Waiwhare School 1984 Log Book


Andrew Schaw   Form 2
Jonathan Kyle   Form 2
Andrew Gordon   Form 2
Diane Drayton   Form 2
Sharon Johansen   Form 2
Trudy Sheild  Form 1
Jacqueline Holgate   Form 1
Philippa Drayton   Form 1
Derek Hain   Form 1
Aaron White   Std 4
Kathryn Schaw   Std 4
Anna Wilkins   Std 4
Jason Davidson   Std 3
Toni Wallis   Std 3
Tony Worsley   Std 3
Annette Huff   Std 3
Kevin Johansen   Std 3
Peter Sheild   Std 2
Elizabeth Gordon   Std 2
Kylee Holgate   Std 2
Nicholette Eatwell   Std 2
Lucy Arthur   Std 2
Nicola White   Std 2
Philippa Kay   Std 2
John Huff   Std 1
Mark Barnett   Std 1
Aaron Wallis   Std 1
Jamie Adams   Std 1
Gavin Sparkes   Std 1
Michelle Davidson   Std 1
Nichola Hayes   Std 1
Dion Henderson   Std 1
Peter Ward   Std 1
Deon Holgate   Std 1
Rachel Kay   J2
Jessica Arthur   J2
Mathew Croad   J2
Nicola Lawrence   J2
Caroline Hain   J2
Jason Goulding   J1
Michelle Eatwell   J1
Michael Ward   J1
Jared Hayes   J1
Vicky Barnett   J1
William Kyle   J1
Andrew Gunson   J1
Mark Worsley   J1
Marcus Schaw   J1
Dean Adams   J1
Neil Fountaine  NE
Bryce Henderson   NE
Vikki Tough   NE
Steven Croad   NE
Suzanne Ward   NE
Duncan Kay   NE

Andrew Schaw
Jared Hayes
William Kyle
Andrew Gunson
Mark Worsley
Bryce Henderson
Neil Fountaine
Kathryn Schaw
Marcus Schaw
Vikki Tough
Steven Croad
Suzanne Ward
Duncan Kay
Kevin Johansen
Sharon Johansen

Andrew Schaw
Jonathan Kyle
Andrew Gordon
Diane Drayton
Trudy Sheild
Jamie Adams
Dean Adams
Sharon Johansen
Derek Hain
Caroline Hain
Nichola Hayes
Jared Hayes
Bryce Henderson
Dion Henderson

Dave Wallis

Gail Wallis

Pam Gunson
Marion Croad

Jocelyn Davidson
Pam Gunson

Gail Wallis

Roger White, Chairman
Anne Eatwell, Sec/Treas.
Ross Davidson
Mike Barnett
Kerry Wilkins

Jill Greville
Janet Huff
Jill Barnett (relief)

TERM 1, 1984

30 January   Teachers began school.  Staff: Mr D L Wallis – PRINCIPAL
Mrs G P Wallis Teacher
Mrs J M Davidson – Teacher’s Aide

31 January   School Re-opens for pupils.  New Enrolments – Bryce Henderson, NE, Mark Worsley, NE.  Roll 43. 1 February
New Enrolment – Andrew Gunson, NE. Roll 44.

2 February   Meeting of Std 3-F2 Parents to further discuss progress of Wellington Field Visit proposal (at the school).

13 February   Principal’s meeting at Sherenden to organize Inter-school Swimming Sports.

15 February   School Committee Meeting held at the school.

17 February   Enrolment – Jared Hayes, NE.  Roll 45.
“Housie” Fund-Raising for School Trip at Kaweka Hall.

20 February   Enrolment – William Kyle, NE.  Roll 46.

22 February   Rural schools swimming sports at Sherenden School.  The Waiwhare School pupils did very well, with a very good supportive attendance by parents.

23 February   Parents Meeting to discuss progress re Wellington Trip.

28 February   Working Bee held at the School 3.30pm.
Withdrawn Dion & Bryce Henderson.  Roll = 44.

6 March   Fotochrome School Photos were taken at school today.
Rural Adviser made visit to discuss Mathematics Programmes; Scheme Organisation.

7 March   Enrolled from SHERWOOD School
Andrew, Kathryn, Marcus Schaw  Roll = 47.

13 March   Principal Attended In-Service Course on “Resources in the School” and “School Organization” – Havelock North Contributing & Hastings Intermediate.
Mrs P Gunson relieved.

16 March   Parents Meeting at School to discuss final arrangements for Wellington trip.

22 March   Std 1-F2 children participated in a Danish Rounders Sports Competition involving Hastings & Districts Primary Schools.  Both our teams attained winning success in the section they competed in.

