. Hope, J. Pohatu, K. Blummont, J. McKay, C. McGuiness, D. Moat, E. Mansfield, P. Walters, M. Keighley, J. Bernstone, P. Birch, N. Renata, J. Baker, Z. Baker, J. Butcher, M. Baker, J. Foddy, K. Elliot, R. Birch, B. Jensen, C. Townsend, Mrs. Werrey, H. Clarke, L. Boynton.


Officers of the club elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the Pavillion are as follows:

Patroness:   Mrs. Richardson.
President:   Miss C. McGuiness.
Secretary: Miss H. McLaren.
Treasurer:   Miss M. Baker.
Senior Coach: Judith McKay, Assistant coach: Sue Birch.

The club fees this year will rise to $2 per player.

We have four teams in the Hastings Competition this year.

The cost of a new netball is $10.72c.

The B Team have won their fourth grade competition in the Hastings Assn.

The A Team and the Red Team are runners-up in their grades.


Two senior teams and seven women committee members and Judith McKay as chaperone went to Gisborne. Everyone was dressed in uniform of grey skirts, white blouses, red cardigans, black blazers, black shoes and looked extremely smart.

We left Hastings at 1pm. on Friday 24th July in an N.Z.R. bus, arriving at Lincoln House, Fitzherbert Street Gisborne at 6pm. Dinner awaited our party after which everyone went into town until 8.30pm. We all had an early night with the thought of netball the next day. We were all very pleased with the standard of accommodation provided. The proprietors could not have made us more welcome or comfortable.

We arrived at the courts in Roebuck road at 8.45 am. Each team faced four compulsory games, regardless of losses. Games spread over the day with any team with four wins going on to the quarter finals.

We entered our two teams in the Patsy Burke Memorial Shield section and our results are as follows:

A team. 3 wins and one draw.
B. team. 2 wins, 1 draw and one loss.

This meant that neither team made the quarter finals, but were by no means disgraced.

We found the Tournament to be well organised but the standard of play and umpiring left something to be desired, the weak umpiring resulting in extremely rough play.

This situation leads us to be more appreciative of the standard of umpiring in our own Association.

1970 Club Members;
J. Baker, N. Manning, K.. Blummont, K. Lynch, M. Baker, H. McLaren, A. McLaren, P. McLaren, R. Werrey, J. Pearce, A. Blummont, K. Anstis, H. Ormsby, U. Lean, S. Birch, S. Pearce, K. Townsend, N. Waikari, P. Birch, J. Hope, J. Randle, N. Jones, E. Matairangi, N. Renata, R. Renata, P. Brady, W. Wairau, K. Burden, R. Matairangi, J. Unahi, C. McGuiness, W. Pere, M. Keighley, B. Townsend, D. Moat, L. Emmerson, J. McKay, J. Werrey, J. Butcher, J. Foddy, L. Vaughn, V. Robbin, L. Frost.


The Annual General Meeting of the Haumoana Netball Club was held on the 1st. March at the Haumoana Memorial Park Pavillion.

Officers elected were:
Patroness : Mrs. Richardson.
President : Mrs. Townsend.
Secretary : Sue Birch
Treasurer : Mrs. Manning.
Coach : Judith McKay.

Club members for 1971:
K. Blummont, H. Hamlin, B. Townsend, N. Manning, J. Butcher, I. Pearce, S. Birch, R. Warren, P. Birch, J. Baker, P. Brady, S. Bambry, K. Lee, D. Cooper, F. Lean, J. Randle, K. Burden, B. Unahi, L. Truuts, A. McLaren, U. Lean, L. Emmerson, P. McLaren, L. Gaskin, A. Kani, W. Wairau, J. Power, K. Anstis, M. Keighley, H. Ormsby, N. Waikari, E. Matairangi, S. Pearce, K. Townsend, M. Baker, K. Lynch, M. Lynch, R. Matairangi, R. Birch, Mrs. Richardson, J. McKay, C. Batholomew [Bartholomew], N. Steevens, J. Werrey, J. Foddy, B. Anstis.

The fees this year will be $2 per player.

We are to have a uniform change this year.

We will finally shed our black gyms and replace them with a nice red, white and blue tartan wrap around pleated skirt.

We will also purchase white short sleeve shirts and a nave blue vee neck jersey. These jerseys will be similar to the Napier Girls’ High School.

Transporting the teams to town each Saturday by bus has run at a loss so we will revert back to taking them in cars each Saturday.

The A team entered Giorgi Tournament and were runners up in their grade for which they will receive the Grade runners up cup plus a silver button from the club.

Haumoana Red also won their grade during the season and will receive the Hastings Netball Assn. Trophy.


Two senior teams and four women committee members travelled up to Gisborne on the Railcar on Friday night leaving Hastings at 8.30pm. We arrived in Gisborne at 1.30am and at Lincoln House at 1.45am. Next morning we arrived at the courts at 8.30am with our first game being at 9am.

The A team has three wins and one loss and the B team had three losses and one win. We would like to thank Havelock North for the support that they gave us on the side line.

On Saturday night the girls went to the movies then up town for a hamburger before returning to Lincoln House.

We left Gisborne Railway station for the return trip at 11am. on Sunday morning. We arrived at the Hastings railway station at 3.30pm.

The Junior teams are to travel to Palmerston North and will be staying at Linton Court.


Patroness:   Mrs. Richardson.
President:   Mrs. Townsend
Secretary:   Miss P. Birch.
Treasurer:   Miss M. Keighley.

Senior Coach:   Judith McKay.
Junior Coach:   Delwynne Moat.

Club members for 1972:

G. Lean, B. Townsend, K. Lee, S. Harbottle, Mrs. Werrey, F. Lean, Mrs. Richardson, E. Matairangi, D. Matairangi, P. Walters, M. Black, L. Halstead, S. Bambry, V. Keighley, B. Unahi,. M. Keighley, H. Ormsby. J. Randle, M. Baker, K. Blummont, K. Burden, P. Brady, D. Moat, K. Lynch, M. Lynch, L. Emmerson, N. Manning, J. Butcher, K. Davie, K. Davie, P. Birch, J. McKay, K. Townsend, J. Baker, A. Kani.

This year the two junior teams will stay in the navy gyms. It will give the junior players an incentive to work toward senior team uniform.

This year the club trip will be to Gisborne, and the bus will cost $143.50.

This will be the first time that the club has taken both Senior and Junior players on a trip.

Report from Gisborne Trip

We had a very enjoyable time in Gisborne, mainly because of the way all girls mixed together. The A Team has two wins and three losses and the B Team were unsuccessful in all their games. While the bus was parked outside our Masonic Hotel, it was broken into and some of our gear was stolen. Police are looking into the matter.

This year we will update our club badges. We will have Netball Club on them to replace the old Basketball Club wording.

A farewell evening for Lorraine Emmerson was held in the Pavillion. Many present and past members turned out to farewell and wish Lorraine the best on her final retirement from Coaching the Haumoana Basketball Club and through to now Netball Club. A social evening was held and my players were able to reminiscence about days gone by, trips gone by, and all the good things that have happened in the club over the years. The club presented Lorraine with a canteen of cultery [cutlery] and a travel bag. It was a farewell that was quite sad in a way as Lorraine had taken the Club from the early days of existence to the Might strength that it is today. The time, effort, patience, and at times frustration, time away from her family, and the total commitment that Lorraine gave to the club as Coach will never be repeated.

A Field day was held on 12th. August with four grades.

For our wind-up this year we are going to the D.B. Heretaunga Hotel for a Smorgasbord dinner. on a Sunday night.


Club members for 1973:
Patroness:   N. Manning.
President:   B. Townsend.
Secretary:   J. Hope.
Treasurer:   J. Hope.
Coach:   D. Moat.

U. Lean. F. Lean, J. Hope, J. Butcher, R. Robbie, W. McLaren, B. Wharrie, K. Blummont, P. Brady, B. Townsend, K. Christofferson, J. McKay, J. Emmerson, S. Bambry, A. Bambry, P. Birch, B. Unahi, N. Manning, Mrs. Werrey, P. McLaren, K. Millar, P. Walters, D. Moat, P. Walters, S. Harbottle, K. Lynch, R. Croft.

This year the fees will rise to $2.50 per player.

We held a very successful shop day at the Clifton Domain on the 13th. January. The campers were very responsive to our fund raising and commented on how nice it was to be able to buy fresh cakes and vegetables. We also made punnets of coleslaw.

This year our club trip will be to Masterton.


On the week-end of 27th to 29th. July, fourteen players, our coach and five committee members left Hastings at 4.30pm. by N.Z.R. Road Services Bus. We stopped in Dannevirke for tea and arrived at Solway Park Hotel at 9.15pm.

We were accommodated in very comfortable twin bed units each with a television, telephone, shower and toilet.

Saturday morning we went to the courts at Waiarapa [Wairarapa] College for games against Collegiate. The A team won and the B. team lost. Both games were most enjoyable.

Saturday afternoon we drove through Caterton [Carterton] and Greymouth where we visited a cheese factory, a museum and the Mount Holdsworth Reserve.

In the evening most of us stayed at the Hotel. A few of the older girls went to a dance in one of the bars adjoining the Hotel.

We left Masterton about 11 am. Sunday morning and had stops at Pahiatua and Waipawa. We arrived back at Haumoana about 4.45pm.

J.F.  Hope.


This year we are to have a change to our uniform. We will purchase navy parkas which will be registered as part of our playing uniform. It is to be worn on cold or wet days only. Our uniform therefore consists of: long white socks, white Bob Charles Tee shirt, monogram on Tee shirt, navy jersey, navy parka, red and white tartan skirts and black netball boots.

This year we have two teams in the competition.

Our annual trip will be to Masterton.

Report on trip to Masterton

We left Hastings at 12.30pm on Friday, 26th July and arrived in Masterton at the Empire Hotel at 4.30pm.

We went for a sight-seeing trip on Saturday and then on Saturday night we stayed at the Hotel where the junior girls watched T. V.

The senior girls went to a social in the bar.

On Sunday morning we played netball against Makora College.

The A team won 22-8 and the B team lost 15-6.

After we had lunch we left Masterton at 1.30pm and arrived in Hastings at 6.30 pm.

P. Birch,

Officers of the Club for 1974 are as follows:
Patroness:   Mrs. Birch.
President:   Mrs. B. Townsend.
Secretary:   Miss P. Birch.
Treasurer:   Miss P. Birch.
Coach”   Mrs. D. Moat.

