Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition Catalogue 2012


Wednesday 7 – Sunday 11 November 2012
121 Rosser Road, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

In association with the 2012 Hospice Holly Trail, supporting Cranford Hospice

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Alphabetical Listing

Artist   Site   Page
Muff Aitken   1   4
Doug Anderson   2-5   4
JiL of Aotearoa   6-7   4
Kay Bazzard   8-11   4
Jo Blogg   12   5
Judi Brennan   13   5
Becka-Lee Briggs 14-16   5
Katie Brown   17-25   5
Linda Bruce   26-29   6
Lillie Chapman   30-31   6
Paddy Cooper   32-34   6
Perry Davies   35-40   6
Sandy Densem   41   7
Mark Dimock   42-54   7
Liz Earth   55   7
Griz Edmonds   56   8
Alison Erickson   57   8
Fane Flaws   12, 58-59   8
Clayton Gibson   60   8
Dave Goodin   61-65   9
Beth Gorst   66-67   9
Robbie Graham   68-69   9
Darryl Grant   70-71   9
Keith Grinter   72-74   10
David Guerin   75-79   10
Greg Hall 80-84   10
Marcus Helmore   85-89   11
Fiona Hislop   90   11
Gary Holdsworth   91-92   11
Jane Hunter   93-96   11
William Jameson   97-100   14
Asaki Kajama   101-105   14
Tony Kale   106-107

Artist   Site   Page
Doug Kennedy   108-109   15
Julie Laird   110   15
Sam Ludden   111-115   15
Ross Mackay   116-124   16
Sam Mahon   125   16
Estelle and Bruce Martin   126-131   16
Para Matchitt   132   17
Philipp Meier   133-134   17
Gaeleen Morley   135-139   17
Ross Nilsson   140-141   17
Richard Page   142-143   18
Lyndsay Patterson   144-146   18
Coral Pearson-Revel   147-150   18
Terrie Reddish   151-152   18
Nigel Roberts   153   19
Paul Roberts   154   19
Ingrid Schloemer   155   19
Ema Scott   156-161   19
Jacob Scott   162   20
Martin Selman   163   20
Carmen Simmonds   164-168   20
Ricks Terstappen   169-179   21
Jeff Thomson   180-182   21
David Trubridge & his team   183-184   21
Linda Trubridge   185   22
Fiona Tunnicliffe   186-191   22
Aaldert Verplanke   192-193   22
Russel Wall   194-196   22
Jim Walsh   197-198   23
Lisa Walsh   199-201   23
Linda Weiss   202   23
Steuart Welch   203-205   23

Page 4

Muff Aitken
Muff Aitken originally honed her skills while at Ilam Art School at the University of Canterbury. This is the third time she has exhibited at the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition.

No   Name of Work   Medium   Price
1   Ninety-times-nine   cast plaster, cement, stone   $5,000

Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson uses natural recycled and salvaged materials in his work, especially old logs and timber. He prefers native timber as it is durable yet it slowly changes over time due to the effects of sun and rain. He also likes to incorporate natural stone and recycled steel into his works. Doug began sculpting after inheriting several chisels around fifteen years ago, which he tested out on an old fencepost. His sculptural ideas have been influenced by his travels, and he is especially drawn to the sculptural forms of Bali and design elements from Japan.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
2   Samadhi   Totara   $960
3   Grace   Totara   $1,320
4   Wind Dancer   Concrete, fibreglass/polymer rods   $1,000
5   Velissimo   Stone, steel   $3,000

JiL of Aotearoa
JiL describes her preferred medium as “lime and cement … cast and carve … earth and space.” She has shown her work in over ninety exhibitions, mostly in Hawke’s Bay, during almost thirty years as a practising artist. JiL is known throughout the district for her public work, especially the murals she has been creating for schools and public spaces for the last twenty years. JiL often works collaboratively with her partner Griz Edmonds, and a highlight of their artistic partnership has been their Fire Sculptures – stunning pyrotechnic displays – at the annual Napier Winter Solstice Fire Festival.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
6   Pukeko Hopscotch   Carpet, paint   $550
7   Funky Fungi   Plywood, paint   $50 each

Kay Bazzard
Kay Bazzard discovered clay sculpture in 2004 whilst attending the Art and Design Faculty at the EIT, took to it immediately, and has worked in this medium ever since. She has exhibited frequently in Hawke’s Bay over the last two years, and was a finalist in Waiclay 2012 at the Waikato Museum. The change from drawing and painting to 3D expression came easily and naturally for Kay, and she continues to challenge her technique by creating figures in active poses, using different clay, firing in sawdust or raku kilns.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
8   Namaste   Ceramic   $190
9   Rowena   Ceramic   $350
10   Helen Bathing   Ceramic   $300
11   Assorted smaller works in the Marquee   Ceramic   $90-$380

Page 5

Jo Blogg
Jo Blogg, BAHons (London Guild Hall University) is a practicing artist, gardener and mother. She is currently working on ‘Hole-punch Mandalas’ further ‘Recycled Road Sign Mandalas’, ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ – a one hundred piece, three dimensional work involving hand painted animals for EAST, and ‘Pins and Needles’ a major solo show for the HCAG scheduled for 2013.