23 March   Shopping Day No.1 School Closed.

26-27 March   Principal, Mr D Wallis then followed by Teacher, Mrs G P Wallis, attended In-Service Course at Otamauri School on subsequent days.  Topic: “PROCESS WRITING”.

27 March   Education Board VIP ‘s made a visit to the School as part of their “Goodwill” policy under taken in this way every 2-3 years.  Present were all our School Committee as well as Mr C Bell, *Mr D Walker, *Mr J Morris, Mr B Whale, Mr D Unwin plus * wives and Mrs J Graham.  Discussed Maintenance tasks and re-siting of the water supply from the spring in Mr B Ward’s property.

1-6 April   The Std 3-F2 pupils plus Principal travelled to Wellington for a week long visit staying at the YHA Residence in Tinakori Road.  Accompanying parents were Mesdames : J Davidson, C Worsley, J Huff, K Holgate  Total in party 21.
This trip was very worthwhile and tremendously successful in every facet.  We accomplished a very busy programme and gained valuable educational and social growth from the experience.  Ideally it would be advantageous to encourage this venture to another location within a two year period.  eg Auckland / Rotorua / New Plymouth.  Mrs P Gunson relieved in Std 2.

20-25 April   Easter & Anzac Day.  School Closed.

3-4 May   Mrs G P Wallis absent on sick leave, Mrs P Gunson relieved.

4 May   End of term 1, 1984.  Roll 42. Commencement of holidays.

Overview:  There were several withdrawals from our roll, only to be replaced by the same incoming number, which was beneficial.  Children settled well into the routines and demands of class programmes and reflect a positive willingness towards the remainder of the year.  The teaching staff have planned very busy programmes and evaluations reflect a sound understanding of curriculum and pupil needs.  The term has been busy, highlighted by the S3-F2 trip to Wellington.  We both look forward to a well-earned May holiday, and the traditionally busy term 2 and the winter chills ahead.  D L Wallis, Principal, 4/5/84.

TERM 2, 1984

21 May   School re-opened for Term II.  Roll 23 Senior Room, 19 Infant Room, total  42.

22 May   Education Board Carpenter began renovations to Book room.

28 May   Principal’s meeting at Sherenden to discuss Rural Sports for Term 2.

4 June   Queen’s Birthday – School Closed.

5 June   Principal, Mr D L Wallis, went for Division ‘C’ Assessment.  Inspector’s P Hogan, (DSI) and T Dymond visited for this purpose.

7 June   Winter Sports for Taihape Rd Country Schools held at Waiwhare.

13 June   In-service course on Mathematics in Std 2.  Mr D Wallis attended.  Mrs P Gunson relieved.

14 June   Winter Sports held at Crownthorpe.

16 June   The Waiwhare School Committee undertook a Stock Drive to raise funds towards a “Photocopier” for the school.  Very successful.

19 June   Rev. J Williams visited school to take religious instruction.  The Vicar, (John [Jon] Williams) took over from Rev. K McGechie who retired in 1983.

2 June   Shopping day No.2. School Closed.

7 June   Mrs D Schaw – Parent – commenced Gymnastic Classes for Incentive Awards after School, and undertook a very successful and enjoyable time.

2 July   Winter Sports at Crownthorpe.

13 July   Committee Chairman, and Secretary, plus Principal made visit to Napier to view photocopier machines.  A model from RANK XEROX was purchased.  Later visit was also made to Hastings by Committee for financing arrangements.

14 July   Parliamentary General Elections were held at the school, it being a designated Booth.  Mr R White, Chairman, and Mr D Wallis, Principal, officiated.

16 July   Mid-year Reports sent out.

17 July   PHN visited (Rev. J Williams)

18-19 July   Parent Interviews.

20 July   Shopping Day No.3.

25 July   Principal refereed Senior Rugby Match between Kaweka Forest vs Esk Forest at Kaweka.

31 July   Mr D Unwin visited, to assess pool leakages & Filter Condition.  Supplied coir Mats for House & School.

3 August   Mrs G P Wallis absent. Mrs M Croad relieved.

9 August   The S1-F2 pupils participated in the Hastings Primary Schools Sport (Winter Sports) in Hastings at various venues.  A good day with enjoyable participation was had by all.

10 August   Mrs J Davidson absent.  Mrs L White relieved as Teacher’s Aide.

10 August   The Principal and his wife attended the Taihape Rd Country Schools Dinner for Teacher / Spouses at the Heretaunga Club, Hastings.  This was very enjoyable and successful.