Financial members:
R. Pere, M. Pere, J. Smith, K. Christofferson, U. Lean, F. Lean, J. Emmerson, P. Birch, P. Smith, W. McLaren, K. Lynch, D. Unahi, S. Harbottle, B. Wharrie, J. Bambry, R. Croft, L. Emmerson, J. Hope, B. Townsend, N. Steevens, P. McLaren, M. Bambry, N. Manning, D. Moat, R. Birch, J. Butcher, J. Sneddon, J. McKay.

There is to be no field day this year as we are unable to fit it into our busy schedule.

For our wind-up this year we will all go to dinner at the Masonic Hotel in Napier.


At the Annual General Meeting held on the 19th. February at the Pavilion, the following Officers were elected.

Patroness:   Mrs. N. Manning;
President:   Mrs. B. Townsend;
Secretary:   Mrs. S. Harbottle,
Treasurer:   Mrs. C. Bartholomew.
Coach:   Mrs. D. Moat.

Financial members:
C. Bartholomew, D. Caldwell, D. Moat, U. Lean, J. Hope, J. McKay, B. Townsend, K. Christofferson, J. Power, R. Pere, P. Houkamou [Houkamau], I. Matairangi, Joy McKay, D. Kingi, J. Hesketh, D. Hesketh, M. Pere, K. Davey, K. Davey, J. Smith, D. Unahi, D. Caulton, S. Bambry, E. Mosen, L. Emmerson, J. Emmerson, R. Renata, J. Spooner, T. Hurinui, J. Butcher.

This year the world Netball Championships will be held in Auckland, and some of our members will be attending, namely Mrs. Butcher, Mrs. Emmerson, Mrs. Townsend, and Kay Christofferson.

Our pre-season training will start at the Haumoana School this year. This is only until the Tennis Club have finished their season at the Park.

The club will hold a gala at the park this year for fund-raising. We invite other clubs in the district to take part also.

This year our shop day will be at the Clifton Domain. Members will bake cakes and make things such as coleslaw etc. It is thought that the campers will appreciate freshly baked cakes. Everyone in the club is expected to participate as this will be the main fund-raising venture. We realise that it is out of season but a meeting will be called beforehand to organise.

A motion was moved and passed that any girl who fails to attend three practices in a row without an apology is out of the club for the remainder of the season.

This year the club trip will be to Rotorua. We will stay at the Bungalow Private Hotel.

We will enter one team in the Giorgi Tournament which will be held on the 31st. August.


Club officers elected at the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 11th. February at the Haumoana Memorial Park as follows:

President:   B. Townsend.
Patroness:   Mrs. Manning.
Secretary:   S. Harbottle.
Treasurer:   C. Batholomew.
Coach:   Judy McKay.

Financial members for 1976:
L. Emmerson, J. McKay, D. Moat, J. Butcher, B. Townsend, S. Bambry, L. Boynton, E. Mosen, C. Batholomew, S. Harbottle, M. Lindsay, J. Power, K. Christofferson, J. Emmerson, D. Kingi, U. Lean, S. Paul, S. Randell, D. Caulton, N. Manning, A. Caldwell, J. Smith, C. Unahi.

The senior girls will run an evening at the Clive Hotel as a fund-raising venture. They will get a late licence and also provide supper to ticket holders.

This year our trip will be to Wanganui, staying at the Flag Inn.

We were to hold a garden party but decided to have the gala at the Memorial Park instead because there is more room. Other clubs have been invited to have stalls also.

This year we will have our end of year dinner at the D. B. Heretaunga.


Club Officers:
Patroness:   N. Manning.
President:   B. Townsend.
Secretary:   S. Randell.
Treasurer:   S. Paul.

Coach: Haumoana A and B: J. McKay.
Haumoana Old Girls: A. Brady.

Financial members:
J. Butcher, D. Moat, B. Townsend, D. Hesketh, L. Haynes, S. Harbottle, J. McKay, N. Manning, L. Boynton, S. Randell, S. Paul, A. Caldwell, J. Emmerson, H. Sullivan, E. Mosen, J. Steevens, J. Smith, R. Heaps, C. Griffiths, J. Power, Joy McKay, H. Pere, D. Unahi, M. Lindsay, K. Christofferson, H. Ormsby, L. Wharrie, A. Yates, D. Kingi, P. Birch, L. Bravington, J. Gordon, R. Gordon, J. Smith, B. O’Keefe, K. Unahi, P. Smith, L. Emmerson, J. Emmerson, D. Christie, W. Apiata, T. Matairangi, A. Brady, F. Kyle.

This year the Hastings Netball will start a twilight Competition. This will be played in the summer months.

The Haumoana A team will now become Haumoana Old Girls.

The club has decided to purchase Life member badges and these will be presented to those members at the Club Field Day.

The club will hold a Cabaret in the Haumoana Hall. Our club trip this year will be to Gisborne. A close vote was held and the President used her casting vote to support the Gisborne trip.

We will stay at the Masonic Hotel again as it is cheaper there and we are all close together.

The juniors will have their trip to Palmerston North and they will stay at the Chaytor Anne Motel.


Officers of the club elected at the Annual General Meeting are as follows:

Patroness:   Mrs. J. Butcher.
President:   Mrs. B. Townsend.
Secretary:   Mrs. S. Randell.
Treasurer:   Mrs. J. Power.

Social Committee Organiser:   Mrs. M. Lindsay.

Club members:
B. Townsend, L. Emmerson, R. Wilson, J. Power, J. McKay, N. Manning, J. Butcher, S. Paul, K. Christofferson, M. Lindsay, N. Steevens, M. Heaps, R. Birch, P. Birch, L. Boynton, B. Jensen, D. Caldwell, D. Moat, A. Blummont, L. Hayes, J. Emmerson, R. Heaps, D. Unahi, J. Smith, R. Wilson, E. Mosen, H. Ormsby, H. Pere, D. Hesketh, D. Kingi, J. Kekena, J. Steevens, C. Griffiths, A. Caldwell, S. Warren, C. LeBas, M. Heremia, C. Christie, A. Yates, S. Bambry, S. Walford, K. Robertson, W. Leswick, D. Christie, R. O’Leary, W. Apiata, M. Heaps, T. Matairangi, S. Harbottle, J. McKay.

This year we have three teams playing in the Hastings Competition.

Haumoana Old Girls are in Second grade.

Haumoana A. Team is in third grade.

Haumoana B Team is in Reserve flight grade.

All club skirts are to be 8 inches above the ground when kneeling.

The Haumoana Old Girls Team are to get new ‘wrap around skirts’. These skirts were later to be called ‘blankets’ as they were so heavy and very hot to play in.

This year on 7th; July we will have a cabaret at the Clive Rugby Club rooms.

Our club dinner will be at the D. B. Heretaunga.

Because of the increase in fees to the Hastings Assn. we have had to increase our club fees as well.

Senior players = $10
High School Players = $7.

Our trip to Gisborne this year will see the teams playing in the Patsy Burke Memorial.

The club will stay at the Masonic Hotel as it is slightly cheaper and is right in the Main street of Gisborne.

The house bar will be open til late so there is no need for the girls to have to go out on the Saturday night.

The only problem with this Tournament is that it has grown so large over the last few years that it has been extended to all day Sunday as well. Any of our teams making the finals would not finish until late Sunday afternoon and we would be leaving very late to return to Hastings. We may have to look at other alternatives.

As we have some spare seats on the bus we will give some Clive netball players a ride to Gisborne.


Officers of the club for 1981 are as follows:

Patroness:   Mrs. N. Manning.
President:   Mrs. D. Cameron.
Secretary:   Mrs. Francess Kyle.
Treasurer:   Alison Caldwell.

Coach: Senior: Judith McKay.   Junior: Dawny Kingi.

Club members:
B. Townsend, J. McKay, D. Cameron, J. Butcher, D. Kingi, V. Jacobs, D. Paul, A. Apiata, B. O’Keefe, C. Walker, K. Moat, J. Kingi, M. Hesketh, L. Christie, R. Renata, F. Withers, S. Ormsby, C. LeBas, R. Heaps, K. Christie, D. Unahi, P. Williams, A. Christie, S. Randell, N. Manning, J. McKay, F. Kyle, C. Christie, A. Caldwell.

This year we are to have new skirts. All teams will be in the same uniform from now on.

We will donate our old skirts to the Haumoana School.

This year we have four teams in the club.

We will also hold a gala at the park and invite other local groups so that they can fund-raise also.

Our senior teams will travel to Rotorua for their trip this year. We will be staying at the Rotokawa Lodge which is a little way out of town but excellent accommodation.

The Junior team will travel to Taupo on a Saturday morning and will stay at the Spa Hotel.

We will hold an evening at the Mayfair Hotel as a find-raiser.

This evening turned out to be a ‘flop’.

It was freezing cold, the band was too loud and the crowd was small.

We held a cabaret at the Haumoana Hall which was very successful.

This year we have changed our ruling regarding players on the committee. From now on, players can be elected to the committee.

This year we are to introduce a rubber ball. Other clubs are using them and it is thought that they will be ideal in wet weather.

Judy McKay received the ‘Silver Whistle Trophy from the Hastings Assn.


Club Officers:
Patroness:   N. Manning
President:   F. Kyle
Secretary:   R. Wilson
Treasurer:   K. Townsend

Coach:   J. McKay   Old Girls: A. Brady

F. Kyle, R. Wilson, P. Birch, N. Manning, L. Boynton, B. Jensen, D. Moat, A. Caldwell, A. Blummont, L. Hayes, J. Emmerson, B. Townsend, L. Emmerson, J. Butcher, U. Lean, S. Birch, M. Heaps, J. Bernstone, Mr. and Mrs. B. Haimes, N. Steevens, M. Lindsay, J. McKay, K. Townsend, A. Walford, A. Kemp, J. Smith, D. Christie, D. Price, D. Oughton, A. Yates, C. Griffiths, T. Matairangi, A. Wiggins, S. Wiggins, K. Unahi, K. Christie, J. Apiata, L. Wharrie, J. Steevens, S. Warren, M. Phillips, O. Hanara, R. O’Leary, S. Ormsby, A. Caldwell, V. Reeks, A. Bambry, J. Spooner, D. Hesketh, A. Pohatu.

As bibs have now become compulsary we have had to purchase a set for each team. They will be white with red lettering.

The Old Girls team have broken tradition and now have red track suits with a blue stripe. The club colours are red and white and future uniforms must conform to the Club’s colour code.

This year will hold our wind-up at the Clive Rugby Club Rooms.

The end of year wind up will be at the D. B. Heretaunga.

The junior team will travel to Palmerston North.


