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At half-past two o’clock this afternoon a marriage of more than usual interest was solemnised in the Anglican Church, Havelock North, when Miss Gladys Sunderland, eldest daughter of Mr G. L. Sunderland, manager Tomoana freezing works and Mr Oswald Nelson, fifth son of Mr William Nelson, general manager of Messrs Nelson Bros.’ freezing works in New Zealand, were joined in matrimony by the Rev. Mr Gardiner, of Havelock North, assisted by the Very Rev. Archdeacon Williams. The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and the walls festooned with flowers and greenery by the bride’s girl friends, who worked hard and succeeded in producing a most artistic effect.

The bridegroom, supported by his best man, Mr E. W. Nelson, was, as a bridegroom should, awaiting his bride in the church, when a few minutes after 2.30 the bride entered leaning on the arm of her father.

She was exquisitely attired in white chiffon taffeta, trimmed with silk lace and kilted chiffon, and she was attended by six bridesmaids – Misses Yolande Sunderland (sister of the bride) chief bridesmaid, Marjory Russell, Eva Clarke (Poverty Bay), Winifred Reynolds (Poverty Bay) Cecil Williams and Hilda Nelson.

They were attired in silver grey crepe de chine over silk, grey hats trimmed with chiffon and deep pink roses, and carried bouquets of pink ivy geraniums, with pink streamers, whilst each wore a 1906 pearl brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride’s mother, who was also present, was dressed in slate grey taffeta and black and white hat with white feather.

During the progress of the service the choir rendered the hymns “O Father All Creating” and “How Welcome was the Call,” and at the conclusion of the ceremony the bridal party left the church to the inspiriting strains of the “Wedding March,” played by Miss Weaver.

After the church proceedings terminated, the wedding guests, numbering over 200 ladies and gentlemen, were entertained at Mangapapa, the residence of the bride’s parents, and subsequently the newly-wedded pair left by rail on their honeymoon trip to Wanganui and up the river amidst general congratulations and good wishes. The bride’s going away costume consisted of dark blue muslin and white hat trimmed with dark red roses.

The bride’s present to the bridegroom consisted of a pair of silver backed ebony hair-brushes, while the bridegroom gave the bride a sapphire ring. An exceptionally valuable lot of presents were received from the relatives and friends of the happy couple.
The list is as follow : –