14 August   Mrs M Stichbury, Audio Visual Tester (Health Dept.) visited to test referrals and class/age groups. Mrs G P Wallis absent.  Mrs P Gunson relieved.

Overview:  With a rising roll the demand and pressures to cater for children’s needs is very demanding, and to this end, the staff have coped very satisfactorily with a school of children who have been responsive and hard working in the majority of cases.  The term has been cool yet mild and consequently weather affects have not influenced work activities and commitment negatively. The holidays have come as a welcome break to all, and following assessments made at Mid-Year, there is an awareness among staff & pupils to continue the hard work and a busy programme into the Third Term.      D L WALLIS, Principal.

August holidays 1984 – Mr K Foster, ex principal (1953-58) of Waiwhare School visited, viewed school and met present principal.

TERM 3, 1984

5 September   New Enrolment – Steven Croad.  Roll 44.

6 September   Senior Room Field Visit to HB Museum and Police Station in Napier.

10 September   Mrs P Gunson began Teacher’s Aide (Extra Hours Allocation) to assist in teaching Special Needs, and also assisting Classroom programmes.

11 September   Education Board Building Supervisor Mr D Unwin came to place sealant into vast cracks in swimming pool which had been causing much concern when loss of water was noted.

17 September   Principals’ meeting at Sherenden to discuss Summer programme.

18 September   Rev. J Williams – Religious Classes.

19 September   Mr M Blackwell visited to speak to school children on Animal Health & Care. (from

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries – Hastings).

20 September   School attended Musical Performance put on by Te Aute College in Hastings.

27 September   School Committee Meeting at the school.

28 September   Mrs J Davidson finished working in her position as Teacher’s Aide.  Mrs P Gunson was appointed for the remainder of the term 3 1984.

8th October   Science Adviser Mr L Shannon made a visit to the school for the day.

9th October   PHN routine visit.

16 October   Rev. J Williams – Religious Instruction.  Principal on sick leave.  Mrs P Gunson relieved.

17 October   School septic Tanks were cleaned out by Disposal firm after awaiting Board action for almost a year.

18-22 October   School closed.  Committee Holiday, Anniversary Day, Labour Day.

23 October   Principal attended ASTU Examination, Mrs P Gunson relieved.

26 October   Mr K Edwards made a routine morning visit to the school.  Discussed Social Studies planning, School Scheme and Teacher Only Day proposal.

29 October   Shopping Day No 4. School closed.

2 November   One of our senior pupils, Jono Kyle, was notified as coming first in the “Press Release of the Year” contest on the topic “The School as a Community Resource” (HB Region).

5 November   Principal, plus Committee Member (Mr M Barnett) attended a working bee at Matapiro Domain to mark out D & A activities.

6 November   The school attended D & A Day activities at Matapiro Domain.  A very commendable sporting attitude was shown by all our pupils, with overwhelming enjoyable participation by them all on this very hot day.  Good parent support was obvious.  Considerable success was had by all, this being the second consecutive level of success by this school.

7 November   New enrolment – Suzanne Ward.  Roll 46.

12 November   Mrs G Wallis absent, Mrs P Gunson relieved.

13 November   Pet Day Held.  Large turnout of fathers, mothers and pets.  Mrs K Jones and Mr R White assisted the judging.  The day was most successful and the indoor section was also well participated in.

15 November   The Waiwhare School hosted the summer sports on this occasion among the other Taihape Rd Schools.

16 November   Teacher Only Day Refresher Course for Staff at this school only.  Topic: Long Term Planning and Scheme Revision.

19-20 November   Mrs P Gunson relieved in Infant Room.  Mrs G Wallis absent.

20 November   The school undertook a Field visit into the Ahuriri Estuary (senior) and HB Museum (Colonial History) and Aquarium (infants).

21 November   The School Committee arranged a working Bee at the school.

26 November   Shopping Day No 5 School closed.

3 December   School Dental Nurses made their Annual Routine Check Up Visit of the school pupils & district pre-schoolers.

4 December   Visitors to the School.
(1) Mr D Unwin – Building Supervisor
(2) Constable John Dustow – Newly appointed Taradale Police Officer for our District.
(3) Mrs M Martin, PHN.