Officers elected:

Patroness:   N. Manning
President:   D. Cameron
Secretary:   F. Kyle
Treasurer:   K. Townsend

Senior Coach:   J. McKay   Junior Coach: D. Kingi

Members: D. Cameron, J. McKay, B. Townsend, N. Manning, A. Yates, D. Unahi, R. Renata, A. Caldwell, C. LaBas [Le Bas?], L. Wharrie, R. Heaps, S. Randell, J. Emmerson, I. Matairangi, S. Walford, D. Kingi, M. Heremia, K. Unahi, D. Christie, P. Birch, C. Christie, D. Hesketh, R. Birch, L. Boynton, B. Jensen, D. Caldwell, A. Blummont, M. Heaps, J. Bernstone, S. Birch.

This year we have four teams.

Our courts will be re-sealed and the club will pay for the line markings.

The Senior trip will be to Gisborne and we will stay at the Masonic Hotel. The Junior team will travel to Taupo and stay at the Spa Hotel.

This year our fund-raising has enables all senior player to have red and white track-suits.

On the way back from Gisborne, the bus was running out of brakes coming down the Morere hill. While we waited for another bus to arrive from Hastings, we amused ourselves by singing and soing [doing] square-dancing on the side of the road.

The last people were dropped off in Hastings at 11.30pm.


Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting are as follows:

President:   Mrs. D. Cameron.
Patroness:   Mrs. N. Manning.
Secretary:   Mrs. F. Kyle.
Treasurer:   Mrs. S. Randell.
Equipment Officer:   Mrs. J. Butcher.

Coaches: J. McKay. P. Cameron. D. Kingi.

This year we are to have three coaches in the club. It is impossible for one coach to be able to give time to five teams.
J. McKay will coach the Red and White team.
D. Cameron will coach the Blue team.
D. Kingi will coach the A. and B. team (Juniors).

The new uniforms have been completed and all five teams are now wearing the new uniform. It is much easier than three different coloured skirts.

Instead of a gala this year we will hold a Market Day in the Haumoana Hall and invite other local groups to participate also.

Our club trip will be to Rotorua again. We will be staying at the Rotokawa Lodge.

To teams will be entered in the competition. These two teams will be made up from the three senior club teams.

As two of our players are getting married soon the club has to put on a kitchen tea at the Pavilion for them. Good-luck to Rosemary Heaps and Allison Caldwell.

We will hold our prize giving and cabaret at the end of the season at the Haumoana Hall.

Club members for the year were:
D. Cameron, J. McKay, N. Manning, B. Townsend, F. Kyle, S. Randell, D. Kingi, D. Unahi, J. Butcher, A. Christie, S. Paul, P. Williams, C. LeBas, C. Christie, G. Halbert, B. Williams, V. Puna, A. Pohatu, M. Smith, S. Moat, K. Moat.


Officers elected for 1983:

Patroness:   Mrs. N. Manning.
President:   Mrs. D. Cameron.
Secretary:   Mrs. F. Kyle.
Treasurer:   Mrs. S. Randell.

Coach:   Senior: J. McKay.   Junior:   S. Randell.
Old Girls:   D. Christie.

This year we have five teams in the Competition.

Four players have made the Hastings Rep teams this season.

Judy McKay has passed her local Umpire Exam.

We will hold a cake stall at the Clive T. A. B.

At our Field Day this year we will for the first time hold a Mens Competition Section. Most clubs have men playing netball and we have a special section for men players because under N.Z. rules, men and women may not play against each other in Completions.

Hamuera won the mens section.

Season resultd [resulted]:

White team won their section in Hastings.

Red team were co winners in their section.

Red team were also runners-up at the Te Reinga Tournament.

Haumoana B were winners of the College E Grade, runners-up at the Haumoana Junior Field Day, and runners up at the Te Reinga under 13 Tournament.

Haumoana White were runners-up in the Hastings D Grade, Section winners at Twilight Netball and made the semi finals of the Giorgi Tournament.

Because of the higher grading in Rotorua we will send only the red team this year. We will go by Mini-bus.

Club members this year are:
D. Cameron, J. Butcher, B. Townsend, J. McKay, N. Manning, M. Kaui [Kani], G. Pere, A. Apiata, D. Unahi, C. LaBas, S. Randell, D. Kingi, R. Stanley, D. Christie, G. Heremia, A. Carrol, C. Heremia, D. Hesketh, M. Whaanga, S. Warren, K. Moat, J. Cunningham, B. Edwards, F. Apiata, C. Tahau, J. Munroe, M. Hemopo, L. Christie, L. Ratima, L. Peake, C. Kahui, J. Kingi, D. Paul, L. Cooper, K. Whatarau, K. Edwards, S. Moat, B. Greening, J. Edwards, M. Apiata, B. Taumata, S. Paul, V. Puna, C. Lindsay.

The Junior trip will be to Turangi, staying at the Waihi Pa.

They will travel in the same bus as the Senior team did. That is a bus hired from Bill Jones Shearing Contractor.

This bus was later named the Heartattacky Bus by the girls of the club.


Patroness:   N. Manning
President:   D. Cameron
Secretary:   F. Kyle
Vice President:   S. Randell/F. Kyle
Treasurer:   S. Randell
Equipment:   J. Butcher
Senior Coach:   J. McKay
Red Coach:   D. Christie
Junior Coach:   S. Randell

R. Stanley, A. Christie, C. LaBas, B. Townsend, D. Hesketh, D. Kingi, S. Paul, B. Edwards, S. Warren, D. Paul, A. Jacobs.

Red:   C. Heremia
White:   C. LaBas
Blue:   C. Tahau

Seasons results:
Junior Field Day:   Haumoana A won section
Haumoana B runners up
Haumoana Juniors runners up at te Reinga Tournament.

Hastings Competition:   Red:   Runners up
White:   Runners up
B. Winners.

Haumoana white attended Celtic Field Day.

This year we had 10 players chosen to attend rep trials.


Patroness:   N. Manning
President:   D. Cameron
Vice:   S. Paul
Secretary:   M. Lindsay
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Equipment:   J. Butcher
Senior Coach:   J. McKay
Junior Coach:   D. Kingi

At the A.G.M. it was decided that each team will have its own coach. During the season J. McKay resigned as Coach after many years.

Season Coaches:   S. Randell
D. Cameron
D. Kingi

This year we will hold a Disco at the Hall.

Senior Teams will travell to Palmerston North by railcar.

This year we have been asked by the Haumoana Rugby Club to run the Aranui Tournament.

We have three Representative players this year. They are B. Thomas, N. Hita and C. Lindsay.


Patroness:   B. Townsend
President:   D. Cameron
Vice:   S. Randell
Secretary:   D. Paul
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Senior Coach:   S. Randell
Junior Coach:   D. Unahi
Ass. Coach:   D. Cameron

This year we have five teams.
Red team Captain:   M. Lowe
White   D. Paul
Blue:   T. Hampton
A. Team A. Scotland

This year we are all going to Skate time for a social club night out. We are entering a team in the Hastings to Napier Fun Run.

Hastings results:   Red:   First in Grade
White:   First in Grade
A. Runners up
B. Runners up

Junior Field Day: Winners:   Haumoana A Coached by D. Unahi
Runners up:   Skate Time coached by S. Moat.

Marilyn Lowe Receiving the Hastings Assn. Trophy as Captain of the Haumoana Red Team.

Back Row:   White Team 1987: S. Randell (Coach) L. Heaps, J. Taafe [Taaffe?], J. Nolan
Front Row: R. Stanley, D. Unahi, C. LaBas, R. Jones, N. Matairangi.


Patroness:   B. Townsend
President:   D. Cameron
Vice:   S. Randell
Secretary:   D. Paul
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Equipment:   J. Butcher
Delegate to Hastings:   D. Cameron

Senior Coach:   S. Randell
Junior Coach:   D. Unahi

Each Team that plays a game in the Hastings Assn. Must Provide a scorer.

Rep. players will now be graded into age groups.

Thise [This] year we have one present and one former Coach coaching the Representative teams for the Hastings Assn.
D. Cameron coaching Hastings under 14
J. McKay coaching the Hastings Under 18


Patroness:   B. Townsend
President:   D. Cameron
Secretary:   D. Paul
Vice Pres:   S. Randell
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Equipment:   J. Butcher
Senior Coach:   S. Randell
Junior Coach:   R. Stanley
Ass. Coach:   L. Heaps

The Club held a bottle drive this year to raise funds.

We covered the whole of Haumoana and TeAwanga [Te Awanga] and the depot was at Haycocks.

It was held in pouring rain and cold conditions but a good turnout helped to cover the area quicker.

Trialists this year:
u/14   S. Blummont
S. Hewitt
S. Davis

u/16   R. Jones
N. Matairangi
A. Haycock

u/18   D. Paul
A. Thomas
T. TeWhaiti [Te Whaiti?]


At the A.G.M. the following officers were elected:

Patroness:   B. Townsend
J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell
Vice:   R. Stanley
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Secretary:   T. TeWhaiti
Equipment:   R. Jones
Senior Coach:   S. Randell
Junior Coach:   T. TeWhaiti

This year the Seniors will go to Wanganui to play in a Tournament.

Field Day Results:
B Grade:   Soma
r/up   Tamatea

C. Grade: Clive
r/up   Flaxmere

Best Dressed:   Taitokorau

Player of the day:   R. Prentice, D. Wray, A. Thomas.


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell
Vice:   T. TeWhaiti
R. Stanley
Secretary:   J. Nolan
Treasurer:   R. Stanley
Equipment:   R. Jones
Coach:   H. Taiaroa
Ass. Coach:   J. Nolan
Captain Red Team T. TeWhaiti

Fees for this year are: Senior $40
Non Working   Senior $35
Junior: $20

This year we received a $500 grant from the Hillary Commission.

A 45th Anniversary Dinner was held at the Hastings R. S. A.

Past and Present members attended.

T. TeWhaiti, I. TeWhaiti, L. Blackstaffe, T. Kemp, L. Kemp, D. Wray, K. Faulkner, Kirsten Willson-Gay, A. Lemmon, D. Paul, R. Jones, Kim Turner, S. Paul, C. Randell, R. Prentice, Andrea Haycock, M. Taiaroa, R. Taiaroa, K. Cooper, A. Heaps, S. Brown-sharp, I. Heaps, S. Randell


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President”   S. Randell.
Vice:   A. Lemmon   Senior Coach:   T. TeWhaiti
T. TeWhaiti   Junior Coach: A. Kani
Secretary:   T. TeWhaiti
Equipment:   J. NolaN
Treasurer:   P. Birch

This year we have two teams
Senior team was 2nd. in B Reserve
Junior Team: Winners:   Coll. E. Grade.

This year our trip will be to Wanganui

Members are: R. Jones, M. Prentice, S. Leaf, T. TeWhaiti, D. Paul, B. Hickson, G. Lyon, J. Luke, S. Williams, C. Randell, S. Randell, L. Heaps, V. Petersen, L. Blackstaffe, S. Rangiihu, K. Turner, P. Birch.