No.   Nature of Work   Medium   Price
12   Dora and Dog (with Fane Flaws)   Grape vines and wire on metal   $1,700

Judi Brennan
Judi Brennan is a clay, concrete and mosaic artist who has been creating and exhibiting since the early ‘90s. She has won national awards for her work, which has also featured in several magazines and on television. Judi works from a studio at Lake Taupo where she and her family have also established the very popular L’Arte Mosaic Café and Gallery. L’Arte was named by Lonely Planet in 2010 as one of New Zealand’s Top Ten places to visit.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
13   Assorted works in and around the Marquee   Ceramic   As marked

Becka-Lee Briggs
“Create, create, create is my dream and I’ve chosen to live it … a journey which will take me who knows where,” says Becka-Lee. She works with an open mind and learns via trial and error. Last year Becka-Lee completed a year in Fine Arts at the Quay School of the Arts Wanganui, and she considers that ‘the year of her life’.  This year she returned to her home town and is currently at EIT working towards a bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. This series of works reflects various aspects of Hawke’s Bay’s treasured coastline.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
14   Mahia   White sand, white cement, driftwood, wire   $350
15   Waimarama   White sand, white cement, driftwood, wire   $350
16   Aramoana   White sand, white cement, driftwood, wire   $350 or $900 for all three

Katie Brown
Katie Brown is one of only a small handful of full-time female glassblowing artists in New Zealand. Having graduated from the Diploma in Glass Design and Production in 1999 at Wanganui Regional Polytechnic, Katie now dedicates her time toward running a full time open studio called Chronicle Glass. The space is well-suited to public viewing and invites participating in the glassblowing process. Much of Katie’s work is inspired by the natural world and this is reflected within her use of hot glass.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
17   Black Whisper-small   Glass   $220
18   Black Whisper-medium   Glass   $260
19   Black Whisper-large   Glass   $290
20   Cherry Red Incalmo   Glass   $3,200
21   Olive Incalmo   Glass   $3,200
22   Cherry Red Cut Incalmo   Glass   $1,600
23   Olive Cut Incalmo   Glass   $1,600
24   White Incalmo   Glass   $3,200
25   Cut Incalmo   Glass   $1,600

Page 6

Linda Bruce

Linda Bruce works predominantly with clay, often combining this with metal and found objects. Her work, exhibited over the last seventeen years throughout New Zealand has received several awards winning the HB Review in 2007. Linda has also completed public commissions in Napier and Hastings, both on her own and in collaboration with others.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
26   Rainbow I   Clay, slips, glazes   $750
27   Rainbow II   Clay, slips, glazes   $500
28   Rainbow III   Clay, slips, glazes   $500
29   Smaller works in the Marquee   Ceramic   As marked

Lillie Chapman
Born and bred in Whakatu, Lillie has just completed her second year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at EIT. She describes her work as a silent protect against the consequences of consumerism. This is combined with ideas surrounding time, growth and decay, thus unpeeling new meaning and potential within the works she creates.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
30   A Feeding of the Flesh   Plastic Bags and Found Materials   NFS
31   Packs of 3 limited edition photographs of the above sculpture installed in different locations (including the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition), Available in The Marquee  $30.00 per pack.

Paddy Cooper
Paddy Cooper has been sculpting and carving for about 15 years. He is a 6th generation New Zealander, so his work is inspired by New Zealand/Aotearoa – its land, environment, art, and culture. He uses New Zealand native timbers, pounamu (greenstone) and flax in his sculptures. His work adorns homes, offices and gardens throughout the world.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
32   Pohutukawa Root Burr Pot   Pohutukawa root burr   $1,500
33   Seat/Table with Pounamu Touch stone   Totara, pounamu   $850
34   Disc   Red Beech/tawhairanui, pounamu   $6,500

Perry Davies
Perry Davies has been exhibiting work since 1981. He started out printmaking, which he also taught in the ASA School of Art degree programme. In 1986 he won the BNZ National Print Award. In the 1990s he began to work more with wood, making quirky sculptures and one-off furniture pieces, which are held in collections both here and overseas. A shift to Hawke’s Bay in 2004 has led to his work being influenced by the rural landscape, and the availability of ‘found’ timber stirs his interest in rural architecture.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
35   Large Birdhouse   Recycled timber   $520
36-40   Smaller Birdhouses   Recycled timber   $360-450

Page 7

Sandy Densem
Sandy Densem studied Fine Art in Cape Town 1976-1978 majoring in painting, and has been painting and exhibiting since then. She taught art and textiles for many years in Zimbabwe, and worked with interior designers and architects to produce soft furnishings, paintings and wall murals for a group of Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe. Since moving to Hawke’s Bay in July 2006, Sandy has been painting and exhibiting across the country.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
41   Assorted work in the Marquee   Textiles   As marked