4 December   Family barbecue night held in the school grounds plus sporting games.  Very enjoyable and well attended.

7 December   Annual Prize Giving 1pm.  Guest speaker Mr Ross Lawrence, who was an early pupil of this school.

Prize List of Main Certificates. –

Junior Room
For Diligence and High Attainment in Curriculum Studies:
Jessica Arthur, Nicola Lawrence, Michelle Davidson, William Kyle
For Steady Application and Perseverance to Curriculum Studies:
Peter Ward, Aaron Wallis, Mathew Croad, Rachel Kay, Michelle Eatwell
Good Work Award for Progress in Reading:
Jason Goulding, Michael Ward, Vicky Barnett, Mark Worsley, John Huff, Marcus Schaw
Good Work Award For Progress in Mathematics:
Mark Barnett, Gavin Sparkes, Deon Holgate, Andy Gunson

Senior Room
Commendable Application to Curriculum Tasks:
Peter Sheild, Annette Huff, Sharon Johansen, Anna Wilkins
Most Improved Progress in Curriculum Studies:
Kathryn Schaw, Andrew Schaw, Jacqueline Holgate, Kylee Holgate
Diligence, Initiative and Progressive Attainment in Curriculum Studies:
Toni Wallis, Jonathan Kyle
Progress in Reading and Mathematics:
Philippa Kay, Lucy Arthur, Philippa Drayton
Progress in Art and for High Standards of Curriculum Presentation:
Trudy Sheild
Good Work Awards: Reading Application – Nicola White
Mathematics – Nicholette Eatwell
Reading and Language – Andrew Gordon
Progress in Science – Jason Davidson
Good Helper: Librarian – Trudy Sheild, Jacqueline Holgate, Aaron White

Back Row L to R: Diane Drayton, Philippa Drayton, Jonathan Kyle, Andrew Gordon, Trudy Sheild 2nd Row. Dave Wallis (Principal), Jacqueline Holgate, Anna Wilkins, Aaron White, Tony Worsley, Annette Huff, Nicholette Eatwell, Lucy Arthur, Kylee Holgate, Elizabeth Gordon, Philippa Kay, Gail Wallis (teacher), Jocelyn Davidson (teacher’s aide), Peter Sheild

3rd Row: Nicola White, Jason Goulding, Michelle Davidson, Toni Wallis, Rachel Kay, Mark Barnett, Deon Holgate, Nicola Hayes, Aaron Wallis, Gavin Sparkes, Vicky Barnett, Jason Davidson, Jared Hayes, Peter Ward, Michael Ward

Front Row: Mathew Croad, John Huff, William Kyle, Jessica Arthur, Andrew Gunson, Michelle Eatwell, Mark Worsley, Nicola Lawrence

Taken 6 March 1984

Field visit to observe laying a cable at Mr M Barnett’s property 5/3/84

Commencing a cable relaying run

Laying new power line from stockyards at Te Konini Farm

Helicopter returning after laying cable

Getting set to relay another reel.  Waiwhare School children and staff are in background.

Waiwhare makes strong bid for supremacy

Newspaper article

HB Herald Tribune February 1984


L to R: Anne Eatwell, Mike Barnett, Kerry Wilkins, Les Eatwell, Jill Barnett, Roger White, Jocelyn Davidson, Kevin Wilkins, Gail Wallis, Ross Davidson
Standing: Lynaire White, Dave Wallis
New Orient Chinese Restaurant, Hastings

Estuary Study
Ahuriri, November 1984

Mid Tide Zone

Low Tide Zone

High Tide Zone

D & A Day, Matapiro Domain, 6/11/84
Suzanne Ward, ?, Kerry Tough

Maori village comes alive

A group of school children were transported back in time to a small Maori village hidden beneath the Hawke’s Bay Art Gallery and Museum yesterday.

If they were to survive the morning they had to quickly learn how to make fishing lines out of flax, how to carve with adzes, how to drill with string-powered wooden drills and how to cook kumara and Maori bread.

The twenty-nine children and several parents from Waiwhare School, 55km from Hastings along the Taihape Rd, were the first group [to] take part in the museum’s main education activity programme for this year.

The museum’s education room has been painted to resemble a Maori village and groups will live there for half-a-day at a time.

Mrs Ceri Coles, a main organiser, said this programme followed on from last year’s colonial history in action programme.

She said the museum believed children learned more by doing things but in this case the parents were learning as much as their children.

The children were using artifacts straight out of the museum and replica tools and examples of work.

Two Maori women had agreed to help teach flax weaving and the museum had called on many people in the Maori community to help get things right, Mrs Coles said.

Lesson one … Eight-year-old Peter Shields [Sheild] gives Marcus Shaw, five, an original interpretation of a traditional Maori moko.  He is watched by (from left) Mark Worsley, 5, Arron [Aaron] Wallis, 7, Deon Holgate, 7, Vicki [Vicky] Barnett, 5.