Captains:   Senior:   A. Lemmon   Vice:   I Heaps
Junior:   C. Randell.


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell
Vice:   T. TeWhaiti. A. Kani
Equipment:   P. Birch
Treasurer:   P. Birch
Senior Coach: White: A. Kani   Blue: D. Unahi
Senior Captain: T. TeWhaiti   Vice: D. Paul
Blue Captain: C. Rangiihu   Vice: S. Williams
White: J. Siou   Vice: R. Cushing

Seasons results: Blue coached by D. Unahi were Grade winners
White coached by A. Kani were Grade Runners up.

This year the Trip will be to Wellington.

S. Leaf, T. Mathews, R. Stanley, C. Randell, S. Randell, G. Evans, L. Blackstaffe, E. Finny, R. Hesketh, A. Ramsey, N. TeWhaiti, D. Paul, S. Lawson, M. West, R. Cooper, A. Schollum.


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell
Vice:   A. Kani
Secretary:   Mrs. Williams
Treasurer:   P. Birch
Equipment:   P. Birch

Junior Coach:   D. Unahi. A. Kani

T. Williams, S. Williams, S. Tamanui, A., Cushing, K. Wiki, C. Neilson, B. Hickson, M. Prentice, C. Hill, K. Turner, M. Mathews, S. Love, H. Albert, V. West, P. Birch, J. Siou, M. Robinson, D. Blackwell, C. Randell, S. Randell, A. Collins, T. TeWhaiti, J. Luke, S. Rangiihu, S. Rangiihu, A. Cushing, B. Cushing, A. Schollum, R. Hesketh, S. Lawson, D. Paul, L. Blackstaffe, M. West, T. Mathews


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell
Vice:   R. Stanley
Treasurer:   P. Birch
Secretary:   P. Williams
Red Coach:   T. TeWhaiti
Red Captain:   D. Unahi.
Vice:   A. Thomas
White Coach:   A. Kani
Captain:   K. Turner
Vice:   M. West.

Lisa Turner is an under 15 Representative player this season.

The Annual Prize-giving will be held at the Fire Station.

Debbie Unahi was made a Life Member.

Our Club trip this year will be to Wellington.

K. Ryan, L. Julian, K. Wiki, C. Bailey, G. Evans, N. Priestley, Y. Bakker, D. Lee, N. Slack, T. TeWhaiti, K. Oliver, A. Thomas, N. TeWhaiti, B. Hanley, C. Futter, A. Cushing, D. Wither, L. Blackstaffe, B. Hickson, A. Single, K. Turner, L. Turner, N. Wilson, C. Randell, S. Randell, H. Ormsby, K. Ferris, E. Falaoa, S. Lawson, S. Leaf, A. Sayer, A. Ramsey, V. West, M. West, R. Mansfield.


Patroness:   J. Butcher
President:   S. Randell.

1962 B Team.
1st. Equal Hastings Third Grade. Winners. Queen’s Birthday Comp.
C. Allington, R. Kani, L. Manaena, H. Clarke, R. Walker, J. Manning, E. Hatherall, P. Lambert.

1964 B Team
Winners Hastings 3rd. Res. Grade Cup.
L. Emmerson, H. Pearse, J. Douglas, S. Baker, C. Townsend   M. Kireka, M. Baker, C. Robbie, L. Lean.

Remember when

Haumoana Netball Club to celebrate 50 years

Marion Morris
Staff reporter, Hastings

The Haumoana Netball Club, which will mark its 50th Jubilee at Labour Day weekend, is expecting more than 100 at the celebrations.

Among those coming are ex-players from throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Those organising the Jubilee have had their task made easier because the club’s records are complete down to the minutest detail of its existence of those 50 years.

Delwyn Cameron, Matamata, a former club member is undating a magazine of the club’s history and finding many aspects of interest.

“Haumoana never trialled its players and it still doesn’t. Whoever turns up gets a game,” she said.

“It has had remarkably few coaches – seven only, and many original players now have daughters and granddaughters who play. It has always been like a family.”

“In fact the history of the club is a bit like the history of Haumoana,” Mrs Cameron said.

The club was formed at a meeting on May 7, 1946, after a year in which only friendly matches were played.

The minutes of that first meeting included:

“It was decided to write to the secretary of the Haumoana Beach Improvement Society for the use of the picnic ground at the Black Bridge.

(Mrs Cameron said there were no real courts at that stage on the picnic ground).

“It was passed that the girls bring threepence along each club night to pay for the lights in the hall.

“The following officers were elected: President, Mrs Krebs, Vice presidents: Mrs Holden, Mrs McNiven, Mrs Nitchkie [Nitschke] and Mrs McQuarrie [Quarrie]. Secretary/treasurer, Mrs Ruby Twort, Coach, Miss Edna Steele. Committee: Edna Steele, Lorraine Lindsay, Ida Boaler and Ruby Twort.”

A Herald-Tribune report in 1954 stated: “Haumoana again fields two teams. Three fourth grade players showed much improvement last season and will be included in the third grade making a strong team. The travelling distance is a disadvantage to this club but it does not mar the keen club spirit that prevails each week.”

Mrs Cameron said players had to take a bus from Haumoana to Hastings depot and then walk to Ebbett Park.

She plans to publish the club history after the jubilee so that photographs and reports of the jubilee functions can be included.

The three-day jubilee programme begins with a wine and cheese evening on Friday at the Haumoana Hall for members and ex-members. On Saturday there will be junior, senior and oldies netball games played at Haumoana Memorial Park.

An official welcome will follow with morning tea and photo sessions.

At night husbands and partners will join members and ex-members at a function at the Cheval Room at Hastings Racecourse where a jubilee cake will be cut at the jubilee dinner.

On Sunday morning a church service will be held at Haumoana Memorial Park followed by morning tea and farewells.

Photo captions –

Haumoana basketballers in 1946: Back from left: L. Scott, L. Lindsay, J. Krebs, M. Kirk and D. Castles. Front from left: R. Twort, I. Boaler, P. O’Brien and J. McKeesick. Their uniforms were red pinafores and white blouses and the photograph was taken at the Black Bridge picnic area where practices were held.

1961 – opening day of the club’s first netball courts.

Life members at the 1990 re-union.

Back row: Ruby Birch, Neta Manning, Beth Townsend, Delwynne Cameron, Joyce Butcher, Barbara Jensen
Middle Row: Lorraine Emmerson, Rosemary Stanley
Front Row: Shirley Randell, Lynne Townsend, Rosalyne Wilson

Past Presidents: Back Row: Beth Townsend, Vi Morris, Neta Manning, Francess Kyle, Mrs. Heaps, B. Jensen.
Front Row: Delwynne Cameron, Ruby Twort, Shirley Randell.



Thank you to the organising committee for bringing us all together and for the work that this has entailed.

I would like to recognise the presence of ex-Patronesses Netta and Aunty Beth, mentors and coaches, Judy and Delwynne, our life members and all players past and present.

I would like to acknowledge the important contribution that our present Patroness, Joyce Butcher has made to our club. Joyce has remained an active member every year-helping us whenever requested and always on had to assist at tournaments and each year at the presentation-we applaud her for her continuing support.

50 years is a milestone and it is appropriate that we should gather at the venue for this auspicious occasion.

Over the years this club has at times struggled to survive, especially with the demise of the Whakatu Freezing Works and the shift of residents to other towns, but survive we have and as will have been evident today we’ve continued to represent our club with honour and respect for good competition and fair play.

We are recognised in Hastings for providing not only good competitive teams but also some top umpires-this good example being set by Judy who was awarded the Silver Whistle Trophy, and has been carried on by Rose and Aera who are both highly qualified. I’d also like to acknowledge the contribution made over the years by Debbie, Tania and this years senior players who passed their Elementary Award-Deborah Lee, Angeline Ramsay and Crystal Randell.

We are represented in Hastings by myself on the Executive Committee, the Grading Committee and the Twilight Committee and I try to foster good relationships with other clubs and executive officers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have made a major contribution over many years coaching the junior players. Namely Aera and Debbie whose teams flourished under their care, and to congratulate Donna Kingi who took on the role of junior coach this year and had a most successful season with her team coming runners-up in Collegiate D Grade.

For me personally it has been a very rewarding season with the seniors losing only two games and taking out the Open B Reserve Grade Cup, coming from behind to win their final in grand style by one goal – a coach’s sideline nightmare!!

Six members of this team were all previously junior players for this club and I was very proud of their achievement this year.

Today we saw evidence of some of the good players that have been through the club – albeit some a little rusty – and many saying “the mind knew where to go but the body wouldn’t take me there!” – but enjoyable nonetheless.

Over the years I have seen that this is not just a netball club but more an extended family – perhaps more important still we are friends and friendships forged within this club are lasting, and as evidenced the past two days by all the hugging and kissing that’s gone on – this will continue.

The jubilee has given us time and the opportunity to renew friendships and share past experiences.

In conclusion, I would ask you to support us – we need help with coaching in ’96, we need committee members for ’96, we could have a Masters’ Team in ’96 – the possibilities are endless.

We will carry on – we hope you will join us –

I look forward to us all meeting in the year 2005 to celebrate 60 years!




On Friday 20th; our celebrations began with a wine and cheese evening at the Haumoana Memorial Pavillion.

It was an evening where past and present members rekindled old friendships, recalled memories of playing days, events and Club trips of the past.

The hundreds of photographs on display received a lot of attention, especially the hair styles.

All registered members received an engraved wine glass.

Key rings and special badges were also able to be purchased.

Saturday Morning.

At 9am. Past and Present members, Supporters and invited guests from the Hastings Netball Association were welcomed to the ReUnion and Netball games by Rosemary Stanley.

The Haumoana Junior Team took the court to do battle with some of the earlier players. Short games of only six minutes each way seemed like a full game to the “oldies”.

It was gratifying to see the 1946 team take the court.

As we moved into the 1980’s past players, the Haumoana Senior current team took them on.

It was commented by many that former players had not lost their flair for the game.

A Mother and daughter game was held which was a lot of fun.

A photo session of each ten year group was held.

The morning concluded with a welcome cup of tea and delicious cakes.

Saturday Evening.

We gathered once more at the Pavillion for pre dinner drinks and nibbles.

As more past players and members had arrived it was time to catch up with each other again.

We seated for Dinner and we observed a minutes silence to remember absent friends.

Rosemary Stanley thanked those members of the Committee who had worked tirelessly in organising the Event. Rosemary and Rosalyn Wilson were presented with a bouquet [bouquet].