Mark Dimock
Mark Dimock paints, carves recycled timber, and creates sculpture from steel and found or recycled materials. His three-dimensional work is closely related to his painting, with the paintings often directly inspiring and informing Mark’s sculptures. He had his first solo show in Whangarei in 1975, and since then has been exhibiting widely throughout New Zealand in group shows and on his own. Mark has been living in the Wairarapa for thirty years, and works out of the large workshop studio and gallery he has established there.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
42   Bathe in Colour   $6,900
43   Kereune (extra large)   $1,900
44   Kereune (large)   $590
45   Kereune (small)   $390
46   Huia Rune (large)   $590
47   Huia Rune (small)   $390
48   Tui Rune (large)   $590
49   Tui Rune (small)   $390
50   On the Beach (large)   $900
51   On the Beach (small)   $600
52   Saw Fish Vase (small)   10 @ $120
53   Saw Fish Vase (medium)   5 @ $220
54   Saw Fish Vase (large)   3 @ $250

Liz Earth
Liz Earth is a multi-media artist and sculptor who graduated from Ilam School of Art at Canterbury University in 1961. In 1986 she took up ceramics, making work which was exhibited locally, nationally and once in China. In recent years, Liz has shown her work in Shapeshifter at the Dowse and at the National Ceramics 2010 Fusion Exhibition in Dunedin, where she won the Jubala Award for best non-functional work. Liz has also created public art for the Napier and Hastings CBDs.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
55   Divine Chandelier   Steel, grapevine prunings   $650

Page 8

Griz Edmonds
Griz Edmonds has been exhibiting his timber sculptures and carvings throughout Hawke’s Bay since 1992, when he and his partner Jil Sergent (JiL of Aotearoa) created an olive press from pine thinnings at the EIT Log Symposium. It appears that Griz’s practice has only been moving forward since then. He and Jil created Fire Sculpture for ten years of Napier Winter Solstice Fire Festivals, and he has been involved regularly in the ‘themed’ exhibitions with Creative Hastings, as well as several garden art events, including both previous Wildflower Sculpture Exhibitions.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
56   Bird Feeder   Recycled and found timbers grown by the artist   $800

Alison Erickson
Alison’s first job after she left school in 1998 was as an apprentice working with Sam Mahon on his life-sized bronze horse and rider, The Southern Man, which now stands outside Dunedin airport. Since then she has been sculpting and exhibiting in solo and group shows in Auckland and Canterbury, including Sculpture on the Shore (Auckland) and Sculpture on the Peninsular (Christchurch).

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
57   Persephone   Bronze   $2,800

Fane Flaws
Fane Flaws has spent the last thirty years working successfully in a variety of media. He has worked as a graphic designer, painter, guitarist/songwriter (BLERTA, SPATS, CROCODILES, I AM JOE’S MUSIC, BEND, THE LIVING HAMSTERS, NO ENGINE), director of Music Videos, Short Films, TVC’s and writer, illustrator and publisher of Children’s Literature/Music (THE UNDERWATERMELON MAN). He has been inducted to both The Massey University Design Hall Of Fame and the NZ Film Archive Music Video Wall of Fame.  In 2002 he moved to Napier to dedicate his remaining years to making art. He is currently working in paint, print, sculptural assemblage and recording the backlog of 30 years of songwriting. He has recently returned to live performance with new band NO ENGINE.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
12   Dora and Dog (with Jo Blogg)   Grape vines and wire on metal   $1,700
58   Green Jungle Bunny   Enamel on zinc on wood   $4,000
59   Bird and Tree   Demolition timber, laminated plywood   $2,500

Clayton Gibson
Clayton Gibson works predominantly with Oamaru stone and totara. His sculptures are usually large-scale, and often explore themes which stem from his close relationship to the coast and the land, as well as the way people interact with these environments and each other. Clayton has exhibited widely, mainly in Hawke’s Bay, and has been a Norsewear Art Awards finalist. Clayton also teaches at Taikura Rudolph [Rudolf] Steiner School in Hastings.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
60   Kahutia-te-rangi   Totara, lead   $450

Page 9

Dave Goodin
Dave is a carver/sculptor with 26 years experience, and has studied visual art and design in New Zealand and Italy. He spent 14 years tutoring in 3D sculpture at EIT, Napier, spending some time living and exhibiting in the UK in the mid-90s.  From late 2000 until the end of 2006 Dave used his creative talents and energies firstly, heading the Miniature Greens Department at Weta Workshop in Wellington, then working for Peter Jackson’s company in the Wairarapa, on various projects. Dave’s film credits include the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, and Zorro II.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
61   Whanau – Totara     $5,000
62   Whanau – Macrocarpa   Macrocarpa   $3,000
63   Whanau – Red rata pine   Red rata pine   $1,500
61-63 are designed to be kept as a group   $9,500
64   Torso   Stone   $3,500
65   Birdform Bowl   Amphibrolite [Amphibolite] stone   $3,500

Beth Gorst
Based in Napier, Beth is a mixed-media artist who works mostly with photography, plastic and paper. In ‘Red Veil’, she was delighted in the malleable nature of paper, and enjoyed creating a sophisticated work using low-tech materials and processes. This work and the ‘alum duo saltatio’ series reference flora with the pod-like forms. In 2009 Beth completed a Master of Art and Design at AUT and her research explored her own personal art making process using the Jungian theory of Individuation.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
66   Red Veil   Tracing paper, the colour red, fishing line   $7,200
67   Alum duo saltatio   Up-cycled aluminium cans, fishing line   5 @ $360

