Producers, Packers and Exporters
Arataki Road,
Havelock North,
New Zealand.
Managing Director
Percy Berry
Ian Berry – Havelock North
Russell Berry – Waiotapu
Postal Address:  PO. Box 16,
Havelock North,
New Zealand.

Telephone: 77-300   Hastings, New Zealand.

Telegrams & Cables: “Arabee”, Hastings.

New Zealand comb honey is one of the finest naturally produced products in the world. Gathered from the meadows of New Zealand pasturelands and from the extensive areas of native flora, a reputation for being a fine, delectable tasting, uncontaminated and unprocessed product has evolved.

UNPROCESSED – comb honey is characterised by the criteria that it has not been subjected to any chemical or transformation type process that in any way might alter its natural composition when served on the meal table, the honey exists in the identical state to which it was fashioned in the beehive.

UNCONTAMINATED – New Zealand dark comb honey is gathered from the extensive areas of native flowers, shrubs, and trees areas uninhabited, untouched and unpolluted by man.

Lake Tutira, situated 40 miles from Havelock North, is one of the many locations for Arataki’s honey gathering operations.
Arataki Honey Ltd is the largest Producer, Packer and Exporter of comb honey in Australasia. The company has a wide distribution of hives throughout the central and eastern regions of the North Island of New Zealand with operations being centred on two bases – Havelock North in the eastern sector and Waiotapu in the central sector.
Ranges creating two different climatic regions.

Arataki beehive country.

Hives of bees gathering nectar in the hill country farmlands of New Zealand.
Due to operations being conducted and coordinated from two bases, which is a result of the wide distribution of hives, two different climatic conditions are utilised, thereby minimising the risk of a crop failure.

Also many different types of nectar, which change and fluctuate in quantity according to seasonal and yearly variations, are gathered resulting in production of comb honey that is diversified in flavour and colour.
An extensive area of native flora, abounding with the rewarewa tree in full flower.

The Havelock North factory a major centre of company operations.
HISTORY – the  company was founded in 1944 by the present management, who prior to this date, had gained experience in this field through being involved in part-time beekeeping operations. From the outset the company has been characterised by a consistently high rate of growth. Substantial capital growth has been achieved through the expansion of the company from the Havelock North area to include the Waiotapu region and by increasing the number of hives from 8,000 to 14,000. Technological growth has increased production and saved labour through the application of improved beekeeping methods and new machinery, much of which has been developed by members of the company.

The growth of the company, has meant that Arataki Honey Ltd is involved in large volumes of sales of honey on both the local and overseas markets. Today, Arataki has developed into one of the worlds major beekeeping enterprises.

cool to solidify
warm to liquefy
all comb honey is edible



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