Neta Manning and Beth Townsend who are Life Members, Past Presidents and Past Patronesses received beautiful Sprays.

The present Patroness and Life Member Joyce Butcher and her grand daughter Coralee Butcher who is the youngest Club member were called upon to cut the cake. This beautiful cake was made by Life Member Barbara Jensen and decorated in red and white colours with the club shield. It was well photographed.

Everyone agreed that the Dinner was excellent and the catering staff were thanked by the Club.

Shirley Randell, Club President spoke about the Club and called on all present to support the Club in future to get us through to the next reunion.

After two desserts each the photo gallery was studied again.

As traditional on netball trips or when groups get together, singing broke out. The first song: You will never grow old” seemed to have a new meaning to the works.

It was a night of nostalgia, a coming together of past and present players all who would have had pride in saying at some time “I play for Haumoana”.

The evening concluded with everyone promising to be on time for Church in the morning.

Sunday Morning.

Members gathered once more at the Pavillion for a special Service. Former member Jean Hantler played the Organ and lead the singing. After a short service we all gathered downstairs for morning tea. After more photos, hugs and kisses, promises to keep in touch, and a few teary eyes, everyone left to return to all parts of New Zealand and Australia.

Congratulations to the Committee for a wonderful week end and “Three Cheers” to all players, committees and supporters who have kept the Club growing strong over the past 50 year.

See you all at the next reunion.

Ka Kite.





1951   Betty Holden
1952   Betty Holden
1953   Betty Holden
1954   Betty Holden
1955   Betty Holden
1956   Betty Holden
1957   G. Baker
1958   G. Baker
1959   V. Morris
1960   Ruby Birch
1961   Ruby Birch
1962   Ruby Birch
1963   Mrs. Sweet
1964   Mrs. LeValiant
1965   Joan Sneddon
1966   Mrs. Richardson
1967   Mrs. Richardson
1968   Mrs. Richardson
1969   Mrs. Richardson
1970   Mrs. Richardson
1971   Mrs. Richardson
1972   Mrs, Richardson
1973   Mrs. Manning
1974   Ruby Birch
1975   Mrs. Manning
1976   Mrs. Manning
1977   Mrs. Manning
1978   Joyce Butcher
1979   N. Manning
1980   N. Manning
1981   N. Manning
1982   N. Manning
1983   N. Manning
1984   N. Manning
1985   N. Manning
1986   N. Manning
B. Townsend
1987   N. Manning
B. Townsend
1988   B. Townsend
1989   B. Townsend
1990   J. Butcher
1991   J. Butcher
1992   J. Butcher
1993   J. Butcher
1994   J. Butcher
1995   J. Butcher


1945   Mrs. Krebs
1946   Mrs. Krebs
1947   Mrs. Krebs
1948   Mrs. Van Asch
1949   Mrs. Twort
1950   Mrs. Erickson
1951   G. Baker
1952   G. Baker
1953   Maureen Burden
1954   V. Morris
1955   V. Morris
1956   V. Morris
1957   V. Morris
1958   V. Morris
1959   S. Purvis
1960   B. Jensen
1961   B. Jensen
1962   B. Townsend
1963   G. Haycock
1964   G. Haycock
1965   B. Townsend
1966   B. Townsend
1967   B. Townsend
1968   B. Townsend
1969   B. Townsend
1970   C. McGuiness
1971   B. Townsend
1972   B. Townsend
1973   B. Townsend
1974   B. Townsend
1975   B. Townsend
1976   B. Townsend
1977   B. Townsend
1978   B. Townsend
1979   Francess Kyle
1980   Delwynne Cameron
1981   Delwynne Cameron
1982   Delwynne Cameron
1983   Delwynne Cameron
1984   Delwynne Cameron
1985   Delwynne Cameron
1986   Delwynne Cameron
1987   Delwynne Cameron
1988   Delwynne Cameron
1989   Shirley Randell
1990   Shirley Randell
1991   Shirley Randell
1992   Shirley Randell
1993   Shirley Randell
1994   Shirley Randell
1995   Shirley Randell


1945   R. Twort
1946   R. Twort
1947   R. Twort
1948   R. Twort
1949   J. McKeesick
1950   J. McKeesick
1951   M. Burden
1952   J. McCarthy
1953   J. McCarthy
1954   D. McKeesick
1955   B. Morris
1956   Roslyne Earle
1957   Roslyne Earle
1958   Roslyne Earle
1959   Roslyne Earle
1960   Hazel McLeod
1961   G. McDonald
1962   G. Oliver
1963   L. Emmerson
1964   V. Hatherall
1965   H. Clarke
1966   H. Clarke
1967   H. Clarke
1968   C. McGuiness
1969   C. McGuiness
1970   H. McLaren
1971   S. Birch
1972   P. Birch
1973   J. Hope
1974   Patsy Birch
1975   S. Harbottle
1976   S. Harbottle
1977   S. Randell
1978   R. Wilson
1979   R. Wilson
1980   F. Kyle
1981   F. Kyle
1982   F. Kyle
1983   F. Kyle
1984   F. Kyle
1985   M. Lindsay
1986   D. Paul
1987   D. Paul
1988   D. Paul
1989   T. TeWhaiti
1990   J. Nolan
1991   T. TeWhaiti
1992   T. TeWhaiti
1993   T. TeWhaiti
1994   P. Williams
1995   P. Williams


1945   R. Twort
1946   R. Twort
1947   R. Twort
1948   R. Twort
1949   L. Lindsay
1950   L. Lindsay
1951   L. Emmerson
1952   L. Emmerson
1953   L. Emmerson
1954   L. Emmerson
1955   E. Ellis
1956   E. Ellis
1957   E. Ellis
1958   J. Taylor
1959   S. Haycock
1960   R. Earle
1961   R. Earle
1962   R. Earle
1963   R. Earle
1964   R. Earle
1965   R. Earle
1966   M. Holden
1967   M. Holden
1968   J. Hope
1969   J. Hope
1970   M. Baker
1971   N. Manning
1972   M. Keighley
1973   J. Hope
1974   P. Birch
1975   C. Bartholomew
1976   C. Bartholomew
1977   S. Paul
1978   J. Power
1979   K. Townsend
1980   K. Townsend
1981   A. Caldwell
1982   S. Randell
1983   S. Randell
R. Stanley
1985   R. Stanley
1986   R. Stanley
1987   R. Stanley
1988   R. Stanley
1989   R. Stanley
1990   R. Stanley
1991   P. Birch
1992   P. Birch
1993   P. Birch
1994   P. Birch


1946   B. Holden, McNiven, Nitchkie, Quarrie
1947   Quarrie, B. Holden, McNiven, Van Asch, McCarthy
1948   Crawford, Erickson, McCarthy, G. Baker, Quarrie.
1949   Crawford, Erickson, Van Asch, B Holden, G. Baker, Quarrie
1950   G. Baker, Van Asch, Crawford, Twort, Massie, Mrs. McKeesick, Mrs. Taylor, B. Townsend, Holden, Quarrie.
1952   V. Morris, B. Townsend, McKeesick, Ritchie, Bowman, Erickson, Bambry SEN, J. McKeesick, B. Parker, Earle, Mrs. Gerrard, Townrow.
1953   Earle, Morris, Birch, McKeesick, Mitchell, Chubb, Bradshaw, McCarthy, Gerrard, B. Townsend, Bowman, Ritchie, Orsborne [Orsborn], Dyett, Pope, Taylor
1954   Taylor, Manning, Chubb, Calnan Girls, Pope Mrs. Earle, M Burden, Baker, Birch, Mrs.    McKeesick, Mitchell, Bradshaw, Gerrard, B. Townsend, Bowman, Orsborn, Dyett, Mrs. C. Unahi, Williams, McWilliams, Bartle, LeQuesne
1955   Gerrard, McKeesick, Bowman, McWilliams, Manning, Townsend, Taylor, Earle, Bartle, Birch, Bambry Ellis, McDonald, Smith, Haycock, Stanley, Thompson, Cochrane, G. Baker.
1956   McWilliams, Manning, Townsend, J. Taylor, Ellis, Baker, Chilton, V. Morris
1957   McDonald, Earle, B. Townsend, Taylor, McWilliams, Manning.
1958   McDonald, Earle, Townsend, Taylor, McWilliams, Manning, N. Steevens, B. Purvis
1959   Townsend, Manning, Anstis, Haycock, Ellis, M. Bambry, J. Thorburn, D. Caldwell, N. Steevens, Baker, McDonald, Sweet, Budd, Mrs. D. Taylor, L. Barge, S. Martin, Ellis, J. Taylor, M. Morris, D. Orsborn
1960   Townsend, Haycock, Manning, Thorburn, M. Bambry, Sweet, Steevens, Anstis, Ellis, Maron[?], K. Baylis, D. Orsborn, M. Anderson, Earle, J. Hantler, Ellis, N. Steevens, LeValliant, R. Blummont, L. Barge, M. Morris, Werrey
1961   Haycock, Manning, Emmerson, Budd, Allinton, Sweet, Anderson, Earle, J. Hantler, Ellis, Werrey, Steevens, LeValiant, J. Butcher, R. Blummont, L. Barge, M. Morris
1962   Jensen, Emmerson, Townsend, Haycock, Allington, Ellis, Douglas, Anderson, LaValiant, Butcher, A. Blummont, Sweet, Anstis, Werrey, Hantler, J. Sneddon, R. Birch, Steevens, Randall, L. Bargh Holden, P. Thomas, S. Anstis, Manning
1963   Jensen, Allington, Ellis, Douglas, M. Anderson, LeValiant, Butcher, A. Blummont, Manning, Sweet, Werrey, Hantler, Sneddon, Steevens, Birch, Randall, Bargh, P. Thomas, Haycock, N. Kani, Hill, S. Harman, G. Oliver, R. Earle.
1964   Anderson, Butcher, Emmerson, Townsend, Harman, McDonald, Mrs. H. Pearce, Birch, LeValliant, Manning, Sweet, Werrey, Hantler, Sneddon, Steevens, Baker, Jensen, D. Moat, J. Davie, Clarke, G. Oliver, Peterse, Haycock, Sneddon.
1965   Anderson, Butcher, Moat, Emmerson, Townsend, Manning, Barman, Pearce, Birch, LeValliant, Sweet, Baker, Jensen, Lean, Davis, A. Clarke, Oliver, Petersen, Haycock, Steevens