Robbie Graham
As a departure from his usual art-form which is fine art wood turning and demonstrating wood turning nationally and internationally, sculpture has been a big part of Robbie’s work in the last few years. A most enjoyable commission he completed recently was Voyager II, which was for a client in Seattle, Washington State.  Another satisfying major achievement for 2011 was designing and managing the completion of a large-scale interactive public sculpture on the lakefront in Taupo. “The Crossing” represents the awe-inspiring peaks of the Tongariro Crossing and was created from pine poles five metres high, local Tauhara stone, and embellished by pyrography designs depicting cultural aspects of the lake and mountains.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
68   Evolution   Totara, resin   $1,200
69   Vine   Steel   $8,500

Darryl Grant
After twenty off years working in a manufacturing industry and two serious accidents which art helped to heal the injuries of, Darryl Grant has recently completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at EIT, receiving his degree along with three scholarships, the Otatara Trust, Taradale Rotary Club for excellence and the prestigious EIT John Harre Scholarship.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
70   Tui on a Flax bush   Steel   $550
71   Hawk on a fence post   Steel   $550

Page 10

Keith Grinter
Keith works in a range of media including glass (painted and blown) sculpture and oil painting. His recent glass work, sculpture and painting are based on blind contour drawings made while walking in Whanganui. Keith exhibits mostly in Whanganui, Wellington and Waiheke including Te Papa, Pataka and Sarjeant galleries. He has won The Doyle and Anne Robinson Glass prizes and been a finalist in the Australasian Ranamok glass prize. He was awarded a Masters of Art and Design (First Class) from AUT University in 2010. He is based in Whanganui and is a Distance Delivery Tutor at The Learning Connexion.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
72   Illumination   Glass   $1,200
73   Pollock in Vitrine   Glass   $1,200
74   St Francis casts off his clothes   Glass   $2,000

David Guerin
David Guerin works with a wide range of materials, depending on his purpose and subject matter. For the past few years this has meant a combination of native timber, bronze and soft stone (marble, ignimbrite pumice stone, sandstone and limestone). Since the mid 90s David has focussed on images inspired by Maori art forms – te poutokomanawa (the land marker), te koruru (the mask) and te tekoteko (the human figure). David also works as a secondary school art and graphics teacher.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
75   Cloud Nein   Steel bronze, aluminium, marble   $7,500
76   The Tower of Power   Hawkesbury sandstone, steel   $7,500
77   Poutokomanawa o te Whenua   Wood, steel, found objects   $7,500
78   Heretaunga Ararau # 56   Wood, bronze   $1,250
79   Assorted medallions in the Marquee   Bronze   $350 each

Greg Hall
Greg has a 30 year history in the medium of glass, and over that time he has developed a distinctive style which he says is a statement of ‘who I am’ and ‘where I come from’. Over the last 20 years Greg has worked as a practising artist and also as a tutor in different areas of glass production. In his work he aims for a strong sense of expression and dialogue, but also for continuing technical excellence. Greg is currently commissioned to design and make 32 Stained Glass panels for the Wanganui District Council Chambers.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
80   Shark Attack Fish Tank   Glass   $2,200
81   Waka-Small Blue Flying Kiwi   Glass   $650
82   Waka-Mini Bay Blue   Glass   $295
83   Waka-Taniwhai Bay Blue   Glass   $425
84   Waka-Tiki Fern Bronze   Glass   $295

Page 11

Marcus Helmore
Marcus Helmore has spent much of his life exploring his creativity through painting, ceramics, bronze sculpture, cartooning and designing gates. But fifteen years ago, he attended a course in stone carving and discovered his ideal medium. Since then he has been working in Oamaru stone and Mt Somers limestone, balancing this with his day job as a farmer.   Marcus has exhibited in various galleries and exhibitions, including 2008 Mt Somers Symposium, where his work was purchased by the organisation for the new sculpture park. Currently Marcus is exhibiting work as part of a 12 member gallery in Ahuriri, Napier called Viva Gallery.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
85   Swan   Mount Somers stone   $540
86   Birdsong   Mount Somers stone   $600
87   Flight   Mount Somers stone   $840
88   Ampersand   Mount Somers stone   $1,080
89   War Horse   Mount Somers stone   $2,500

Fiona Hislop
Fiona works with a range of materials, using a broad array of techniques. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from AUT (2002) and in 2010 curated the exhibition Source: A Feminine Aesthetic at Hastings City Art Gallery. Fiona has exhibited widely and sells her work locally.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
90   Assorted small works in the Marquee   Various   As priced

Gary Holdcroft
Gary Holdcroft is a self-taught sculptor who has been creating these spheres by hand since 2006. He is inspired by the simple forms and textures that are reflected in nature, particularly the seashore and forest. Gary usually sells his work by private arrangement. The 2010 Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition was his first public show.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
91   Mined Over Matter   Reinforced cement, oxide render, sealer   $1,000
92   A Different View   Glass   $500

Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter began making copper sculpture in 2008. Self-taught, she draws inspiration for her work from nature and her surroundings, especially the farm she lives on in coastal Hawke’s Bay. The 2008 Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition was Jane’s first show, and her pieces were very popular, leading to further commissions and lots of keen interest. Since then, she has exhibited at Electra Gallery in Waipukurau and Artmosphere in Woodville.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
93   Peter Rabbit   Copper   $585
94   Rabbits   Copper   3 @ $255
95   Laughing Frogs   Copper   3 @ $400
96   Spheres on Pillars   Copper   2 @ $445