HB Herald-Tribune 12/4/84

Beribboned sheep at the Waiwhare School pet show.

Waiwhare’s pets do tricks for judges

Pupils of Waiwhare School put considerable thought into training pets to perform tricks for judges at their annual pet day, according to the school’s head teacher, Mr Dave Wallis.

Parents and supporters joined the pupils at the pet show and cooking and creative display competitions.  The informal and relaxed manner in which it all took place was a feature of the day, he said.

The indoor section was well supported and the exhibits showed colour and creative ideas, making it a difficult task to judge.  Mr Roger White, school committee chairman, and Mrs Kay Jones, a past parent of pupils at the school, assisted in the judging.


Outdoor activities

Senior section:  Best-groomed pet, Kathryn Schaw 1, Sharon Johansen 2, Anna Wilkins 3.  Leading, Philippa Drayton 1, Annette Huff 2, Trudy Shield 3.  Lambs’ race, Dianne Drayton 1, Philippa Drayton 2, Jason Davidson 3.  Most unusual pet, Toni Wallis 1, Elizabeth Gordon 2, Nicola White 3.  Fancy dress, Trudy Shield 1, Jono Kyle 2, Jason Davidson 3.  Trick, Toni Wallis 1, Lucy Arthur 2, Tony Worsley 3.  Lamb drinking, John Huff 1, Toni Wallis 2, Jono Kyle 3.

Junior section:  Best-groomed pet, Jason Goulding 1, Andy Gunson 2, Vicki Barnett 3.  Leading, Michelle Davidson 1, Michael Ward 2, Neil Fountaine 3.  Lambs’ race, Peter Ward 1, Rachel Kay 2, Aaron Wallis 3.  Most unusual pet, Mark Barnett 1, Marcus Schaw 2, Deon Holgate 3.  Fancy dress, William Kyle 1, Nicola Lawrence 2, Suzanne Ward 3.  Trick, Mark Barnett 1, Vikki Tough 2, Rachel Kay 3.

Indoor activities

Senior section:  Handcraft/hobbies, Philippa Kay 1, Peter Shield 2, Philippa Drayton 3.  Large cake, Andrew Schaw 1, Jacqueline Holgate 2, Anna Wilkins 3.  Small cake, Kevin Johansen 1, Nicholette Eatwell 2, Kylee Holgate 3.  Pikelets, Annette Huff 1, Kathryn Schaw 2, Philippa Kay 3.  Sweets, Andrew Gordon 1, Sharon Johansen 2, Philippa Kay 3.  Floral arrangement, Trudy Shield 1, Jason Davidson 2, Nicholette Eatwell 3.  Miniature garden, Kathryn Schaw 1, Tony Worsley 2, Nicky White 3.  Animal health, Jonathan Kyle 1, Aaron White 2, Jacqueline Holgate 3.  Vegetable novelty, Jonathon Kyle 1, Trudy Shield 2, Annette Huff 3.

Junior section:  Hobbies, Jessica Arthur 1, Andy Gunson 2, Suzanne Ward, 3.  Sand posies, Jason Goulding 1, Rachel Kay 2, Steven Croad 3.  Vegetable novelty, Deon Holgate 1, Nicola Lawrence 2, William Kyle 3.  Pikelets, Mark Worsley 1, Michael Ward 2, Vicky Barnett 3.  Miniature garden, Marcus Schaw 1, Rachel Kay 2, Michelle Eatwell 3.  Construction, Peter Ward 1, Aaron Wallis 2, Mark Barnett 3.  Art work, Andy Gunson 1, Vikki Tough 2, Michelle Davidson 3.  Floral arrangement, Michelle Eatwell (highly commended).

Prize winners of the “school community” contest received their certificates and school book tokens from Mr Len Anderson, Herald-Tribune editor, yesterday.  Left is Tina Semmens of Frimley School, with Jonathon Kyle, whose entry also won him a certificate and a book token for Waiwhare School.

School ‘press release’ winners

Pupils of two Hastings and district schools have been judged merit winners in their respective sections of a national competition run by newspapers and the New Zealand Lottery Board.

The contest was open to students attending schools which between 1975 and 1984 had received grants from the board’s community facilities at schools scheme.

The objective was to encourage students to develop competence in writing news items for their local newspapers, and to heighten awareness of school facilities that have been helped by grants from the board for the benefit of the community.

Merit winner in the section for standards 3 and 4 was Tina Semmens, Frimley School.

Merit winner of the Forms 1 and 2 section was Jonathan Kyle, Waiwhare School.