1966   Baker, Anderson, Butcher, Townsend, Manning, Emmerson, Townsend, Harman, Birch, Sweet, Jensen, Lean, Moat, J. Davie, A. Clarke, Oliver, Peterse, Haycock, Holden, LeValiant, Richardson, Earle.
1967   Baker, Anderson, Butcher, Steevens, Manning, Peterse, Lean, Manning, Werrey, Townsend, Emmerson, Holden, Robin, Haycock, Sweet, Hantler, Haycock, Sneddon, Oliver, Jensen, Birch, J. Davie, P. McLaren.
1968   Baker, Birch, Butcher, Moat, Manning, Townsend, Robin, Lean, Clarke, Steevens, Peterse, Werrey, Emerson, Holden, Haycock, Sweet, Hantler, Sneddon, LeValliant, Oliver, Jensen, Davie, McLaren, Pearce, Tauroa
1969   Butcher, Birch, Baker, Davie, Haycock, Jensen, Lynch, McLaren, Manning, McKay, Oliver, Robin, Steevens, Sweet, Werrey, Baker, Clarke, Townsend.
1970   Townsend, Butcher, Moat, Emmerson, Manning, Birch, Lean, Davie, Werrey, J. Hope, A. Blummont, T. Anstis, Steevens, Robin, Lynch, Baker
1971   Butcher, Manning, Birch, Moat, Jensen, Lean, McLaren, Townsend, Davie, Werrey, Blummont, Anstis, Steevens, Robin, Lynch, Baker, Kingi, Emmerson.
1972   Butcher, Manning, Birch, Emmerson, Townsend, Jensen, Lean, McLaren, Davie, Werrey, Blummont, Anstis, Steevens, Robin, Lynch, Baker, Kingi, Emmerson, Caldwell
1973   Townsend, Werrey, Manning, Birch, Moat, Butcher, Lean, Emmerson, M. Brady Steevens, Caldwell, Blummont, Jensen, Lynch, Randell
1974   Werrey, Steevens, McKay, Moat, Butcher, Wharrie, Lean, Emmerson, McLaren, Hope
1975   Jensen, Townsend, Butcher, Moat, Hawkins, Townsend, Caldwell, Boynton, Bartholomew, S. Birch, J. Spooner, K. Christofferson
1976   Jensen, Butcher, Caldwell, Boynton, Bartholomew, Steevens, Hope
1977   Boynton, Moat, Jensen, Caldwell, Emmerson, Harbottle, Hope, Steevens, P. Birch, R. Birch
1978   E. Birch, P. Birch, Boynton, Jensen, Caldwell, Moat, Blummont, Butcher, Hayes, Emmerson
1979   Birch, Boynton, Jensen, Caldwell, Moat, Blummont, Hayes, S. Birch, M. Heaps, Bernstone, Mr. and Mrs. Hames, J. Emmerson
1980   D. Hesketh, Birch, Butcher, Boynton, Jensen, A. Caldwell, D. Caldwell, A. Blummont, S. Birch, M. Heaps, J. Emmerson, J. Bernstone
1981   S. Randell, D. Kingi
1982   S. Randell
1983   S. Randell, F. Kyle
1984   S. Paul
1985   S. Randell
1986   S. Randell
1987   S. Randell
1988   S. Randell
1989   R. Stanley
1990   R. Stanley, T. TeWhaiti
1991   T. TeWhaiti, A. Lemmon
1992   T. TeWhaiti
1993   A. Kani
1994   R. Stanley


1984   Judith McKay   Hastings Open D. Grade
1985   Judith McKay   Hastings Open D. Grade
1986   Delwynne Cameron   Hastings Intermediate Grade
Judith McKay   Hastings Open D. Grade
1987   Delwynne Cameron   Hastings Under 14
Judith McKay   Hastings Open C. Grade


1965   Roslyne Earle
1968   John Foddy
1972   Lorraine Emmerson
Beth Townsend
Lynne Townsend
Ruby Birch
Neta Manning
Barbara Jensen
1980   Delwynne Cameron
Joyce Butcher
Judith McKay
1988   Shirley Randell
Rosemary Stanley
1992   Tania TeWhaiti
1994   Debbie Unahi


1982   J. Butcher
1983   J. Butcher
1984   J. Butcher
1985   J. Butcher
1986   J. Butcher
1987   J. Butcher
1988   J. Butcher
1989   R. Jones
1990   R. Jones
[1991   J
1990   R. Jones]
1991   J. Nolan
1992   P. Birch
1993   P. Birch
1994   P. Birch
1995   P. Birch


1962   D. Butcher   C. Allington
1963   J. Manning
1964   J. Manning
1965   J. Manning   C. Townsend
1966   J. Manning
1967   M. Baker
1971   K. Anstis
1976   K. Unahi
1981   C. Christie   M. Heremia   K. Christie   D. Kingi
1982   V. Puna   M. Smith
1983   D. Kingi   M. Whaanga   L. Ratima   V. Puna
1984   A. Ormsby   R. Stanley   G. Pere
1985   C. Lindsay   B. Thomas   A. Scotland,   N. Matairangi
1988   N. Matairangi
1994   L. Turner

This list is incomplete


1946   Miss Steele
1947   Mr. W. Olsen
1948   Mr. W. Olsen
1949   Mr. W. Olsen
1950   L. Emmerson
1951   L. Emmerson
1952   L. Emmerson
1953   L. Emmerson
1954   L. Emmerson
1955   L. Emmerson
1956   L. Emmerson
1957   L. Emmerson
1958   L. Emmerson
1959   L. Emmerson
1960   L. Emmerson
1961   L. Emmerson
1962   L. Emmerson
1963   L. Emmerson
1964   L. Emmerson
1965   L. Emmerson
1966   L. Emmerson
1967   L. Emmerson
1968   L. Emmerson
1969   L. Emmerson
1970   J. McKay   S. Birch
1971   J. McKay   S. Birch
1972   J. McKay   D. Moat
1973   D. Moat
1974   D. Moat   S. Birch
1975   J. McKay   D. Moat
1976   J. McKay
1977   J. McKay
1978   J. McKay   A. Brady
1979   J. McKay
1980   J. McKay   D. Kingi
1981   J. McKay   D. Kingi
1982   J. McKay   D. Kingi   D. Cameron
1983   J. McKay   S. Randell   D. Christie
1984   J. McKay   D. Cameron
1985   S. Randell   D. Cameron   D. Unahi
1986   S. Randell   D. Cameron   D. Unahi
1987   S. Randell   D. Unahi
1988   S. Randell   R. Stanley
1989   S. Randell   T.  TeWhaiti
1990   H. Taiaroa
1991   H. Taiaroa
1992   H. Taiaroa   A. Kani   D. Unahi
1993   H. Taiaroa   D. Unahi   A. Kani
1994   T. TeWhaiti   A. Kani   D. Unahi
1995   T. TeWhaiti   D. Kingi



1968   J. Hope
1969   M. Sullivan
1970   J. Baker
1971   K. Lee/M. Lynch
1972   S. Bambry
1973   A. McLaren
1974   Not Awarded
1975   W. McLaren
1976   A. Caldwell
1977   J. Steevens
1978   Not Awarded
1979   S. Wiggins
1980   A. Wiggins
1981   M. Hesketh
1982   J. Cunningham
1983   D. Paul/B. Taumata
1984   A. Ormsby/B. Taumata
1985   I. Schinkel
1986   L. Collier
1987   M. Prentice/I. Heaps
1988   A. Heaps
1989   E. Oud
1990   I. Bass
1991   J. Luke/B. Hickson
1992   C. Evans
1993   C. Hill
1994   C. Bailey/M. West
1995   A. Tims



1981   C. LaBas
1982   R. Renata
1983   S. Warren/J. Munro
1984   J. Kingi
1985   C. Lindsay
1986   S. Moat
1987   Not Awarded
1988   D. Johnson
1989   S. Gray
1990   L. Kemp
1991   S. Leaf
1992   S. Paul
1993   S. Tamanui
1994   A. Sauer
1995   K. Ryan



1982   A & B
1993   A
1984   G. Pere
1985   White/Junior
1986   White
1987   Red/White
1988   R. Jones
1989   T. TeWhaiti
1990   T. TeWhaiti
1991   D. Paul
1992   S. Lawson
1993   S. Lawson
1994   D. Lee
1995   F. Tangiora/A. Ramsey



1981   C. Christie
1982   D. Hesketh
1983   C. Heremia
1984   R. Stanley
1985   S. Paul
1986   T. Bestford
1987   T. TeWhaiti
1988   A. Thomas
1989   R. Stanley
1990   A. Lemmon
1991   T. TeWhaiti
1992   T. TeWhaiti
1993   D. Paul|
1994   K. Ryan
1995   D. Lee



1981   Haumoana C
1982   White/CC
1983   White
1984   White
1985   Blue
1986   Red
1987   A
1988   Red
1989   Red
1990   A
1991   Juniors
1992   Blue
1993   White
1994   Blue/White
1995   Red



1981   D. Kingi
1982   N. Renata
1983   C. Tahu
1984   N. Slack
1985   M. Lawarence
1986   N & A Scotland
1987   J. Nolan
1988   J & J Fearless
1989   N. Slack
1990   R. Stanley
1991   S. Williams
1992   P. Williams/P. Birch
1993   S. Williams
1994   D. Withers/K. Julian
1995   N. Slack/C. Butcher

K. Cup


1982   V. Puna
1983   A. Carroll
1984   M. Apiata
1985   A. Ormsby
1985   B. Thomas
1987   P. Spooner
1988   D. Paul
1989   D. Paul
1990   D. Paul
1991   C. Randell
1992   C. Randell
1993   S. Rangiihu
1994   L. Blackstaffe/C. Randell
1995   C. Randell


1947   J. Silman   Vice: J. Castles
1948   J. Castles   L. Lindsay
1953   A. Team
S. Chubb   M. Burden
B. Team
N. Pope
1956   S. Anstis   R. Earle
1957   D. Purvis   R. Earle
1958   S. Anstis   R. Earle
1959   S. Anstis   R. Earle
1960   S. Haycock   R. Earle
1961   R. Earle
1962   A. Team   R. Earle
B. Team   C. Allington
1963   L. Townsend   D. Butcher
1964   A. Team   V. Hatherall
B. Team   H. Pearce
1965   A. Team: J. Manning
B. Team: H. Pearce
1967   A. Team   H. Clarke
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C. Team: Y. Brady
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Donated by R. Birch