Page 14

William Jameson
William Jameson works mainly in steel and other metals. His practice includes the design and manufacture of street furniture and sculpture for the urban landscape, as well as artwork for the domestic environment. He frequently collaborates with other Hawke’s Bay sculptors to create large-scale artworks, and was extensively involved with the rejuvenation of inner city Hastings. In 2010 William gained second place in the Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Award, and he was a finalist again this year.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
97   Obelisk   Corten steel   $2,700
98   Circumnavigate II   Stainless steel   $3,500
99   Interwoven   Stainless steel   $3,900
100   Angel   Stainless steel   POA

Asaki Kajima
Asaki was born in Japan and is now based in Napier, where she works from Studio Asaki. She has studied advertising design, floral design and Ikebana, and this year she was awarded third place at the Fieldays No. 8 Wire National Art Award.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
101   Spirit (one)   Wood, branches, wire   $800
102   Spirit (two)   Wood, branches, wire   $800
103   Spirit (three)   Wood, branches, wire   $800
104   Spirit (four)   Wood, branches, wire   $1,200
105   Spirit (five)   Wood, branches, wire   $1,200

Tony Kale
Tony started playing with clay in 2005. He is self taught though he has had regular input from workshops held by experienced potters. Through this he has built up a solid knowledge base with the skills and techniques to bring ideas to life within the clay medium. His fascination at present is the Raku process of glazing and firing clay with its unpredictable nature. Tony is becoming more and more interested in creating sculptural garden art for smaller gardens especially.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
106   Hand-build Raku-fired Ceramic Garden Balls (on display and in the Marquee)   Ceramic   12 @ $95
107   Hand-build Raku-fired Angel Fish   Ceramic   $145

Page 15

Doug Kennedy
Before embarking on a career in sculpture Doug had a rewarding career in panelbeating and spraypainting, encompassing sheetmetal coachbuilding skills, metalpolishing and structural engineering. He mastered all facets of welding over that time. While fabricating sheetmetal panels Doug began to explore a more artistic route for his skills, culminating at the age of 40 in a Foundation arts course at UCOL in Palmerston North. Doug has exhibited and sold artwork in Cottersloe Beach, Western Australia (Sculpture by the Sea 2011), Auckland (Plant World, Eye for Sculpture), Cambridge (Waitakaruru Sculpture Park), Wellington (ShapeShifter 2012), Auckland Gallery, Academy of Fine Art and Erskin College), in Masterton (Aratoi), Martinborough (art auctions for the new medical centre at the town hall), Carterton (Sculpture in the Country, different galleries), Featherston (own gallery), Dunedin and in Palmerston North (Van Ufelen Gallery and UCOL).

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
108   Spoonbills   Steel, recycled steel   4 @ $330
109   Pied Stilts   Steel, recycled steel   4 @ $330

Julie Laird
After studying for a Diploma in Art and Creativity at The Learning Connexion, Julie began her love affair with mosaics. She enjoys mixing media and often combines mosaic with paint. Lately Julie has begun to explore concrete sculpture and stained glass.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
110   Bulbous Spectaculous (set of three)   Carved concrete, stained glass   $700

Sam Ludden
Sam is a ceramic artist born and bred in the Wairarapa where he now lives and works with his young family. He studied Ceramics, Design and Production in Wanganui from 2005 to 2008 which launched him into a series of artist residencies in the UK and the south of France. In 2001 Sam returned home to Masterton to open his workshop “Dirty Fingers Pottery”. Since then he has participated in sculpture events around the world including a sculpture symposium in Changchun, China and a group ceramics exhibition in Pall Mall, London.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
111   Tuna (large)   Ceramic   $470 each
112   Tuna (medium)   Ceramic   $410 each
113   Tuna (small)   Ceramic   $350 each
114   The Owl and the Rat   Ceramic   $720
115   Ruru/Owl   Ceramic   $400

Page 16

Ross Mackay
Ross Mackay has been designing and sculpting for twenty years and has exhibited here and in Australia. Having started out as an engineer, his preferred media are steel, stainless steel and glass, and he sees his practice as a creative journey to join form and function.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
116   Crocus Revolve (orders taken)   Stainless Steel   $1,950
117   Lotus Narcissus    Stainless Steel reflective glass   $2,900
118   Highly Strung   Number 8 wire   $900
119   Revolve Mailbox (orders taken)   Galvanised steel, stainless steel   2 @ $290
120   Table A – Flat out Table and Bench Seat Range (all available made to order in any required dimensions)  Powder coated steel, wood   $1,800
121   Bench Seat A   Powder coated steel, wood   2 @ $950
122   Table B   Powder coated steel, polished and sealed fibre cement board   $1,950
123   Table C   Powder coated steel, polished and sealed fibre cement board   $2,300
124   Magnus Magazine Stands (in the Marquee)   Stainless steel   $750 each