Herald-Tribune editor, Mr Len Anderson yesterday presented certificates, signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs and chairman of the lottery board, Mr Peter Tapsell, plus book tokens donated to the pupils’ schools by the Herald-Tribune.

This is how the two youngsters described their school community facilities.

From Jonathan Kyle. –

Amidst a rural district, located 55km out of Hastings, can be found the Waiwhare School.

Waiwhare School has recently acquired an adventure “play fort’’.  This is another asset which will be helpful in bringing the community together.

The ‘‘fort’’ was funded by the helpful district parents, and a grant from the Golden Kiwi Lottery Board.

It is easily accessible and has shown itself to provide enjoyment to all who use it.

Nearby is another facility that is used by the whole community.  The swimming pool has proved to be very worthwhile in the summer months particularly and is well patronised by a district located so far from the sea.

Sporting equipment is available for use by the district from the sports shed and these resources are very evident in use on the district sports days, and on organised social sports events.

Children find the ‘‘fort’’ most enjoyable to play on when community gatherings take place at the school and, for after-school hours, when the pool is widely used.

The small but happy school supports a roll of 44 pupils.  Many parents who went to the school still live in the district and are most helpful when asked to contribute to school activities.  Some of them now have their children at the school.

Natural surrounds at the school help to create a peaceful atmosphere, and relaxing family activities can take place in such settings without the pressures of city life.

In all, the school presents itself as a focal point for the community, and maintains well informed communications.

It is hoped that the school and it’s resources will encourage the retention of the community bond that presently exists.

Jonathan Kyle

Breakup 7/12/84

Prize-Giving 1984.
T. Sheild.

“Pukeko in a Ponga Tree”

Junior Room folk dancing



Departure was amidst almost hysterical excitement among the children, and bewilderment with the parents.

With a full bus we were soon on his [the] way for that exciting 6 hour journey.  If we knew at the start of the journey that our cheeks would stiffen considerably, that perspiration would trickle from our bodies like a tap and that our thirsts would happily have been quenched by Leopard or Waikato, then I’m sure we’d have voted for an alternative mode of transport.

However, we were on the way, on a Sunday and with some very absorbing music being sung by some hymn singing passengers seated right in the middle of us.  The children may have heard worse in the stockyards at home, but this foreign experience for the year (Mr K McGechie no longer takes religious studies at school) took considerable time for the children to get over.

Cultured as we all are, we blessed those passengers’ disembarkment at Palmerston North before ripping into our home made lunches.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we duly arrived in Wellington mid afternoon and hired 5 taxis to take us to the hostel.  Our first enlightening experience was to be charged five different fares for the short journey from the Wellington depot.

Then it was into our segregated residences, and a familiarisation jaunt about what was to be “home” for a further 5 nights, (and with no home comforts to match, which Janet asked me to add).


“What a First Night”
1.   Departure 8.45am. “Paper Trail”
2.   In and out of rush hour traffic – good to be a “Country Bumpkin” in this sense.
3.   Wellington Stock Exchange where $1 + $1 equals as much as you can get and hope that anything lost on the way through can be made in another shrewd move.

Photo captions –

8am departure for Hastings

Newmans Bus Depot

Outside the Stock Exchange

4.   Lunch – hot Wellington pie to supplement the packages of parents. Disappointment showed – not at the lunch (for the mothers really made a really good one), but at the fact that the Cable Car was “on its yearly maintenance overhaul and was out of action for the week.

5.   A bus trip, therefore, to the Wellington Meteorological Office.

6.   Children almost went to sleep during a very informative talk but kept their smiles up and all went well.

7.   A long range weather forecast was given for the benefit of mums who wished to know whether the Wellington climate was going to affect their morning jogs for the week.

8.   Caught a bus to Bowlarama and had a great relaxing time Ten-Pin Bowling. A very obliging hostess assisted the children in getting to know the game better while parents ripped into the fun with just as much enthusiasm.

9.   A sorry departure from that much enjoyed game came just after 5.00 p.m. with a small walk to connect to a bus back to the hostel.

10.   Upon getting back “home” it was good to relax for most, except for our “mums” who went straight into action preparing a very filling and satisfying tea. At our evening meeting some very tired but relaxed children undertook their tasks quietly while lying in bed.  Overall a very full day providing both new educational and social experiences which are all a part of the total concept we are endeavouring to foster this week.  Until tomorrow it’s time for a bit of shut-eye.  Good night John Boy!!

Photo captions –

Lunch at Lambton Quay

Meteorological Office



Awoke from a better night’s sleep as was the case with both mums and children.