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1991   St. Josephs


1951   Palmerston North
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Palmerston North
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1963   Stratford
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Palmerston North
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Bartle   Mrs.   1954
Baylis   Kim   1987
Baylis (McWilliams)   Karina   1954
Beckett   Fay   1966
Bernstone (Butcher)   Jualaine   1963
Bestford   Tracey   1986
Birch   Annette   1986
Birch (Lynch)   Kathleen   1975
Birch   Patsy   1968
Birch   Ruby   1953
Birch   Roy   1953
Birch (Harbottle   Sue   1966
Black   Mary   1972
Blackwell   D   1993
Blackstaffe   L.   1990
Blummont   Audrey   1961
Blummont   Joanne   1971
Blummont   Karen   1969
Blummont   Sharleen   1986
Blummont   Ruth   1961
Boaler   Ida   1946
Boult   Mavis   1953
Bowman   J.   1952
Boynton   Russell   1968
Boynton (Townsend)   Lynne   1959
Braddick   Betty   1968
Brady   Annette   1977
Brady   Margaret   1973
Brady   Pauline   1968
Brady   Yvonne   1967
Bradshaw   Betty   1952
Bravington      1977
Brittain      1983
Brown   Janet   1948
Brownsharp   S.   1990
Budd   Diane   1967
Budd   Jessie   1959


Taken From Financial Records


Albert   Hayley   1993
Allington   Claire   1961
Allington   Mrs.   1961
Anstis   Beryl   1971
Anstis   Karen   1959
Anstis   Shirley   1958
Anstis   Mrs.   1954
Arnold   Kirsty   1986
Apiata   Adrienne   1981
Apiata   Amy   1983
Apiata   Fiona   1978
Apiata   Joanne   1978
Apiata   Melanie   1983
Apiata   Wendy   1977
August   W.   1995

Bailey   Charlotte   1994
Baker   Gladys   1948
Baker   Joanne   1969
Baker (Hercock)   Marie   1964
Baker (Ogg)   Marion   1965
Baker (Paul)   Shirley   1964
Baker   Zita   1967
Bakker   Yvonne   1994
Bambry   Anne   1973
Bambry   June   1974
Bambry   Marion   1959
Bambry   Mrs.   1952
Bambry   Sue   1971
Barge   Lorna   1959
Bartholomew (Townsend)   Cheryl   1964


Burden   Karen   1970
Burden   Lynette   1951
Burden   Maureen   1950
Butcher   Coralee   1995
Butcher (Moat-Cameron)   Delwynne   1961
Butcher   Joyce   1961
Butcher (Bernstone)   Jualaine   1963

Caldwell   Allison   1976
Caldwell (Purvis)   Diane   1953
Calnan   Mrs.   1951
Calnan   Anne   1953
Calnan    Beryl   1951
Calnan Elaine   1951
Cameron (Butcher-Moat)   Delwynne   1961
Castles   Diane   1951
Castles   Judith   1947
Carrol   Arlene   1983
Caulton   Debbie   1975
Chambers   Jackie   1988
Chilton   Mrs.   1946
Christie   Ana   1981
Christie (Heremia)   Cheryl   1978
Christie   Karen   1979
Christie   Lyndon   1981
Chubb   Shirley   1950
Christofferson (Townsend)   Kay   1968
Clarke   Alice   1965
Clarke   Heather   1962
Clarke   Robyn   1961
Collier   Louise   1986
Collins   A.   1993
Cooper   Dale   1971
Cooper   Donna   1971
Cooper   Karlene   1967


Cooper   Larissa   1983
Cooper   R   1992
Cochrane   Anne   1955
Cochrane   Mrs.   1955
Crawford   Mrs.   1946
Croft   Raewyn   1973
Cushing   Anna   1993
Cushing   Becky   1993
Cunningham   Jane   1983

Davie   Judy   1972
Davie   Carolyn   1972
Davie   Kaye   1972
Davies   Joan   1964
Davies   S.   1985
Davis   Sarah   1998
Davis   Sharmaine   1988
Dillion   Mrs.   1957
Douglas   Enid   1962
Douglas   Esmae   1963
Douglas   Janet   1964
Douglas   Karen   1965
Duff   Maureen   1953
Dyett   Joan   1953


Earle   Win   1952
Earle (Wilson)   Roslyne   1955
Edwards   Becky   1983
Edwards   Jonelle   1983
Edwards   Kerrin   1983
Ellis   Elizabeth   1955
Elliot   K.   1969
Emmerson   Joanne   1974
Emmerson (Lindsay)   Lorraine   1946
Erickson   K. L.   1946
Evans   Gabrielle   1992

Fairless   Jackie   1987
Fairless   Joanne   1987
Falaoa   Edwina   1994
Faulkner   Kate   1990
Favell   Rose   1984
Ferris   Kathy   1994
Finny   Emma   1992
Foddy   John   1963
Frost   L.   1970
Futter   C.   1995

Gaskin   Louise
Gerrard   Mrs.   1952
Glenny   Mrs.   1951
Gray   L.   1987
Greening   Bonnie   1983
Gordon   Jenny   1977
Gordon   Rosemary   1977
Gray   Sarah   1988
Griffiths   Carol   1977
Grogan   Joan   1961


LaBas   Connie   1978
Lambert   Patricia   1962
Lawarence   Melissa   1984
Lawson   Sacha   1992
Lean   Fay   1964
Lean   Lorraine   1964
Lean   Una   1965
Leaf   Stephanie   1992
Lee (Paul)   Debbie   1981
Lee   Keryl   1971
Lemmon   Amelia   1989
Leswick   Wanda   1978
LeValiant   Mrs.   1964
LeQuesne   Jocelyn   1953
LeQuesne   Mrs.   1954
Lindsay   Cindy   1983
Lindsay (Emmerson)   Lorraine   1946
Lindsay   Margaret   1976
Lindsay   Margaret   1976
Love   Stacey   1993
Lowe   Marilyn   1986
Lowe   Vanessa   1986
Lynch   Kathleen   1969
Lynch   Marie   1971
Lynch   Joy   1968
Lyon   G.   1991
Luke   Josephine   1991

Malone   Colleen   1961
Malone   Jenny   1961
Manaena   Lydia   1962
Manning (McKay)   Judith   1961
Manning   Neta   1951
Mansfield   Elaine   1966
Mansfield   Kiri
Mansfield   Rebecca   1965
Mardon   Emily   1983
Mathews   Myda   1993
Mathews   Torian   1992
Mansfield   Renee   1994
Marnock   Jackie   1963
Martin   Sybil   1959
Martin   Bunny   1985
Massie   Rosemary   1950
Matairangi   Denise   1973
Matairangi   Ellen   1970
Matairangi   Girlie   1979
Matairangi   Iris   1974
Matairangi   Natasha   1987
Matairangi (O’Leary)   Rosemary   1968
Matairangi (Walford)   Sue   1968
Matairangi   Tuma   1977
McCabe   Brigid   1988
McCartney   Noeline   1949
McDonald   Mrs. B.   1957
McDonald   Gay   1957
McElwee (Anderson)   May   1953


McFlyne   C.   1954
McGuiness   Christine   1967
McGuiness   Fay   1968
McKay   Joy   1975
McKay (Manning)   Judith   1961
McKeesick   Doreen   1953
McKeesick (Hantler)   Jean   1947
McCormack   K.   1991
McKeesick   Mrs. H.   1950
McLaren   Allison   1968
McLaren   Heather   1966
McLaren   Phylis   1967
McLaren   Wendy   1973
McLeod   Hazel   1959
McNiven   Mrs.   1946
McWilliams   Karine   1954
McWilliams   Mrs.   1954
Miller   K.   1973
Milliken   Donna   1983
Milliken   Melissa   1984
Mitchell   Mrs.   1953
Moat (Butcher Cameron)   Delwynne   1961
Moat   Karen   1981
Moat   Sheryl   1982
Morgan   Gay
Morris   Betty   1952
Morris   Margaret   1955
Morris   Vi   1951
Morrison   Justine   1967
Morrison   Jane   1962
Mosen   Elaine   1975
Munro   Jerry   1983


Nitcke      1946
Nolan   Janine   1987
Neilson   Charlotte   1992

O’Brien   Patty   1948
Ogden   Barbara   1967
O’Keefe   Beverly   1977
O’Leary (Matairangi)   Rosemary   1968
Oliver (Wallis)   Gillian   1959
Oliver   Karen   1994
Olsen   Mr.   1948
Ormond   Abriana   1986
Ormsby   Annette   1983
Ormsby   Emma   1985
Ormsby   Huia   1985
Ormsby   Sonia   1979
Orsborn   Mrs.   1956
Orsborn   Dale   1956
Orsborn   Sue   1958
O’Sullivan   Maureen   1965
Oughton   Donna   1979
Oughton   Lois   1969

Painter   Lois   1962
Parker   Peggy   1952
Patchett   J.   1965
Paul (Lee)   Debbie   1981
Paul (Tamanui)   Shiree   1982
Paul   (Baker)   Shirley   1976
Pearce   D.   1965
Pearce   Isobel   1967
Pearce   Sally
Peake   Leanne   1983
Pearse   Helen   1964
Pearse   Gilla   1964
Pere   Georgina   1983
Pere   Huia   1974
Pere   Maraea   1966
Pere   Ruby   1974
Pere   Whilamena   1968
Petersen   Colleen   1989
Petersen   Vanessa   1989
Peterse   Mrs.   1964
Phillips   Muriel   1979
Pohatu   Adrienne   1982
Pohatu   Dawn   1968
Pohatu   Raewyn   1986
Puna   Vonda   1982
Power   Jan   1975
Pope   Nancy   1951


Priestley   Natasha   1994
Price   Dawn   1979
Prentice   Rachael
Preston   Beryl   1960
Purvis (Caldwell)   Diane   1953
Purvis (Jensen)   Barbara   1952

Quinney   J.   1988
Quarrie   Mrs.   1946

Ramsey   Angeline   1992
Randall   Georgina   1961
Randall   Jenis   1962
Randall   Mrs.   1962
Randell-Cotter   Crystal   1990
Randell   Shirley   1976
Ratima   Luana   1983
Rawstrome [Rawstrone] McLeod   Hazel   1968
Rangiihu   Shey   1990
Rangiihu   Sorrell   1992
Reeks   V.   1979
Renata   Nellie   1968
Renata   Rhonda   1981
Reeves   Maureen   1949
Richardson   Mrs.   1965
Ritchie   Mrs. J.   1952
Rutherford   Megan   1987
Robbie   Colleen   1964
Robbie   Raewyn   1973
Robin (Hatherall)   Violet   1959
Robertson   Karen   1978
Robinson   Michelle   1993
Rumble   N.   1995
Ryan   Kate   1994