Sam Mahon
Since leaving art school in the seventies, Sam has been painting and sculpting, showing his work almost solely in Canterbury. He has completed a number of public art works including The Southern Man (a life size sculpture of a horse and rider at Dunedin Airport), Mackenzie and his Dog (life size sculpture in the main street of Fairlie), The Fool (a bronze and steel work at the Arts Centre in Christchurch) and Regret (a 6-metre kinetic work in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens). Sam is also the author of four books and he divides his time between making art and conservationist activism.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
125   Spring   Bronze   $6,000

Estelle and Bruce Martin
Kamaka Pottery was started in 1965 when Estelle and Bruce Martin started potting full time. Until 1982 they made glazed domestic wares fired in an oil-burning kiln. Following an extended visit to Japan in 1978 they built a large wood fired anagama type kiln which they first fired in 1982. In 1983 a Japanese Master Potter, Mr Sanyo Fujii, came and lived with Estelle and Bruce for seven months and together they made pots and had a firing of the Kamaka anagama. The pots he made and a selection of Estelle’s and Bruce’s work were sent to Japan and shown in a joint exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Gallery of Fine Art in Osaka in 1984. When Estelle died in 2001 there were many pots in the workshop and Bruce retired from potting. The pots on show here at the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition are some from their collection. Other work may be seen at the Kamaka Gallery, 64 Valentine Road, R.D.5. Hastings.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
126   Large Tsubo (Estelle)   Stoneware clay   $2,500
127   Dark Round Vase (Estelle)   Stoneware clay   $750
128   Tall Vase (Estelle)   Stoneware clay   $1,800
129    Large Tsubo with Ears (Bruce)   Stoneware clay   $2,800
130   Mizusashi/Lidded Jar (Bruce)   Stoneware clay   $600
131   Plough (Bruce)   Stoneware clay   $2,000

Page 17

Para Matchitt
Para Matchitt is a painter, printmaker, muralist, illustrator and stage designer. Para’s solo and group shows since 1962 have taken place in the USA, Japan, Malaysia, France and the former Czechoslovakia, as well as throughout New Zealand. He has undertaken a wide variety of public, private and corporate commissions around the country since the 1960s, and his work is held in public Art Galleries and Museums and private collections both here and in the United States.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
132   Pataka   Stainless Steel   POA

Philipp Meier
Philipp Meier’s efforts were rewarded early in his creative career when he won the NZ Young Designer of the Year Award in 1995 and 1996. Inspired by nature and the art of learning about material, structure and their application, Philipp studied Architecture and Building in New Zealand and Germany. His first public work was commissioned by the Napier City Council in 2008. It consists of three sculptures, acting as storm water covers, situated on Marine Parade in Napier. Philipp exhibits throughout New Zealand and is also represented in Brisbane, Sydney and Singapore.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
133   Tiki   Corten Steel   $2,950
134   Salt   Stainless Steel   $950

Gaeleen Morley
Gaeleen Morley has been working with clay for forty years. Largely self-taught, she has developed a wide knowledge of clay and glaze technology, and has taught workshops around New Zealand. Gaeleen has exhibited her work throughout the country, as well as in Britain, Australia, the United States, China and Japan.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
135   Wood fired Bowls   Ceramic   2 @ $290
136   Flowers (large)   Ceramic   4 @ $70
137   Flowers (medium)   Ceramic 5 @ $60
138   Flowers (small)   Ceramic   4 @ $50
139   Tiny flowers on wine stems (on display and in the Marquee)   Ceramic   $25 each

Ross Nilsson
Ross has made urns in the past from sand and cement with oxides and limewash. He is now moving on to designing and making furniture using 100 year old pine timber with Matai trimming

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
140   Cat Leg Table   Pine, Matai   $960
141   Throne Chair   Pine, Matai   $500

Page 18

Richard Page
Based in Raglan, Richard Page has a background in building as well as sculpture. Over the past few years Richard has been creating geometric shapes, which connect some way or another to things aquatic. Through his studies of seashells he came across ‘the golden section’.  This sacred geometry has opened new dimensions to his sculptures.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
142   Boat 2   Basalt   $7,000
143   Twisting Column   Black Granite   $6,240

Lyndsay Patterson
Lyndsay Patterson graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wanganui Polytechnic. Lyndsay is a well-known maker of contemporary glass and is represented by galleries in each of the main centres in New Zealand. He is also represented in Australia and Hong Kong. His work is held in public and private collections including Te Papa Tongarewa and The Dowse. He has twice been a finalist in the prestigious Ranamok Glass prize, an Australian based glass competition. He is co-owner of Chronicle Glass Studio in Wanganui.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
144   Olive Platter   Glass   $290
145   Blue Platter   Glass   $290
146   Bronze Landscape   Glass   $4,200

Coral Pearson-Revel
Coral began working in clay in 2006, upon her return to New Zealand. Prior to this her profession was psychology and, in the distant past, fashion design. Many of Coral’s sculptural pieces are figurative, drawing upon body language, gestures and stance to create an attitude or emotional expression. This develops during the creative process rather than being purposely sought. The “Dora” series is the result of experimenting with the juxtaposition of facial features. They too evolve with their own whimsical characteristics.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
147   The Dora Series Dora One   Ceramic   $550
148   Dora Two   Ceramic   $550
149   Dora Three   Ceramic   $550
150   Dora Four   Ceramic   $550