We looked forward to a rearranged Wharf Tour and Marine Museum visit as a Union Strike caused a hasty change to original plans.  Upon setting off on a sprightly walk from the hostel with Karen being the “Greyhoundess” in front, we all eventually caught up and walked through the Queen’s Wharf entrance where we first took in the Marine Museum.

This culminated with a visit to the Wellington Harbour Board Room where, like a court house setting, the children had turns at being the Chairman of the Harbour Board following an interesting talk by the Board PRO and marketing Officer, Mr Arthur Meachen.

What a small world !!!  He had worked in a rural locality many a year ago, citing the Ward family as a focus of his working days.

We then shot off to be shown over one of the tugs.  Certainly marvellous stuff.  These tugs have more oomph than a sack of onions in full thundering mood.

Reluctantly we departed for a Bomb Shelter from Pigeon Park attacks and had another nice relaxing lunch before confronting Parliament with 16 potential votes of the future and some eager parents wanting to know more about the compulsory flag flying regulations intended for 1985.

Tea time was soon underway and once heartily fed, to some relaxing about the hostel meeting new travellers in particular a charming young lass from Japan who quickly won the hearts and admiration of the children.  Our Library is now carrying an extra two references of Japanese paper crafts as a memento from her.

I feel very envious at this point for all those back home who can rip the top off a Brown without facing the hassles and regulations the hostel impose.  At least I can hold my knife and fork still the following morning without vibrating the food off.  Better still, I’m looking forward to another night’s sleep amongst the sweaty odour of socks, running shoes and unwashed clothing that

Photo captions –

At Wellington Youth Hostel

The Harbour Board Officers!

Aboard the tug boat

Wellington Harbour Board Meeting Room

features heavily in the men’s dormitory.  Worse still the other smells omitted [emitted] by natural body reactions add to an atmosphere that can only be pushed aside with a D4 or a fast runner with a long breath.


Awoke this morning to find several cord of firewood sawn up into neat piles beside many of the other hosteller’s beds.  Certainly our eardrums detected the chainsaw harmonising of many a healthy snore that went on during the night, so it was a pleasure to get out of bed & and prepare for our day ahead.

We arrived at the Petone Bus Depot in plenty of time and struck up a very friendly conversation with one of the fleet bus drivers.  It was soon apparent he wished to help us save as [much] money as he could on our bus trip out to Unilever and so with some very attentive listening and Jocelyn and Karen flashing him a bit of leg, we were soon on our way having paid only enough change to hear a rattling in his coin box. The driver kept us informed of all the sights on our way out before dropping in near Unilever.

This visit, somewhat earlier than was originally scheduled, showed us the production line in full making and packaging of soaps, detergents, washing powders and other cleaners.  The workers there appear to have more patience than a ram left behind in the ram paddock after tupping time, but I guess that’s all part of living.

We then caught a bus back to Wellington where low and behold our earlier bus driver friend had arranged it with this driver to discount our fare.  I was certainly thankful as the thought of flashing my leg as was suggested by our mums did not excite me at all, let alone have the risk of being thrown off the bus.

Sir Richard Harrison (MP for Hawke’s Bay) graciously welcomed us all and upon our introduction to him, associated us with remarkable memory to family locations or connections back home.

After an inspiring and calmly delivered talk to us in the Debating Chamber – a privilege only for us – we “crossed the floor” several times before being entertained to afternoon tea and then further guiding about the Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

We all enjoyed it so much that our next visit to the zoo was a little bit of an anti-climax.  However it was an added experience and the monkeys were keen to see us, despite the prospect of Jocelyn saying she wouldn’t have been surprised if the monkeys had given me a peanut and took my place on the return trip to the hostel.  Charming mothers aren’t they?

This was the only day it rained during our week in Wellington and so it was that we split into groups and set about boosting the retail sales of Wellington city.  Needless to say we all made a bee line to the clothing shops.  Karen and Jocelyn peered over the various racks to find Dave purchasing ladies clothing !!! (It takes all types in Wellington).  By late afternoon we had our rendezvous at McDonald’s showing signs of paralysis in the legs, sore “cheeks” and other minor ailments associated with walking.  Mind you, there were plenty of nic-nacs bought by the signs of things.  In fact I thought there was less luggage at the Newmans depot last Sunday than what we now had to carry home.

However it was first to McDonald’s Restaurant and a quick but informative visit around their complex.  The meal (and deal) that followed was marvellous and the children enjoyed it tremendously.  So much so that Thursday lunch saw us back again.


