Letter From Beatrice Schuchard 1948



Dear Aunt Mollie,

Thank you so much for your kind letter, and the invitation to lunch. I’m afraid I am very late in answering it, but we have been dashing around so much I don’t seem to have had time.

Both Carl & myself are very sorry indeed that we could not call and see you & Uncle Harry. We had already planned a good deal of travelling, and had booked it all, before we left Australia, & this left us only a few days with each of my family. We did go to Wellington but made it an extremely


hasty visit, flying down from Napier one day, & returning by the afternoon service car the next day. We had just 24 hours in Wellington, and of course – to our great regret – could not stop to see you, as we did not have our own car.

We were sorry that we had not had more time, altogether, as everything was so rushed, & I did not see nearly everyone I should have liked to see.

I was sorry to hear Uncle Harry had been so ill. I do hope he is keeping better now.

The full names of Dudley’s family for your records, are:

  1. Rosemary Margaret Feb 6th 1938
  2. Janet July 5th 1939
  3. William Lionel June 7th 1943
  4. John Mason May 21st 1944
  5. James Edward July 28th 1947

I will ask Kathleen when

I write to her, to let you know about hers.

Yes, I believe Hugh & Cynthia enjoy Bermuda quite well, though they find the cost of living very high.

It was most interesting meeting so many new members of my family, and Carl did not seem to find it as confusing as it might have been! He seemed to get on well with everyone, and was particularly popular with all our nieces & nephews. He thinks N.Z. is a lovely place, and we are hoping to be back in a little under two years. If so, we will most certainly call at Laureston & see you both.

Please give my best regards to your family, and love from us both to Uncle Harry & yourself, with sincerest hopes that you will both keep in good health for many years yet.

Yours affectionately,


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Letter from Beatrice Schuchard, daughter of Lionel (Jack) and Esther Nelson, to Mollie Nelson

Date published

20 January 1948

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Handwritten letter

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  • Beatrice Schuchard


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