Sayer   Ana   1994
Scott   Lylie   1946
Schollum   Anna   1992
Scotland   Anna   1987
Scotland   Jenny   1986
Scotland   Nicky   1986
Single   Anna   1994
Siou   Jackie   1992
Slack   Natalie   1986
Smith   Jillian   1974
Smith   Lannie   1955
Smith   Mrs. Roy   1955
Smith   Melanie   1982
Smith (Whaanga)   Mere   1982
Smith   Pearl   1951
Silman   Mrs.   1951
Silman   Jo   1947
Silman   Roberta   1947
Sneddon   Joan   1962
Spooner (Unahi)   Jo   1975
Steevens   Janine   1977
Steevens   Ngaire   1958
Spooner   Pam   1987
Staddon   E,   1995
Staddon   R.   1995
Styles   Kate   1987
Sweet   Mrs.   1959
Stanley (Heaps)   Rosemary   1977
Stanley   Mrs.   1955
Stanley   J.   1959
Steele   Edna   1946
Sullivan   Huia   1977

Taafe   Jenny   1987
Tahu   Cheyenne   1983
Tahau   M.   1967
Taiaroa   Helen
Taiaroa   Rochai
Taumata   Barbara   1983
Tauroa   Mrs.   1968
Tauroa   May   1967
Taylor   Mrs. D.  1950
Taylor   Juan   1952
Taylor   Valerie   1950
TeWhaiti   Isobel   1990
TeWhaiti   Tania
TeWhaiti   Turama
TeWhaiti   Natalie   1992
Thompson   Belinda   1987
Thompson   May   1955
Thorburn  Mrs.   1959
Tihema   Tui   1963
Townrow   Mrs.   1952
Townsend (Bartholomew)   Cheryl   1964
Townsend (Boynton)   Lynne   1959
Townsend (Christofferson)   Kay   1968


Thomas   Pam   1962
Thomas   Bindi   1985
Thomas   Adele   1985
Thomas   Annette   1986
Thompson   Belinda   1988
Turi   Maureen   1963
Truuts   Linda   1971|
Turnbull   Harry|
Twort   Roby   1946
Turner   Kim   1990
Turner   Lisa   1994

Unahi   Betsy   1971
Unahi   Debbie   1974
Unahi (Spooner)   Josephine   1966
Unahi   Kathy   1976
Unahi   Mary   1951
Unahi   Nan   1947
Unahi   Mrs. C.   1951
Unahi   Rere   1968

Van Asch   D,   1947
Vaughn   L.   1970
Vaughn   Mrs.   1967

Walker   C.   1981
Walker (Kingi)   Rosena   1962
Waikari   Norma   1969
Wairau   Wiki   1968
Wall   Mrs.   1955
Walford (Matairangi)   Sue   1965
Wallis (Oliver)   Gillian   1959
Walters   Fay   1967
Walters   Paulune   1968
Walters   Beryl   1968
Warren   Rosalie   1971
Warren   Sheryl   1978
Weaver   Leila   1964
Wepa   Bella   1948
Wepa   Caroline   1955
Wepa   Harriette   1953
Wepa   Maryanne   1953
Werrey   Jean   1960
Werrey   Jillian   1967
Werrey   Robyn   1967
West   Vanessa   1992


West   Melissa   1992
West   Vanessa   1993
Whaangha [Whaanga] (Smith)   Mere   1983
Wharrie   Brenda   1973
Wharrie   Maria   1986
Wharrie   Linda   1977
Wharrie   Pam   1974
Whatarau   Kim   1983
Wheatley   Shirley   1960
Wiggins   Angela   1979
Wiggins   Sandra   1979
Wiki   Kare   1993
Wilkins   Linda   1988
Williams   Anne   1951
Williams   Anne   1951
Williams   Jennifer   1995
Williams   Tamee   1995
Williams   Vera   1957
Williams   Sharni   1991
Wilson (Earle)   Rosalyn   1955
Wilson   Nicky   1994
Wilson-Gay   Kirsten   1988
Wither   Dairna   1994
Withers   Fiona   1981
Wray   Debbie   1981

Yates   Anne-Marie   1977

Zidic   Nicky   1986



Anderson, May (McElwee
Avard, Christine (McGuinness)|
Baker, Zita
Bartholomew, Cheryl (Townsend)
Bernstone, Jualaine (Butcher)
Birch, Patsy
Bixley, Faye (McKain)
Brimmer, Janet (Brown)
Bristow, Ida (Boaler)
Butcher, Coralee
Butcher, Joyce
Caldwell, Diane (Purves)
Cameron, Delwynne (Butcher)
Christy, Denise
Connelly, Dale (Orsborn)
Cornes, Jean (Dyett)
Cunningham, Jane
Emmerson, Lorraine (Lindsay)
Flight, Betty
Garrood, Faye (McGuinness)
Grant, Juan (Taylor)
Gray, Elaine (Mosen)
Hantler, Jean (McKeesick)
Harman, Shirley (Haycock)
Harrisson, Lydia (Manaena)
Heaps, Andrea
Heaps, Maureen (Burden)
Hercock, Marie (Baker)
Heremia, Cheryl (Christy)
Hesketh, Denis
Hesketh, Rachel
Jensen, Barbara (Purves)
Johnson, Dale
Kani, Aera
Kani, Marama
Kau Kau, Myra
Keighley, Lannie (Smith)
Kingi, Jackie
Le Bas, Connie
Lee, Deborah (Paul)
Leese, Joy (Massie)
Lindsay, Cindy
Lindsay, Margaret (Strong)
Manning, Neta (McLaren)
McKay, Judith (Manning)
McKenzie, Jane (Hope)
McKinnon, Sue (Bambry)
Messenger, Rosemary (Massie)
Moat, Karen
Moat, Sheryl
Morris, Vi
Morse, Yvonne (Brady)
O’Keffe, Beverley
O’Leary, Rosie (Matairangi)
Otton, Shirley (Anstis)
Parkinson, Beryl (Calnan)
Paul, Shirley (Baker)
Pepper, Margaret (Haycock
Petersen, Ann (Williams)
Pere, Georgina
Pere, Huia
Porter, Betty (Morris)

Pryce, Roslyne (Earle)
Puna, Betsy (Unahi)
Randell, Crystal
Randell, Shirley (Paul)
Robin, Violet (Hatheral)
Routley, Alison (Caldwell)
Rumble, Lynda (Wharrie)
Rumble, Nicole
Rutherford, Bella (Wepa)
Ryan, Joy (Pohatu)
Smith, Kay (Townsend)
Smith, Lynne (Townsend)
Southward, Maureen (Keighley)
Spooner, Pamela
Stanley, Rosemary (Heaps)
Tacon, Lylie (Scott)
Tamanui, Shiree (Paul)
Townsend, Beth
Unahi, Debbie
Walford, Suzanne (Matairangi)
Walters, Fay
Walters, Faye (Lean)
Webster, Betty ( Bradshaw)
West, Melissa
West, Vanessa
White, Janine (Steevens)
Whitelaw, Debbie (Caulton)
Wiki, Kare
Williams, Pauline
Willingham, Pauline (Walters)
Worsley, Joanne (Emmerson)

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Albert, Allington, Anderson, Anstis, Arnold, Apatu, Apiata, August, Avard, Bailey, Baker, Bakker, Bambry, Barge, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Bate, Bates, Bernstone, Bennett, Birch, Bixley, Blackstaffe, Blummont, Boaler, Boult, Bowman, Boynton, Bradshaw, Brady, Brimmer, Bristow, Brown, Budd, Burden, Butcher, Caldwell, Calnan, Cameron, Castles, Carrol, Caulton, Chambers, Chilton, Christie, Christy, Chubb, Christofferson, Clarke, Collier, Collins, Connelly, Coombes, Cornes, Cooper, Cochrane, Cox, Crawford, Croft, Cushing, Cunningham, Davie, Davies, Davis, Dean, Dillion, Douglas, Driver, Duff, Durand, Dyett, Earl, Earle, Edwards, Ellis, Elliot, Emmerson, Erickson, Evans, Fairless, Falaoa, Faulkner, Favell, Fearless, Ferris, Finny, Flight, Foddy, Franklin, Frost, Futter, Garrood, Gaskin, Gerrard, Gilman, Glenny, Grant, Gray, Greening, Gordon, Griffiths, Grogan, Haggerty, Halbert, Hantler, Harbottle, Harman, Harrisson, Hatherall, Haycock, Heaps, Hemopo, Hercock, Heremia, Hesketh, Hewett, Hogan, Holden, Hope, Houkamau, Hurinui, Isaacson, Jensen, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Kahui, Kean, Keighley, Kireka, Krebs, Kirk, Kitt, Le Bas, Lambert, Lassen, Lawarence, Lawson, Lean, Leaf, Lee, Lemmon, Leswick, Le Vaillant, Le Quesne, Lindsay, Lister, Long, Love, Lowe, Lynch, Lyon, Luke, MacNiven, Macklow, Malone, Manaena, Manning, Mansfield, Mardon, Marshall, Mathews, Marnock, Martin, Massey, Massie, Matairangi, Mayberry, McCabe, McCarthy, McCartney, McDonald, McElwee, McEwan, McFlyne, McGuiness, McGuinness, McIvor, McKay, McKeesick, McCormack, McLaren, McLean, McLeod, McNiven, McWilliams, Miller, Milliken, Mitchell, Moat, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Mosen, Munro, Nitcke, Nolan, Neilson, O’Brien, Ogden, Ogg, O’Keefe, O’Leary, Oliver, Olsen, Ormond, Ormsby, Orsborn, O’Sullivan, Oughton, Painter, Parker, Patchett, Paul, Pearce, Peake, Pearse, Peebles, Pestford, Pere, Petersen, Peterse, Phillips, Pickernell, Pohatu, Poole, Poulter, Powell, Puna, Power, Pope, Preston, Priestley, Price, Pryce, Prentice, Preston, Puna, Purvis, Quinney, Quarrie, Ramsey, Randall, Randell, Randle, Ratima, Rawstrone McLeod, Rangiihu, Reeks, Renata, Reeves, Richardson, Ritchie, Rutherford, Robbie, Robin, Routley, Robertson, Robinson, Rumble, Ryan, Sauer, Sayer, Scotland, Scott, Simpson, Single, Siou, Slack, Small, Smith, Sim, Silman, Sneddon, Snell, Southcott, Southward, Spooner, Steevens, Staddon, Styles, Sweet, Stanley, Steele, Stuart, Sullivan, Symes, Taafe, Tacon, Tahu, Tahau, Taiaroa, Taumata, Tauroa, Taylor, TeWhaiti, Thomas, Thompson, Thorburn, Tihema, Tong, Townrow, Townsend, Turi, Truuts, Turnbull, Twort, Turner, Unahi, Van Asch, Vaughn, Walker, Waikari, Wairau, Wall, Walford, Wallis, Walters, Warren, Weaver, Wepa, Werrey, West, Whaangha, Wharrie, Whatarau, Wheatley, Whitcombe, White, Wiggins, Wiki, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Wilson-Gay, Wither, Withers, Wray, Yates, Zidic

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