Terrie Reddish
Terrie Reddish is a botanical artist whose stunningly accurate works have been exhibited throughout New Zealand, and in London, where Terrie won a gold medal at the Royal Horticultural Society’s December 2008 Show. Through her drawings and book art she hopes to show others the contemporary value of more traditional art forms, and to bring her explorations of New Zealand native flora into a modern setting. Terrie also holds workshops on pencil drawing and book binding. Terrie will be onsite during the exhibition, and is happy to talk about her work.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
151   Spring Ephemerals (on display in the Marquee)   Tyvek, florist tape, plastic and glass beads, bamboo   $5 each or $40 for 10
152   Assorted botanical artworks in the Marquee   As marked

Page 19

Nigel Roberts

This aspect of Nigel’s current practice explores ways to represent flux in dynamic sculptural form. Nigel’s material research involves forming steel into a helix configuration (the basis of DNA stranding), then sectioning pieces that re-interpret the flow pattern links between negative and positive states. The concept of a symbiotic universe underlies his practice, exploring metaphors of organic life and re-evaluating scientific thought models. Nigel is the programme co-ordinator for Visual Arts and Design at EIT.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
153   Ferromagnetic Bloom   Mildsteel rod with metallic coating   $1750

Paul Roberts
Paul was born and bred in Hawke’s Bay and 2012 is his final year in the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design degree programme at EIT. He exhibited in the Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition for the first time in 2010.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
154   Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun   Wood, steel, fibreglass, found materials   $950

Ingrid Schloemer
Currently based in Havelock North, Ingrid arrived in NZ in 1994. In 1998 Ingrid took her established sculptural sensitivity to stone, jade and semi-precious gemstones and began applying it to jewellery. Initially working with easily accessible materials (copper, silver wire, glass beads and textile materials), since 2006 Ingrid’s primary media has been Fine Silver. A teacher of jewellery, Ingrid has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and attributes her inspiration to nature, with leaf themes featuring prominently.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
155   Selection of botanically-inspired jewellery in the Marquee   Silver, or as labelled   As marked

Ema Scott
Ema Scott and Stephen Wheeler opened their studio ‘Stonepeace’, otherwise known as ‘Kohatu Humarie’ in 1999. Their studio is at a very special (ukaipo) enclave of family land in Haumoana, Hawke’s Bay. It sits close to the Tuki Tuki River and Haumoana Beach on the Pacific Ocean. They produce honed down elegant stone forms sensitive to balance and flow-inviting to touch. Ema and Stephen describe sculpting stone as “physically demanding, intellectually challenging, spiritually connecting, bringing much peace.” They call this work Kohatu humarie (Stonepeace)

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
156   Kohatu Rau   Stone composite   2 @ $1,350
157   Labyrinth   Stone composite   $3,375
158   Circle of Peace/Aie Ki Te Aorangi   Stone composite   3 @ $3,375
159   Saturn Bowl   Stone composite   $750
160   Platter   Stone composite   $750
161   Whitestone composite table   Stone composite   $3,800

Page 20

Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott works in mixed media. He is nationally and regionally recognised for working across broad sectors, supporting the development of ideas and skills, facilitating collaborations and networking to achieve innovative results. He has an impressive portfolio of achievements from building and urban design to art & design education, glasswork, carving, sculpture, graphic and print. Jacob prefers to work on projects designing and making works to meet particular needs and enjoys working with clients to develop concepts and realise enduring solutions.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
162   Waiora (in collaboration with Darrell Ross)   Corian, stainless steel   $3,800

Martin Selman
The work of Martin Selman engages the language of stone carving with specific focus to Carrara marble. His commitment to the medium has involved extensive work, research and travel in New Zealand, Italy, England and Switzerland. Selman works with notions of shaping a dynamic fluidity, transforming a hard and unresponsive material into an object of softness, seduction and lightness. His choice of material and imagery are bound by their relations to the classical lexicon.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
163   Round Button   Carrara marble   $5,400

Carmen Simmonds
Carmen graduated from Wanganui UCOL in 2002 on completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts where she majored in Glass. Since then she has worked from her Wanganui based studio creating cast glass sculptures that are exhibited throughout New Zealand, America and Australia. Carmen’s work reflects the influences that other cultures have played on the ‘dress’.  She also looks at how this has affected women’s perceptions of themselves in dress.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
164   Dolly Frock   Glass   $1,995
165   Large Baby Doll Frock   Glass   $320
166   Lolly Frock A   Glass   $170
167   Lolly Frock B   Glass $185
168   Rose Lolly Frock   Glass   $170

Page 21

Ricks Terstappen
Ricks Terstappen makes his unique sculptural creations using metals, wood and found materials. He works prolifically and his style will be familiar to many, as he has often undertaken public commissions and he exhibits frequently here in Hawke’s Bay and throughout the country. Ricks often collaborates with other artists on large-scale works such as the Performance Platform in Hastings’ inner city.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
169   Prototype   Steel   $12,500
170   Kwooster   Steel   $2,400
171   Popsicle   Steel   $3,500
172   Linked   Stainless steel   $4,200
173   Jandals (pair)   Steel   $4,200
174   Eve   Steel   $5,200
175   Home Comfort   Steel   $6,000
176   Prehistoric Bird   Steel   $950
177   Bowl 1   Steel   $350
178   Bowl II   Steel   $250
179   Bowl III   Steel   $250

