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Nelson – Palmer

A particularly beautiful and colourful effect was achieved by the bride and her maids at the marriage of Patricia Florence, second daughter of Mr and Mrs S. M. Palmer of “Te Aratipi” Havelock North and James Francis, only son of Mr Frank Nelson  and the late Mrs Nelson of “Rouncil”, Havelock North. The ceremony was solemnised at the Chapel of St Francis, Woodford House, which was beautifully arranged with shaded pink blossom by Miss Gwen Nelson, the bridegroom’s sister, assisted by the Misses Joan Harrison and Helen Sheild.

Archdeacon K.E. MacLean officiated at the ceremony which was fully choral, the Woodford House Choir being present and Miss E Hoby played the organ. The bride entered the church with her father while the choir sang “O Perfect Love” and later they sang “God Be In My Head.” Everyone joined in  singing the hymn, “Now We Thank Thee All Our God.”

Pale ivory souple satin fashioned the lovely bridal gown which was cut on classical lines with a long pointed train. The waistline was finely tucked and fitting to the figure being finished at the back with tiny satin buttons trimming the long tight-fitting sleeves at the cuffs. The corsage was finished at the neckline with a ruched medici collar and the bride wore a necklace of pearls, the gift of the bridegroom. Ivory satin sandal shoes were worn and a wonderful old hand-made lace veil lent to the bride by Mrs. P. H. Parker arranged on the head with a halo of tiny pearls and fell in soft folds to the edge of the train. She carried a lovely shower bouquet of orchids, Madonna lilies, lily of the valley and fern.

Frocks of delicate hyacinth blue matelasse were worn by the five bridesmaids who were Miss Mary Palmer (chief) and Miss Pauline Palmer, sisters of the bride, Miss Margaret Bell, Miss Cynthia Jefferd and Miss Patricia Williams (cousin of the bridegroom). Their gowns were fashioned alike with a gracefully flared skirt and sash tied in a soft bow at the back. The neckline cut low at the back was outlined with a narrow flared frill and each had a cape fastening high at the neck where it was outlined with tiny pink organdy flowers. Blue shoes were worn and headbands of pink flowers. Each maid wore dainty pearl and silver filigree earrings the bridegroom’s gift and carried a shower bouquet in shades of pink with tulips, rosebuds and carnations with delicate fern.

The duties of best man were carried out by Mr Penn Scannell and the ushers were Mr John Palmer, Mr John Ormond and Mr Russell Chambers. Each wore a white gardenia buttonhole.

Surrounded with lovely gardens and tall trees, Te Aratipi, the home of the bride, made a picturesque setting for the wedding reception when nearly 200 guests were present. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Palmer received the guests in the entrance hall which was gay with large bowls of blossom. Mrs Palmer wore a frock of navy crepella figured in white, the white jabot caught at the neck with a navy clasp and finished at the back with a bow; with this she wore a cape of the same material as her frock and her hat was of navy bangkok straw trimmed with navy velvet ribbon and having a white flower in front. Her posy was of red roses and tinted maple leaves.

Miss Gwen Nelson, sister of the bridegroom assisted to receive. She wore a navy blue ensemble trimmed with saxe blue and a navy hat. Her posy was of deep red tulips and carnations.

The guests then passed into the drawing room to wish the bridal couple every happiness. Here were large bowls of blossom and irises and low bowls of bright mixed flowers.

The wedding breakfast was held in a marquee on the tennis lawn where the tables were decorated with tulips in pastel shades. On the bridal table were tulips and lily of the valley and here stood the beautiful three-tiered wedding cake, iced in white with tiny touches of blue and pink. The health of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by Mr Justice Blair and the bridegroom suitably replied.

When leaving for their honeymoon to be spent in the Bay of Islands, the bride travelled in an ensemble of wool armure in a shade of Parisian blue. The frock had short sleeves and was fastened up the front with navy buttons and caught at the neck with a bow, patch pockets finishing the corsage. Her cape of the same material fastened high at the neck. She wore a navy Breton sailor hat, navy shoes and Parisienne stockings, flesh pink shaded to navy blue. Her handbag was navy and gloves white, and she wore a squirrel necklet.