From bride to bridegroom, silver-backed ebony hair-brushes ; bridegroom to bride, sapphire ring ; Mr and Mrs Sunderland, plate ; Mr and Mrs Nelson, furniture and house linen ; Mr and Mrs Hector Smith, dinner service, tea service, and pictures ; Miss Thomson, silver tea-pot and cream jug ; Mrs Townsend, silver sugar basin ; Mr and Mrs Horne, Miss Allen, and Mr O’Shea, hanging lamp ; Mr Dewing, pair of silver candle-sticks ; Mr and Mrs Crosse, pictures ; Mr and Mrs R. Gardiner, Doulton tea-pot ; Mr and Mrs Harold Russell, silver-topped ink pot and silver hot-water jug ; Miss Hilda Nelson, silver and glass butterdish and knife ; Misses Woodbine-Johnson, silver stamp sticker ; Miss Yolande Sunderland, silver-mounted blotter ; Mr Circuitt, pair of silver-mounted vases ; Mr Pinckney, waterproof carriage rug ; Mrs Pinckney, pocket-book ; Mr and Mrs A. Carlyon, silver bon-bon dish ; Mr and Mrs J. E. Lane, silver soup tureen ; Mr and Mrs F. Price, silver cream jug ; Mr and Mrs and the Misses Buxley, silver tea spoons ; Mr and Mrs Harry Smith, oak and silver biscuit barrel ; Mrs Lanauze, silver serviette ring ; Mr C. Fenwick, silver topped scent bottle ; Mr C. and E. Nairn and Miss Nairn, fish slice and fork ; Mrs Allan McLean, silver vases ; Mr McCulloch, silver photo frame ; Mr and Mrs T. H. Lowry, case of fish knives and forks ; Sir William and Lady Russell, silver vegetable dish ; Mr J. N. and Miss Williams, case of silver salts, pepper pots and mustard pot ; Mr and Mrs J. H. Williams, silver tea spoons ; the Misses Williams, pewter salver ; Mr Sunderland, clock ; Mr and Mrs Fred Williams, metal tray, kettle, tea-pot, sugar basin and cream jug ; Mr C. Smith, silver entree dish ; Mr Charlie Giblin, silver photo frame ; the Misses Waterhouse, glass and silver mustard pot, pepper pot and salt seller [cellar] ; Mr and Mrs King, asparagus tongs (silver) ; Mrs and the Misses Couper, butter dish ; Mr and Mrs C. Gordon, carved table ; Mr and Mrs Fenwick, silver sugar basin ; Miss Barker, silver topped toilette pot ; Miss Beamish, silver photo frame ; Mr and Mrs Hugh Campbell, silver photo frame ; Misses Irene and Ruth Chambers, china tea set ; Mr Alec Miller, Standard lamp and two Doulton bowls ; Mr and Mrs Warren, pewter salvers ; Miss Dorothy Rainbow, Wedgewood pot ; Mr and Mrs Reynolds, cheque ; Mr and Mrs Guy Russell, glass and silver rose bowl ; Mr and Mrs Faulknor, silver toast rack ; Miss Hodge, four silver vases ; Mr and Mrs Hassall, gong ; Mr and Mrs Harry Nelson, silver entree dish ; Mrs Rainbow, four china jam dishes ; Mr Walter McLean, silver photo frame ; Mr and Mrs Alec Williams, silver tea caddy ; Mr and Mrs W. Mackenzie, umbrella stand, dessert service and Doulton bowl ; Miss Ramsden, picture ; Miss Jessie Smith, Picture ; Miss Madge Rhodes, china vase ; Mr Keith Cotterill, china vase ; Miss Alice Lean, silver topped hairpin pot ; Master Nelson Lane, flower pot ; Master Wirimu [Wiremu] Nelson, vase ; Master Douglas Lane, ornament ; Mr and Mrs E. Lane, silver cake basket ; Miss Nellie Macfarlane, picture ; Miss Jessie Macfarlane, picture ; Mr E. H. Williams, silver vases ; Mr Walsh, ivory and silver pepper pots ; Mr and Mrs Ellison, table ; Mr W. Couper, silver-topped ink pot and pen wiper ; Mrs Sunderland, eiderdown quilt ; Mr and Mrs Macfarlane, silver salver ; Mr and Mrs F. W. Nelson, glass and silver jam dish ; Mr and Mrs Nairn, silver and sugar basin ; Mr Phil Smith, carved table ; Mr Grant, silver salt cellars ; Mr and Mrs Wenley, case of carvers ; Mr and Mrs Tipping, silver serviette rings ; Miss Kitty Wood, Doulton candle stick ; Mr and Mrs Harry Carlyon, silver clock ; Archdeacon Williams, cheque ; Mr Watt, cheque ; Mr and Mrs A. Gardiner, book ; Bishop of Waiapu, Bible ; Mr and Mrs A’Deane, silver candlesticks ; Mr and Mrs Scannell, silver cream jug ; Miss May Mclean, tea tablecloth ; Mr and Mrs Mason Chambers, pearl and turquoise pendant ; Dr. and Mrs Barcroft, jam spoons ; Mr Alexander, lambskin rug ; Mrs and Miss Lowry, vase and silver sugar basin ; Mrs F. Gordon, silver backed clothes brush and silver photo frame ; Mr and Mrs Maurice Mason, silver ornament ; Miss Erica Mason, silver-mounted glove box ; Miss Fraser, silver card case ; Mr and Mrs Clarke, clock and ornaments ; Mr Hewitt, cheque ; Miss Edith Williams, cushion ; Mr Thompson, watch ; Miss Rosie Campbell, cushion ; Mr George Reynolds, silver casket ; Mr Ralph Reynolds, silver photo frame ; Miss Amy Sherratt, two copper bowls ; Mrs Bennett, Doulton vases ; Miss Reynolds, art table cloth ; Miss C. Reynolds, tray cloth ; Miss R. Reynolds, tea table cloth ; Miss W. Reynolds, table centre ; Mr and Mrs Hine, silver cake basket ; Miss Eva Clark, silver topped toilet pot ; Mr and Mrs Quartley, claret jug ; Miss Page, silver watch case ; Mr and Mrs R. Sherratt, silver cream jug and sugar basin ; Mr and Mrs Murphy, silver nut bowl ; Miss Donnelly, silver scent bottle ; Mr and Mrs P. McLean, pewter tea pot, jug and basin ; Mrs Warren, frames ; Miss Gretchen Smith, pickle jar ; Miss Olga Smith, sauce bottle ; Miss Gleeson, silver-mounted matchholder ; Mr and Mrs Jack Ormond, pewter fruit dish ; Mrs Jack Beamish, silver-topped toilet pot ; Mr Cyril Williams, armchair ; Miss Rainbow, Wedgewood jug ; Mr and Mrs Jex-Blake, silver and glass vases ; Captain and Mrs Todd, silver sugar basin and cream jug ; Mr and Mrs A. Giblin, silver-topped toilette pot ; Mr L. and Miss Drummond, jar ; “From Te Onepie,” cushion and Doulton jar ; Miss Marjorie Russell, large silver photo frame ; Mr and Mrs Holdsworth, Japanese vase ; Mr and Mrs John Murphy, tea spoons ; Mr and Mrs Gaddum, carriage rug ; Mr and Mrs Coleman, dessert knives and forks and tea spoons ; Mr and Mrs R. Johnstone, silver and glass salad bowl ; Mr and Mrs Boys, silver egg boiler ; Mrs Beamish, picture ; Dr. and Mrs Tosswill, picture ; the Misses Johnstone, silver-topped smelling salts bottle ; Mrs Arthur Williams, photo frame ; Mr and Mrs Donnelly, silver vases ; Mr and Mrs Perry, silver photo frames ; Mr and Mrs Kinear, silver sugar basin ; Mr and Mrs Morris, china bowls ; Mr and Mrs Hugh Blyth, ivory and silver knife rests ; Mr and Mrs Chris McLean, Doulton jug ; Mr Slater and Mr Large, silver serviette rings ; Mr Groom, cheque ; Miss Eva Williams, silver butter dish ; Mr Gordon Williams, silver frame ; Miss Elsie Maclean, table centre ; Mr and Mrs Allen Williams, silver and glass jam jar ; Mr and Mrs Canning, teapot and jug ; Miss Violet Russell, Allervale umbrella silver handle ; Mr and Mrs C. L. Mackersey, tea spoons ; Mr Peter Nelson, ebony brushes, silver mounted.

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