Jeff Thomson
Jeff Thomson works predominantly with corrugated iron, exploring its intrinsic qualities in ways that continue to challenge how we see this common and stubborn material. Jeff completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam in 1981. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand and Australia for over 20 years, and between 1999 and 20032 he exhibited regularly in Germany.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
180   Rooster   20 litre drums and Corrugated Iron   $2,600
181   Kiwi   20 litre drums and Corrugated Iron   $2,700
182   Fantail   20 litre drums and Corrugated Iron   $2,700

David Trubridge and his team
David Trubridge is New Zealand’s best known furniture/lighting designer and his work, which is all manufactured by his own company in Hawke’s Bay, is sold and exhibited all around the world. His designs have featured in countless international publications, including the most influential, as an instigator of the trend of ‘raw sophistication’ and as an exemplar of environmentally responsible design. In 2008 the French magazine Express listed him as one of the top 15 designers in the world, and in 2012 the Pompidou Centre in Paris purchased his ‘Icarus’ installation for its permanent collection.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
183   Veil   Stainless Steel, galvanised wire, stainless steel sheet   $7,395
184   Veil cut-outs (on display and in the Marquee) Stainless steel, galvanised sire, stainless steel sheet   $299 each

Page 22

Linda Trubridge
Linda Trubridge maintains a creative art practice as well as teaching Art and Yoga. She has completed two public sculpture commissions which evoke the spiritual significance of bird and wing forms as relevant symbols for our communities. The stainless and corten steel sculpture “The Eye of the Hawk” stands in the centre of Waipukurau and a pierced concrete form “Wall of Wings” was constructed for the Havelock North Village square. Works constructed in Linda’s studio are sculpted using stoneware clay which allows for some spontaneity in the application of ideas. ‘Moon Shrine’ is influenced by Maori, Africa and Indian Mythologies.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
185   Moon Shrine   Stoneware Ceramic   $3,000

Fiona Tunnicliffe
Fiona has been a potter for 25 years concentrating on animal forms. Horses have taken up a lot of her time lately, looking at their movement and endless varied shapes. Fiona’s work sells in galleries throughout New Zealand and she teaches pottery workshops and night classes.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
186   Printed Horse   Ceramic   $290
187   Patchwork Horse I   Ceramic   $320
188   Patchwork Horse II   Ceramic   $380
189   Rhino   Ceramic   $420
190   Rabbit Stew   Ceramic   $320
191   Patchwork Rabbit   Ceramic   $260

Aaldert Verplanke
Aaldert Verplanke has been creating three-dimensional objects since he was a child. He works with a variety of materials, most often wood and glass. Totally self-taught in terms of form, Aaldert aims to create sculpture which first catches the eye, and secondly evokes questions in the mind of the viewer.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
192   Feeling Form   Stone   $10,800
193   Relationship   Wood, marble   $2,800

Russel Wall
Russel is a craftsman and engineer who enjoys working with any metal. This is his first exhibition.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
194   Acorns – bright   Stainless steel   2 @ $1,250
195   Acorns – Burnt Opaque   Stainless steel   2 @ $1,250
196   Acorns – Original   Mild steel   3 @ $1,250

Page 23

Jimi Walsh
Jimi Walsh has an extensive background in sculpture, working with media as diverse as stone and glass. He has also spent time as a sculptor on films such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong and The Last Samurai, and worked as a technician for Weta Workshops. His work is inspired by his surrounding environment and concentrates on forms that reflect his affinity with the land, while also reflecting the technical knowledge he has gained over the last decade.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
197   Mr Two Minds   Andesite stone   $850
198   Contrast   Andesite stone   $1,250

Lisa Walsh
Lisa is an international and National Award winning Glass Artist. Lisa is passionate about New Zealand, its land, people, history and the evolution to where we are now, her work is a reflection of how she perceives our country and its stories. Based in Waverley, Lisa and husband Jimi have recently opened their studio to the public.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
199   Finding Faith   Cast glass   $3,500
200   Life’s Markers   Fused and cast glass   $250 each
201   Assorted smaller works in the Marquee   Glass   As marked

Linda Weiss
Sculpture is Linda’s passion, followed by 2D and 3D painting. As well as sculptural works she is currently exploring exciting applications with texture and layering capturing light and movement with mixed media on canvas and clay. As a fine arts student her study included the figurative works of Henry Moore, Arp and Barbara Hepworth; their work has influenced her piece, Rose.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
202   Rose   Oamaru stone, steel   $2,950

Steuart Welch
Steuart Welch is a dairy farmer turned artist, using welder, angle grinder and steel. His early work was often two dimensional pictorial using weathered or second hand material. Moving to a more three dimensional style “from the head” has resulted in a shift to new steel (and an improvement in welding technique.) The recent sculptures which may be loops, cubes, jigsaws or machinery parts are designed for the great outdoors. Steuart claims no social comment in his work, just a desire to create.

No.   Name of Work   Medium   Price
203   Two Perspectives P 390   Corten steel   $7,000
204   Heaven on Earth   Corten steel   $7,000
205   Awaiting Spring   Corten Steel   $4,500

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