Newspaper Article – Woodville Mayoralty

Woodville Mayoralty.


The installation of Mr John Elder as Mayor of Woodville took place in the Borough Council Chambers shortly after noon to-day. Beside the Mayor-elect there were present the retiring Mayor (Mr H. P. Horne), and Crs. Mackie, Galbraith, Sullivan, Sutton, Johnston, Phelan, McGregor, and Pickering. Several residents were also in attendance. An apology for absence was received from Cr. Harding.

The Returning Officer (Mr Keay), having announced the result of the election, the retiring Mayor stated that before vacating the chair in favour of his successor he desired to make a few comments. He regretted that Mr Elder was not taking over a borough of the same dimensions as he (Mr Horne) had taken over. An area of 120 acres had been taken out of the town, which deprived them of general rates amounting to £88 11s. A Bill had, since then, been brought down, which would also have seriously affected the Borough. It had, however, been held over after being opposed by the borough, with the assistance of Feilding and other municipalities. There was a danger that the measure would be brought down again, and if it was passed it would do a great injustice to  Woodville. Since the Bill had been withdrawn, the borough had lost £18 in rates through several ratepayers securing revaluation of their properties. Mr Horne thanked Councillors and the staff for the assistance they had rendered him. He congratulated Mr Elder upon the position he had attained, and trusted that anything he did would be for the benefit of the borough as a whole. His advice would always be available to the new Mayor, if required. (Applause)

Mr Elder then made the usual declaration and took the chair. He thanked Mr Horne for having taken part in the installation. He hoped that he realised the responsibilities he was undertaking, but felt sure that, with the co-operation of Councillors, he would be able to do good work for the borough. He trusted that they would carry out their duties without fear or favour. He thanked Mr Horne for his offer of assistance and said he would gladly avail himself of this offer should the necessity arise. He then moved:-

“That this Council place on record its appreciation of the valuable services rendered to the borough in the past by Mr Horne.”

Mr Elder said they would all agree that Mr Horne had carried out his duties with credit to himself and the borough. It was unfortunate that the election had deprived the borough of the services of one who knew its inside working so well. He again thanked Mr Horne for his offer of assistance. (Applause).

In seconding the motion, Cr. Pickering eulogised the work of Mr Horne. He stated that only those who had been associated with him intimately over a period of years knew how much he had done for the borough.

Cr. Johnston endorsed the remarks of Cr. Pickering, and stated that much work was done by Mr Horne which was not known to the burgesses. He instanced his activities in regard to unemployment.

Cr. Sutton added his tribute of praise to Mr Horne. He had not always agreed with him, but he acknowledged his sincerity of purpose and great interest in the affairs of the borough. He had always maintained the dignity of the chair.

The motion was then put and carried by acclamation.

The Mayor suggested that the first meeting of the Council be postponed for a week, to enable Councillors and himself to inspect the borough and make themselves acquainted with the requirements of the town. He moved accordingly.

Cr. McGregor seconded.

Crs. Johnston, Galbraith, and Pickering could see no necessity for the ordinary meeting being postponed, and, on vote being taken, the motion was lost on the voices.

On the motion of Cr. Galbraith, it was decided that the meetings of the Council be held at 7.30pm on the second Thursday in each month.

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