The invited guests were:  Mr. and Mrs. E.C Studholme and family (Waimate), Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Sherratt and family (Gisborne),  Mr. and Miss C. Wells, (Christchurch),  Mr. and Mrs. T. W.ardrop (Christchurch), Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Cracroft Wilson (Christchurch), Mr George Palmer and Miss Palmer, Sir Andrew and Lady Russell, Mr. and Mrs. John Russell, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Russell (Gisborne), Mr. and Mrs. W. Deans (Christchurch), Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Lowry (Taihape), Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Williams (Gisborne), Mr. and Mrs. A. B  Williams (Gisborne), Mrs. C.N.B. Williams and family, Mr. and Mrs. David Williams, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Williams (Gisborne), Mrs. J.H. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams (Gisborne), Mrs. Douglas Williams, Mr. and Miss M. Turner Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Berthon Williams, Mrs. and Miss Fitzroy, Mrs. Selwyn Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Williams, the Hon. Vernon Reed and Mrs Reed, Archdeacon and Mrs Lush (Invercargill),  Mr. and Mrs. Endyl Wanklyn (Christchurch), Mr. and Mrs. R. Innes (Christchurch), Mr. and Mrs. George Gould (Christchurch), Mrs. L. Lane, Mrs. B. Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Elworthy (Timaru), Mr. and Mrs. A. P. White, Dr. and Mrs. Lester, Mrs. and Miss Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melville Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jefferd and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Coterill [Cotterill], Mr. and Mrs. Carne Bidwill and family (Wairarapa), Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Mounsell (Wairarapa), Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mackenzie and family, Major and Mrs. Sheraton, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sunderland, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gardiner, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Greville Warren, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gardiner and family, Hon. and Mrs. Harold Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Avery, Mrs. and Miss Nell Bayley, Mrs Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Hale (Gisborne), Mr. and Mrs. T. Birch, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gordon, Mrs. Charlie Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Herrick, Mr. and Mrs. W. Harrison and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Hoadley, Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Wilson and Miss Wilson, Mrs. W. van Asch and Mr P. van Asch, Mr. and Mrs. D. Ormond  and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Wilder and family, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. W. Raymond and Miss Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Parker and family, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Macintosh, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Fryer and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Chambers and family, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Glenny and Miss Glenny, Mr and Mrs F. B. Logan, Mr John Barker and Miss J. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Seton Wenley, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Rainbow and family, Mr. and Mrs. F. Bell, Mr Justice Blair and Mrs Blair (Wellington), Mr. and Mrs. C. Giblin, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maitland, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Lowry, Mr. and Mrs. Branson and Miss Branson, Archdeacon and Mrs MacLean, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Acland (Christchurch), Colonel and Mrs. Neilson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Pattullo, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Stewart and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Gillies and Miss M. Gillies, Mrs. and Miss Nairn, Mr. and Mrs. Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keilie (Palmerston North)

Misses Lydia Williams, J. Morris (Gisborne), Edie Williams, Murray Ainsley, Tabait (2), C. Pyne, West, D. M. Holland, E. Hoby, K. Hamber, C. Duigan, M. Smith (Wanganui), S. White, M. Sherratt, V. Rutherford (Masterton), M. Kinder (Auckland), M. Campbell, Atkinson, G. McHardy, Herrick, D. Wood, Hilda Williams, I. Dumbleton, Wilkins, M. Rolleston (Timaru), F. Pattison, Sheild, N. and J. Nolan (Gisborne), D. Hunter, Grantham, Olive Nairn, Hodge, Cooper (2), J. Ludbrook (Gisborne), Janet Williams, Janet Mills ( Wellington).

Messrs D. and A. Ritchie, Scannell (2), S. Belcher, P. Donnelly, T. Latham, B. Caro, G. Saunders, J. Ludbrook, Barton, Plummer, McHardy, Seeker, D. Ormsby, T. Gatenby, W. Baker, Bidwill, Ormond, Wilson, H. E. Sturge, G. Toxward, Barron, McCulloch.

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19 October 1935

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