Dave arose early once again for his daily physical workout.  He took a bit longer this morning I wonder if it could be those flashy red shorts!  Or maybe the sights of Wellington.  After a good night’s sleep we bolted into another healthy breakfast before undertaking some duties about the hostel, which was a daily expected chore.

The children had by now come to expect the daily story telling of “Rob”, our YHA warden who admitted he liked telling kids stories.  These stories were always based on realistic events but often proceeded to be like conversation after a few ales.  i.e. full of bull.  Needless to say the children reported back to him that they would keep an eye out for the ghost tonight.

The Railways visit was informative and accommodating.  All departments were very helpful, which was a feature of many people we came in contact with on our journeys about the city.  It was good to sense such warmth and sincerity in people’s intentions.  After departing the Rail with all the pamphlets and posters we could carry, we shot off to McDonald’s for lunch, then to the National Museum.  We had a very worthy instruction period on aspects of “Early NZ Settlement” before browsing at other museum exhibits.  Then we were off to the Michael Fowler Centre and a guided tour about there.  It was certainly a nice venue for entertainment and the like, and so after dragging Janet and Cathy away from the bar we made our way out in to the cool afternoon air and returned to the hostel for the three “S’s”.

It was our intention to treat the kids to a meal at Cobb & Co. as a surprise for them all.  After being seated in a corner of the restaurant, I joined the mothers in the “Office” next door.  Soon realising they had sampled almost every drink in the bar, I meekly caught up and listened to all their stories which are best left unprinted – but were flowing with relaxed freedom.  Our meal was very enjoyable, added to which the children presented me with a bottle fit for any refreshment cabinet.  This was certainly a fine gesture from a bunch of children who by this time of the week were really getting on well and had adapted to the new environmental routines so readily.

Taxis soon took us back – we found taxis most convenient and really quite inexpensive during the week.  We went straight to bed with the knowledge that an early morning rise was in the offering.[offing]

Photo captions –

National Museum

Cobb & Co

Back L to R:  Dave Wallis, Cathy Worsley, Janet Huff, Karen Holgate, Jonathan Kyle, Andrew Gordon, Jocelyn Davidson
Third Row:  Jacqueline Holgate, Jenny Drayton, Sharon Johansen, Trudy Sheild, Philippa Drayton Second Row:  Robert Ayres, Anna Wilkins, Aaron White, Andrew Schaw, Kathryn Schaw
Front  Annette Huff, Toni Wallis, Jason Davidson, Tony Worsley

Our parents continued to work on into the night packing up and tidying ready for our quick get away on Friday morning.  Their interests and caring for the children had been a 100% effort all throughout the week and even at this tiring stage of our week they were giving it all they could.  However, it was to be our last night and so with calls of “Goodnight John Boy”, we tripped off to bed.


The alarm and panic, set off at 6am.  Would we be early enough for the 8.30am departure?  Various thoughts entered our minds and got us all into action by 6.30 am.  A quick tidy up and packing of our suitcases, along with [the] our breakfasts prepared by the mothers and we were set for the trip home.

We first thanked Rob for the help and the humour he had provided us, then the children presented the mums with a coffee mug each as a sign of their appreciation for everything they had done.  We are so fortunate to have interested and helpful parents such as our camp mums and even luckier to know that it is our school which has the benefit of their support.  Despite a confusing departure with our taxis to the Rail, rectified with Rob coming at the last minute to our assistance with his own car, we got onto our train, after receiving Best Wishes over the “Inter-com” from the ticketing section and a farewell greeting by Mrs Elston who showed us about the Rail the previous day.

And so…. a five and a half hour journey home began.  It was certainly a new experience in travelling, with differing thoughts on comfortability.  Perhaps the envisaged profits in the rail for 1984 may go towards passenger comfort!!

The children are looking forward to going home – it has been a long and busy week.  Many have coped well with the “away from home” experience but certainly just as many have quietened down over the latter days which suggests it will be good to see parents again.  They have stood the strain well of the daily demands and I sense can only be better off for it all.  Thank you, children, you have done well and I trust you have some pleasant memories to hang on to.

This small rendition of thoughts upon our day-by-day Wellington trip experience is only but a brief outline of one viewpoint.  Much has been left unsaid (at Janet’s request) but it is not my intention to close without saying how much I have appreciated the capable assistance of our “Camp Mothers” who worked so hard and did so much, that made my job relatively easy.  Thank you Jocelyn, Karen, Janet and Cathy.  You have been a great help in making our trip such a worthwhile educational experience.  I trust you will all sleep well and not take too long to recover.

Dave Wallis, Principal

Photo caption –

Wellington Railway Station

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